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Is it possible to reduce belly area fat only?

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DIDS70's Photo Posts: 5,070
11/7/13 5:09 P

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i put a lot of core training in my workouts which usually turns out to be full body.


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11/7/13 5:59 A

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Wouldn't it be lovely if we could choose where we want to lose, but unfortunately we can't. A good core workout (you can find plenty on this site and plenty if you search on youtube - just find one you like) will go a long way towards helping you achieve your goal. The bonus is that it improves your posture and good posture will make you appear slimmer.

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11/7/13 4:37 A

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sadly no...

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11/6/13 7:52 P

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Yes, unfortunately fat loss doesn't work that way. It is an all over body process. Spot reduction is a myth for the most part. Although one study found that there was an increase in blood flow and lipolysis in the exercising body part when compared to the resting body part (in this case legs were used). It was no where near significant enough to make any difference in noticeable fat loss to that area over the other.

You still have 20 lbs to go! A lot can happen in that 20 lbs. For many people, abdominal fat is the last to go. For many women, a flat stomach is just not a realistic goal. We simply are not built to have a flat belly (save for the lucky few and the young). For most of us it would require reaching a very low body fat percentage that is very difficult for the average person to maintain (particularly after weight loss) and may come at a cost of losing fat from areas you'd rather not or becoming an unhealthy weight/BF%.

Just keep doing full body strength training. This will help you to have more lean body weight vs. Fat and a lower body fat % while maintaining a healthy weight. (ie; it would be the difference between wearing a size 5 at 130 lbs vs. wearing a size 5 at 120 lbs. Muscle takes up less room than fat so the more you have vs. fat, the smaller you will be relative to weight).

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11/6/13 11:15 A

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Unfortunately there's no specific exercise to 'target' weight loss in a certain area. You can and should include core exercises like crunches/plank/etc during your workouts, but the belly fat will go when it's ready! Keep up the cardio, strength training, and eating well and you'll eventually see results in the belly area. It's usually the last to go (ugh!).

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11/6/13 11:01 A

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Hi Guys emoticon ,

I have lost 28 lbs from january...aiming to loose another 10 lbs.But i want to loose belly fat area more( dream: flat tummy emoticon emoticon dont know if it is possible ) . Can you guys please suggest me exercises for belly area? Thanks in advance. Sparkpeople rock !!! emoticon

added info: I lost some inches during Jillian Michelle program 30 day shred but only did for 1 week as it was really bad on my knees emoticon ...can any body suggest me some program as effective as 30 day shred but good on knees.. emoticon

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