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Does the size of the ring really matter?

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10/11/11 2:48 P

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I personally always wanted to have a smaller diamond on my ring; but my fiance refused!! It does not matter, in some cases people dont even need/want rings.

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10/11/11 9:46 A

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I chose a ring that was within my fiance's budget.

If I wanted a larger stone, I was going to have to wait until he could afford it. I decided that being married to my best friend was far more important than the size of the ring. can always upgrade later! :)

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10/3/11 9:07 A

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I also like smaller stones. It is not purely about the rock I think. Some look very ugly and totally weird on a finger. Like trying to show off but having no taste. In my opinion a wrong or weird ring can also make the hand/ finger look weird, just as wrong clothing does to your body.

I am from Germany, where we actually do not really have engagement rings and for sure no big rocks! The man and woman have matching plain rings. Sometimes there is a little line or very decent pattern graved into it or the lady has a tiny tiny rock on it. But those are standard, it is not about how pure they are. It's just for looks. They are really half the size of a pin needle head though.

I totally like the idea of having matching rings, though I am also very much in love with the American idea of rings of course! haha. Not because of the rock, but simply because they look so much more female and lady like than a plain gold, plain or white gold ring (they are mostly too thick for my taste and look chubby).

There are a lot of very beautiful rings in the US that have a smaller rock, but just look gorgeous! Much more then a whole ring full of blink, or one huge rock that looks totally out of place on a hand and gets you stuck all the time...

I have to say.... men, especially in the US, have a tough choice to face and I don't wanna be in their skin! :)

Oh by the way, I just saw the other day a partner ring creation workshop kind a thingy, here in Germany. You can go and make the rings together on your won with the help of a professional. This way you get to personalize them a little bit more, plus you made them! :) I first thought, yea right.. I will wear this for the rest of my life, but they looked pretty professional! (Again, just a band kind of thing. there are no fancy holders for diamonds and stuff.) I thought it's a neat idea though!

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10/2/11 8:39 P

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I like smaller stones. Big stones to me are just flashy and gets in the way,.


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10/1/11 8:38 P

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I was just thinking and I remembered and remembered and acquaintance of an acquaintance. If she was proposed to, she would accept no less than a three carat diamond.

She got her three carat diamond. And as I understand it, she spent a lot of time placing her left hand near her face. Brushing her hair back. Purposefully showing off the ring that her fiance probably financed. And so on.

Kind of reminds me of an episode of 'Say Yes to the Dress' The bride wanted a gown that would cost $50,000. She told her fiance he would have to get a second and third job to pay for it because that is the gown she wanted. And nothing else would do. I screamed at the TV "Run Forest, Run" Could you imagine putting up with that for the rest of your life? Nothing less than the best in the world will do and I am not talking about yogurt.

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9/24/11 7:58 P

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What a great topic!

My fiance had asked me (before he proposed lol) if I wanted to pick out my own ring. I told him no, I'd rather him pick one out for me. He knows I like an antique look, but as far as diamond size I didn't have any requests other than, don't get anything too crazy big. I know he works hard, and I'd hate for him to be too stressed about something that's meant to be a happy thing. The diamond is not huge or anything, an antique ring, 0.5ct on pt setting, but it's beautiful and looks big on my tiny hands anyways. I would never trade it for anything bigger or more expensive. I think it was expensive enough! I mostly love the fact that he picked it out; it just shows he really does know me and put in the effort to shop around and think about what would suit me.

I can't believe there are people like the women that you've seen at your work! To me the point of getting married is to have a life together, so what's the point of starting out in debt because of a ring? And I'd rather be married happily than waiting for my guy to earn the money to buy me a disgustingly big ring for me to show off.

I love my dainty little ring, and I love the meaning and thoughtfulness behind it even more.

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9/21/11 1:04 P

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My fiance and I had looked at rings and he wanted to get me a bigger ring because of the fact that I have bigger fingers and a small diamond would look really dinky on my finger. Then my grandmother offered to give my sister and me her rings early (we were supposed to get them only after she died) she gave my sister her wedding set and me the antique ring she wore on her right hand. It is absolutely gorgeous and I am honored to wear it. It doesn't matter to me what the monetary value of the ring is because it has more sentimental value than any ring I could buy in some jewelry store!

