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1/4/2011 | 3:36 PM
my before picture 1/3/11
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1/7/2011 2:04:26 PM

MUSETTE29's SparkPage
I did a double take at your picture--you might have been standing in front of my door! Rather funny. How's it going?


1/7/2011 1:33:11 PM

CWHANK's SparkPage
Just remember to come to SP every day..... I find that if I come hear and log my food, read the articles, see how other people are doing encourages me to stick with it. You have taken a major step forward posting your picture........
Take each day at a time........ Be positive.....


1/7/2011 1:13:18 PM

TERESA159's SparkPage
Yay! Good for you! I posted my before picture on my SparkPage. Good luck.


1/6/2011 11:00:03 PM

NANASDIET14's SparkPage
Great Start Pic. Good luck. I'm just starting so I look to all of you for your encouraging words and thoughts.


1/6/2011 1:56:07 AM

Your Brave...I don't like any of my Pic's...


1/5/2011 10:21:31 AM

MARTINET1's SparkPage
Yvonne, today is my first time posting anything. Your picture caught my eye. I have been cruising different sites and doing nothing. Need to loose 40lbs. Can't seem to stick to it. Need help!

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