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How did u finally "get it" when it comes to food?

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THOMS1's Photo Posts: 10,654
8/13/13 3:51 P

THOMS1's SparkPage
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. How did I finally get it? Well when I started my journey I started reading the nutrition articles and that really helped me to realize what I should be eating versus what I was eating and discovered that by eating healthier foods I was more satisfied but, that dosen't mean I can't ever have that piece of cake that I love so much or an occasional scotcharoo bar. Now this healthy eating didn't come all at once. We tried different healthier foods before we found what we really liked. Remember baby steps.


"Anything is possible, It's your choice whether or not you choose to make IT happen."

"If a man really wants something he will find a way, if he doesn't he will find an excuse." Stephen Dolley, Jr.

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RICKINTN70's Photo Posts: 120
8/13/13 12:00 P

RICKINTN70's SparkPage
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I can feel your pain. I have been there. Of course, you will need ti find something that works for you. But, I have finally found a way that is helping me stick to my eating plan and a way I can eat for life. I literally eat 5 meals a day. They are usually 3 to 4 hours apart from each other. At each meal, balance it out. eat 1 serving of protein, 1 carb serving, 1 healthy fat serving (optional), and veggies.

Now, you aid you hate to measure and some people can just eye food. Try this method and see if it works. A serving of protein is about the size and thickness of the palm of your hand. The carb serving should be about the size of one of your fist. A fat serving should be about the size of the end of your thumb from the Knuckle up. For veggies, try to eat the size of two fist.

This may not work for you. But, it is suggestion. Good luck


"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your Destiny." Frank Outlaw

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ODAT1117's Photo SparkPoints: (61,982)
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8/13/13 7:42 A

Community Team Member

ODAT1117's SparkPage
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Hey Nana5504,

I just wanted to say "WAY TO GO!!!" on sharing your story and struggles. That took a lot of courage. ("We are only as sick as our secrets" helps me to be brave and share when I would rather keep my dirty little secrets all to myself. :-)

Just remember that it is never EVER too late to start. All you have to do is keep moving forward. It's about progress, not perfection. Yup, you'll take two steps forward and one step back more often than you'd like, but the point is that you took two steps forward. That's way farther ahead than you'd be if you did nothing, right?? :-)

Anything is better than nothing so just try something little each day and never stop trying. Come to the boards when you feel like giving up. Share your secrets and story and you'll find friends and hope. You CAN feel better and you CAN move forward!

Oh, and about "getting it"............well, I've had those moments of "duh" and "ding" when I get smacked in the face with an obvious truth and when a light bulb finally goes off. Do those moments stay?? Well, they stay a heck of a lot more than they ever did before. I just have to keep trying and keep moving forward. As long as I am headed in the right direction, I'm okay with my progress (or lack thereof). It's about a life style, not a diet. It's about getting healthier, not about being perfect. One day at a time, I'll get there.


-Mary in Michigan

-Mary in Michigan
.......because I'm HAPPY!!........

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****Team Administrator and Leader****

"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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LAWNOVICE1's Photo Posts: 5
8/12/13 10:37 P

LAWNOVICE1's SparkPage
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I "got it" when none of my clothes fit. For a while, I thought that I was eating healthy and watching how much I ate. But, when even my fat clothes were too tight on me, I realized that my love affair with burgers, steaks, and cheesecake had to be reigned in. Now, I eat more chicken, fish, and shrimp; lots of veggies and fresh fruits; and reward myself with a glass of V8 Splash Tropical Colada or a small bowl of cereal when I want something sweet.

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LJBRANDOK's Photo Posts: 143
8/12/13 7:37 P

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I "get it" when I look at the daily report at the end of the day. If I have a deficit, I'll eventually lose. If not, I'll gain. For me, it's been all about the numbers.

146 Maintenance Weeks

RUBYDOODLE's Photo Posts: 30
8/12/13 6:35 P

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I have been blessed with good genes, so I have not had problems with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. I think because of that I could never keep the weight off. I am 64 and last winter developed true pain in my knees. It was the first time I could not sleep because of the pain. I have to say that was an awakening time for me. I realized that if I did not give up my gluttony, I was going to be headed for a wheelchair or surgery. I did not want either one. I started Sparkpeople in June (took that long to work up the nerve to try once again and not be haunted by past failures). I started walking with my eating plan, and my knees are doing better. I have real hope that this time my change in the way I eat will last!

