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  • Dogs ;-) 2/27/17

    2/27/2017 11:51:38 PM, by PDSLIM

    The Chase
    eagles+Chase+a+Remote+Controlled+Car+for+Fun Wonder what they'd do if ... Read more

  • 15 Minutes

    2/27/2017 9:54:20 PM, by CHIGGERCANE

    Pool did not happen. So I did TRX, squats stretching. The AC guy was here for much longer than I anticipated. He accidentally blew out the blower motor on one unit. So, we have a new blower motor. I spent some time working on my plug and play meal planning spreadsheet. I was listening to... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 2-27-17

    2/27/2017 8:03:17 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I turned my happylight on twice yesterday. Once in the morning during breakfast at 8:56am until 9:41am. The second time at 7:54pm until 8:28pm. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on and the muppet treasure island soundtrack cd on around 10:40pm. I fell asleep at 11:35pmish and woke up at 2:10am... Read more

  • a short snapshot of the many years...

    2/27/2017 7:17:43 PM, by NELLIEH1

    then I grew a little... and a bit more... and after years came marriage... and then the kids... then they married and had children and now...... Read more

  • SPOILER...Atonememt

    2/27/2017 5:10:05 PM, by JLAMING263

    "That Atonement would achieve complete victory over physical death, unconditionally granting resurrection to every person who has been born or ever will be born into this world. Mercifully it would also provide forgiveness for the personal sins of all, from Adam to the end of the world, conditioned ... Read more


    2/27/2017 1:22:35 PM, by GREATMARTIN

    Do you ever give second thoughts to the pillows you sleep on/with? Due to having COPD, AFIB, etc., my doctor suggested I sleep with my head much higher than the rest of my body so I like firm or extra firm pillows, 2 on each headboard side, and I usually have to get new ones every year so... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/27/2017 1:17:17 PM, by MOMMY445

    a new day is well underway. today, after school, my daughter has basketball practice. she loves to try things at least once. I am now following her example. she now takes the same shoe size as I do, so sometimes she asks me to borrow a pair of my shoes. she is growing up before my eyes. hard to beli... Read more


    2/27/2017 12:24:47 PM, by MNABOY

    Learn 40 things about your friends and let them learn 40 things about you. 1. Do you like blue cheese? Yes 2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes? once or twice in 60's 3. Do you own a gun? yes for hunting, sport and protection. 4. What is your favorite sweet drink? Southern Sweet Tea, whic... Read more

  • Sciatica..

    2/27/2017 9:59:58 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Having severe sciatica pain. Looked at some you to videos for exercises from doctors. Going to try them today. Have to be able to walk around Vegas. Have a fantastic week all!!... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    2/27/2017 8:09:31 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    101 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • face down

    2/27/2017 7:31:34 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    Beloved is pending the day face down....I have to visit Mmu this afternoon.... Read more

  • Veggies...

    2/27/2017 7:31:23 AM, by OCEANICDETH

    I enjoy most fruit so I'm lucky there. If only they weren't so damn expensive. I make sure I buy a bag of apples, some oranges for the month. If there's a lil extra money, I'll get berries of some sort, bananas, and whatnot. Veggies...oh dear veggies...I am not a fan of you. I eat potatoes and corn ... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - Love and Trust

    2/27/2017 6:11:55 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - Love and Trust Just follow God unquestioningly because you love Him so, for if you trust His judgment there is nothing you need know. From Heaven you pronounced judgment, and the land feared and was quiet - when you, O God, rose up to judge, to save all the afflict... Read more

  • Excellence and a caring attitude!

    2/27/2017 5:17:15 AM, by JSTETSER

    The Perkins Inn B & B is both beautiful and comfortable. It has become my second home after just one night. It was by far my best experience ever staying in a B & B. I remember the first time ever I saw this place. I was out walking with my husband John right after Christmas. We were in C... Read more

  • Life Fitness Bike

    2/26/2017 11:54:42 PM, by ROSELIAMOORE

    Nowadays most of the fitness seeker want to get the instant result or try to get result fast. But in fitness industry very rare option is enabled for them. Mainly home gym equipment. In office time or household work, all women thinking get fitness together. Very few equipment and easy access are ava... Read more

  • Happy happy!

