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  • New Month

    8/1/2015 12:13:23 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    New month. For the past 2 months I have not met my step goal. Not sure why since it is summer and I am more active in summer, at least I always thought I was. But all this year I've hit 700,000+ steps except in June and July. Weird for me. This past month I had numerous days under 10,000 which ... Read more

  • August Already?!

    8/1/2015 10:39:18 AM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    The month all teachers and students hate...back to school!! For those of us who DON'T get our summers off, it's just August. Vacation is over. Had a wonderful time, but looked HORRIBLE in pictures, especially the one taken of me on the beach in Ocean City, NJ. THAT is the kind of photo that ... Read more

  • Living a Conscious Life

    8/1/2015 5:53:15 AM, by MAWMAW101

    213 Here we are at the beginning of a new month and for me it is the day to weigh in for our 5% challenge. Although the scale did go down some, as I read my commitment for the year it is hard not to be disappointed with myself that this journey to a healthy BMI number is taking so long. My re... Read more

  • Hot Weather Sickness

    7/30/2015 7:42:38 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    The past week has been unusually hot here in Michigan. So humid even going for a walk at 6AM is exhausting and hot. I have not felt well in days. My blood pressure has been all over the place. Very low one day (109) to mid-130's the next. I have trouble sleeping because I just feel 'weird'. ... Read more

  • Reset day 60: Flounder is more than a fish

    7/30/2015 11:13:59 AM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Ever feel like that fish someone caught and tossed in the boat - flopping around knowing that this isn't good, that you really WANT to be somewhere else, a feeling of panic, flopping around but going nowhere? I kind of feel like that today. I'm not sure why. I'm floundering. Maybe it is re... Read more

  • Reset day 58: Tucker Tuesday and mother nature's paintbox

    7/29/2015 12:32:09 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    It has been hot here. Hot AND humid. Sticky. Yucky. Not exactly the weather that one wants to go out in and walk a big, black dog. The dog was panting before I put on his leash! So, change of plans. Instead of walking the dog, why not take the dog swimming? Now my dog has never been to t... Read more

  • bleh

    7/29/2015 10:49:07 AM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    It is pretty obvious that no one (or barely anyone) reads my blog. I guess I should be accepting since it lets me get things off my chest. So I will plug along on my journey.... Read more

  • Frau Bauman, Frau Schmidt, and Frau Schwartze

    7/28/2015 1:52:23 PM, by HARMONIUM

    Frau Bauman, Frau Schmidt, and Frau Schwartze by Theodore Roethke Gone the three ancient ladies Who creaked on the greenhouse ladders, Reaching up white strings To wind, to wind The sweet-pea tendrils, the smilax, Nasturtiums, the climbing Roses, to straighten Carnations... Read more

  • Restart Day 57: this is your life...

    7/27/2015 3:58:29 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Well vacation is over.... for now. Looking back at vacation, I feel pretty good about the choices I made. My exercise was low. I knew it would be. We spent more than 6 hours each day in the car. None of our lodging places had workout rooms or pools. My traveling companion is not an active... Read more

  • Trying to Catch Up

    7/27/2015 11:45:37 AM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    I have been lax in my sparking. There are many days were I just don't bother to log in anymore. I continue to walk and eat mostly properly. But the spark burns much more dimly for me. I need to somehow revive how excited I was before. I need to get a good streak going again. Our house has ... Read more

  • Learning What Works

    7/27/2015 9:57:51 AM, by IMASILLYMOMMA3

    I have to say that my second time around is proving to be discouraging. I have so much working against me now that I didn't have back in 2007. Back then I was a heavy smoker. As of now I've gone from 24mg of nicotine down to 0mg in the last 10 months by vaping. Now I only vape to help with the ... Read more

  • Anthony Thwaite: "In the Vicinity of the Crank-house"

    7/26/2015 2:22:21 PM, by HARMONIUM

    I am becoming a connoisseur of walking sticks Comparing my own stout stump with the slender ferrule, The harsh metal wand, or the pair of hospital crutches. Not lameness or amputation, thank God, simply old age And a condition known as “degenerative spine” – Something between a mo... Read more

  • "Ornamental Waters" by Kit Wright

    7/26/2015 2:08:52 PM, by HARMONIUM

    A ride ran down to the Ornamental Waters Where islands were planted and here was a heronry And there was a shoulder-of-mutton-shaped lake. What was it drew her, wandering in Wanstead, Taking the mist where the Tudor and Palladian Mansions had once ruled geometric gardens And yellin... Read more

  • Week 5 in the DAWG-Haus - OMGoodness!

