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11/11/13 7:49 P

Thanks for welcome and words of encouragement everyone.

I working on setting up goals and tracking my progress. Although, part of me really dislikes the idea of counting calories or rather keeping track of my food. Oh well. At least it's really easy with Spark... you can just put in what you eat and the tracker calculates the rest for you.

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11/11/13 11:51 A

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You are right to stay away from the scales which is just a snapshot. Focus on the Non-scale victories, like you have been (walking more, increased creativity, etc). Here is another way to stay focused:

Write down why you want to lose weight. List all the reasons why those extra pounds are burdensome. That is your motivation. Post them by your phone, in your car, on the bathroom mirror, next to the kitchen sink....

Part 2 is determining whether wanting to reach that goal is worth the effort needed to do so. If you do not think it is worth it, nobody else can help you to get there. If you DO think it is worth the trouble and hard work, nothing can stop you! We can encourage you, we can help you through the temptations and hard spots, but we cannot give you the motivation to do something that you do not want to do.

Part 3 is your plan. How do you plan to lose the weight that you have decided is worth the effort to lose? Will it be dieting? How? Calories? How many? Atkins? Weight Watchers? What kind of exercise and how much are you prepared to do at this point? If you don't have a plan, you will continue doing the same thing you are doing now and that isn't helping you to get to where you want to be..... which brings us to step 4...

Part 4- What is your goal? You can set an ultimate goal, but 50# is a lot to look at. You need to set smaller measurable goals. Not all of them should or have to do with weight. Perhaps it is to move for 10 minutes straight. That movement might be walking, dancing, jogging or marching in place. You might want to get below a certain milestone number (those over 200# tend to strive for ONE-derland). Or look at a 5% weightloss. YOU decide the goals.

Now put these all together and get this plan in motion.

MEASURE YOUR SERVINGS! Our minds are sneaky and we vastly underestimate what we are eating.
TRACK EVERYTHING THAT GOES IN YOUR MOUTH! If you write it down, it is real. Don't try to remember at the end of the day. Do it immediately after you eat if not before.
MOVE! It probably won't be much at first. 15 minutes on the bike was hard for me at first and I had to ice my knee afterward. After several weeks I tried the elliptical trainer. I couldn't do a minute. Now I can do an hour without any problem.
The fact is, you CAN do this! I am proof of it.

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Exercise, eat, track, repeat!!

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11/11/13 11:15 A

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hello and welcome

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11/11/13 10:20 A

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11/11/13 9:17 A

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Muscle does weigh more than fat ....

By the way, welcome to SparkPeople!

Are you tracking your eating and food intake here on Spark? That's a good way to stay motivated when it comes to food. When you see how many calories are in some fast food it makes you think twice about eating it - quite often you can eat much more (and much healthier) when you remove convenience foods from your diet.

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11/11/13 3:08 A

Hi, I've 32 years old and I've lived a pretty sedentary life. I was most active when I was a kid. Had an average weight (135lbs - 140 lbs) for my height (5'8'') until my early twenties.

When I first started gaining weight I went up to 245lbs, approx, it could have been more. I've never been neurotic about weighing myself. In my mid-twenties I suffered an illness that brought my weight down to 160lbs. Which is slowly put back on. When I reached 200lbs again, I decided to eat healthier and go to the gym. It worked out well for a while, I felt great, and my weight went down to 180 lbs.

Then I suffered a depression and I stopped taking care of myself. I slowly went back up to 240lbs. Which went down to 213lbs due to illness again, but then it went up again when I resumed my normal unhealthy habits.

My weight is 235lbs or there abouts these days.

I'm trying to be healthy, as opposed to fixed on some physical ideal that's impossible to reach. And I was feeling rather ill. I went to the gym and passed out after using the treadmill. I was brought to the ER in an ambulance and that kind of scared me from going back to the gym.

But although I didn't have any kind of specific illness, I did not feel healthy at all. Getting up from the couch would make light headed.

I decided I needed a change, so first things first I quit smoking. It's been 8 months now, and it's going well. Although, I sometimes still want to smoke, but then I just remind myself how bad I felt the day I passed out at the gym.

A few months passed and the next thing I did was buy a Nutribullet so I could make smoothies and green drimks. I still eat Mcdonals, and pizzas, and fries, and stuff like that. My philosophy has been to add healthy foods instead of putting the "bad" foods on a forbidden list. I find that works better for me.

I'm struggling with sleep, and keeping a regular eating schedule where I prepare my own meals, but I'm slowly working on it.

Where I'm landed right now, is that for the last couple months I've been going out and walking every day. For the first couple weeks, I have walk once around my block (that's 1km or 0.6 miles if you prefer). It's was only ten minutes, but I wanted to start slow and build from there.

Then for the last two weeks I've been walking around my block twice. And today I walked around it three times, which I plan on sticking with for another couple weeks, and then I will increased it some more, until I reach 45 min. or an hour. Not sure what amount of time is best.

Now, like I said, I've been trying not to focus on my weight and be more aware of my health. And I do feel better. My mood has improved (which is a major plus for me, I feeling creative again (also amazing), I don't feel as weak as I used to. And that's great.

But living in the world we live in, I can't help but want to shed a few pounds while I'm at it. I try not to weight myself, because you can start to get obsessed with numbers, but I weighed myself tonight and I actually gained weight in the last month. Okay, so It's only 2 pounds, but I had expected to at least see a little bit of weight loss, or at the very least, I thought I would have maintained the same weight.

Is this normal? Is this because I'm building muscle mass?

Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.

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