    2/26/2017 10:09:53 PM, by NELLIEH1

    Today , as winter returned with 24 degrees (instead of the 65 of the past two days), I awoke to a dusting of snow and my 75th birthday!! After a wonderful time of worship at church, there was a potluck meal... complete with the cake and ice cream of celebration... and remembering all the la... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 2-26-17

    2/26/2017 9:04:53 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I turned my happylight on twice yesterday. Once in the afternoon at 1:52pm until 2:24pm. The second time at 6:52pm until 7:22pm. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on and the muppet treasure island soundtrack cd on around 10:40pm. I fell asleep at 11pmish and woke up at 2amish because my eyemas... Read more

  • 2/26/17

    2/26/2017 6:35:22 PM, by MAMABEAR372

    Well, I haven't written anything in awhile. I have been a little MIA on here in comparison to how I used to be on here. This is what is going on, the good and the complicated. I have been under a doctor's care since last September for a back injury that was taking its sweet ol time to heal. ... Read more

  • 15 Minutes

    2/26/2017 4:47:20 PM, by CHIGGERCANE

    We took the dogs up to the farm and tromped about for almost an hour. The dogs were quite exhausted afterwards. I have not checked fitbit yet to see the distance. Tomorrow, I am determined to get back to the pool. A week off is enough. I have work in the morning and a repair guy coming to t... Read more

  • Cats & lost blog subscriptions ;-) 2/25/17

    2/26/2017 3:03:50 PM, by PDSLIM

    Cute Furkids ad
    e+Best+Thing+We%27ve+Ever+Seen ... Read more

  • SPOILER...Callings

    2/26/2017 1:07:21 PM, by JLAMING263

    Carl B. Cook Fulfilling callings requires faith. Blessings come as we persevere in our callings and responsibilities and hang on with all the faith we have.... Read more

  • 3 drunk guys entered a taxie......

    2/26/2017 12:38:27 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    ... Read more

  • Never eat chocolate ?

    2/26/2017 12:31:33 PM, by JENNAR45

    Today is a lazy Sunday, as I type here in my bathrobe it is well past Noon. I plan on walking but it is a rest day so maybe not all my steps. The smell of carrot cake wafts through the air in my house. I will eat a piece one day this week, and the rest will be devoured by my Guy and my kids. Min... Read more

  • 206.8 day 0 Back from mini trip 3 beers

    2/26/2017 10:42:19 AM, by JOE14250

    My wife and I had a short car trip of 5 days. It was good to be away and good to be back too! I tried to continue to get my 14250 but it is difficult when driving. I will renew the efforts with enthusiasm. We went to dinner with friends last night and are off to a good start with our routine bre... Read more

  • Las Vegas..

    2/26/2017 10:33:21 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Looks like I'm going to Las Vegas in two weeks. Not sure how much fun I'll have with my back feeling like it does. Can't pass up the chance though because I love traveling and going to Vegas is one of my favorite. Hope you all have a great week!!... Read more

  • Recovery Traditions: Reprint Permission Granted Images

    2/26/2017 10:04:45 AM, by DEBGETSFIT121

    Creative Common's Images. Public Domain Text. Designed by ME. Additional images will be added as they are completed. TO SAVE: Right Click on IMAGE. Choose SAVE IMAGE AS. Download to your PC. Reprint Permission Granted. Feel free to share. Reprint Permission Granted. Feel free to share.... Read more

  • Distractions

    2/26/2017 9:07:31 AM, by OCEANICDETH

    Though I read the article about no distractions when eating, I actually use the distractions during meal time to slow down my eating. Growing up as a kid/teen, I couldn't eat fast enough to get away from the dinner table and still eat like that now. I'm working on slowing down my eating, enjoying my... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    2/26/2017 7:26:17 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    104 386 Sparkers... Read more


