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Web Search

If you're on the Internet, you need a good search engine to use every day. We created a simple page at, which you can easily find by selecting "Web Search" from the "My Trackers" tab at the top of the site. You can use our Web Search, which uses Google's technology to search the web, to support SparkPeople (we earn revenue when people click on sponsored links in the search results) and earn SparkPoints at the same time!

We provide SparkPoints for this because we find that the more people use SparkPeople, the more likely they are to stick to their goals. Using our Web Search will keep you one click away from your SparkPeople account, thereby encouraging you to log in more often.

On a similar note, we encourage out members to set the Web Search page as their browser homepage. You'll earn 25 SparkPoints for doing this! With Internet Explorer as your web browser, you can set Web Search as your homepage with one click. If you are using another browser you will need to manually set it as your homepage. To set Web Search as your browser's default page, click the "Make this my homepage" link and follow the directions. Internet Explorer users will get the points automatically; other browsers will need to click the SparkPoints redemption button after setting Web Search as their default page.

On your Web Search page, make sure your username appears in the top left corner, designating that you are logged in. If your username does not appear, click the link to log in so you can earn your daily SparkPoints.
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