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Heart Disease

Do you suffer from heart disease? Connect with others like you.

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Heart Disease

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A place where people with Heart Health issues can meet & support each other, share information & learn from each other.
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Members:  143,949
This is a team for people who live with congenital heart defects, to find support, give advice and find encouragement in other's experiences.
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Members:  210
For those who would like to share successes in living with heart disease, and to encourage and support one another in living our best lives.
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Members:  184
This team is being created so those of us who have to reduce our sodium intake can support each other and share our ideas and recipes!
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Members:  174
This team is for people who suffer from blood clots and take blood thinners. We also reach out to those who have had strokes due to blood clots.We will not let these get in the way of our goals.
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Members:  141
This Spark Team is dedicated to helping those who have had Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG) recover and live successfully post surgery.
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Members:  140
Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question.
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Members:  88
This team is for people who have had surgeries with scars, who feel self-conscious about their post surgical scars (C-sections, heart, back, neck, etc.).
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Members:  29
Dr. Hans Diehl's CHIP program uses a plant-based diet to reduce and even reverse heart disease, diabetes, and cancer risk factors
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Members:  25
For people dealing with HOCM
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Members:  4
We aren't as active as we were when working outside the home and raising children. Need to get back in shape
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Members:  3
This is a supportive place for people who have Pulmonary Stenosis.
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Members:  2
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