    2/26/2017 6:14:26 AM, by MOMTOLJ

    WELL!!! I regained and went up to 245 pounds by December 20th 2016, Not good and also scary!! So why wait till January 1rst I said, I got back to it as there was no better time than the present to do so, I'm now down to 232,5 pounds and can't wait to see 230. I set small goals and have a book where ... Read more

  • Beloved is being anointed today

    2/26/2017 5:52:02 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    The Pastor and Elders will be here today to have an anointing service for him. The doctors have done what they can. We have a long road ahead of us with no certain outcome. We need the Lord to work a miracle.... Read more

  • The views we choose

    2/26/2017 5:08:35 AM, by JSTETSER

    The Views we choose When watching the news Some we've held dear because they are clear CNN, and The Times Left out of the briefing Because of their beefing Over trumped up lies Donald's fake news we despise! More than anything, I want t be able to persuasively express... Read more

  • One-Minute Devotions - Love Divine

    2/26/2017 3:47:13 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One-Minute Devotions - Love Divine "Love divine, all love excelling" make my humbled heart Your dwelling, for without Your love divine total darkness would be mine. He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refu... Read more

  • New chapter in my life

    2/26/2017 2:26:46 AM, by JODI-LEAH68

    In March I'm relocating for my job to Indianapolis,IN. I am nervous and excited.... Read more

  • Cats & Dogs ;-) 2/25/17

    2/26/2017 12:50:43 AM, by PDSLIM

    Romeo & Juliet
    bcY_Y What do you mean, I can't keep them????? Have a wonderful day. Peggy... Read more

  • A goal for this week 2/26- 3/3

    2/25/2017 8:56:00 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    I am going to try to incorporate one of the challenges from Spring 5% challenge into my life this week. One hour before I go to bed, I will not eat anything more. I will abstain from watching TV and I will get off computer and cell phone. In place of those forms of "relaxation", I will either read... Read more

  • welcoming Calista

    2/25/2017 7:29:17 PM, by NELLIEH1

    This afternoon, some ladies gathered to meet baby Calista... Grandma Paula held Calista for another photo... Then she settled back in Mommy's lap... She truly is what her name says...Calista...beautiful!... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 2-25-17

    2/25/2017 7:20:12 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I turned my happylight on twice yesterday. Once in the morning during breakfast at 9:06am until 9:39am. The second time at 7:52pm until 8:22pm. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on and the muppets soundtrack cd on around 10:40pm. I fell asleep at 11pmish and woke up at 6amish because my eyemas... Read more

  • 15 Minutes x 2

    2/25/2017 5:31:51 PM, by CHIGGERCANE

    Yesterday's minutes were spent doing TRX, hand weights, and ab work. And dog agility (how could I forget??) Today was a dog walk with the whole family. The thin mints arrived. And I did go out and buy Sugar Free ice cream (80 cals per 1/2 cup). Now - if I can only control the sleeve eati... Read more

  • it's saturday

    2/25/2017 2:56:44 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter is off with her friends for the day today. so i get the day to do what i want until she comes back home. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • Quiet & Distant.

    2/25/2017 2:34:53 PM, by OCEANICDETH

    I am doing my best to stay on track with my eating and weight loss. Things at home are not the greatest atm with me and my 14 yo son whose high function autistic. He's got little to no emotion and can't see how his words and actions can and does hurt ppl. I am at a loss atm and am waiting for a spec... Read more

  • Walking

    2/25/2017 1:33:01 PM, by JENNAR45

    Today I challenged myself to walk early in the day and make it a long walk, as later my day will be sedentary. I have been doing a lot of walking and reconditioning my body to do more, again. Again is a tough word to type, as it reminds me that I had back slipped on some real progress in my Weigh... Read more


    2/25/2017 12:37:47 PM, by GREATMARTIN

    You aren’t going to see many nominations for La La Land as I thought it was a very over-rated film. Sorry but I expect the leads in a musical saluting ‘old’ musicals to be able to sing and dance which neither Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling can do. I don’t have a good record in picking winner... Read more

  • Words of Wisdom to learn from.

