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12/30/14 4:56 P

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Best thing to do for your metabolism is gain lean muscle. I went from eating 2000 calories to eating over 3000 calories without gaining weight.

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12/30/14 3:36 P

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I started yesterday. I can't wait until tomorrow. I've been very hungry - I believe from low protein. I've made the soups so maybe I didn't get the required protein. Fruit doesn't stay with me very long...

I am going to do this though. I need the kick start.

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9/14/14 2:38 P

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Does it work? All diets work (you eat fewer calories). But you have friends doing it so they can tell you that it works (or doesn't) for their lifestyles. And, big plus, if you have friends doing it, you have a support network right there...

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9/14/14 11:49 A

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This diet was recommended by Dr. Oz, so, no thanks! Also, I looked at some of the details of this diet and it seems to be a combination of carb cycling and clean eating. Obviously cutting out processed foods will have a positive impact on weight loss! I don't think there's anything revolutionary here.

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9/14/14 10:46 A

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Well today is my 28th day. I feel awesome. It is wonderful to be caffeine and sugar free. Also wheat, soy, dairy, etc!!! We will see what my bloodwork shows in 6 months. I am excited. I have had heart surgery almost 5 years ago and know that I would have had more issues if I did not do something drastic. I have tried many other diets. Yo yo'd for many years then swore off of diets. When I started reading her book, I was amazed. Started the next monday. Best decision of my life. My energy level is even all the time. I am never hungry. I haven't had any bouts of low mood or depression at all. I am hooked. I will continue for life.

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8/26/14 4:10 P

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The idea that you can speed up or reset your metabolism is about 99% bunk. Your body just doesn't work that way.

It does sounds like the diet encourages clean eating/real foods...which of course makes sense for weight loss.

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8/26/14 2:02 P

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I looked at the web page. It looks rigid and hard to follow. The list of foods that were off limits gave me a headache and crossed eyes.

I lost forty pounds following Spark and Weight Watchers. Which is a more lenient approach. I find I have a little rebellious streak and if you tell me something is off limits. That is all I want.

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8/26/14 8:43 A

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is anyone continuing to do this diet? I just started and am amazed. THEO527 how did you do???

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10/15/13 9:22 A

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I'm currently doing it now and I really like it. I've lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks but more importantly I am loosing inches around my middle and the top part of my abs are starting to flatten out. I had been trying to eat "cleanly" but eating different groups of food during different days of the week seems to be working. It's basically 3 different phases and it does emilimate wheat, gluten, caffeine and dairy.

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9/14/13 9:50 P

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Kiwi? Hah - new one to me.

There are no magic foods or combination of foods to make you lose weight.

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9/14/13 9:15 P

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There is no evidence that specific foods (outside of the ones we all know- protein, spicy foods, caffeine, and green tea) boost metabolism, and even those have a minimal effect, so don't hang your hat on the idea of using them to loose lots of weight.

Now, some foods are better than others- More nutritious, higher fiber, etc. The book seems to restrict a lot of foods, which I never consider to be a good sign. Should you eat more fruits and vegetables, less processed foods, and fewer (refined) carbs? Sure. But the foods restrictions and the very low calorie nature of what I have read of it... Seems more fad than anything.

A good rule of thumb is- Can you live this way for the rest of your life? If not, then it is probably not the eating plan for you.

Good luck!

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9/14/13 7:48 P

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Spicy foods (even the really hot stuff) do boost your metabolism, but the effect is minimal at best, and your body adapts to it over time, so I wouldn't count on eating spicy foods to trigger any measurable weight loss. If you enjoy spice, do so, knowing that you're getting a bit of a boost, but don't eat it thinking it will help with weight loss long term.

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9/14/13 1:06 P

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I am sorry to disagree...the foods you eat do matter....

In order to speed up your metabolism a healthy breakfast in your daily meal plan works and adding spices to foods will also help in speeding up the metabolism of your body.

Tea will also help in increasing the metabolism rate by raising your heart beat.

Sunlight is also important for our body and exposing your body to the daylight will help increase metabolism process

Adding the kiwi fruit to your diet is another way to speed up metabolism

A bowl of whole-grain cereals or oats helps to increase one’s metabolism and some sources of lean meat like turkey breast, salmon, trout, chicken breast, crabs, clams, oysters, shrimp, and lobster. Also, egg white is an excellent source of protein.

Also Chilies and Hot Peppers aid in burning fat by speeding up one’s metabolism
And yes, of course exercise.

BTW ...rigid? I live by this .....

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I didn't lose 98lbs by not being rigid....

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9/14/13 9:28 A

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I started this diet and I have lost close to 25 lbs!!! In the span of about 3 months, but I have the book... and let me tell you, it is AMAZING!!! It explains so much about the science that goes on in your body and it just makes SOOOO much sense! I highly recommend this diet. It has really changed my life and I'm so much more happy since doing this! And its not that its restricting, it is just so much healthier for you. You really have to read the book!

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9/8/13 3:19 P

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Doubt it. Since the food you eat has nothing to do with your metabolism. Protein would be the one exception because it has a higher thermal effect but it would have a slim effect on weight loss.

Just eat healthy (whatever that may mean to you) and in your calorie range.

If you want to have a positive effect on your metabolism. Stay active, exercise and make sure to strength train.

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9/8/13 2:49 P

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Recommend reading the reviews on amazon.

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9/8/13 2:08 P

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Has anyone tried the Fast Metabolism Diet? I was reading about it, and the idea behind it is it is supposed to reset your metabolism. I have a couple of friends doing it, and they recommended that I try it. It seems a little but too rigid, but does it work?

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