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HIKETOHEIGHTS's Photo SparkPoints: (103,737)
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11/27/13 9:59 P

Community Team Member

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Welcome to I sincerely hope you find your Sparkpeople experience to be as wonderful as I do.

You will find this will be way more than a weight loss journey. This will be your path to a healthier and happier you! Here are My tips to YOU: I suggest you log in everyday. Acquaint yourself with the tools because they are key in helping you form healthy eating and activity habits. I love the articles and they have helped me more than I could ever say.

Have a blast making your page as it is your fingerprint. Change it up & make it your own. Most of us use it as a form of expression and a major source of motivation for ourselves and others.

Definitely use the Nutrition tracker because it is demonstrative in forming healthy eating habits. Be sure to run a report it will give you valuable information to make choices in the future. Don't cheat yourself out of this vital information and the behavior modifying effect it will have on your eating. THE NUTRITION TRACKER REPORT IS VERY POWERFUL STUFF DON'T UNDERESTIMATE IT! Should you ever need support or have any questions, speak up we have more than our share of people who can help you.

Personally, has had a very powerful influence on my eating habits. The improvement is profound primarily because of the articles and nutrition tracker. I really enjoy my Spark friends and teams also.

Enjoy your journey and getting healthier each time you Spark and Congratulations, HiketoHeights

"A reminder to walk comes from one heart to help another." Me

Posts: 2
11/27/13 9:26 P

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You know, I had not thought about the exercise change ups. I've pretty much been doing the same type exercise over and over. I'm going to try what you suggest and see what happens. I bet it will make a really big difference, Thanks so much for your help.

Posts: 2
11/27/13 9:24 P

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Thankyou so much for the information. I am going to be doing a lot of reading.

LKEITHO's Photo SparkPoints: (239,024)
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Posts: 12,930
11/27/13 8:29 P

Community Team Member

LKEITHO's SparkPage
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Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!


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JANET552's Photo SparkPoints: (184,341)
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Posts: 9,892
11/27/13 8:13 A

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emoticon It does get harder to lose after menopause. Spark People has lots of helpful articles and the nutrition and exercise trackers are very helpful tools. Good luck!

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GYPSYGOTH's Photo SparkPoints: (84,104)
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Posts: 44,108
11/27/13 8:03 A

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Hi Cathy!

That has to be tough... I have never been slim so I can't relate but I know that some of the sudden changes when I crossed 30 came as a surprise... I am sure there are differences with each decade.

You say "no matter how much you exercise or cut back on fatty foods" but are not clear about what that exercise is? If you've been doing the same things for a while, your body has gotten used to them and you should switch it up a bit to "confuse" your body and allow it to let go of some weight. Are you lifting weights? Very important. Also, "fatty foods" are not necessarily the enemy... especially if you replace them with "sugary foods" which actually make you fatter than fat does emoticon

I'm glad you're not necessarily aiming for the body you had in your 20s which probably isn't realistic. Just be the best "you" you can (and know that age 60+ folks with a little extra "meat" tend to be more robust than their very-slim peers so don't worry TOO much, especially if your hubs still thinks you are perfect!)

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LOSE4LIFE47's Photo Posts: 35,814
11/26/13 11:07 P

LOSE4LIFE47's SparkPage
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emoticon emoticon emoticon

Peggy (Colorado)

Please check out the teams I am on Challenged by Arthritis, DO IT FOR LOVE!, Isagenix users & Osteoarthritis in (Hips or knees) mild or Severe teams!!!!

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SparkPoints: (515)
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11/26/13 10:06 P

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Hi, I'm Cathy, just joined sparkpeople. Never thought I'd be saying I need to lose wt. I am 61 and am struggling to lose maybe 20 lbs. I never worried about, or had weight problems until I hit 55. In innocence, I went to sleep and awoke the next morning as a porkette! I never had to diet, worry about putting on weight, actually had a difficult time keeping weight on. After hormones packed up and said goodbye, seems the pounds just love to come visit, and they DO NOT leave! Seems it doesn't matter how much I exercise or cut back on intake of fatty foods, I don't seem to keep weight off. I lose 2 and gain 3. It's really difficult to stay motivated. One fortunate thing, is that I look perfect to my hubby when he takes his glasses off!
I have always been accustomed to being slim, clothes fitting perfectly, feeling comfortable in my own skin, and now........seems all that has gone away. I realize I'm not 20 years old anymore, but would like to feel better about how I look and feel. I admire that men seem to feel like studmuffins no matter how big their bellies are. What's that all about?
I'm going to give this weight losing idea another shot. We'll see!!!!!!!!1

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