    2/25/2017 11:56:17 AM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    ... Read more

  • SPOILER...Contention

    2/25/2017 11:41:46 AM, by JLAMING263

    Dallin H. Oaks The Savior did not limit His warning against contention to those who were not keeping the commandment about baptism. He forbade contention by anyone... Read more

  • Snow..

    2/25/2017 8:52:34 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Mother nature is just mean...Have a great weekend all!!... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    2/25/2017 7:57:06 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    244 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • One-Minute Devotions - Losses into Gain

    2/25/2017 7:11:20 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One-Minute Devotions - Losses into Gain No one sheds a teardrop or suffers loss in vain, for God is always there to turn our losses into gain. For you, O Lord, have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling. Psalm 116:8 Today offer Thanks to God for al... Read more

  • Third attempt to save the eye

    2/25/2017 6:03:09 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    Lens has been removed. Eye has been filled with silicone oil for "six months" and he remains face down unto further notice.... Read more

  • Every bite counts!

    2/25/2017 5:31:35 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every single bit of food that goes into our mouths has an effect on our body. Sometimes, we just have to be honest and recognize this fact. The way that we cook, what we cook and how much we eat of our healthy preparations needs to be considered. Here is one way that I make every bite count:... Read more

  • Just Keep Swimming

    2/25/2017 2:41:43 AM, by DIAMNDSPRKLMOM

    Hi Sparkfriends, It's been a stressful week. I've been revising my meal plans and following the Skinny Jean challenge. I like it a lot so, I will start another month of it. I managed to exercise for the first portion of my week, but somehow for Thursday's and Friday's, getting in a workout ha... Read more

  • Pallas’ Cat ;-) 2/24/17

    2/24/2017 11:46:28 PM, by PDSLIM

    I love their look. Very cute kittens.
    c2dQk Actually found a cartoon. Didn't think I could! About twelve million years ago, the Manul aka Pallas’ Cat was one of the first two modern cats to evolve and it hasn’t changed since. The other species, Mar... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 2-24-17

    2/24/2017 9:10:03 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I turned my happylight on twice yesterday. Once in the morning during breakfast at 9:06am until 9:39am. The second time at 7:36pm until 8:06pm. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on and the muppets soundtrack cd on around 10:40pm. I fell asleep at 11pmish and woke up at 5:45amish because my eye... Read more


    2/24/2017 6:49:30 PM, by GREATMARTIN

    "A United Kingdom" is based on a true story that took place in the 1940s-1960s in Africa as apartheid was taking hold in that continent. We meet Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo), who is black and future king of Bechuanaland (now called Botswana), where he is studying law in London just afte... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/24/2017 12:48:27 PM, by MOMMY445

    another week is almost complete. i am taking it easy today. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone and a great weekend!... Read more

  • SPOILER...Last Days

    2/24/2017 8:49:52 AM, by JLAMING263

    Neil L. Andersen We live, brothers and sisters, in the days preceding the Lord’s Second Coming, a time long anticipated by believers through the ages. We live in days when the world is pulled by confusion and commotion. But we also live in the glorious time of the Restoration, when the gospel is b... Read more

  • averting my eyes, plugging my ears...

    2/24/2017 8:42:33 AM, by NELLIEH1

    Most of our married life, Jimmy and I have been the proof reader-editors for one another's creative writing projects 195 However, in the days leading up to a special event... 383 384 460 we purposely avert our eyes and plug our ears, because we both enjoy surprises! 283 407 437 188 104 ... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    2/24/2017 8:24:42 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    40 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Staying strong..

