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3/20/16 7:48 A

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I feel like my comment is unnecessary as I am just echoing everyone else. She is being extremely selfish and demanding and this is YOUR day. It sucks that she has pulled out, I hope it's not extremely last minute, that happened to my nephew's bride and it almost ruined their wedding. Good luck with your plans and I hope you find a better MOH who is not selfish and will help make your day as special for you as possible.

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1/29/16 11:41 P

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I was MOH to both my sister and my best friend one week apart. They both drove me nuts, but I would do it all over again for both of them. Don't cave on her demands, its YOUR wedding.

Woke up late today, and I still feel the sting of the pain.
But I brushed my teeth anyway, got dressed through the mess and put a smile on my face.
I got a little bit stronger.

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6/28/15 8:13 P

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I am getting married next month and we am doing it with just my parents and our daughter, plus a few friends. NONE of his family is going to be there. Reason being, we are getting married when we go to my mother's on a three day weekend. My parents can't come to where I live for a wedding, and I wasn't about to get married without my mom and dad. No way.

Having said that, I think your friend is being ridiculous. You are not required to plan your wedding around someone else's children. I say, get a new MOH and tell your so-called friend to go away.


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6/20/15 11:22 P

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I don't think you're being selfish at all, and your ex-MOH is def being over the top with her demands.

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5/27/15 12:38 P

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Is she really your friend? First this is your day and you are entitled to have it your way. I dont see a problem and if she has so many kids that she must have them there then it is better she not be there.

I think her decision was for the best. Good luck to you on your special drama free day! emoticon

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3/24/15 1:56 P

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sorry that this has happened... It may be hard but maybe try to just stay focused on the wedding and your future marriage. Surround yourself with those who love you and want to see you happy!!

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1/26/15 1:13 P

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I agree with ARYASVITKONA. This is your day and you shouldnt change anything, especially if kids should come or not. Was this something she was aware of from the beginning? If so then yes I think she is looking for an excuse out, if she didnt know it really is an honest mistake. This is your event, however things happen at events we cant always control. Instead of staying mad at her, try to focus on your wedding and enjoy the day. I find there is always drama around weddings, have fun and enjoy your day. Its her choice if she wants to come or not, however she made this big commitment to you and bailed, that's not cool.

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12/31/14 9:01 P

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Hey sweetie,
One thing that I have to tell myself often...THIS IS YOUR WEDDING. Not hers, not anyone else's. It's yours and your fiance's. Period. You are WELL within your rights to not want her holding a child during the ceremony...or in the limo...or at the head table.
There is NO reason whatsoever that you should have to change what YOU want to enable her participation.
I'm sorry you're having difficulties. You just do you, and plan your perfect day the way you want it.

7/25/14 11:37 A

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She is the one that is being selfish. It is very wrong of her to demand that her kids be involved in your day. Of course you would have your step son involved. He is your family.

I don't think you need her drama. If she is still invited and the wedding is child free. You should let her know this.

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7/13/14 8:48 A

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I agree with the other 2 who have already commented. She is being very selfish.

When my parents and I got married, my sister and I were flower girls. We were there for the ceremony, and a few pictures at the reception. After that, we were sent home to spend the weekend with a babysitter so that the adults could have their time.

I'm sure it was no surprise to her that your wedding would be kid-free except for a few moments with your stepson (he's part of YOUR family and absolutely should be involved!)

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7/10/14 11:29 A

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Sounds like an excuse to me. And it sounds like overall you will be better off not having her as the MOH. If she really wanted to do it, she would make it work and find a sitter just like any normal person would for your day.

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7/7/14 2:08 P

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That is all very selfish of her!
She should get a babysitter and leave her kids at home.
No way her kids should be in photos, or at the head table, or anywhere!

You are better off without all her drama and stress.

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7/7/14 1:15 P

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My maid of honor bailed out of my wedding party because I don't have her children apart from it. She said she needs to do what is right for her kids. She doesn't want to leave them alone while I get married. She thought that she might be able to hold her youngest one during the ceremony, and have them sit at the head table with us, and be in the limo and during pictures. I said these are no kid area's. My step son will be the only child standing up during the ceremony and he will only be at the pictures briefly. He will not be at the head table or in the limo. (as there will be drinking in the limo). I feel like she is dropping out because her kids are not apart of my day, do I have a right to be upset? I'm stressing about this, as I was all over her wedding and helping with the plans. My boyfriend(now fianc�) at the time was also apart of her wedding, the both of us flew down to mexico for them for there wedding and found family to keep our son with during that time, I feel slighted that she won't get a sitter for 8 hours. Am I being small and catty for being really upset with her?

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