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Prayer changes things. There are so many issues that weigh heavily on us and the Team of Prayer Warriors will P.U. S. H. for a change to come. Better days are ahead! Pray Until Somethine Happens!
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Members:  54
This is a small team, family oriented to assist those who require support in their quest to be as healthy as they can be. Live the Journey - Live Your Journey.
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Members:  35
This group is for those who recognizes that their bodies are the Temple of God and a small change every day addes up to a changed life. We will never give up!
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Members:  32
35+ Ladies that live in Hamilton. Friendly group where we can support each other..All are welcome you do not have to be in Hamilton.We are all fighting this battle together...:)
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Members:  12
Alaskan women over 50, with all that encompasses, our strengths and weaknesses, wisdom, challenges, and more. Share thoughts and info on food, weight, fitness and menopause issues welcome.
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Members:  6
Emotional eaters, women who gain easily and have trouble losing, feeling discouraged and looking for support.
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For people over 50 who are working towards a healthier lifestyle.
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Are you already at your goal weight, reasonably fit and looking to take it to the next level and fend off the signs of aging? Me too!
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