    7/26/2015 7:25:08 AM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    The family reunion was delicious! I said to myself, "aw heck - it's one day a year," and enjoyed everything! Brownies, Pecan Pie, Ice Cream - OH MY!! Yes, I'm up! But I'm also satiated and hopefully ready to return to the narrower path.... 7/25 - 132.4 7/26 - 134.1 (everything ... Read more

  • Day 14

    7/22/2015 7:24:13 PM, by THORNROSE23

    It been a good past few day. I learned how to use a lawn mower which was weird but not bad as long as there were not a lot of hill but with my back yard right now it a nightmare but it was something I needed to learn how to do. I hit my first goal in my virtual walk in Japan walking from Kam... Read more

  • Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'....

    7/22/2015 3:15:01 PM, by IMASILLYMOMMA3

    I am so full of energy today!!!! I've walked 3 miles total, plus did a little strength training. I have no idea where this is coming from. I've been sleeping horribly, and my eating can't be all that great on the budget I currently have (let's just say it's hard to get healthy food when you're lai... Read more

  • Taking a fresh look at my plan

    7/22/2015 11:40:50 AM, by MARITIMER3

    My goal weight, from the time I joined SP in 2011, has been 150 lbs. Once I actually got down to 159 point something; another time to 161... then each time I scuttled back to the comfort of the 170's. Today I decided to rethink the process. I'm setting smaller, shorter goals. The first is ... Read more

  • Day 13

    7/20/2015 8:47:53 AM, by THORNROSE23

    I need to start doing these everyday again because I been doing this for over a month and I'm only on day 13 of this. I have been trying to get back into my I don't want to say diet but that is somewhat what it is. It hard even after 3 days off of it. I have been working on it. Yesterday I was back ... Read more

  • Jobst Compression Sock Donner - it works!

    7/19/2015 7:43:34 AM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    I was surfing last night and found the Jobst Stocking Donner @
    bst-stocking-donner.html for $21.17 and through today, they have a $.99 S&H discount! So, for $22.16, hopefully this will making the compression stockings much easier to put on Ray. ... Read more

  • Week 4 in the DAWG-Haus!

    7/18/2015 7:24:48 AM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    I stole this picture from Debby4576! I admit it, but it sure fits my current situation, lol. 7/17 - 130.6 7/18 - 131.6 7/19 - 133.3 7/20 - 131.7 7/21 - 131.3 7/22 - 131.6 7/23 - 131.5 7/24 - 131.8 7/25 - 132.4 7/26 - 134.1 (family reunion! Yum!!) ... Read more

  • Dance -A-Thon (Done Being The Fat Girl)

    7/17/2015 8:07:05 PM, by JLO863

    Hey Everybody, I participated in the Spark Team, "Done Being The Fat Girl" - Dance-A-Thon. I tried to tape this am at 9am. I wasn't recording. Anyway, I tried it again ... Here goes! I ran out of memory. I tried : (... Read more

  • day 12

    7/16/2015 4:20:58 PM, by THORNROSE23

    I did not reach my goal of losing 9 pound over a month but 7 works for me. There was a lot of stress in my home and losing my father in law did not help much. I think I will just keep moving on and hope it get better. I know I will have another busy month with moving again and hoping to start fresh ... Read more

  • Day 46: I can..... I did

    7/16/2015 11:32:58 AM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Yesterday was a bit of a struggle for me. I got home from work and was thinking supper. My first thought? Make a box of mac and cheese and down the WHOLE thing. It just sounded comforting and good. I got the pan out of the cupboard and filled it with some water. I put it on the stove and turne... Read more

  • Week 3 in the DAWG-Haus!

