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11/9/13 12:00 A

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sounds like you are doing all the right things. I do know a lower carb diet helps so I would eat at the low end of you sparks carb plan. I am hypoglycemic and I eat at the low end of my carbs and my blood sugar is at a more normal range. I would get on WebMD on the net and read up as they have good information. Good luck in this..........


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11/7/13 3:24 P

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A fasting blood sugar of 84 is good. Assuming that the meter is giving you an accurate reading, you are likely to have a healthy A1C--probably somewhere in the low 5s.

Your GYN should be able to do a serum fasting blood sugar and A1C the next time you have a blood draw. Since you are concerned about this, it might be worth checking once a year, but it doesn't sound like you are in much danger. If you ever do get to the point where your numbers start looking bad, it is worth seeing an endocrinologist who is a diabetes specialist, but it doesn't sound like you need to do that now.

It seems like you are doing everything right. Avoiding white carbs for the most part is a habit that will keep you in a good range. Eating toward the low end of the range that Spark gives you for carbs, or even slightly under that, is probably a good idea too.

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11/7/13 4:12 A

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Thanks for that information. My endocrinologist has told me the same thing when my serum lab test came back at 103 but my pre-visit check showed 124. I was hesitant to believe her because here in Thailand doctors are often dismissive of problems because the typical Thai patient will ignore their instructions anyway.

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5/20/13 2:43 P

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Home glucose meters are not that accurate. They are supposed to be within 20% of the value you'd get from the lab, but that's it. So, if you used a home glucose meter and got a reading of 100 mg/dl, your actual blood glucose could be anywhere from 80-120 mg/dl and the meter would still be considered to be functioning properly.

If you want an accurate assessment of your blood glucose, see your doctor and have it measured by the lab. I would think that your gynecologist should be able to do that for you, just as part of a routine blood panel.

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5/20/13 1:24 P

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These are great responses, thank you!! I'm glad I asked. To be really honest, I'm so afraid of diabetes that ... (I get how stupid this is) ... I've avoided getting an A1C test and so forth so far because I ... didn't want to know (I know, I know, this is deadly thinking). I think I'm finally in a place where I'm feeling like I'm doing everything I can to stay healthy so I need to take the next step and find out if there is anything wrong. Just my family history alone is "something wrong" as some of you have pointed out!

Anarie, you're right, I do eat a Mediterranean diet -- I actually live in Greece which makes it easy to eat this way! (But i can get an A1C test here for very little money, I just have to ... ask for it, you know?)

My diet is: primarily vegetables, legumes, and whole grains; fruit every day but in reasonable amounts (weighed out to around 100-150 calories' worth); some refined grains (like white pasta - I eat whole wheat pasta also, just not all the time); very, very little meat/fish/poultry - on average, one serving every 2 weeks; 2% fat Greek yogurt and very small amounts of cheese, sometimes low fat, sometimes not. About 80% of our grocery bill is from the farmers' market. I use stevia as a sweetener, no sugar, very little honey, and no artificial sweeteners.

But I still get a lot of carbs - my breakdown looks like this (this is the average from November 1 until now), per day:

1315 calories
186g carbs
21g fiber (I think these 21g are included in the 186g too)
64g protein
38g fat
(fat breakdown: 13g saturated, 5g poly, 13g monounsaturated)
1572mg sodium

I have a high carb diet as most of my food is vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fruit. Protein is a bit scarce. I put 10g of protein powder/day in my breakfast, and I eat 2 eggs for dinner every night, but other than that it's just where I can find it - bits in pasta, bits in cheese, bits in yogurt.

Anyway, that's just a picture of my diet since I don't use SP to track food (I have terrible internet here so can't rely on any online trackers!), I use a program on my computer instead. But I am obsessive about tracking, weighing food, and so forth.

I wonder if a person getting loads of carbs from lentils, split peas, etc as I do is putting themselves at risk of developing diabetes. If so, that is a serious issue for me. I rely on those foods for protein, fiber, and satiety. Awful economic crisis here doesn't really allow for meat and fish consumption.

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5/20/13 12:56 P

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You're already doing everything possible to avoid it. You eat Mediterranean-style, right? That's pretty much the best diabetes-prevention diet. You exercise regularly and have just a generally active lifestyle. You can't change the past, but that's the only thing you haven't changed. Your numbers are in the normal range-- pretty good, in fact; remember that exercise can briefly raise blood glucose, so your Sunday morning reading is probably a bit artificially high. It's hard to say anything based on three readings, but it certainly doesn't look like you have any cause to worry at this point. Just like with weight, once you're in the healthy range, lower isn't necessarily better.

Are you in the US? If you do want more testing, Walgreen's does A1C tests for $35. If you look around, a lot of times you can find a place that will do it for the cost of the supplies, or even free. I know Costco sometimes does it free during Diabetes Awareness week or month or whatever, and a local supermarket chain does it for $12 during special events. If you're overseas, there's a good chance that a neighborhood pharmacy could do it. For that matter, have you asked the gynecologist? She can probably do it with no problems-- checking for diabetes is a pretty important part of pregnancy and pre-pregnancy care. And even if you do have to go hunt for a doctor, it's probably worth it for the peace of mind.

