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I Heart Netflix what i love to watch on Netflix Members: 2
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The Critical Thinkers This group has the purpose of sharing opinions on movies and books that adress the issues of health, nutrition and fitness. Members: 2
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Ninja Turtles--COWABUNGA Says It All For fans of the original comics, the 80s cartoon, the 90s movies, that Saban thing also from the 90s, the '03 cartoon, the '07 film, the comics reboot! Or the new stuff. All things TMNT welcome here! Members: 2
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Harry Potter Fitness Challenge A team for fans of Harry Potter who want to do monthly team goal fitness challenges. Harry Potter Books, Movies, Wizards, Witches, and Muggles posts are welcome. Members: 1
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Look Great by Oscars Date! Let's take the sleek stars and sophisticated fashions seen on Oscars Night as our inspiration to look and feel our best! & Save the Oscars Date -- March 2, 2014! Members: 1
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Asian movie lovers For those who love Asian movies Members: 1
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