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9/21/11 11:00 A

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My fiancee bought me a ring a few months ago and we were talking about marriage I showed him a few that I thought were gorgeous. They were all solitaire diamond rings (not very expensive though because i knew he couldn't afford much). A few weeks later, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him with a three diamond set (i think that's what it is called). It was a totally different design then I would have ever picked out...

but, it is wonderful! And I love it and him so much. Looking back, I wouldn't have wanted him to choose the solitaire at all. This ring is more gorgeous than the ones I showed him!

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9/20/11 8:54 P

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My ring is .75 karat. I love it, its perfect. Its the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. He was worried that I would think it wasn't big enough. I told him if he changed anything about it, I would be pissed. haha!

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9/17/11 3:00 P

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My fiance got me a past, present and future ring and gave it to me the first time he told me he loved me. I still wear that ring, we didn't buy an engagement ring, I wear that ring on my left hand, and we are shopping for simple wedding bands with our taxes. We love each other and are happy, thats all that matters.

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9/7/11 11:52 P

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I'd personally prefer a ring with a smaller stone. I'm not a fan of diamonds, so why spend money on something I'm not fond of?

One of my friends got engaged recently and she decided on a ring that was set with her and her fiancé's birthstones. Since they went by the modern birthstones, their ring is turquoise and moonstones. emoticon

My favourite aunt has hers set with amber and onyx!

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8/23/11 10:19 A

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I had mentioned for a while, that I didn't want a ring at all. How about a ring-finger tattoo?? But he wanted a ring... Anyway, my suggestion to anyone is to find a store that will custom make a ring for you. Although it was a lot of work, my fiance hired someone to find stones and a local retailer to design the setting - saved a TON!

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8/17/11 1:41 P

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When we went to look at rings I kept telling asking "Don't you have something a little less...shiny?" I have tiny hands (my ring is a size 4.5) and I'm a librarian working with books all day. A regular ring wouldn't stand a chance against me. We ended up purchasing a stone on the internet (a beautiful half carat pink sapphire) and he worked with a local jeweler to have the setting made. Honestly, it was a little pricier than I would have preferred, but we decided that I'm just wearing my engagement ring, no added wedding band, so it isn't so bad. I don't understand people who just care about size or price, although I've seen coworkers not say that they think it's tacky to not have a diamond. Then again - our wedding will have 50 people, I'm not wearing white, and I've already picked out my glitter hello kitty ballet flats to wear for the ceremony. Obviously I don't care what people think. It comes down to people thinking that the size/cost of the ring translates to how much their partner loves them.

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8/15/11 12:17 P

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I think some people have just gotten way too caught up in material things. An engagement ring or wedding band is a sign of love, so it really shouldn't matter what it looks like. My fiance picked out a ring I absolutely love, but even if it hadn't been perfect, I would have loved it anyway because it means I'm going to be with him for the rest of my life.

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8/13/11 9:48 A

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I think the ring should have importance to you as a couple. If it's breaking the bank, it's not worth the stress in my opinion.

Honestly, I hate diamonds. Not the look, but what's behind them, the remote possibility of having purchased a blood diamond freaks me out. People DIE or get seriously hurt just to provide these gems to people who think they NEED them.

That being said, I went synthetic. I have this beautiful 1 carat gem with sparklies all down the side, cost so much less than a real diamond and let me tell you that when I matched it up to a friends 2ct rock you couldnt tell the difference.

It's an Asha Diamond if anyone wants to check them out.

PS: I'm totally not a sales person for them, I just absolutely love my ring.

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8/13/11 2:05 A

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i totally agree that it doesn't have to be a big stone. i went online and search out different styles and sent him pictures so he could have the fun of picking the one he liked. he liked one that has two bands of metal twisted together. one with small diamonds on it and the other with solid metal. it is perfect for me because i wear the latax gloves for work to clean and didn't want a big ring to break the gloves as well as it is more comfortable on my finger. plus he has started to tell everyone that it is "two twisted lives, i mean entwined lives".

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8/9/11 7:12 P

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My engagement ring is perfect for's small and simple and I love almost everything about it. It's a little tall so it gets caught on things a lot but I don't care about the size of the diamond...I only care about the person I'm with and just a simple gold band would be fine with me for the symbolism.

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8/9/11 2:11 P

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I didn't get the huge diamond, and I am okay with it. We chose our rings together and got the entire bridal set with the men's matching ring as well. I think if I rechose I would choose a setting that lays flatter instead of the mounting that is on my ring but the two toned silver and gold with crosses engraved in it works for us. Just having the ring at all works, the first temp ring I was given before we got the set was beautiful and not of any kind of real stone or metal and I love that one the best though I can't wear it any longer as it makes my finger green. lol.

