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9/16/14 3:00 P

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I haven't found that the fitbit tracks activities other than walking. I'll go to a 60 minute zumba class and apparently I'll only have 5 or 10 minutes of "very active" minutes. My heart rate monitor disagreed with that assessment.

I have found that the fitbit is great for helping me to be overall more active and to walk more. However, when it comes to tracking activities, increasing your fitness level, etc I don't feel that it's that helpful.

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9/16/14 2:28 P

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don't have a fit bit but have had the spark tracker. Very disappointed with spark tracker. doesn't always track and it breaks a lot. I've quit using it because once again it is broken and I'm tired of having to 'fix' it. I've heard good things on fit bit and may give it a try.

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9/16/14 12:35 P

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Anyone using fitbit, I'm looking for fitbit friends! Please add me!

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6/22/14 8:53 P

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BORNTEXAN1954, I have a Fitbit but not a Spark.

About the fitbit and whether it tracks more than walking. Yes. I find it tracks just about any activity that includes walking, running, skipping steps, hops or jumps. My fitbit and heart rate monitor give similar estimates (sometimes matching) for walking, running, jumping rope, cardio drills like jumping jacks, cardio kickboxing, cardio boxing, and aerobic dancing that involves hops or traveling steps. I have a Fitbit One that I wear clipped either to my waistband or bra. What it doesn't track well--non step and resistance activities. So it doesn't do well with cycling, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, rowing, etc. I also use a heart rate monitor for some of the activities it doesn't track well or I use the METs based activity database (I use the database mainly for yoga or strength work).

Fitbit doesn't guess what the activity is. So it won't categorize walking, running, cycling, elliptical like Spark advertises. I don't know how well Spark works for these since I don't have one. Fitbit does categorize each minute by "intensity" (sedentary, light activity, moderate activity and very active). The intensity is based on how much and how fast you moved that minute. I think it does categorize walking vs. running because it asks for a stride length for both and from the distance estimates it does credit more distance per step for running and jumping type movements.

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6/21/14 1:17 A

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For those who have the Spark Tracker and the Fitbit, do you have a preference of one or the other or do you like them equally the same? I bought a Spark Tracker and it seems to only work every other day although it shows up on the website.. I bought it because it registers exercise bikes and other fitness equipment.

Does the fitbit register anything besides walking or will it register fitness machines as well?

Becky from Texas

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6/21/14 12:48 A

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I love my Fitbit, if I am not where I want to be in my count, I am usually motivated to either go for a walk and add more steps.

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2/17/14 6:55 A

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I love my Fitbit One. I love going home and syncing my One to my computer after work, and if I am not where I want to be in my count, I am usually motivated to either go for a walk or put on a walking video and rack up some more steps.

I had a glitch in mine, and the customer service was really fast and responsive, and then checked back with me a week or so later to make sure everything was fine.

Like others have said, it is also fun if you have friends who own them too so that you can compete with each other. I will admit that sometimes I don't sync for a day or two so that I can lull one of my really competitive friends into a false sense of security. Then I sync and BOOM! Tons of steps!!!

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2/16/14 11:11 P

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I bought a Spark Track in October, and I have found that it is a wonderful motivator for me. I have a fitbit one on order. I managed to get it on half price through a points program my checkcard offers.
I think the fitbit is going to be better for me and the types of activity I want to record. However, I signed up on their website and app, and I like the Spark much better for food tracking. So I'm going to use both for a while and see what happens. I didn't want a wrist style tracker because I work in a bank and didn't want to wear it every day on my wrist where everyone could see it.

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2/16/14 10:04 P

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I have a fitbit flex and I absolutely LOVE it. I got it for Christmas and ive worn it ever since. I forgot it one day and I felt naked! I have a few friends with a fitbit so its fun to add them to my list and 'compete' and cheer them on throughout the day. Its very rewarding when your reach your goal for the day and it lights up and vibrates in celebration. Ive had multiple trackers and so far fit bit flex is my favorite.