"I can do everything by the power of Christ. He gives me strength." Philippians 4:13 (NIRV)

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JADOMB's Photo SparkPoints: (85,600)
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8/12/13 5:02 P

JADOMB's SparkPage
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I don't know if I will EVER truly GET IT. But I have learned much on my journey and know I do much better than I ever did. As long as one gets the basics down, they will do great. Now if one is trying to go that extra mile, then they have to do more fine tuning. Keep the Faith

I question, therefore I think; I think, therefore I am; ........ I think?

Life is tough, but it is tougher if you are stupid. ;-) John Wayne

We can always find reasons to quit or not do what is needed to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. The trick is to fight this tendency. NOW SHUT UP AND SWEAT.

TODAY: It's as good as any day, and better than tomorrow.

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NANA5504's Photo SparkPoints: (1,195)
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8/12/13 4:43 P

NANA5504's SparkPage
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Get It? Don't I wish. I heard it loud and clear but . . . I keep losing it. I've gotten "it" a few times and lost between 50 and 70 lbs each time. But this time I thought I would respect my body more. NOT! Remember the commercial, "HELP! I've fallen and I can't get up." Not only is that true, but when you are over 300 lbs, no one else can get you up either. I have fallen twice. My husband and adult daughter tried both times to help me up. Fortunately I didn't break anything. I'm 65 and fear broken hip, etc. Both times I fell we had to call 911. The paramedics (all five of them) finally were able to get me to my feet. The first time I thanked them and sent them on their way. The second time they took me to the hospital. Was this the wake-up call I needed. Was this the "it"? I thought so. The doctor came in and told me my sugar was over 500 milligrams per deciliter. OUCH! Then I learned that I was depleted of Vitamin D and Potassium. So for three days I lay in the hospital and played pincushion. Then the dreaded insulin. While I'm getting my discharge papers, my doctor says, "Oh, and you are now on insulin." I have been fighting insulin for years because of my trypanophobia (fear of needles), and the fear of low blood sugar. I didn't help that a friend of mine was in a diabetic coma during the time I was in the hospital. Did I finally "get it"? Nope. I have learned how to give my self injections. I'm giving myself injections before breakfast, lunch, dinner and slow acting insulin before bed, and I still haven't "gotten it". I was good in the hospital, and the first week I was home. But it's been a month now and my resolve is gone. I keep wanting a pizza.

Always asking for prayer. It makes everything possible. Kathryn

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Posts: 1
8/12/13 3:35 P

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great that you gave it a second chance! This site might be just the tool to help make SMALL changes to be healthier :) little by little, you will see the difference....It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends, and 12 for the rest of the world. emoticon

DIDS70's Photo Posts: 5,070
8/12/13 2:43 P

DIDS70's SparkPage
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I am not sure I am completely there because I do make poor choices every now and then. I let my body decide. My body reacts one way when i eat my fruits and veggies and another when I make poor choices like chips and cookies. It just has to depend if I want to feel sick and groggy or if i want to be full of vim, vigor and vitality.

I did an experiment for a few months. Everyone on this site was tooting that one can eat anything as long as it is done in moderation. Well, I blew that one out of the water for myself by gaining 15 pounds. My body reacted differently. I lost energy, i lost sleep, I lost the desire to exercise. I didn't look right and i certainly didn't feel right. So with this experiment, i "get it". Don't feed the body crap and it won't crap out on you. Moderation doesn't work for me.


