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More exercize-more calories but fat carbs?

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10/8/13 9:11 A

SUNSHINE6442's SparkPage
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I agree that you should not force yourself to eat....

Even when you've cut calories to lose weight....your body and metabolism thrive on food to properly fuel your metabolism and keep it burning all day long. If you go under 1,000 calories, your metabolism will respond by sloooowing down to conserve energy.

When exercising....
Just make sure you stay hydrated as even mild dehydration may slow down calorie burn.

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10/8/13 8:33 A

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the idea is that you set your program up to create a deficit appropriate to your size. when you increase exercise, this increases your total calories burned, so you need to eat more calories to maintain the same level of deficit that is appropriate for your size. if you have 100lbs to lose it's a little less important to eat those exercise calories back. but the less weight you have to lose, the more you need to be eating back those calories to fuel what you are asking of your body. to give you an example let's say your ranges are set up for a half pound loss per week because you want to lose 20lbs. that means that your ranges are 250 cals below where you would maintain. if you burned 500 cals through exercise, that would bring your deficit up to 750 cals [1.5lb per week loss], which is just too aggressive if you only have 20lbs to lose. so you need to eat those 500 cals back to keep your deficit where you want it to be. if you were 300lbs and set to lose 2lbs per week, the extra 500 cals would be fine to skip because you're at a point where you could lose 3lbs per week.

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10/8/13 7:53 A

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They are macronutrient ranges. You couldn't eat at the upper end of all three and still stay in your calorie range for the day. When you are given more calories because of exercising then you can eat more of each macronutrient while still staying within your range.

If you are not hungry don't force yourself to eat more, there is no point if your goal is fat loss as a calorie deficit is needed to lose. Unless you are not getting 1200 calories a day, which is the minimum you need for basic bodily functions, then you do need to eat more whether you are hungry or not.

Hope that helps explain a little.

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10/8/13 12:22 A

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emoticon I'm confused.
How does that work? To this point, I don't want more to eat, though as my exercising continues to increase, that might change.
so, how does that work?
I don't want to eat more food, still I'm wondering what good it is to be given 500 more calories or 1000 more to eat due to exercise, but the fat and carbs remain the same as before we were given more calories!
calories without carbs or fat? what?????

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