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authenticity of the 'lose 20kgs in 24 days diet

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BRITOMART's Photo Posts: 7,285
12/10/13 10:16 A

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No way is that "diet" anything but an invitation to disaster.

Read around on the board and see what the minimum levels of healthy nutrients are...then go back and look at that diet. Frankly, I don't think a person could lose 1k a day eating NOTHING for 24 days...not even 1# a day. Many people lose 2-6k at the start--but it's just water weight. The next 30k take intelligent care.

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12/9/13 9:32 P

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Coach Tanya

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12/9/13 8:34 A

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Can the boards please tell me that is this diet tested and guaranteed? and if i'll gain weight after i continue with normal eating patterns?

Lose 20 KG in 24 DAYS

You may have unlimited portions per day, but eat only what is allowed. No oils or dressings whatsoever.
You may use lemon, vinegar and salt & pepper only in salads and vegetables.
All meat is to be grilled. No ketchup on fries and nothing that is not stated hereunder.
You may drink unlimited teas & coffees, sugar free drinks are permitted but donít over do it.
Drink plenty of water every day. The more you drink the better the results.
You may use artificial sweeteners in your drinks.

Day 1: Pasta with cheese (you may use vegetable stock when cooking pasta)
Day 2: Plain Boiled rice with cheese (you may use vegetable stock when cooking rice)
Day 3-5: Meat Burger Patties with salad (do not add breadcrumbs/potato to patties; Just use ground beef, pork etc, and add onions, and any spices you want. With a variety of these meats you will feel you are not eating the same foods everyday.
Day 6-8: Pork Chop with salad
Day 9-11: Chicken with Salad
Day 12-13: French Fries (yes, you may get them from McDonalds), but no ketchup/mayonnaise. You can have a slice of fetta cheese on this day also, and also unlimited boiled vegetables.
Day 14-15: Pot Veal with Unlimited Vegetables
Day 16-17 Salad
Day 18-19: Boiled Vegetables
Day 20-21 Fruits
Day 22-23 Plain boiled Rice with Yogurt (you may use vegetable stock when cooking rice)
Day 24: 1 big Tart (Cake) (okay you donít need to over do it)

This is a scientific metabolic diet, so directions must be followed precisely to work.
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