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MFURILLO's Photo SparkPoints: (3,545)
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8/12/13 2:32 P

MFURILLO's SparkPage
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When I was slapped in the face by receiving my blood tests verifying that I was Pre-Diabetic. If I can control my own destiny, I need to do it!! That lit the fire I needed to motivate me. I glanced at this site 2 years ago and said, "Eh, it's too much work." Not any more. I am truly excited and ready to make a difference in my own life. The site makes it fun and the recipes everyone else shares are fantastic!! I am a cook book junkie and these are great. emoticon

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

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Posts: 4
8/12/13 11:28 A

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I think tracking your foods and being honest with reporting what you ate has helped me to "get it." For me, if I think about eating something bad, I think about how I'll feel when those calories are added, and the distraction of thinking about it and the disappointment I know that I will feel prompts me to do something else. Sometimes, I even will go do something physical to add to my fitness minutes - and I tell myself that they count as double because I DIDN'T make the bad eating choice and instead I made a POSTIVE choice. It's game-playing in my head, but it works for me :)

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SUNNYBEACHGIRL's Photo Posts: 2,079
8/11/13 7:49 P

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I get that there is an appropriate amount of fats I should eat each day

Sunny in Southern California PST

Challenges are what make life full of stress and anxiety and overcoming them is what can wear you out. Stay stong.

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8/11/13 7:32 P

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Good for you Jess, I have only started the program and Hope to keep it going form me as well. Keep your five reasons near and stay strong. Regards, Norm

If I stay within my calorie limits, and do a workout each day, I cannot fail.

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8/11/13 7:20 P

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Once the pounds began dropping. I realized I do not need all the food I have been eating for all these years. I don't need to eat till I'm stuffed to be full.

I do a light workout daily, and have started to feel so much better.
Keeping track of my intake is so easy with the tracker, as well as the water intake SparkPeople makes it easy.

Its only been two weeks for me, maybe I should not say too much. But so far all is going well.
I don't foresee any trouble.(fingers crossed)

If I stay within my calorie limits, and do a workout each day, I cannot fail.

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AALLEY2's Photo SparkPoints: (51,814)
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8/11/13 7:12 P

AALLEY2's SparkPage
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JESSRYKAI good for you! emoticon

To Climb Steep hills requires slow pace at first.
William Shakespeare

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Life is a Labyrinth
Love this!

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8/11/13 10:10 A

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I started at 170lbs on June 1st and I am now down to 149. I still have more to go! Think what finally kicked me in the butt was the doctor asked me to write down my top five reasons why I wanted to lose weight. He said they can't be anything superficial like wanting to look good in a bikini. So that night I sat down and thought about all the times that my kids have asked me to play with them at the park and instead I sat on the bench like a bump on a log, and I thought about all the times that my boyfriend has asked me to go running with him and I am out of breath before we even leave our street. I quickly wrote down my top five reasons and every time I get a craving for that no no food or I feel like I will over eat I pull those five reasons out to remind myself why I started this in the first place!

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8/11/13 9:11 A

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Tracking and using spark for inspiration I regained my ability to care enough to track and make the best food choices instead of eating mindlessly. Seeing the breakdown of fats/carbs/ protein brings it all home! Seeing those goals met at the end of the day and feeling rewarded keeps me motivated. Taking responsibility for everything I eat is empowering and has help me make huge changes from small starts. Eating out was a big problem- too many calories, salt and fat and not being aware. Making my own meals and choosing the healthiest options when we do eat out has helped tremendously!!!! But allowing myself one or two bites of cake instead of an entire piece keeps me from overeating/mindless eating too.

TORTISE110's Photo Posts: 4,177
8/11/13 7:34 A

Community Team Member

TORTISE110's SparkPage
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I am still working on "getting it," but I changed when I accepted that to be at my goal weight I needed to eat less ALL THE TIME. So I figured out what was healthy for me and went for it with the idea of living it for the rest of my life. So far so good!

Go slow to go fast.
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Posts: 2
8/9/13 10:40 P

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Hi Everyone!!

I finally got it when I started using the food tracker and entering food I had at each meal and each day. I never realized that before I started SparkPeople, I was eating high calorie, high fat meals, ending each day with 3,000 to 4,000 range dietary intake.

Now with the tracker, and my mobile app when I am away from my computer, I have a better sense of what I am eating, using better portion control, and have a better idea of my calorie intake, resulting in a 30 pound reversal of my weight so far.