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8/4/11 3:17 P

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I dont believe it matters. Love isnt materialistic. Whether your spouse will be there throughout thick and thin is what truly matters!

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7/26/11 10:04 A

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Actually, it does matter. I don't want a big one because not only is it more cumbersome to wear, but the more expensive it is, it means he has less money to spend on me! I told him to not spend too much, and we would take a vacation together instead. I'm terrified if I had a really expensive ring I would lose it and feel awful. To me a ring is a symbol of love, so one is as good as the next as long as there is love behind it. Plus if we go on a nice trip, we have the memories forever, so that is just as good as a diamond being forever.

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7/14/11 10:12 A

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I really don't think it does. I want a fairly small beautiful ring from Kay that is certainly less than he assumed he'd be paying. Not that we can't afford it, but a) I'm completely in love with this ring and b) I would expect him to pay it.

I can do it. :)

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7/14/11 6:54 A

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If you love the guy, it shouldn't matter what ring he buys. I actually told my fiance that I wanted very large, very cheap, CUBIC ZIRCONIA. He, at first said no, I want to get you a diamond. But when he saw the price of the diamond compared to same size CZ he agreed with me, lol. I LOVE the CZ ring he eventually chose and wouldn't change it for the world.

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7/13/11 1:22 P

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I dont think the size of the ring really matters.its the thought that counts.

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7/13/11 12:35 P

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my boyfriend and I are getting our wedding rings tattood on :)

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7/12/11 9:00 A

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jewelry is one of the most marked up items out there right along side furniture. my boyfriend hasn't purposed yet but i know he is within the next month or two because my dad can't keep a secret! i don't know how or when but i told my boyfriend i don't want him to spend much i know they say 2 months salary but i think that's crazy! so i showed him plenty of rings on overstock and at first he wasn't sure but with some high reviews and the option to always send it back if its not what he was looking for made him feel better. i found rings on there for under 1000 that would've been almost 2000 in a jewelry store! plus i showed him all the ones i loved and his favorite is the biggest one which isn't necessarily my favorite! i love it but the smaller one is my favorite but it's his decision! i really could care less about the size i think sometimes the more understated ones are the prettiest!

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7/7/11 1:28 P

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My fiancee bought me a gorgeous ring and he said that the people at the store were trying to get him to go bigger, but he thought that since I have a tiny hand and a tiny finger, it would be gaudy to place a giant rock on the ring. Plus, I don't like white diamonds as the center stone, so he put them in the setting instead.

Gorgeous, have gotten so many compliments on the uniqueness of it and how well he did. I love it to pieces! It's a pink sapphire in the center and about 11 diamonds on either side of the center stone. Don't care what carat those diamonds are, they sparkle and shine on their white gold band. So, no, if it's gorgeous, who cares how big it is?

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7/3/11 12:42 P

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No...when I picked out my ring, I annoyed the snot out of the jewelry store clerks because I rejected every ring for being too big.

Smaller rock, smaller, nope, I want a smaller one.

I don't even know how many carats mine is. It's tiny. It did not cost 2 months salary. I've had people tell me "it's beautiful", I know they are lying but I don't care.

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7/1/11 8:13 A

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Size didn't matter to me my rings were bought based on my allergies to metals and medical issues with OVERLY shiny and blinking items.

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6/29/11 12:58 P

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My engagement ring is a 5 GBP ring we bought in London. It's special b/c it's from London [we live in Romania]. I couldn't care less about the metal and the stone.

Our wedding bands will be Sterling silver, both under 50 GBP (also ordered from London).

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6/14/11 12:26 A

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Honestly, its the relationship between the two people that matter. My mom wore a CZ for over 20 years until she had to have it cut off in surgery. Then for almost 10 years she didn't wear a ring. I was younger and asked her if it bothers her that her ring was cut and that she doesn't have a new one. She basically said that the ring doesn't make a marriage work, that people make a marriage work and that her and my dad are married in every sense and don't need a ring to show it. She also does a lot of work with kids, the outdoors, etc so she doesn't really even care for wearing a ring. My dad did buy her a new ring and proposed to her again one Christmas morning. But it wasn't the ring that made my mom and us cry, it was the words my dad said.