    2/24/2017 8:00:56 AM, by TWEDEE777

    I finally made it all the way through a day without sugar, and stayed in all my macros. I woke up this morning feeling like an addict who needs a fix. I remember those days, and it's not a good feeling. I know however it will go away. In the long run this will all be worth it. I have abused my body... Read more

  • My First Blog.

    2/24/2017 7:24:26 AM, by OCEANICDETH

    Not sure what to write here or what to say but as the days go by, I'm sure I'll get the hang of things.... Read more

  • Eye failed a third time and he's back in the hospital

    2/24/2017 7:15:17 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    I am overwhelmed with grief and despair. Why are our prayers NOT being answered? We went in for his weekly checkup and he couldn't read any letter on the wall. The doctor came in, stated it "has detached a third time" and called the hospital. More sure surgery today. We were supposed to leave i... Read more

  • Sew What?

    2/24/2017 5:56:48 AM, by JSTETSER

    During this vacation week, I have spent some time making mittens, hats and scarves. I have been making mittens for 4 years, and give many pairs to local schools, free clothing centers, and also sell some at craft fairs. This year, my husband has decided to learn how to use the rotary cutter, and ... Read more

  • One-Minute Devotions - THE COMFORT OF PRAYER

    2/24/2017 1:50:01 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One-Minute Devotions - THE COMFORT OF PRAYER Be glad for the comfort you've found in prayer.. Be glad for God's Blessings, His Love and His Care. The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it. Proverbs 10:22 Today can be a day of gladness.... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 2-23-17

    2/23/2017 8:06:12 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I turned my happylight on twice yesterday. Once in the morning during breakfast at 9am until 9:35am. The second time at 7:42pm until 8:16pm. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on and they might be giants cd on around 10:40pm. I fell asleep at 11pmish and woke up at 2amish. Nothing was uncomf... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 2/23/17

    2/23/2017 4:38:48 PM, by PDSLIM

    Golden Retriever & Yoga Ball
    olden+Retriever+Goes+Crazy+for+a+Yoga+Ball ... Read more


    2/23/2017 3:00:23 PM, by JLAMING263

    Neill F. Marriott We build the kingdom when we nurture others. We also build the kingdom when we speak up and testify of truth.... Read more

  • Motivate myself to step over the starting line

    2/23/2017 1:09:26 PM, by MIKERU

    Starting again...I've lost count how many times I reset my goals in Sparkpeople...and been on and off diets. I know it's better to think of it as a lifestyle change and not a diet. But still... This time I want to evaluate my past attempts and why I stopped...why I failed...why I quit...why it becam... Read more

  • 15 Minutes

    2/23/2017 11:59:38 AM, by CHIGGERCANE

    Normal dog walk today. And I will do my TRX routine and arm weights later today. I am feeling mostly normal. Couldn't sleep last night. Was probably 3:30 before I finally drifted off. Not sure what's got me keyed up. I ended up rearranging my home office late (for me) last night - maybe that w... Read more

  • be being weak...

    2/23/2017 10:14:12 AM, by NELLIEH1

    But He (GOD) said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    2/23/2017 10:10:52 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    58... Read more

  • it's thursday

    2/23/2017 10:00:15 AM, by MOMMY445

    another mild day here today. my daughter says hi! i am keeping busy without overwhelming myself. i have still not heard back yet from the company i went for the job interview for last week. in the meantime, i am actively looking for other work. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,... Read more


    2/23/2017 9:55:33 AM, by GREATMARTIN

    In 1837 Hans Christian Anderson wrote a fairy tale about a young mermaid who wanted to become part of the human world and last night at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts the audience, the children, the adults with some kid still in them, all became enchanted with “Disney’s The Litt... Read more

  • Thursday..

