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8/18/13 3:01 P

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This is where a consultation with a dietitian and your doctor would be best.


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8/18/13 1:56 P

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It is said that foods like dairy and eggs, gluten containing grains and wheat, legumes and yeast products can trigger MS Symptoms and that saturated fat and sugar should also be limited.

You might want to check out "The Swank Diet" which is low in saturated fats and polyunsaturated oils to help ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. You can probably find it online.

Low impact exercise is also recommended ...walking, stretching, getting up and standing every 20 minutes along with good nutrition. Consult your medical professional for guidance.

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8/18/13 12:46 P

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I don't know the recommendations for MS, either. You really should discuss this with your healthcare team before you adopt any plan.

I will say that any "diet" you embark upon should be looked upon as a lifestyle change, and not a temporary "fix" of anything. You should be (and appears you are trying to) make changes directed at health, not just weight. That's good!

I see a lot of folks here who swear by SP's plan. You might look into that.

I'm on a restricted carb diet, per our endocrinologist, so naturally I would advocate that. It's done wonders for me both for weight loss, improved health, and for my husband's T2D. We also eat Primal as much as is feasible ("just eat real food"). I have scleroderma, and this diet has helped me alleviate many of its symptoms as well as holding its progression at bay. This is not to say I don't still follow whatever traditional medical therapies are prescribed for me by my various specialists! but the diet / lifestyle is helping greatly.

If the idea interests you, or just for curiosity, you might visit us on the Atkins forum here on SP. Lots of good info and experience there to draw from.

BUBBLEJ1 is right - the "usual" diets aren't flexible or varied enough to stick with long-term. They may work initially, but most people seem to slip back into old habits because the new foods leave them feeling deprived. Then they gain back even more than they lost to begin with.

Do some research. Check with your doctor. Decide what you can / can't live with or without. Then, when you make your choice, do it with complete dedication, and don't give up!

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8/18/13 1:48 A

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A traditional diet isn't flexible, which is why they don't work.

Try eating 90% healthy and fresh foods and tracking your calories. That is how I did it.


There are no shortcuts. No magic bullets. No secret spells. What works is hard work, dedication, and a daily dose of chocolate.

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BITTERQUILL's Photo Posts: 1,370
8/18/13 12:18 A

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Double post...

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8/18/13 12:17 A

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Have you tried the Spark meal plans? You don't have to follow it precisely. You can use it to get a good idea of what healthy meals lool like and make substitutions based on personal taste and budgetary concerns. I don't know anything about MS and if it has special dietary demands, though. If so, talk to your doctor and see if he can give you specifics.

NYKOLEL's Photo Posts: 608
8/17/13 9:52 P

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im am serious about loisng weight since i have been diagnosed with MS. i need to find a diet plan that is flexible,affordabl and allows me tp eat great foods have variety, so if anyone have any suggestons im all ears

i really dont care what people think of me because 99.9% times they are totally wrong and .1% times they are right half the time they get that wrong

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