Change begins with awareness; knowledge is power.

COASTERBETH's Photo SparkPoints: (4,444)
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8/9/13 9:52 P

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I have always ignored advice to track food. I could never track for longer than a day or two. For me, the food tracker on this site and it's ease has allowed me to be brutally honest about everything I eat. In turn, that has allowed me to look at what I am doing wrong honestly and objectively. Things I learned FOR ME: cravings increase dramatically when I don't drink enough water, I am exhausted (food as reward) or when I have 'gotten through' something I didn't want to do.

But it started with the food tracker and being true. Best of luck on your journey and finding what works for you!

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PURPLELEI's Photo Posts: 15
8/9/13 2:01 P

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I agree, DAVINAJM!!! emoticon Moderation? How? It's like telling an alcoholic to "moderate" their own alcohol intake.

It's been a long road for me to "get it". But what I've discovered over the years is that I can't listen to the messages coming out of Drs offices, health shows etc. They are basically clueless...except for my N.D. Every BODY is different & reacts differently to food. You have to figure out what works for YOU & what YOUR body is sensitive to. The crappy food pyramid is a sham. THE S.A.D. is making us sick. Hidden food allergies are a very real possibility. And the "eat less & move more" mantra did NOT work for me. I was hungry & weak when I did that & was always thinking about food. Plus...any progress was SOOO painfully slow & one slip-up would set me back a week or 2.

What DID work for me was ELIMINATING my blood sugar spikes by eliminating refined & processed sugars and carbs (& high glycemic veggies/fruits).... very low carb high protein diet which has virtually eliminated my hunger. Wow. Go figure! I don't obsess about food & found that when I do scrounge around, it's b/c I'm stressed/depressed/bored & it's become a "habit" over the years.

A lot of the recent "ah ha" moments came in the last 2 years when investigating my daughter's eczema. After trying all the "standard" treatments...I thought....there's got to be a root cause & a natural cure for this. The regular Dr's couldn't give me any more advice. I didn't want my teen to go thru all of her life slathering steroid cream on her beautiful skin. The N.D. put her on an elimination diet & discovered that she was allergic to eggs & soy. Since then, our whole family has eliminated milk products & we all feel better. We miss pizza though!!!

Good luck everyone!

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"In order to change we must be sick & tired of being sick & tired." Unknown

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DAVINAJM's Photo SparkPoints: (4,166)
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8/9/13 11:05 A

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When I learned that "moderation" was not the answer, that there is a difference between quantity and quality, that I should cut things out & add things order to respect my body and perserve my health.

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TXCRICKETT's Photo Posts: 68
8/8/13 12:47 P

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Finally getting that no matter what anyone else says or does or what happens to me there is no longer any excuse for eating over it. Allowing myself to have my feelings whatever they are and learning to pay close attention to portion control while watching calories and keeping carbs in balance by eating only whole grains. Also, building a support system that is both spiritual and has weekly weigh in's for accountability and encouragement. Also being willing to call on that support system and come out of isolation which only encourages eating inappropriately.

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SHAPE-SHIFTER's Photo Posts: 363
8/8/13 11:49 A

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What helped me this time (I've tried "dieting" more than once--go figure!) was starting out with the UltraSimple Diet. You spend two weeks cutting back on everything but very basic foods, the kinds that do not cause blood sugar spikes, or reactions to toxic crap from processed foods. Then you slowly begin reintroducing foods so you can tell immediately which foods your body reacts to in the form of feeling icky or gaining false weight from inflammation.

While doing this process, I realized that I really LIKE eating brown rice and veggies all the time, and I LOVE the smoothie recipes. I've never gone back to eating the old way, and I'm down 23 pounds.

Shift your thoughts, shift your shape!

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8/8/13 11:36 A

JFTAYLOR79's SparkPage
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Tracking my meals make the difference. Using this website along with weightwatchers helped me to keep track of everything that I put in my mouth. They also helped me to make wiser choices about the food I eat.