    2/23/2017 8:43:30 AM, by TWEDEE777

    How do you restart, when you have quit doing everything you know is right. I've had so many restarts this month.. I just want to go back to this, and feel healthy again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hope you all have an awesome day!!... Read more

  • Beloved had basal cell surgery yesterday

    2/23/2017 7:38:01 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    The doctor said he had a basal cell on his face and had to cut it out. Now he has a big pressure dressing on his face, right under his bad eye, poor guy. I'll change the dressing this morning, clean it, and apply a new bandage. It was too big to suture....... Read more

  • One-Minute Devotions- A PRECIOUS JEWEL

    2/23/2017 7:26:03 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One-Minute Devotions- A PRECIOUS JEWEL Friendship is a golden chain, the links are friends so dear, and like a rare and precious jewel, it's treasured more each year. He who covers over an offense promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends. Proverbs 17:9 T... Read more

  • Healthy is my Hobby!

    2/23/2017 5:33:04 AM, by JSTETSER

    My Health is my Hobby I have a vision that I keep in front of me all the time. My vision is that of my happy, healthy mind and body. My blood sugar numbers are at 100 or lower, and I’m able to continue running and hiking with my grandkids. I run my race of health each day, and I expect good ... Read more

  • Starting the Spring Challenge

    2/22/2017 10:07:07 PM, by SPSIURSKI

    Yeah! Wonderful Wednesday! I have a new job, I'm moving back home, I'm starting a new self improvement program, and the new Spring Challenge with my fellow Dragons and Biggest Losers! I am more optimistic than I have been in a long time.... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 2-22-17

    2/22/2017 8:59:20 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I turned my happylight on for the first time yesterday morning after breakfast at 9:40am until 10:15am. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on and they might be giants cd on around 10:35pm. I fell asleep at 11pmish and woke up at 4:45amish because my eyemask wasn’t on my eyes, my legs were pret... Read more

  • Getting in the swing of things

    2/22/2017 8:12:46 PM, by SHESLOSINGIT82

    Day 2, and all is well! Getting into tracking, stepping and drinking that water. I do find that it's slightly difficult to reach all 3 goals at once mainly steps, that takes some effort surprisingly since I have two littles im constantly running after lol. Loving the feeling of moving forward. I ... Read more

  • To Much of a good thing

    2/22/2017 7:48:55 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    To much of a good thing is just to much. It is never good to over eat , over sleep , or over do . Rest and relaxation are ultra important , Try to keep yourself on an even keel. Get that rest , learn to breathe, and relax, After all we never want to be over the rainbow before our time. Get th... Read more

  • dinner for four

    2/22/2017 6:28:30 PM, by NELLIEH1

    We started with onion, sliced and chopped, then sauteed with garlic... We put some tomato puree and spaghetti in a crock pot... added the carmelized onion mix with herbs... and mushrooms... Then came the meat: beef... turkey... and chicken-apple sausage... We tossed in some dried cr... Read more

  • My Why

    2/22/2017 3:47:50 PM, by JENNAR45

    Today's Weight Watcher meeting was about finding your Why. Why did you join Weight Watchers, Why did you start your Weight Loss Journey. The importance of knowing why is to be able to draw on it when you no longer are feeling optimistic. Some days we are not feeling it. When those days happen th... Read more

  • Ounces add up to Pounds.

    2/22/2017 12:00:55 PM, by LINWASH23

    Greeting Spark Friends. There are some weeks that I just loose ounces(my scales show ounces lost and gained) and I am so grateful for these week because each ounce that I loose and don't gain back add up to lost pounds at the end of a week or couple of weeks. So I am content for the ounces lost--t... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    2/22/2017 11:33:18 AM, by MOMMY445

    it started off being very foggy here today. now it is just slightly foggy. i started a different online course today that deals with grammar and other things like essay writing. it is a nice change of pace for me. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    2/22/2017 10:29:30 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    24 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Doctors..

