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The "spark" tracker

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ANARIE's Photo Posts: 12,344
2/2/14 4:22 P

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Actually, it might work for you. It uses an accelerometer, not a gyroscope like most pedometers. It senses changes in the force of gravity as it/you move, instead of needing to sense the impact of your feet.

Do you have or know anyone who has an iPod nano? Those have a built-in accelerometer. You could borrow that and see if it measures for you.

But you'd probably do better with a heart rate monitor. They're more expensive, but they do their calculations based on how fast your heart is beating, so the calorie burn estimate would be more accurate. It won't give you a step count, but it will give you an idea of how hard you've worked. The HUGE drawback is that it measures all heartbeats, including your base rate that you would have if you were perfectly still, so it will give you exaggerated results for slow activity-- for example, if I wore mine while gardening, it would say I had burned hundreds of calories that I really hadn't burned. You should use it for aerobic activity only-- walking, cycling, swimming, etc.

On the other hand, an accelerometer won't give you good results for any exercise where you're not bearing your own weight. It measures how fast and far you're moving, not how much weight you're moving, which is what defines work. It'll work for walking and running, but the calorie info for cycling or swimming would be way off.

Basically, decide whether you're more interested in knowing how much you move-- in which case the accelerometer like in the SparkTracker is good-- or how many calories you burn when you're working out really hard, in which case you'd probably do better with a HRM.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN's Photo Posts: 55,212
2/2/14 1:53 P

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You can try different places to put the Spark to see if it tracks your activity. If you are doing more with your arms than feet/legs, you can try putting it on your wrist like some people do for swimming/water aerobics. If you do any walking, then I'd recommend the shoe placement. If you find that it doesn't work well for you, then you can return it within the 30 day time frame.
We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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EMPRESSAMQ's Photo Posts: 5,016
2/2/14 12:24 P

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@OP, hopefully a Spark coach will come along with a definitive response. If they don't you can email them.

I have a Fitbit and it's only based on steps, but some of the trackers out there now track movement in all directions so that any movement you do would be tracked. The Spark tracker might work like that. I don't know.

If the Spark tracker isn't a fit, there are a number of popular trackers out there that might fit the bill for you. Don't give up on the idea. emoticon

Moving in new directions.

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KKLENNERT809's Photo Posts: 7,222
2/2/14 10:31 A

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I don't believe it would be a fit for you. However, I don't have a suggestion for something that would. But never give up, there must be something out there.

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LAWLI56's Photo Posts: 1,445
2/2/14 8:31 A

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I'm trying to find out if this device would work for me.

I'm disabled and don't walk "normally" even when I'm not using one or two crutches so have found that pedometers simply don't work for me. If I'm lucky they may record 1 in 10 steps.

How does this device work and would it be able to track what I do?

Is there any other disabled person who has found it works for them?

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