My ring is probably bigger than I would have ever picked out. I sent my fiance the ring styles I liked and he worked with the jeweler on putting together a ring for the price he was looking in. And unfortunately for me, I can't go with the 10K or 14K or 18K gold due to a major metal allergy. So our only choice was platinum =( Anyway, they worked it out and got a really decent size diamond for the center. But it wasn't something I demanded or asked for. It was what he chose. Plus I think diamonds can be too big and showy. I would have been happy to wear my grandma's heirloom engagement ring as well. My relationship with my fiance is the most important thing.

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6/9/11 11:05 A

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The size of the ring does not matter at all. =/ What matters is the commitment between the couple and the emotion and love and all that jazz.

I'd much rather get a smaller ring than see my fiance go broke trying to buy me one with a bigger diamond.

Granted, my mother just gave us two diamonds at 3/4 carats for us to use, which is actually bigger than I had been previously looked at in a ring, and we plan on using them, but if we were buying the diamonds ourselves, they'd be small and possibly lab created.

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6/8/11 12:40 A

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It is the commitment between the couple that matters most. Some just have a preference for the type of ring they would llike. The ring has it's place, but it is not as important as the relationship.

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6/7/11 9:20 P

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The size of the ring doesn't matter, it's the meaning/effort behind it. My fiancée spent a lot of time stressing about what ring to get me because he wanted to be sure that i'd love it. I've assured him that i'd marry him with a ring pop because to me, a ring is a ring. I love the wedding set he purchased because it's a reminder of his love, commitment, effort to making me happy, and the fact that he listens to what I have to say. Having a huge ring doesn't make your relationship any stronger to whether the storm for the rest of your lives. If all your focus is on that little piece of jewelry it'll be a rude awakening when it doesn't keep the difficult times at bay in marriage.

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6/7/11 3:23 P

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I don't think the size of a wedding or engagement ring should matter to others only the couple involved. I don't think a couple should go into debt over a ring or any other purchase though, yes I'm the very practical one in the relationship over here.
It was quite the surprise recently when my fiancé asked me to marry him and he did so with a 1 carat round green amber ring surrounded by small diamonds. It is a lovely, stunning ring but its a little too big for me. I have long slender thin fingers and with the rings I already own they are smaller in size. I could do with a half carat and be fine with that and it would fit my hand. I think the SO noticed when we were in New York and I went pretty mad over a green amber in a shop so he committed it to memory.
A little backstory, my fiancé was married once before and she wanted a huge ring, a fancy wedding and all the trimmings and he was just out of med school and paying off his loans that weren't covered and he went ahead and married her, biggest mistake he ever made and their marriage lasted 2 years. So he stayed single a long, long time. So basically I think he still had some residual feelings over the disappointment with the ex. I said to him do I remind you of her in any way and he replied not even close. He was attracted to me because I look fairly bohemian and artsy even though I am a Doctor, I amused him apparently :)
He wanted to give me a lovely ring and he knew I didn't want him to go overboard with a ring since I figure money is best used for practical things like say food, living expenses and things of that nature. The ring is growing on me and he can afford it certainly but I don't want this to be a habit. I cleared that up with him in regards to thinking about what type of jewelry I wear and none of it is very big. I used to wear big earrings but I had a torn earlobe so after I repaired it I went smaller and less heavy. I can't fault him for knowing I love green amber and preferring very small diamonds surrounding the amber so I am staying with the ring this one time so he can be happy and I don't really mind. I'm not going to be wearing the ring when I work anyhow since its just too much to get in the way of while I dispense meds.
I think the fella should take his future wife's personality and tastes in to account but going into debt for a ring is the wrong message to send to one another starting out in marriage together. Plus if you are into keeping up with the Jones mentality then there are bigger issues coming down the road.

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ALLEYCAT12380's Photo Posts: 625
6/4/11 10:06 A

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I liked the ring I got. It's actuaally considered an anniversary ring. I didn't want the kind that sticks out. The way I am with my hands, I'll end up losing the diamond. I don't want that. I just didn't care the the employee that had to resize the ring. She wanted me to go for a 7.5 size, I wanted 8. She kinda relented and went for 7.75, but I better not blame her if the ring falls off. I get it on my finger, I actually had to struggle to get it off. Was not thrilled. Now, I just have to go back and get it resized, I'm a size 6 for the ring. Yay!!!

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6/2/11 7:24 P

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My boyfriend and I are not yet "officially" engaged yet. We have a date set, venue, church, band, and photographer. The reason why I don't have my engagement ring yet is because when he originally wanted to propose to me, he lost his job, so he kinda proposed without the ring. Now that he is employed again (with an even better, more secure job) he has been looking for months. He's SO particular and he over analyzes EVERYTHING. It took him over a year to buy a truck.