    7/16/2015 7:24:02 AM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    My mother told me "eons ago" that in a crisis, I focus on what has to be done, foregoing all else - sadly this sometimes means foregoing my "diet" or meal-plans. Not sorry, it is what it is. Ray is more important than a few pounds. Thankfully the doctor has declared his leg "healed" a... Read more

  • Reset day 45: Lethargic and Walking Wednesday

    7/15/2015 1:34:01 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Yesterday it was inspired.... today, lethargic! That old pendulum just keeps swinging. Positive side, it won't stay here. After work yesterday, I had a nice dinner with my friend. We went to a Mexican restaurant and I had chicken and rice. I ate half my dinner and boxed the rest. We had th... Read more

  • Reset Day 44: Inspired

    7/14/2015 12:37:16 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Well yesterday was a challenge. Self forgiveness and acceptance comes hard for this girl, especially when it comes to not reaching my goals. However, I did manage to reign it in most of the time. My son had softball practice after work. It was hot and humid. Much to my surprise his coach sa... Read more

  • The Passage of Time

    7/14/2015 4:00:42 AM, by JLO863

    I somehow think that the journal entries that I wrote (or pasted) a few years back -- are to serve as motivation now, as I recommit myself to the journey. The difference this go around; is that I have the support of the Spark People Community. And I want to celebrate with you 248 ... ... Read more

  • Lucky 7 - 7 Lbs. Down!

    7/14/2015 3:23:45 AM, by JLO863

    Well ... The scale has moved just a few pounds; but I'll take it 334 I'll call it my "LUCKY 7." Although I have a loooong way to go before I reach goal - I keep telling myself: "BABY STEPS, JINA --BABY STEPS!" And Many Thanks to the "SPARKLERS, who keep forging on. You encourage me... Read more

  • Healthy Lifestyle Declaration ...

    7/14/2015 2:32:34 AM, by JLO863

    Something else that I should keep in mind. I should never ditch my healthy lifestyle efforts, because the scale hasn't changed. The scale does not show my healthy actions. It is with each "small step" that I take towards "healthier living" -- that it will lead me to my reach my goals for fit... Read more

  • I didn't get rained on!

    7/13/2015 1:28:11 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Got up and was on the trail at the park pretty early today. Rain was predicted to start around 11 so I needed to be done before that. I get so tired of getting rained on all the time. I was finishing up and eating my little piece of cheese next to my car when the sky got very, very dark. I d... Read more

  • Reset Day 43: 50 shades of popcorn

    7/13/2015 11:31:50 AM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I had a busy weekend. I worked a fundraiser Saturday - my job was to take money at the door and sell tickets for food. So, I sat on my butt from 9-5:30 with little time to get up and stretch. Not the best for getting steps in! However, a wonderful thing happened and someone donated $300 to our c... Read more

  • A Mental "SPARK" Boost

    7/12/2015 10:25:17 PM, by JLO863

    More and more, I am recognizing that "the dialogue" in my head is half the battle with my weight loss challenge. For the most part, it's that "boost" that I KNOW that I need -- to feel that I'm not alone on this journey. Although, I have to physically push my body to reach my fitness and weig... Read more

  • Intentionality ...

    7/12/2015 11:15:22 AM, by JLO863

    I'm sure that because of the fanciness of this word, "intentionality" - that I found it in a book somewhere, and I wrote a note about it. In one of my journals (which I'm revisiting these days) - I wrote the following: "Nothing changes without "attention" and "intention." Both are essential to ch... Read more

  • Bike Riding Fun

    7/11/2015 6:39:36 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Today was a pretty amazing day for me. Went out to dinner with a former student last night (and my two lovely DD's) and he wanted to go bike riding with me today. Okay! I'm always up for a bike ride. Headed out in the early hours. He and I did 20 miles at a pretty leisurely pace. Came hom... Read more

  • Figure 8 Walk

    7/10/2015 4:47:47 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    One day I was talking with a fellow walker that I have seen many times. She isn't particularly friendly but I mentioned about the new trail and how many extra steps it adds (if you are counting that thing, which I am). She told me she has been walking it a lot and does a figure 8 sort of thing to ... Read more

  • Reset day 40: TGIF Trusting, Grateful, Inspired, Faith!

