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1/4/14 4:16 P

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Most my everyday staple meals are on the table in 20 min or less. I guess it's because, like Russell, I used to work as a cook. I'm pretty efficient with the knife, well organized, decent at planning and multitasking in the kitchen. It's all about practice, and I believe that anyone can learn how to be a good cook.

Today I made fish curry with sesame-crusted salmon, lots of fresh veggies, spices and fresh herbs in a coconut-sauce. All ready by the time the rice was done cooking, 12-15 min.

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1/4/14 12:22 P

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I wake up every morning, and cut up half frozen chicken ( dices easier ). I drop it down to fridge, when I go to bed. Then I cut up some vegetables, add 2-4 Tbsp. olive oil, and start cooking it. In the meantime, I threw some vegetables and butter in a smaller frying pan, and get the veggies starting to wilt, and add 4 eggs. I alternate stirring the eggs and veggies, and the chicken and veggies. With a 10 minute head start, the chicken and veggies ends up finishing right about the time the eggs do. I plate the veggie omelette, set it aside, and split the chicken and veggie stir fry into 2 Tupperware bowls, for lunch and dinner. Then I go eat breakfast, happy that my cooking is done for the day.

With prep time for veggies, this takes about 20-25 minutes. It may take a bit longer for others. I was a cook for years, and cut veggies fast, but at most 30 minutes. Every meal for the day is done by 9:30 a.m. Snacks are macadamia nuts, cheese, and fruit

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1/4/14 12:12 P

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When my kids were home for Christmas, I made a layered chili (beans) and cheese dish in a 'tostito' bowl for them. Part of the dish was a top layer of hush puppy/cornbread/egg/cheese/corn kernels that baked with the tostito bowl. Not so successful - the tostito part got 'toasted' faster than I expected so the corn layer was not cooked well.

They SAID they liked it. But I kept the slurry that was the corn layer and now that makes an excellent corn 'crepe.' The corn slurry is in the fridge. Time to cook the 'crepe': probably two minutes! Topped with a little canola/butter mixture and some hot, spicy jelly I got in a Christmas gift basket, it's breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.

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1/4/14 11:59 A

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My husband and I went shopping the other night. He bought a frozen pizza. I bought chicken and vegetables. Guess which meal was done cooking first :)

Time challenge - Store Bought Frozen Pizza vs. Chicken, New Potatoes, Broccoli and Raw Vegetables

Pizza -
Preheat oven - 7 minutes
Cook pizza - 13-15 minutes

Total time to get "meal" on the table - 20-22 minutes

Chicken, New Potatoes, Broccoli,and Raw Vegetables -
New potatoes in shallow boiling water - 17 minutes
Fresh chicken cut up into small pieces and fried in palm oil - 15 minutes
Broccoli pieces thrown in with the potatoes - 5 minutes
Peel and cut carrots - 90 seconds
Cut up cucumber and red pepper - 90 seconds

Total time to get meal on the table - 20 minutes

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I eat mostly vegetables, fats, meats, some fruit and dark chocolate. Unprocessed and preservative free. And it's changed my life!

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Keeping my blood sugar levels low on my high fat/ low carb/ moderate protein diet.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

- Vince Lombardi

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