Our situation is that he wants to get me something bigger and better. I have always, from day one told him that I don't need a big diamond or a perfect diamond. I will be proud to wear the engagement ring that HE gave me, that HE picked out, that HE gave me because HE wants to build a life together.

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5/20/11 9:45 A

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I never read through all the previous posts.

Whatever happened to the guy going out and buying the engagement ring and surprising the girl and asking her to marry him?

My guy did that. He went out and picked the ring all on his own. I had no idea until he asked the big question. He oicked the perfect ring for me. It has one diamond in the middle and 3 smaller diamonds on each side. If you want to see a picture of it I can add it to my profile.
But, it isn't huge. Yes, it is 14K white gold. But he didn't go into debt over it.
And a fun fact. This ring was on sale and woman tried to talk him into a more expensive ring that had less diamonds. And he said no! He liked this one more. And not for the price. He knew my exact ring size too without me even telling him :)

My wedding band is going to be a little thinner and plain. We're getting them engraved on the insides.

When I read about the woman not happy with the ring and wanting something bigger. I don't think she even deserves to get married to be such a self centered b!tch and so oblivious to the guys feelings. Seriously it makes me so angry!

I agree with the previous post:
"a ring that would show me he really knew who I was"
"Its about knowing that person loves you and wants to show the world that you belong with them."

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5/20/11 6:18 A

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I'm not a big jewelry person. So when my guy started hinting about rings and weddings, I told him I would only marry him if he knew me well enough to find the perfect ring. And by perfect i didn't mean big, I didn't even mean diamonds. I meant a ring that would show me he really knew who I was. it took him all of five minutes to find my ring. It was perfect. he knew exactly what would make my heart stop. the best part is... the biggest jewel on it. is a beautiful dark purple amethyst. Its not about the size of the ring, or the size of the stone. Its about knowing that person loves you and wants to show the world that you belong with them.

funny enough, i was more intimidated to tell him my ring size since i dont seem to have very slender fingers. It took him months to get it that out of me before i'd even allow him to buy the ring. Its amazing what stupid things we can get hung up on.

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5/17/11 12:26 P

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Does the size of the ring really matter?
I am a professional sales woman of 12 years in the jewelry industry. Just because I have a big ring doesn't make me feel better than anyone else. My best friend has a 1/4ct, infact none of my friends have larger than a 1ct. They also all married fresh out of college and i wasnt even engaged for 5 years after all of their weddings. I dont look at them and think anything different. I also dont judge my customers who purchase smaller rings. i'm not them, I dont know their life an frankly I dont care what they purchase as long and I was able to make their dreams come true. The ring does not make the woman. The personality makes her.

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5/13/11 2:08 P

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No. What matters is the amount of thought that he put into it. My FI and I were very open about discussions regarding my ring (as we are with everything). We lived together already, we're both in our 30's and I have 2 kids from a previous marriage.

I had a choice - wait another 6 months to a year to get engaged, or have a smaller ring. It was a simple choice to make! I didn't want to wait another day, much less potentially a year and I don't regret that decision at ALL. Every time I think about my ring when I look at it, I notice how much it sparkles, how fitting it is, and remember all of the effort that he put into researching diamonds, going to different stores to find THE setting, etc., how he saved so much by buying online at Bluenile (therefore getting a really great quality stone vs being ripped off at a regular store). More than those things, I think about how much effort he put into the proposal (sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, dropping down on one knee to ask and managing to get some poor unsuspecting passenger to take our picture - so I get to see it over and over whenever I want. My ring is just under 3/4 carat in a simple and timeless white gold setting that we both love.

So the short answer: In my opinion, any "woman" that sulks or has the gall to actually get mad over not getting a more expensive ring has issues. What a selfish and insensitive thing to do, it must be a blow to a man's self esteem! :(

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5/13/11 10:39 A

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No fact, just the opposite happened to me last year. My fiance proposed to me on the beach in OBX last year with the biggest ring I have ever set eyes on. I always talked about something simple....would I take his ring back because it was too way. I agree with others responding...It's about's a symbol of love...who really wants to give up 4month salary for a piece of jewelry anyways?