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8/8/13 11:19 A

GLSGIRL64's SparkPage
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Let's put it this way... I am beginning to get it. It is so important to educate yourself so that you can find the path that FITS YOU. We all have our preferences and dislikes. What works for me may not for you. This site offers unlimited information and support to help us "get real" about food. Another thought... you absolutely have to put yourself first. Sometimes this seems almost impossible when family and work are involved. emoticon

There is Life After Work.

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DOWNEASTB's Photo Posts: 465
8/8/13 9:33 A

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Stumbling over the Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve opened my eyes to the excessive amounts of starch, sugar, and wheat I was eating. I cut back on the first one and cut out the last two and it's been easy weight loss and much improved health since then.

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food - Hippocrates

"I never try anything, I just DO IT!" - Tura Satana

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KARATE_KID's Photo SparkPoints: (56,407)
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8/8/13 8:22 A

KARATE_KID's SparkPage
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Weighing and measuring. I had no idea what a normal serving size should look like. emoticon
Even now, after two years, I still have to weigh and measure or I'll slide back.

It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first.
-Miyamoto Musashi

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8/7/13 7:44 P

BANDOMOM1's SparkPage
When I stopped eating things with names I could Not prounce!!!And realizing that putting stuff I did not know in my body was No good...

OPERATOR1300's Photo SparkPoints: (4,689)
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8/7/13 1:57 P

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Tracking my meals has been a real eye opener. I guess I have been in denial for a long time about my eating habits. Now that I know Im posting my meals I feel the need to be more deligent. There is some sort of power in seeing everything I ate on a given day and watching how the calories add up. I challenge myself daily to do better and when I over indulge I know I just have to work out harder. I'm my biggest motivator!

If you take care of yourself, who will?

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8/7/13 1:54 P

MAYJUNE2012's SparkPage
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I think I got it when I just became disturbed with my weakness for food. It made me feel weak and helpless. Not just that but disturbed by the fact of what those foods can do to you. I had a late dinner of McDonalds one night and the next morning it was the strangest thing that I could not get out of bed. I felt so tired, an incredibly scary tired. Like others it was also the realization of how I feel when I eat healthy. I feel awake and energized and just good.

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HOOKEMBABY422's Photo Posts: 9
8/7/13 11:09 A

HOOKEMBABY422's SparkPage
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I think what really made it "stick" for me was changing small things, one at a time, so it didn't feel like a complete overhaul. Most days, I don't feel deprived. I used to feel so jealous of all those "normal" thin people out there, that eat whatever they want, whenever they want, etc. But I realized they have ingrained habits that I am still learning (stop eating when full, eat healthy things, live an active lifestyle, etc.). I keep pushing forward because I know this is the life I want. Regarding being active, I want to be out there doing things, learning new things, challenging myself, rather than reading about it on the Internet or watching TV about people doing those things. I don't want to live my life on the sidelines; I want to be where the action is!

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NOPLACESPECIAL's Photo Posts: 165
8/6/13 7:09 P

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only through lots of repetition and failure. it took so many times of falling off of the wagon to finally realize that i just plain FEEL BETTER when im eating properly. i have more energy, im less moody and irritable. recognizing when my 'hunger' was emotional rather than actual physical hunger is still a learning game, and sometimes i screw up and over-indulge. but i think the main thing is finding the mental capacity to take a step back and look at your eating objectively. i think for a lot of us its way too easy to continue to make excuses and take the easy route, but eventually there comes a point where you realize that you just cant go on that way. the tricky part is doing something about it once you reach that realization. its not going to be fun or easy, at the start, but eventually it just becomes a habit. it took me a long time, but i legitimately ENJOY eating healthy now. i like coming up with new fun ways to get in my fruits and veggies, finding healthy versions of old favorites like milkshakes and burgers. and at the end of the day, i like being in control of my body instead of the other way around.

CHERYLRICHARDS's Photo Posts: 204
8/6/13 5:33 P

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I have been trying to "get it" most of my adult life. But the first big change came about ten years ago when I listened to an audio book by Marilu Henner called Total Health Makeover. That's when I stopped drinking cow's milk. And I had been a big lover of ice cold milk in the mornings (especially when nursing a hangover). Her description of the drugs given to cows and her contention that cow's milk was meant for baby cows convinced me and I haven't had cow's milk since. That pretty well cleared up the respiratory problems I had.