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2/15/14 9:54 P

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Camry- I was able to replace my battery on my pedometer that I bought at the dollar tree they usually carry the battery there too button cell but I have bought pedometers that have quit too there so sometimes I think at least it was just a buck I tried the ones at Walmart and got the sand results I love the sparks tracker too it's 49.99 or 59.99 I think in shop it's pretty good but I lost mine somewhere it's the size of a quarter and can put on your shoe I don't know how I lost it this last time because it's hard to fall off the socks or shoe string or even the bra strap I wore it in all places tested it out really liked and I miss it even I think I lost it at work

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2/15/14 9:21 P

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My mother bought when and she seemed to like it fairly well.

A fitbit is a great way to help motivate you to move a little more. Plus it also keeps track of your sleep! It helps you form good patterns and motivates you to move even more.

That being said whether or not it's worth it depends upon who. If you have the money to spare, it's a great tool. If your having to stretch your budget for it, I wouldn't buy it. It's a great tool but I personally cannot see myself utilizing it so much that I'm willing to spend a couple hundred on it.

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2/15/14 7:07 P

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@Motivate@LastPersonally, I am a little skeptical of them. After all, they are only a measurement device, and measuring more accurately doesn't in itself burn a single extra calorie - your body burns what your body burns.

Personally, I would rather spend my money on something that actually helps me exercise, whether it is a new pair of shoes, some workout clothing, a new chain for my bike, etc.

Of course, some people do get inspired by seeing numbers on tracker to get out and exercise more. But remember that it is YOU that has to get out and exercise more - the tracker is not going to do it magically for you.


I almost agreed with you one the rather spending the money on something that helped you but then I realized that a chain on your bike, new shoes, or a treadmill actually doesn't help you lose weight (burn calories/exercise) anymore than a Fitbit would. Clothes don't exercise, running the treadmill without actually running ON it won't burn a single calorie either. It actually functions EXACTLY like a pair of shoes. I mean a treadmill, shoes, bike, etc. will not magically help me anymore than a Fitbit does if I don't use it. I bought a jump rope for 10 dollars but as cheap as it was it was not worth because I don't even use it but this Dollar Tree pedometer was because I started walking and lost 5lb in a week. Those didn't work for very long so now I'm going to get the Fitbit Zip. I found it to be worth it if you use it. Since chances are I'm going to walk each day anyway might as well measure it and see if I get enough.

Have a great weekend everyone

God bless you

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1/22/14 2:24 P

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I absolutely love my Fitbit Flex. For me, it was a must buy. I was a previous owner of a Fitbit One and I did like it, but didn't love it. I would OFTEN forget to clip it to myself and I wouldn't track for days on end and it didn't bother me, so I felt it was a waste of money, but I loved seeing my steps and how many stairs I climbed. I sold that since I wasn't wearing it and just recently invested back into FitBit and got the Flex.

I love it so much more than the One. Since it's a wearable bracelet, I never take it off (except in the shower) although, you CAN shower with it. It's waterproof, so I don't even need to be careful when washing my hands, getting water on it, etc. I wear it on my non-dominant hand/wrist and it is pretty accurate. I find it very motivating. I see how many steps I am actively taking and I try to beat it every day. I set a goal and I want to make sure I reach it every day so I find myself striving toward it.

The plus is also being able to track your sleep. I'd agree with what others said, the Fitbit site is pretty lacking, but I track all of my food here at Sparkpeople, but the bonus is that you can link your fitbit to Sparkpeople and all of the fitness minutes track here, and the food you track at SP rolls over into the Fitbit website.

I'd vote yes. :)


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Have a fitbit? Me too!

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1/22/14 8:32 A

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I have the Fitbit One and I love it. I clip it to my bra or my waistband and I check it throughout the day. There are multilple times when I've been tempted to take the rest of the afternoon off, in terms of activity, and let myself coast a little -- but the numbers on the Fitbit spur me on. It syncs well with Spark. You track your calories on Spark and they show up on the Fitbit dashboard, while the Fitbit tracks your calories burned and sends that information back over to Spark, so you have two sources of measurement for calories burned vs. calories consumed.

It's highly motivating and I recommend it. I'm glad I bought it.

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1/21/14 7:48 P

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I spent 3-4 weeks researching activity trackers overall. I wanted something I could sync here and on another site just in case I decided I wanted to use it instead. I also wanted something without a mandatory monthly fee. I decided to go with the Fit Bit zip to see how I do. If I use it consistently and I feel it helps, I'll upgrade to a flex or force and track my sleep as well. When I get more physically active I'll also probably invest in a HRM that counts calories burned as well. I like visual manifestations of my progress (like steps and calories burned, etc) That's why I always come back to calorie counting because its what I do best with :) If you are visual like me, its definitely worth a shot!

