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Blow out

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TANGOKATE's Photo Posts: 364
4/23/13 8:46 P

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And if you have a blow out week like some of us have had, you'll do the same thing. You'll see what you did and you'll correct it as soon as possible. And you'll think... I did it. I got back on the horse again! And it's as hard and as simple as that. Crazy hey? We are all human sparkers. lol.

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4/22/13 6:01 P

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CoachNancy is right- you know what caused it and now you won't do it again - I did the exact same thing a few weeks ago, and really, truly learned from it. And you did too- so this is a woo-hoo moment!

Today's excuses are tomorrow's regrets dressed in disguise.

If you eat crap, you feel like crap and that makes you want more crap.

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4/22/13 2:44 P

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What I love about reading your post is the revelation that you know what may have triggered your blow out. That, my friend, is a big step in changing our behavior. So from now on, make sure you do not allow yourself to go too long between meals. And remember too, you do not have to have a perfect diet to live a healthy life--pick yourself up and move forward.

Coach Nancy

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ARCHIMEDESII's Photo SparkPoints: (131,364)
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4/22/13 2:33 P

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Even though you're a long time member, I give all new members one piece of advice and it's this,"Don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did today was drink 8 glasses of water, the day is not blown. Every little bit DOES make a difference.

So, don't assume that you've blown the day because you might have eaten more than you wanted. If you ate a healthy breakfast or ate a couple of pieces of fruit, you really are making a difference. Stop trying to be perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

Don't worry ! Honestly, you didn't do anything wrong and don't deserve to heap on yourself.

JLFOSTER's Photo Posts: 507
4/22/13 1:30 P

JLFOSTER's SparkPage
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I have offically had a blow out!

I have done so well all week but this evening had a blow out, was just so hungry before dinner that i ate a picnic bar of chocolate, two custard cream biscuits and a slice of cheese before dinner was even cooked.

I know where i went wrong, i left it too long in between meals, so i was just so hungry i ate loads.

I know its a new day tomorrow but blown today.

"Live for every second of a minute, every minute of every hour and every hour of every day. Whenever you feel down take a step back and have a good look at what you have already achieved. Then take a step forward, back onto your track of what you are going to achieve." --- Jessica Foster 16/05/06 (c)

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