Non-Traditional Students

Are you a non-traditional student? Connect here with others like you!

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Non-Traditional Students

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No matter what your age, you can go back to College. Let's be here for each other, let's help each other and most of all, Let's get Motivated!
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Members:  5,446
Can you become healthy while maintaining a balance between studies and family? Yes! Gain friends and support while you learn to put yourself FIRST! Easy does it. Visualize success!
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Members:  409
Working full-time while taking classes is rough! How do you manage your time to get your exercise and healthy eating in?
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Members:  182
Young adults love to go out, drink and party. Beer belly? Munchies? There are healthy solutions to these problems.
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Members:  177
This group is for stay at home parents who are also trying to further their education. Whether you have one child or ten ... this is the support group for you!
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Members:  131
A Spark Team for students and staff of the online university Western Governors University.
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Members:  20
This is a group for students that attend Western Governs University; or any online school for that matter. A place to meet others and talk about our studies and life.
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This team is for anyone who is taking classes and has children! It is very challenging to work on becoming healthy & balance school jobs and family!
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Members:  15
This group is for students of all ages up to 60, who attend either HGTC(Horry-Georgetown Tehnical College) or CCU(Coastal Carolina University).
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