    7/10/2015 11:54:35 AM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Years ago I met a woman in Chicago at a women's conference named Brene Brown. She had just published a book named "I Thought It Was Just Me". In her workshop on Friday, she had a TGIF moment where we all shared what we were Trusting, Grateful, Inspired, and had Faith in. It has kind of stuck with... Read more

  • Reset: Day 39 Disoriented?

    7/9/2015 3:16:50 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Oh boy, day two at work after a long weekend and there are those dang Panera cookies and bagels. I didn't have any fresh fruit to bring this morning, just a protein bar. I need to get to the grocery store! I did break down and have a quarter of a cookie. Ugh! I hate it when I do that! I up... Read more

  • Subliminal Exercise? ...

    7/9/2015 1:50:18 AM, by JLO863

    I can't recall from where I typed up this note and pasted it in my Journal; but the thoughts seem worth remembering. 1) Today, I am choosing exercise to increase my physical fitness 2) I release all (my) resistance to physical activity 3) I let go of all (my) internal struggles to exercise reg... Read more

  • Positive Affirmations ...

    7/9/2015 1:20:05 AM, by JLO863

    Another Journal Entry from a few years back. * WITH GOD - I CAN. WITHOUT HIM - I CANNOT! ... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! (Phil. 4:13). * I can be all that I "believe" I can be. * The only thing that stands between me and my dreams (and my weight loss journey) - is the ... Read more

  • The Power Of Words

    7/9/2015 12:25:57 AM, by JLO863

    I've seen this saying for years, and I posted it in one of my journals. Each time I read it; it resonates with me. (Author: Frank Outlaw) Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become chara... Read more

  • Reset: Day 38 Mirror, mirror......

    7/8/2015 3:51:46 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I'm back! I had an awesome time with my family at the fireworks and with my friend in Toronto. The U-2 concert rocked! I wanted to get on the scale this morning. I'm addicted to getting on the scale. I've made a promise to myself to only get on the scale on the 1st of the month. The time i... Read more

  • 07/07/2015

    7/7/2015 5:02:08 PM, by CAREBEARS2045

    244 I am having fun loading apps to my new phone 345... Read more

  • Another Walk in the Rain (and what fun it was)

    7/7/2015 11:21:38 AM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Yesterday I had to buy a new pair of walking shoes. The ones that I had purchased back in the spring have been hurting my feet since my walk in Vermont during June. They still look fine and I talked with the fellow at the shoe store and he told me to bring them in for store credit since it is past... Read more

  • Week 2 in the DAWG-Haus!

    7/7/2015 7:14:00 AM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    Must get back on track, must get back on track, must get....... I feel like a broken record. But I haven't given up! Never give up! 7/04 - 130.4 29 15 198 7/05 - 131.1 29 15 198 7/06 - 133.2 29 15 198 7/07 - 130.2 250 8 248 7/08 - 130.1 250 8 248 7/09 - 129.3 250 8... Read more

  • I Will and I Can ...

    7/7/2015 3:43:55 AM, by JLO863

    I have a thing for acronyms, and I always have. For some reason it seems to make spelling and letters more interesting and fun : ) Anyway, I was flipping through one of my old journals, and I ran across this entry. I WILL ( and I CAN) ... I = Increase my self-control through po... Read more

  • Defying Obstacles

    7/6/2015 8:38:39 PM, by JLO863
    artino-leg.jpg I was watching a TV show today, that exemplified the physical fitness of its contestants, and I admired their drive and physical... Read more

  • Self-Love

    7/4/2015 1:38:51 PM, by JLO863

    The topic of self-love recently came up; and to be honest -- I don't know how to address it -- as it relates to "ME." I've always heard: "If you don't love yourself first; no one else will. How you treat yourself -- is how others will treat you." Well, ... This seems like a very harsh reality, i... Read more

  • P.U.S.H.

    7/4/2015 11:18:31 AM, by JLO863

    Another acronym that I like (Author Unknown): P = Pray and "Push" U = Until S = Something H = Happens ... Read more