The second big change came about five years ago when I tried the Metabolism Miracle diet. I stayed off sugar and starches for eight weeks to detox in the beginning of the diet. That cleared up the nighttime heartburn and flatulence!

So while I'm still struggling to lose weight I am at least feeling healthier in other areas.

It's time to start living the life you've imagined.

-- Henry James

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DAWNGW's Photo Posts: 195
8/6/13 4:36 P

DAWNGW's SparkPage
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You know, I can't say I ever really "got it". I just know that my body feels better when I eat less and especially when I exercise. It's like it thrives on exercise.

Many years ago, however, I did the South Beach Diet, and the recipes/ meal plans are a guideline to how I continue to enjoy food today. Basically, it was all about eating mostly vegetables and fruit, and some protein, and only some carbs, preferably whole grains, that kind of stuff. I've grown accustomed to that kind of diet, and don't crave or want cake or brownies or donuts or whatever junk food.

Although, you must not buy junk food because sometimes the temptation is too strong (for example I stopped buying ice cream). I also have to avoid potato chips, but indulge in them from time to time. :)

"Life has no limitations, except the ones you make." -Les Brown

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8/6/13 3:15 P

When did I finally 'get it?' When my doctor told me that my cholesterol was high but that she could not give me cholesterol reducing medication because my liver enzymes were off. She was concerned and frustrated. I asked her to recommend a registered dietician, which she did. My numbers are now in acceptable ranges without the meds, but I still have a few pounds to lose. What working with an RD did for me was show me what the correct portion size is, what the fat/carb/sodium max intake should be each day and the variety of food available to be able to enjoy eating without giving up the pleasurable aspects of eating. I need to enjoy what I am eating or why bother. So, rice cakes, protein bars, protein shakes and assorted other 'diet' foods were not going to do it for me. I told the RD outright that I needed real food or I would fail. She agreed and suggested a couple of small changes that have had BIG results. Who knew?

Then I found this SparkPeople site and started using the food tracker, which made it so much easier for me to 'keep count'. This is by far the most helpful weight control tool I have ever used. No one beats you over the head if you don't meet this week's target. No one tells you what to eat/not eat. It is up to you to decide and monitor yourself. When you see the fat/calorie content of any one food, you find yourself making different choices so that you can get more 'bang' for your calorie buck.

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KRISTEN4444's Photo Posts: 276
8/6/13 11:06 A

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I finally got it a few days longterm live-in boyfriend decided to make some changes in his exercise and diet a few months ago and has lost 30+ pounds so far. I realized that we weren't on the same page anymore and that I was feeling left behind and terrible about myself.

I started eating clean for the first time in a year or so a few days ago and have started doing some light exercise. We were doing take out several times a week and I was feeling like crap (and spending a lot of money!). I've realized that the key for me is planning. If I take a few minutes in the morning to pack a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack for work then spend some time during the day to figure out dinner I'm so much more likely to eat well and not be tempted by junk.

Portion control is the biggest hurddle for me. I'm slowly learning that having smaller amounts of delicious (healthy) food is so much more satisfying than a big plate of crap that leaves me feeling horrible afterwards. Now I take the time to make a nice healthy dinner and it's so rewarding to sit down and eat.

My biggest motivation is how I feel. I've only been doing this for a few days but I can't even tell you how much more energy I have and how much better I feel about myself. I woke up this morning a half hour before my alarm went off and practically leapt out of bed! I don't feel sluggish mid-afternoon at work and I'm not exhausted when I get home at night. It's changed my whole quality of life by just changing what I put in my body.

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8/6/13 2:40 A

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I don't think I've quite "gotten it" yet because I don't intuitive-eat. That is my biggest eating-goal, to be able to maintain my goal weight without calorie counting. I'll always be aware, I think, but I don't want to have to look everything up... I just want to feel it. I always eat too much or too little and my weight flops around, so for now I'm stuck with calorie counting until I reach my goals :P

But I do eat reasonably healthy and I make decent choices most of the time. For me, it just clicked once I had logged enough food. I could eyeball portions better, I knew which foods had the most fat/carbs/protein or iron or potassium- but most importantly, with time, I learned how I felt.

