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Help!!! I am figuring it out!!

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SOFT_VAL67's Photo Posts: 2,348
3/6/14 2:36 P

SOFT_VAL67's SparkPage
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Wow weeee I didnt realize how long it had been since I last posted here.
Today I changed my goals a little.
I am aiming for a 16 pound weight loss. I have given myself 2 months, but I am not going to hold a gun to my own head to reach that date.
I am just going to try to lose as much as I can in those weeks and work hard.
I realized 16 is the number I have gained back and in order to prevent it from going any higher, I have to start today.
So, I am.
Really hoping to be over this awful head cold crud itis, whatever it is, soon and be able to increase my workouts a lot more.
Right now the simple act of doing laundry or vacuuming, wears me out, as I cannot get any air in my clogged up passages.
But I am eating healthier, taking my vitamins, drinking my water and getting my sleep.

SAMMI-SAM's Photo SparkPoints: (22,590)
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Posts: 746
1/3/14 4:50 P

SAMMI-SAM's SparkPage
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Give yourself an hour each weekday to sweat! Walking is my favorite...

Final weight goal of 140 pounds & maintain my fitness with excellent blood sugar management.

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SOFT_VAL67's Photo Posts: 2,348
12/31/13 9:09 P

SOFT_VAL67's SparkPage
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Decided to post, its been awhile.
Going into the new year with a hopefully, long lasting, positive attitude and outlook.
Just hoping to get to walk as often as I can and find some new hobbies to busy my life.
So that I dont have so much time to dwell on negatives and, not allow anyone to bring me anything in my life but happiness.
I will not make time for their drama and I will not allow them to hurt me or make me feel less than.
Only I can control who I allow in my life.
And this year, it is going to be positive people, who encourage me to stick to my plan and not ask me to drink or eat things I know I dont need to eat.
I need to realize what is important TO ME.
Good health, getting my vitamin d back up, walking, working out, drinking my water and spending as much time outdoors, landscaping the new place, getting sun.
and just enjoying life.
Maybe even just sitting in quiet reflection, alone, on a warm sunny day, by the river or on a walking trail.
2013 was wrought with anger, pain, fear, the unknown, loss of friends, and accusations and clawing my way back up from the depths of fear and despair.
It was also filled with physical pain, breaking my foot in January, to gaining back 16 pounds of the weight I had lost already.
Not getting to walk any for 6 months and then very little after.
But the foot is healed and I am ready to, not so much, GET BACK, but move ahead.
To travel forward with the goal of reaching where I WAS, and exceeding those numbers.
To just maybe, possibly, be happy.
And to focus on my abdominals more, to workout my upper body more.
Life is to be lived, and sometimes there will be set backs, I experienced more than my fair share in 2013.
and I am so more than ready to be done with hurt and loss.
I cant control the weather or Gods plan for me or loved ones.
But I can and will control my reaction to life.
No matter what, 2014 is going to be about gaining back control over ME.
and working to be the best I can be and what else can I do?
What else is there.

JIBBIE49's Photo Posts: 54,296
11/23/13 2:29 A

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
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Go to YouTube and find Robert Smith on his channel HEALING MAGIC and learn to do EFT Tapping.

EFT Tapping is a psychological technique to reprogram your memories of an event and learn to deal with it.

Robert Smith didn't develop the technique but he teaches it and has so much help. We can't let those from the past take our lives today.

Read the book "SUCCESS THROUGH A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE" by Napoleon Hill. It came out in 1960 but still applies today.

 current weight: 172.4 

SOFT_VAL67's Photo Posts: 2,348
11/19/13 7:19 P

SOFT_VAL67's SparkPage
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Last night I posted a message in the panic rooms for help dealing with a stress issue.
Tonight, I am posting to say thanks to all of those who commented.
I am posting tonight to let everyone know I am stronger than I thought, stronger than those who wish to bring me back down.
I may never fully get over a traumatic event in my life, but, it is in the past and that is just where I plan to leave it.
Anyone who would dare to bring it back into my life has their own black deep dark issues to deal with and I will not allow them to use my pain against me.
I choose to find happiness.
I choose to strive to rise above my own shortcomings.
I choose good mental health, and I choose good physical health.
So, just letting everyone know tonight, I am ok.
I hope I can keep climbing out of the mire of despair and hurt that I was wollowing in, and leave those behind who choose to remain there.

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