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4/23/13 3:52 P

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I keep a planner that is small enough to fit in my purse. it has a page that shows the current month as well as a page for the full days of the week. I use the weekly part to track health related stuff and the monthly part to track my regular schedule and take notes for my to-do list.

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4/23/13 3:49 P

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I have the same problem, and a couple of things have worked for me:

When I have time (in the morning or on a day I seem to have a lot of free time) I will cook up a large batch of whole wheat pasta or brown rice and a few pieces of chicken. Over the next few days, my meal is ready to pop in the microwave when I get home (I usually cut up some fresh veggies too). Usually I keep a 1 or 2 week streak of eating this way, until I hit my fast food streak, where I eat out most nights of the week.

As for my fast food streak: It takes a lot of strategic planning, but it's still possible to eat out and lose. When I know I'm going to eat out, I track my meals for the day to see how many calories I have left to work with. That usually gives me anywhere from 500-700 calories. The main thing I keep in mind is that whatever I get, it should be nutritious. Most of the time I get a veggie Chipotle burrito bowl (brown rice, black beans, salsa, a little sour cream, a little guacamole) and it's just about 600 calories. You just have to be very careful because sometimes the workers there tend to be lead handed with the sour cream and guacamole. Other times I'll get soup from places that make it fresh (watch out for sodium) or grab Asian food (usually sashimi).

I try to stay away from processed foods - I just don't trust anything that comes from McDonalds (especially the buns) and I really think they do terrible things to your body even if it's within calorie range.

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4/23/13 3:23 P

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Fruit, granola bars, protein shakes may help you avoid the drive thru.

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4/23/13 2:13 P

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What about keeping healthy stuff at work so you can eat a snack at the office and not be dying of hunger on the way home? Each week I bring in a bunch of bananas, apples, 100 calorie noodle cups, etc so I can snack at work and not be starving driving home. I'm also a big fan of making a big batch of something and then eating that for dinner for the week.

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4/23/13 1:22 P

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Do you have Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, Wendy's or Panera Bread? These have some of the healthiest options.

If you choose CHipotle (they do have nutrition info online) just get the Burrito Bowl, and forgo the burrito part. The tortilla packs about 200 calories. You can also skip the rice and beans for a very manageable calorie count. (Under 600 if you don't get guacamole).

Chick - Fil - A has the grilled nuggets, and grilled sandwich choices, and if you skip the fries, the grilled sandwich with bacon still only tops out at under 500 calories.

Panera Bread has the calorie info on their menu, and has a LOT of stuff to choose from. Very reasonable.

Wendy's junior cheeseburger only has about 300 calories, and a small chili has 210 calories. Very filling, but not using a lot of calories. If you want chicken, the new flatbread sandwiches, well, the honey mustard will get you out of there for under 400 calories, and they are tasty, but the other is as much as a burger. (cheese and bacon). Any of the grilled options of chicken are reasonable as well. In fact, if you get the grilled chicken at McDonalds or any of the wraps (grilled) you are doing well there too. I would skip any fries, and buy lots of fruit to bring with you, or baby carrots, anything to operate as a side that is a fruit or veggie option. You might not be getting enough of those.

If you are choosing fast food, get smaller portions, never up-size, skip the fries, and if you want a salad, skip the dressing. LOTS of calories from there.

You could also pre make and freeze some meals for easy warm-ups when you get home.

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4/23/13 12:57 P

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Hey Everyone,

I am constantly on the go with only 4 nights a week where I'm home for dinner, but by the time I get home, I don't want to even *think* about cooking.

Most mornings I'm out of the house by 7:30 (2 mornings, an hour earlier) and I'm home by 5:30...if I'm lucky (2 nights I'm home between 9:30 and 10:30; 1 night nearly 8). I have found myself going through the drive-thru getting the "healthiest" option I can find, but I'm still gaining weight, which in turn, is increasing my fatigue.

I've tried making stuff so I can brown bag it but I always forget that I've made something :-s

Any tips for healthy eating for someone on the go?

Thanks in advance

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