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Half Marathon Training AND Weight Loss

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DRAGONCHILDE's Photo SparkPoints: (56,157)
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8/29/13 1:32 P

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It's possible, but it requires some balancing acts between proper fuel and calorie deficits for weight loss.

How much do you need to lose, Mal? Perhaps we can help if we know that. :)

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GRACILU's Photo SparkPoints: (39,444)
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8/29/13 12:13 A

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I am doing my first half-marathon this year to accomplish something big for myself. I know I will lose weight. I already have just in the training alone. I am not out to win, just out to do something for something I believe in - Me.

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4/7/13 11:00 P

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I've only been running for a couple of years. I started running to lose weight too. It did help me to lose it. I've done two half marathons. I found that as I increased in mileage, I wanted to eat more. Make sure you eat the right foods. I gained weight this year while training for my half because I didn't eat the right foods for fuel. I told myself, you just ran twelve miles so you can have that extra sweet or drink some soda. Just be careful to not fall into that trap. Fuel your body with the right foods instead of junk. Wishing you the best :)

Posts: 19
4/7/13 8:28 P

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Yes, I do run now and I have run races in the past (5k, 10ks and even a 10 miler). So I thought I'd up the ante. I think I will be have enough time to train for it, that's not really the question. It's more of if ill be able to both train and lose weight. I've recently gained some weight I'd like to shed but I also have to train for this race and am not running the longer distances ill need to. I've just been reading articles that most people don't find they lose weight running long distances so I was just curious.

NANLEYKW's Photo SparkPoints: (48,423)
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Posts: 803
4/6/13 7:05 P

NANLEYKW's SparkPage
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Generally, half-marathon training programs start with the assumption that you can run 3-4 miles relatively easily, and are running three or four days a week. If you're there, a 12-week program should get you ready by July. If you're not, I agree with the previous poster that you might want to think about a shorter distance--a 10k would still be a challenging distance, but would be a bit more attainable.

As for whether the training is compatible with losing weight, it can be, but isn't necessarily. Running those distances is going to make you *hungry*! And once you get into some longer distances, you'll have to fuel your body during your runs, as well as before and after.

So, bottom line is that you might be able to lose weight while you're training, but I think losing a significant amount might be a stretch.

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SUSAN_FOSTER's Photo Posts: 1,228
4/6/13 2:10 P

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Half marathon in July? Are you running at all now? Honestly if you are not, I would go for a shorter distance first. I had a year to train for my first half, and I ended up running it injured, because I was trying to build to the distance too fast. The races will always be there; take your time training so you can enjoy them.

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LOVEMOUSE82's Photo SparkPoints: (3,788)
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4/6/13 12:40 P

LOVEMOUSE82's SparkPage
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It doesn't sound conflicting at all. As you train, you will tone up and most likely lose weight as well. Put in your nutrition tracker information and fitness information what your weight loss goals are and what your fitness goals and minutes are and it will calculate how much to be eating for those goals. Sounds like a great idea to motivate yourself to do both!

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4/6/13 10:18 A

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I've recently decided to run a Half Marathon in July to motivate me to get back into running. I want to prove myself that I can motivate myself to get moving and accomplish something this huge. But part of me also decided to do it to lose weight. I'm not talking lose a few pounds to tone up, but put in the work to lose a significant amount of weight over the next 4 months. My question is, is it possible to train for a half marathon AND lose weight at the same time? What diet plan works for you to stay fueled and also lose weight? (I know it seems like conflicting goals)

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