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No money for a good quality sports bra...

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STARSHINE182's Photo Posts: 16
5/29/13 3:01 A

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I have the same issue & what I have found that works for me (and my sister too) is the Glamorise No Bounce sports bra. It's not attractive but effective & I usually can find them on sale (regular price is $30, I think). I've bought them at JC Penney and one time we bought them through Lane Bryant when they were having a buy 2 get 2 free sale (my sis & I got 2 each & split the cost). I found it on amazon for $14 to $40 depending on size.

Old Navy has some inexpensive workout clothing including sports bras. I feel that the ON sports bra doesn't stop bounce but it is very confortable & much nicer than the sports bras at walmart. What I did was pair the sports bra with a compression tank that also had a built in bra (also from ON). Redundant, but it worked.

Hope this helps! emoticon

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KELLY_R's Photo Posts: 2,858
5/28/13 5:02 P

You could try some exercises with less impact. That may help a bit.

I'm completely shooting out weird ideas here, so bear with me on this suggestion. I've only got a small B cup myself, so I don't have the challenges you do... but I wonder if purchasing some ACE bandage wrap and wrapping yourself up tight that way might suffice for a while until you can afford an actual good sports bra? Don't know... maybe that's not a great idea at all, but hope you can find a way to keep the girls snug so you don't experience pain.

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FIELDWORKING's Photo SparkPoints: (20,602)
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5/28/13 4:56 P

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I know how you feel. When I first started losing weight, I thought I might actually lose some of the weight in my boobs. My bra size changed but only because my band size decreased. I haven't lost any inches in my bust. I'm short (5 foot even) and busty. I can find the correct band size but it seems that stores don't go up high enough in cup size.

I understand the pain too. I am at a point where I could start to run but because I lack a truly supportive bra, it is just too painful.

What does your exercise routine look like? I assume that you are doing both cardio and strength training. The cardio is the problem. I use the cardio equipment at the gym. If I am away from the gym, I will go for a walk (and vary the speed and distance walked) or a hike. I will also incorporate some workout dvd's (Billy Blanks Taebo dvd's - not all Taebo but are awesome workouts).

If you're at a gym try using the elliptical, treadmill, rowing machine, and stationary bike. If the stationary bike is too difficult or too uncomfortable at first, start with the recumbent bike. I actually avoided the bike for awhile because I didn't like having my knees hitting my abdominal fat. I had been using the gym for about 9 months before I went to the stationary bike. Now, I'm using the spinning bike. With the treadmill, you can do a search on Google for various workout routines that will definitely get your heart pumping. The elliptical is nice too easy on the joints and you can go a little faster. It's the machine I used the most when I first started working out. The rowing machine is great. I absolutely love it and it is a great full body workout. You can definitely feel it in your abs and lower back. You'd probably want someone to show you how to use it (proper form). I mention all of these things because you can do something different each time you do cardio and it's not too hard on the boobs. I use or have used the equipment that I mentioned.

The best thing that I can suggest is to look for a regular bra that offers support (the band) and can hold the girls in place (full coverage - or whatever it's called - where it covers all of your boobs). That's what I have been doing. I'd get a sports bra but I can't find any in my cup size (DDD). I can find the correct band size but not cup size. I swear, it's like companies think that if you are top heavy that my band size can't be as small as it is.

I don't know what else to tell you right now but I hope I've helped some.
I hope that helps.

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JCWIAKALA's Photo Posts: 347
5/28/13 12:44 P

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I'm sorry you're struggling so much. That doesn't sound like any fun.

I've seen many suggestions of layering multiple sports bras. Maybe you could find some others at a discount store like Ross, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory or might find better quality bras for less. You could also add a compression might not feel comfortable with something so form-fitting, but you could also layer that.

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SparkPoints: (4,679)
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Posts: 8
5/28/13 12:39 P

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I am a fairly well endowed 220 pound woman. I have cheap sports bras but they really don't help much...I have gone as far as wearing my regular bra, with 2 sports bras over it, but I still have major problems doing things like jumping jacks, and attempting to run. It can be very painful. I know a good sports bra is important, and would be a good investment and I am saving up for one, but right now money for extras is pretty tight so it will probably be 4 or 5 months until I have enough. My question is, is there anything else that I can do to help with the "bouncing"? I honestly don't care what it looks like, I would be using it at the gym or anything.

Thank you!

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