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5/20/13 11:55 A

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Scienctists and physicians say that if your mother had diabetes you are 50% more likely to acquire the disease. My Son has an A1C test now and he knows that not only must he exercise or walk, he has to watch sugar, carbs, and sodium and that he must take care of himself now....not later. Not being overweight helps greatly.

Foods that raise blood sugar levels slowly are black, white, navy, lima, pinto, garbanzo,cannelli and kidney beans. Brown rice, wild rice, lentils. Oatmeal which has soluble fiber, which slows the absorption of glucose from food in the stomach..and add a tablespoon of chopped pecans, almonds, or walnuts to add protein and healthy fat.

Cherries and Avocados are also foods that lower blood sugar...Sweet Potatoes have positive affect on insulin.

Flaxseed an omega-three fatty acid, which also help in controlling blood sugar. Ground is the best. Sprinkle some ontop of a salads or on cottage cheese, on top of veggies. also some vinegar in your diet may improve your blood sugar..I eat a small vinegar and oil salad daily.

The sulfur in onions can also reduce insulin levels...garlic and cinnamon is also good. Barley lots of fiber helps to significantly reduce the glycemic index of a meal....a diabetics best friends are fiber and water.

Maybe have the doctor do an A1C test which will give a good picture of the last 3 months on your blood sugar levels...I found it easy to lose weight on a low glycemic diet....good luck and yes, stay proactive.

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5/20/13 10:51 A

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More with me not giving any medical advice......

One thing to consider is that with most type 2 diabetics is that their blood glucose stays normal for many years before their body slowly stops being able to deal with it. People who have full-blown diabetes when they are 50 years old, showed no symptoms and had no bad blood numbers when they were 30. You may be lucky and not ever have this problem, but how do you really know?

Imagine the breaks on your car. They work great with 100% of the break pads still there. They work great with 50% of the break pads still there. They work great with 10% of the break pads still there.....they even still work kinda ok with the break pads gone and the disks taking the pressure. You don't want to ever get to the 'kinda ok' point.

I feel like most people with a lot of diabetes in the family should seriously consider to start eating like they have diabetes before they show symptoms. That means keeping the carbs sort of low (not necessarily a low-carb diet, but that is not an absurd idea) and keeping the carbs complex and even throughout the day. The less your insulin spikes, the less damage MIGHT be done to you that will eventually lead to diabetes. And, if you are not actually predisposed to diabetes, this isn't a bad way to eat anyway! It pretty much goes along with the SparkPeople recommendations, but eating at the low end of your daily carbs. Others will suggest you to keep an eye on your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, too...as you wish.

Also, if you ever get pregnant (or have already had children) pay real close attention to blood glucose numbers during the pregnancy. There is a correlation between diabetes predisposition and prenatal diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy that goes away once the baby is born). There are excellent ways to keep an eye on it and prevent any harm to you and the baby, but this may still be a thing to keep an eye on.

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5/20/13 9:14 A

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It depends on the doctor as well. I tested at a 94 fasting and she claimed I was pre-diabetic. we cut out the soda and refined sugar snacks and it went down.

The last bloodtest I tested at 98 fasting. The doctor shrugged his shoulders and said most of it was because of my weight. He told me to get plenty of exercise and since I told him I was on a plant based diet, he said the numbers will go down.


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5/20/13 9:06 A

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I'm not giving medical advice, just stating information. For non-diabetics, normal "fasting" (ie, when you first get up in the morning & haven't eaten or drunk anything) blood glucose levels would be 70 - 100. Non-fasting level would be less than 125.

My DH is diabetic so I got curious about it a while back. Just about the best things it seems you can do, is eat a healthy well-balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, and get some exercise. I don't know (if I were you) that I would be worried, with the numbers you posted. You can certainly run it all past a doctor whenever you do go; but unless you've got some other issue going on or other signs of diabetes (excessive thirst, etc), I wouldn't worry about it.

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5/20/13 8:22 A

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I'm not looking for medical advice, just opinions. I come from a long line of diabetics (both parents, most aunts/uncles, all 4 grandparents, and so on). I was overweight or obese my entire life. So I am naturally worried about developing diabetes myself. My mother recently visited me and she has to check her blood sugar, so just out of curiosity, she checked mine:

-Saturday: in the evening, 90 minutes after eating dinner: 97
-Sunday: in the morning, immediately after working out for an hour, haven't eaten or drunk anything since previous night: 92
-Monday: in the morning, immediately upon waking up, haven't eaten or drunk anything yet: 84

Female, low 30s, healthy weight, intense weight-bearing exercise 5x/week. Does it sound okay or is it worrisome? I can try to find a doctor here (moved to a new city, don't have one here yet) who can do more involved tests than just the blood sugar test if it looks necessary. Otherwise I'll probably wait about 6 months before finding a doc since I already have a gynecologist here and she covers most of my healthcare needs except this sort of thing. I want to lose 14 lbs and I want to wait until I do that before I start seeing a doctor, I guess I've just had so many awful experiences with doctors over the years blaming things on my weight (I'm not overweight but I have fat to lose) so I don't want to give anyone the excuse.

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