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1/21/14 7:35 P

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I am actually looking into getting one myself. However, something to keep in mind is there are hundreds of different types of watches/clips/monitors you can get so the best thing to do is research. If you like one that will sync to SparkPeople then look for sync compatibility. If you want one that can do something else in particular than look for that. Right now I have my eye on the Garmin Forerunner 210. It is a bit pricey but it has the features I'm looking for. In my opinion, while asking others what they think can be good, this is one area where doing some self research is a good plan.

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1/20/14 7:39 A

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I have a FitBit and a Spark Activity Tracker coming, absolutely worth both purchases~

kayah~West Coast, USA

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1/20/14 1:13 A

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Yes for me.

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1/19/14 9:19 A

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I was wondering if they are worth it also - I think I am going to go for it and see for myself.

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1/19/14 9:05 A

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On the contrary, I find they do help you exercise and stay active. I got my Fitbit Force before Christmas and the amount I exercise and stay active has doubled since then. I used to do short runs, about 30 mins but lately I've been motivated to do over an hour and aim for marathon runs. It has encouraged me to see what I'm capable of in distance, speed, pace, steps. I was getting a little bored with my cardio and now I'm looking forward to it. Weight lifting used to be my first favourite but it's actually been replaced with running (of course I still weight train but have developed a new passion for running). It also motivates me to get more steps/activity in during the day in an attempt to beat previous records and to compete against my Fitbit friends. It also provides goals while I'm at work. I work harder (I work a physical job) to beat previous records and it provides mild entertainment. ;)

For me, it was a well-worth it purchase. I absolutely love my Fitbit. They're food tracker is pretty terrible compared to Spark. Spark definitely has them beat in both the extent of their database and ease of use, plus I have all my recipes, fav. foods, groups saved here but I track food here and it instantly syncs to my Fitbit account.

So far I'm finding it's very accurate with my cals burned, steps, distance, etc. My total cals burned vs. deficit matches up with my weight loss/maintenance etc. It also seems reasonable with what Spark would estimate for me. For example, yesterday I didn't work but I did a marathon run for 80 mins and burned 700 cals from my run. If I subtract that 700 cals from my total calorie burn for the day... I get just over 1700 cals burned without exercise. Now coming from someone who has extensively looked into estimations for cals burned through activity this seems spot on with the amount of normal activity I had. I was lightly active for the day; did a few chores, ran a little bit of errands. Spark gives me between 1550-1850 cals for being sedentary to lightly active. When I work I burn around 2200 cals for doing around 15k steps which is only slightly higher than the amount Spark would give me for being "active". Pretty darn, spot on.

And that's that. I love my Fitbit, I think it was worth the purchase, for me anyways. It can be a great tool to help motivate you. It also makes everything much more convenient and takes a lot of the guess work out of things.

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1/19/14 6:46 A

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Personally, I am a little skeptical of them. After all, they are only a measurement device, and measuring more accurately doesn't in itself burn a single extra calorie - your body burns what your body burns.

Personally, I would rather spend my money on something that actually helps me exercise, whether it is a new pair of shoes, some workout clothing, a new chain for my bike, etc.

Of course, some people do get inspired by seeing numbers on tracker to get out and exercise more. But remember that it is YOU that has to get out and exercise more - the tracker is not going to do it magically for you.


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1/18/14 10:33 P

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I've been wondering the same thing, are they worth it? I really don't want to spend more time on the computer than I need to. I would like to track everything on one site, like here. Anyone know about the other fitness trackers?

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1/17/14 12:43 P

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I got a fitbit (force, i think) in November and i like it. I have discovered that I need to take it off when drying hair and doing dishes though, so it won't count those movements as steps. I also take it off at this point when am working out (unless I am running) and I track that separately. It has been an interesting challenge for me to make sure I reach 10k steps on average. I also like that I can track on here and it syncs on the fitbit site.

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1/17/14 8:52 A

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Just curious for those people that have the Fitbit of the Flex type trackers - - do you feel they are worth it?? Is there one out there that was a MUST BUY for anyone and they love it or was it a waste of money? I am asking before I go spend the money on one for myself to see what people like best

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