It is perfectly normal to eat more of foods you like and less of foods you don't- and it's normal to eat some junk food!! But once you realize that junk food doesn't taste as good when you eat it all the time, I think that's when it hits you that it truly is best in moderation.

"One step in the right direction won't change the world, but it's a start. Someone's got to see the good in everything." -- Said the Whale, Banks of the English Bay

"Everything that you believe is everything you need right now." -- David Lanz, Whispered in Signs

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8/6/13 1:24 A

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Feeling amazingly better was a great incentive to continue not eating certain foods.

I gave up milk/dairy and my arthritis pain is gone unless I physically overdo it.

I gave up soda pop and no longer have headaches and gas from them.

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8/5/13 7:50 P

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My moment was when I first started SP and I started measuring and weighing my food. My very first moment and I tell people this all the time was when I measured my breakfast cereal and found out I was eating 3X's the amount that was posted on the box. That was a wake up call for me I weigh and measure everything I eat. I am a believer you can eat anything but in moderation. That one small change in my eating habits has changed the way I look at serving sizes.

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8/5/13 4:20 P

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If by "got it" you mean finally trusting your own body, I would say I got to that point about a year ago.

The biggest influence for me was my sister and her experience with intuitive eating. Basically, using that mindset, food is food is food. No rules, no "healthy" or "not healthy", but you absolutely have to PAY ATTENTION to what you really want, and how various foods make you feel when AND after you eat them.

Trying to eat according to the season has also really helped me. I can't stand a salad in January - just feels all wrong. But give me a warm bowl of soup, and I'm thrilled. In July/August I could eat a salad every day for lunch, but forget the hot soup - blech!

Using cooking as a creative outlet can also be helpful. You get so much more control over what's going into the dish, plus you can switch things up to vary the nutritional content and flavor according to what you want right then.

Last, I set certain nutritional goals for myself to help me broaden my palate. For example, I signed up for a sort of CSA (community supported agriculture) where I get a box of produce every other week. I have very little control over what we get, so I have ended up trying a bunch of different veggies I normally walk past in the grocery store. I also set a goal for myself to eat one fruit or vegetable at every meal and snack. I don't always hit it, but it's a good reminder to try to include some fresh produce or check in with my body to see if what I think is a craving for chocolate is actually just for something sweet like fruit.

Take life one day at a time - enjoy today before you worry about tomorrow.

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8/5/13 2:53 P

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I finally got it about a year ago when we returned from vacation and a close family member and I were looking through photos and I showed her my pride and joy (I had hiked up 2000ft in elevation to a glacier) and all she said was you look pregnant. It hurt my so badly as I was obviously not pregnant and made me realize that the person I was projecting on the outside was not matching who I was on the inside. In 8 months I lost 54lbs of body fat, gained 9lbs of muscle and eliminated a few people in my life who were just not nice!! All a plus for me ;)

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8/5/13 7:18 A

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I finally got it, when I didn't believe it was possible. I decided to stick to only 2 wks of Atkins low carb, if I lost weight eating all I wanted then I'd stick with it, if not I'd throw in the towel. After losing 9lbs and never being hungry, I decided to stick with it. I found that I wanted less and less food. Initially, I ate way too much protein (probably because of a protein deficit), then as my new lifestyle developed I naturally ate a wide variety of non-starchy vegetables as the basis of the diet with a little more than average amount of protein. ie. Sometimes, I have one burger pattie with a salad and sometimes 2. With the endless low carb recipes available, and the occasional low carb product which I keep on hand (at work, in my purse, car just in case)

I did lose it a bit this week, through a major emotional upheaval, but still in normal weight and back on track living the low carb lifestyle. The trick is to get back on track as soon as possible. emoticon

MAMA_CD...count your blessings!
"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

