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Anyone with sciatic pain? I need suggestions.

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11/18/13 2:56 P

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I am an occupational therapist and have had sciatica for many years. The SP videos have some that will work well. Please ger clearance from a physician as some sciatica can be an indication that you have something more serious. They can give you advice in what is best. SP has great stretches that look very safe and easy to follow. Just look up back pain and they provide stertches that help to decompress the sciatic nerve. The trick is to have enough pain relief to stretch. I have pain at it's worst in the AM but I force myself to do some gentle stretches to get going. The major reasons for sciatica are nerves that are trapped between muscles, veins and bone. There are many locations for this to occur and that's why Yoga works so well. I disagree that you need to pay someone to stretch. Yoga is over rated and simply not the solutions for many people who have arthritis. It can actually cause some damage if you have inflammed joints.

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11/18/13 2:01 P

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If your doctor has cleared you to exercise, you might want to ask them if it's okay to do yoga.

I take a yoga class and half the class suffers from sciatic pain including the instructor. They've all said the same thing. The reason they are taking yoga is because yoga has helped them "manage" their sciatic pain. I've read several sources that yoga can help with sciatica.

You may never get rid of your sciatica, but yoga could help relieve some of that pain. My instructor has 20+ years of experience, she says that regular yoga has helped keep it in check. Will it work for you ? It might, but you should ask your doctor first. AND... don't do a DVD. You must work with a knowledgeable yoga instructor because some poses are going to help and some are going to hurt. Thus the need to work with a very qualified yoga instructor.

Check your area for a good studio. try to avoid something like power yoga or bikram. You're best bet is a slow moving Hatha style. This article might help explain how yoga poses could help.

But once again, get clearance from your doctor first.

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VICKYREGAN15's Photo SparkPoints: (902)
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11/18/13 11:26 A

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Yes, to all the questions, but I do not want surgery and physical therapy was recommended by my doctor.

And thanks to all who responded --I know I need to lose more weight ---hugs, Vicky

Vicky Regan

SP_COACH_DENISE's Photo Posts: 29,883
11/18/13 9:56 A

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I would agree that it would be best to talk with your doctor about this, as they would have the most knowledge of your medical history and your current condition. Getting advice from anyone else may cause further issues for you, which you wouldn't want to happen.

Coach Denise

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11/18/13 7:53 A

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You really should discuss your issues with your doctor and, as mentioned, get cleared for exercise. You may also want to get a referral to a physical therapist, especially if surgery is out of the question.

We on SP really shouldn't offer suggestions when physical issues issues come into play. Anything we suggest may cause more harm than good.

CHEETARA79's Photo SparkPoints: (72,444)
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11/18/13 6:02 A

CHEETARA79's SparkPage
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Has your doctor cleared you to do exercise?

I'm currently experiencing sciatica due to being pregnant. I've found some really great yoga videos on youtube that help me stretch out and relieve pain. This is one of my favorites.

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JUSTIMEEM's Photo Posts: 136
11/18/13 5:11 A

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I also have a herniated disc, the problem is not severe but mild for now.
The worse is when I have stiffness in my lower back at times because of this.
What helps me:
- Pilates
- massage
- physiotherapy (magnetic waves, mechanical waves, cryo-thermotherapy such as electrical currents)
- functional training
- mud treatments
- seeing a chiropractic professional
- reflexology (surprisingly, the best result I got were after going to reflexology)

Wish you the best, may you get well and hopefully you will face the problem less and less with time.

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11/18/13 12:14 A

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I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I have 5 herniated discs (my entire lumbar spine) so I totally get where you're coming from. My sciatic nerve was pinched and the doctors dragged it out for nearly 2 years before there was finally a surgery to remove enough of a disc to relieve the nerve pain. I'm 17 months post op and am still dealing with the after-effects of dealing with damaged nerves for so long.
During the worst times of pain, I got the most relief from massage and acupuncture. It took me a little while before I got relief, but it did come eventually. I did get epidural injections that provided some relief, but after a while those didn't help anymore either. I do Pilates twice a week in private sessions and the teacher has given me specific things to do at home. That has helped a lot, but I also don't have the pinched nerve anymore. Since starting Pilates I've only had 1 flare up in 7 months, compared to having 1 every 2-3 months.
I hope you find something that helps relieve your pain. I think nerve pain is just about the worst thing there is.

VICKYREGAN15's Photo SparkPoints: (902)
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11/17/13 11:06 P

VICKYREGAN15's SparkPage
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I am a women, I have herniated discs --I had an MRI but it went away. I need advice getting out of my car. I almost kicked the car. I am using water therapy. I am over 60 so no surgery --too many in my family had it and still suffer pain. thanks so much

Vicky Regan

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