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weight watchers points vs. simply tracking, HELP!!

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WATERDIAMONDS's Photo Posts: 14,378
8/6/13 7:28 A

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I think you might find some good advice on either one of the two weight watchers groups here on SP: W8Watchers Friends and WW Support Team. ( I'm terrible at figuring how to post links, but those are their team names.)

And the previous poster is right. If you are eating fruits and veggies, especially fruits, you are getting calories from those, all of which are included in the calculation of your daily points total based on your age, height, current weight and gender.

Finally, the points for a nursing mom at WW are definitely higher than are the points for the general population, but I don't know how much. You'd need to ask one of the teams since you no longer attend WW meetings.

Best of success to you!

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MEGAPEEJ's Photo Posts: 732
8/6/13 1:32 A

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I believe other people that have done both have done some number crunching, and determined that you get enough points for about 1000 calories, and they expect you'll eat another 200-500 "free" fruits and veggies.

That's great you're tracking both ways to get your baseline, and great you realize that you do need to eat more to fuel your body and your nursing!

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PETUNIABETH's Photo Posts: 610
8/5/13 9:59 P

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I am just coming back to sparkpeople so I have not been tracking here.. I have been working out for 8 weeks and doing weight watchers(not paying, just using my stuff from last year)..I was curious to see how my foods eaten today compared in weight watchers points and on the tracker. I ate 33 ww points today, my number( 29+ 7 for supplemental nursing) is 36. When I plugged it all in to my tracker, it shows I've only eaten 1079 calories today!! That seems too low to me, since I'm still should be at 1200 minimum plus an extra hundred or two for supplemental nursing. Keep in mind I am working out as well. Has anyone else done weight watchers and noticed this? Did you switch to tracking here on SP? Did you notice a change in your weight loss, up/down? I am unsure of what to do here.....I know weight watchers works for me, but I've never done it nursing.. and I know that SP tracking works for me too... Advice?

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