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5/13/11 7:27 A

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Absolutely not. It's not about the ring, it's the symbol of your love and of you two joining one another. I am in love with my ring because I know that my Fiance took a long time to pick it out so that he knew it was perfect for me, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

To think that someone would want to go back to a jewelry store to upgrade is just ridiculous to me. Does that mean she is going to want an upgraded car, house, kids - because then she might want to start with an upgraded's just sad.

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5/12/11 10:44 P

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To me, it seriously doesn't matter.

I totally get the idea of the saving/putting on layaway for so many months = serious thought and commitment going into the planning and being sure of the proposal, etc, though. That does make sense.

I would much rather that, than someone go into debt for it. Like a previous poster said, his finances will be mine soon, so that's just one more burden we BOTH have to take on together, if he puts it on credit!

I had all these ideas of what would be the perfect ring, and what I liked, and what was beautiful...

But when the time came, the ring he proposed with, is his maternal grandmother's original engagement ring from 1953; Opa bought Oma the ring right around the time he joined the Air Force. He didn't have any money or credit, and had to have his sister co-sign on it HAHA. I find the story endearing, and I feel so humbled that Lance would give me his grandmother's ring, and that she would LET him give it to me.

It also has a matching wedding band that has small diamonds all across the top of it. Perfect. I need to resize both of them BADLY but I just can't bring myself to take them off long enough.

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5/12/11 12:28 P

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It's the meaning of the ring. I always said I'd be happy with a CrackerJack Box ring. My FI and I picked out my ring together with a budget in mind. I absolutely love my ring, so much so that I'm going to be buried with it lol.

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5/11/11 12:10 P

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My fiancee picked my ring and I love it. Im really truly not a diamond person, I rathered my birthstone with smaller diamonds around it. He swears the diamonds are small but the center is 1 carat. I love it because it came from him.

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5/10/11 6:46 P

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Is it bad that a teeny tiny reason I want to lose weight is because my ring looks smaller than it should on my chubby digits? Yes? Oh well, too bad. My fiance picked out my ring all by himself - although, i was very clear about what I didn't like - and i love it. Size never even entered into the equation for me; I think focusing too much on the size of your ring is a little superficial. My ex-stepmother was one of those women who did do that, and she and my father were divorced within 6 months. Just because it's a huge rock doesn't mean your marriage will last. And once it ends, you can't wear the ring anymore!

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5/10/11 3:16 P

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My fiance and I had gone in to the jewelry store prior to getting engaged just to see what was out there and figure out what size ring I wore. We found the one that made me smile the biggest and he did some research on similar styles, but ultimately ended up with that one. I think it's important to get a ring that she likes as you'll wear it forever; I love mine so much I'm forgoing a wedding band. But I don't think it's right for women to think the dude has to spend a certain amount of money or buy a certain size ring. That just isn't right, especially since the woman doesn't have to buy him Anything for the engagement!!

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5/10/11 10:47 A

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I picked out my ring at Easter. It isn't overly expensive (less than $1000), rather modest, and my fiance would have bought a bigger ring if I would have agreed to it. Because of the place we bought it from, it would take 2 weeks for them to build it. So when telling my family about the engagement, I did have a picture off the website.

My MOH/cousin and her bf were there and he asked to see it. He then promptly checked the price and made comments about how he would spend more on a ring for Christmas and when he buys an engagement ring for her it will be a "real" ring.

It isn't always the girl who is a snob about the engagement ring.

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5/10/11 8:34 A

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When my husband proposed to me, I admittedly thought the diamond was too small. But when he told me that he had originally saved up more money to buy me a nicer (bigger) ring and lost it due to some business problems, but that he just could not wait any longer to marry me I fell in love with him all over again. And frankly, after almost 10 years of marriage my small but beautiful ring reminds me of who we were and where we were then.

There are millions of women out there who get a huge gorgeous ring for their engagement who end up divorced. I wish more people would concentrate on the fact that this one man has chosen YOU!!!!! to be with for the rest of his life! Who the heck cares what size the diamond is!

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5/10/11 8:32 A

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When my husband proposed to me, I admittedly thought the diamond was too small. But when he told me that he had originally saved up more money to buy me a nicer (bigger) ring and lost it due to some business problems, but that he just could not wait any longer to marry me I fell in love with him all over again. And frankly, after almost 10 years of marriage my small but beautiful ring reminds me of who we were and where we were then.

There are millions of women out there who get a huge gorgeous ring for their engagement who end up divorced. I wish more people would concentrate on the fact that this one man has chosen YOU!!!!! to be with for the rest of his life! Who the heck cares what size the diamond is!

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