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The last few to go--need help/advice/suggestions!!

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8/16/13 8:44 A

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Twenty pounds in 2 months is a fairly swift weight loss. That's over 2 lbs a week, and it may be unsafe. So be careful! It's hard to keep the motivation going, but it's not surprising that your weight loss would slow down or plateau.

Look at this as a practice for what you would do once you finish losing all the weight. Continue to track your nutrition and be sure you are getting all your nutrients, and make sure you stay within your calorie range. You can also try eating at the higher end of your range. Giving your body extra calories might actually jump-start you burning more calories and renew your weight loss.

You might want to change your exercise, either by stepping up the intensity or just trying something different. If you usually run on a treadmill, run outdoors or try a workout class or a new DVD. Your body gets used to the challenges you give it so you have to switch things up. I usually find switching things up every 6 weeks or so keeps it interesting for me.

You can do it!

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8/16/13 8:41 A

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I am right there with ya! I went from 176 in jan. To 150, but the past 2 weeks the scale has not moved. I woulnd like to be 5 or ten lbs lighter but currently, well , let me put it this way, to break out of this platue I am going to have to exercise that challenges my body differently than I am used to, and cut out of my diet any of the junk food... butter, syrups, sugars... it is very difficult, it's like starting over.

Every day is a new beginning.

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8/16/13 8:23 A

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Don't give up! You've come so far! I really have no advice as I've yet to lose an signifcant amount of weight (ever), but 20 lbs is a big accomplishment. Way to go!


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8/16/13 3:33 A

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Hi everyone,
I was 14 kg (31 lbs) overweight, have lost about 9 kg (20 lbs) in last 2 months, however seem to be stuck in a plateau phase since the past 2 weeks, have not changed my diet or exercise routine as such.

Also, I hv lost out on motivation as most of my friends keep complimenting me on how slim I look compared to what I was previously, so have become a bit relaxed..

Any advice or suggestions on how to keep the motivation on and lose the last stubborn extra pounds?

I have even put up post-its on all my mirrors to remind myself of my ideal body weight!!

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