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Add Foods to Your Favorites

Make your nutrition tracking easier by adding foods to your favorites list. This saves time and eliminates your need to "search" each time you want to add a food.

Next time you're adding foods to your Food Tracker, follow these steps to add them to your Favorites list.

1. Click the "Add a Food" button.

2. Search for the food you want and choose the closest match, along with serving size.

3. BEFORE you click "Add Food," check the box that says "Add this Food to My Favorites."

4. Click "Add Food to Today" to add the food to your tracker. When doing so, it will automatically be added to your Favorites list for easy tracking next time.

Next time you want to add a food from your Favorites list to your Tracker, simply open the "Add a Food" window. At the very top, select the tab that says "Favorites" to select the food from your dropdown list. Then, add it to your tracker, just like you would any other food. It's that simple!
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