    2/22/2017 9:59:03 AM, by TWEDEE777

    How long is too long to wait for a doctor? I was put in the room for an hour. Hubby had to go to work so we rescheduled. I think an hour waiting is ridiculous. Our time is precious also!!... Read more

  • 15 Minutes...INVITED

    2/22/2017 9:37:17 AM, by CHIGGERCANE

    I am waiting out this cold/virus. I considered hitting the pool yesterday, but knew that breathing would be a problem. I did TRX and walked about doing errands. I have decided with the cold and not having boot camp, that I am 'ok' to do a rest week - rest from heavy cardio and lifting. I will do... Read more

  • SPOILER...Prayer

    2/22/2017 9:17:19 AM, by JLAMING263

    Carol F. McConkie Prayer is essential to developing faith. In faith we pray, we listen, and we obey, that we might learn to become one with the Father and the Son.... Read more

  • Had fun yesterday with Mum

    2/22/2017 7:14:35 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    Beloved came with us and helped carry what she wanted. Took her to the beauty shop, shoe shopping, and then to her favorite dress shop for new undies and two new tops. She really had fun!... Read more

  • My Time (2017 Resolution)

    2/22/2017 6:37:41 AM, by DIAMNDSPRKLMOM

    I decree and declare that 2017 is my time! I was born at the right time. It is my time to remove old ways and ideas that are keeping me stagnant and on a destructive path. It is my time to plant and sow into my vision the ideas that will bring a loving prosperous future. It... Read more

  • My Health Matters!

    2/22/2017 5:26:37 AM, by JSTETSER

    This week, I've been reminded (again) about how important my health is to my family. My little grandchild Gabby had brain surgery yesterday. The risk of infection is so high that family members were all asked to stay away. Gabby came through the surgery with few problems. She will be bac... Read more

  • One-Minute Devotions - LIFE'S PURPOSE

    2/22/2017 12:25:28 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One-Minute Devotions - LIFE'S PURPOSE Everyone has his own little niche no matter how tiny or small, for every life has a purpose or we wouldn't be here at all. The Lord works out everything for his own ends. Proverbs 16:4 Today examine your talents and, whatever they are, use them ... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 2/21/17

    2/21/2017 11:49:56 PM, by PDSLIM

    pilation+of+Adorable+Cats+to+Brighten+Your+Day ... Read more

  • 206.4 day 0 2 beers

    2/21/2017 8:42:53 PM, by JOE14250

    Ate well but didn't get out enough to bike or walk. ... Read more

  • Learning

    2/21/2017 8:30:18 PM, by DB1497

    Learning that I eat way too much sugar. so One of my goals is to cut way down on sugar. Also trying to eat more fruits and veggies. And journal the food I eat to keep me accountable. Also Exercise and not letting it get so overwhelming that I quit . So it's one day at a time for me. And so far so go... Read more

  • Keeper of the flame

    2/21/2017 7:37:01 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Many people write about losing their mojo or motivation . They ask where they can find it? They simply forgot that they are the keeper of the flame . That flame is in each one of us. Some days it is a little flicker and some days it is a roaring fire. It is always there for us to relight and stoke ... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 2-21-17

    2/21/2017 7:14:06 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I got settled in bed with my eye mask on and ala-palooza cd on around 10:50pm. I fell asleep at 11:30pmish and woke up at 2:15amish because my eyemask wasn’t on my eyes, my legs were pretzeled and they hurt. I fell back asleep at 2:45amish and woke up at 4amish. Nothing was uncomfortable and I fell ... Read more

  • lost my blog

    2/21/2017 3:09:29 PM, by NELLIEH1

    I just typed up my blog, complete with my photos, funnies, and hit the post button...but it got lost in outer space somewhere. Oh well, maybe I'll try again tomorrow... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/21/2017 2:04:30 PM, by MOMMY445

    another mild day here today, with the rest of the week being milder than is usual at this time of the year. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • SPOILER...Atonememt

    2/21/2017 1:54:22 PM, by JLAMING263

    C. Scott Grow The atoning sacrifice had to be carried out by the sinless Son of God, for fallen man could not atone for his own sins. Through His suffering and death, the Savior atoned for the sins of all men.... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    2/21/2017 12:59:21 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    198 386 Sparkers... Read more