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8/5/13 1:11 A

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I don't think certain people are "normal" eaters, per say, but that there are people who are more in touch with their bodies, I think, and have more mindfulness when they eat. For the first time in my life, I have been paying attention to how my body feels; "am I hungry?" "am I full" "how do doughnuts make me feel?" and that has helped me not eat junk. I also notice more about the texture and flavor of food and ask myself a few questions during the meal, such as "Are you still hungry?" "Do you want more of this?" (Pizza, for example- I find pe this my body only wants 1-2 slices, then it wants salad or fruit.) "Are you full?" "Is this salty?" - I even make a point in meditating on the effects of the food afterward, like if I feel sick to my stomach, or light and energetic, or whatever.
I hope that makes some sense. This is working for me, so far, although I haven't been at it long.

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8/4/13 10:23 P

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I finally got it over 4 1/2 months ago. When I cut out all junk. And reminded myself there is no days off or free days, all these are to me are a prelude to a binge.

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Don't be afraid to walk on the moon.

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My nutrition tracker is like GOLD to me.

Our reward is not food, but achievement. Many of us make the mistake of rewarding ourselves with food, isn't that what got us here in the first place?


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8/4/13 10:21 P

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When I tossed the scale and stopped being afraid of food.

I ate normal when I was a kid, the '60's - I was a tomboy and I walked a mile to school (yes, uphill both ways in a snow storm! ;) )
We moved to AZ, I stopped moving and discovered the deep fried bean burrito at school lunch. This was a decade before the plethora of diet books started pouring in, and Jane Fonda made her first exercise video setting us all on a course of perpetual, hopeful buying the next diet trend in hopes that we too could be perfectly healthy and live forever.

Phew, what a frickin way to live. And high maintenance to boot!

After years of yo-yo weight gain and loss and dieting and obsessive exercising I just one day threw away all of my self-improvement books, on any subject. I'd learned enough, it was time to do. I also threw out the scale. I didn't buy another one until last week after I had come to a decision to focus on making my health a main focus and loose the last 45 pounds. It took about 3 years of non-dieting and no weighing to loose 35 pounds, --there were other priorities at the time. But, those three years were important steps in becoming my own best friend and discovering what I liked - not what I was supposed to like.

I still will eat movie popcorn with butter - though I rarely get through more then 1/2 a small bag - without even trying. I just don't want it. I stopped threatening myself, comparing myself or trying to fit into what someone else had decided was good for me. I already knew. I was tired of trying to do it all in one bite (hit the gym and impose strict rules on myself - and think the harder the program the best chance of real success) and failing. Turns out success looks a lot different than I thought. I just wanted me. All of me, as is. Funny when that happened; the choices I started making were supporting the best parts of me.

I don't know, it was just an ordinary day -

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8/4/13 10:20 P

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I feel like I get it when it comes to healthy foods...My mom was dietitian and that was helpful to have a good example. I have always enjoyed cottage cheese, fruit, whole grains. When I started university, far from home, I was eating so badly!! I had access to so much junk type food and I gained weight easily. For me, I tend to binge. So that is where i don't 'get it' as much. I have lack of control on portions...I just like to eat and feel like I have a large appetite. I have to really find filling foods that are high in fiber or protein. I don't do well when I am too hungry so I tend to lose control and binge in those moments. For me, I had to get what my triggers were and what kinds of food worked for me. I also know that I cannot only eat 1200 a day...I need at least I exercise a lot. Sometimes what I don't get, is how people manage on so little calories a day. I track helps me to understand how I work...What works for others may not be the right thing for you. Track what you do...learn about the benefit of eating nutritious meals and you'll get it soon! Good luck!

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

“Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place we must find.” — Wayne Dyer

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8/4/13 4:19 P

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I finally got it a couple months ago. I've been trying to eat healthy for the last two years and it literally took a year and a half for my body to stop craving bad food. I could care less now if my family is eating ice cream or my daughter is baking cookies. It no longer tempts me. I actually crave my daily salad and grilled chicken for lunch everyday. It's like a switch finally went off in my head.

You are what you repeatedly do.

Someone who is busier than you is working out right now.

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8/4/13 12:02 P

4 decades ago

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