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  • My wild and vivid imagination...and the future

    8/16/2017 3:54:52 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    When I was a small child my elderly next door neighbor, who was an editor for our newspaper, told my mom that I had a wild and vivid imagination. He said that was a great trait for someone who wanted to be a writer. My wild and vivid imagination has led me to some interesting places in life! ... Read more

  • "That's the way the mop flops"

    8/16/2017 12:12:31 PM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    The Death of Elvis BY CIARAN BERRY This lip, too, used to curl a little easier, and we, all of us, must enter our Vegas years. Blessed the pacemakers, blessed the painkillers, blessed our famed quiffs grown flyaway, grown thin, the gray starting to sprout under the dye. So ... Read more

  • Voices of the books.....

    8/15/2017 5:48:41 PM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    In a few minutes I heard the books' voices: a low, steady, unsupressible hum. I'd heard it many times before. I've always had a finely tuned ear for a library's accumulations of echo and desire. Libraries are anything but hushed. —Martha Cooley —found in The Archivist (1998) I'm using th... Read more

  • K-6 Tuesday

    8/15/2017 4:51:10 PM, by JOCYMC1956

    I've decided that I need to go back to just weighting on Sunday and Wednesday. Doing it everyday is making me crazy. That being said, I am down 3 pounds. I'm still working on getting the honey that I harvested strained and bottled. I didn't realize how much honey I had until we started bot... Read more

  • Free Food!!!!

    8/15/2017 3:59:34 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I swear, our office constantly has food for the taking. Yep, free food! Today it was half sandwiches from Panera Bread, bags of chips, pickles, portions of Jimmy John's subs AND Panera cookies! Left over food from various meetings - which goes in the refrigerator usually accompanied by a em... Read more

  • Durn it......

    8/14/2017 7:47:52 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    The trail was still blocked so I couldn't get the pictures I wanted to get couldn't be got. There is always tomorrow. Sometimes waiting until the next day to take things down from a 3 day concert due to safety concerns, but still. Also still waiting to call in for jury. Sometimes I think tha... Read more

  • The weekend....

    8/14/2017 11:47:34 AM, by ONTHEPATH2

    So what did Barb do this weekend? Well... Saturday it was housework. Yuck. I hate doing housework. I'd so rather be outside! However I got up and started on that laundry and cleaning the bathrooms. I noticed the kitchen floor really looked like it could use a deep cleaning - not just running t... Read more

  • Cool day

    8/13/2017 7:34:13 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    It was a lot cooler today so I went for another walk. I would have walked north to get more pics to add on a blog, but unfortunately, I couldn't as the trail I walk north on is blocked still until afternoon tomorrow so I won't be able to get the pics until tomorrow. I was able to get 10 mile... Read more

  • K-4 Sunday

    8/13/2017 5:23:50 PM, by JOCYMC1956

    Yesteday I went out to the bee yard and pulled 16 frames of honey to harvest. I'm just a backyard beekeeper so I don't have the fancy extracting equipment the big operations do. I take a metal spatula and scrape the wax & honey from each frame into a bucket. Then I pour the honey and wax through a... Read more

  • "All the place you've got"

    8/13/2017 8:01:30 AM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    “…Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to was never there, and where you are is no good unless you can get away from it. Where is there a place for you to be? No place.” “Nothing outside you can give you any place,” he said. “You needn’t look to the sky because it’s not... Read more

  • Well my normal laptop was dead

    8/12/2017 8:10:16 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    So I couldn't upload the pictures I wanted to post. Was able to almost get to end of the trail I walk, and will be able to get the end of the trail tomorrow. Back to going north on it Monday. Was able to get just over 5 miles today, which I'm happy with. I didn't expect to get 5 miles today... Read more

  • Update!

    8/12/2017 5:30:11 PM, by HMBROWN1

    So this morning was off to a bad start - A/C died overnight and trip to the beach was cancelled. A/C repairman was here 2 hours. I was a bit nervous about the bill. However, all is well. A/C is working. House is nice and cool. Bill was $0 - all still covered under warranty, even though it ... Read more

  • "Sorrow": Note that this is a fictional perspective on Abraham Lincoln

    8/12/2017 11:16:35 AM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    His mind was freshly inclined toward sorrow; toward the fact that the world was full of sorrow; that everyone labored under some burden of sorrow; that all were suffering; that whatever way one took in this world, one must try to remember that all were suffering (none content; all wronged, neglected... Read more

  • Disappointing Day :(

    8/12/2017 11:13:24 AM, by HMBROWN1

    We were going to head to the beach. All packed and ready. Happened to comment that I didn't sleep well last night - I was hot and sweaty. Hubby replies "yeah, I don't think the central air is working." Hmmm......that is a problem. A big, nasty, sweaty, yucky problem. The good news - repair... Read more

  • An old old...

    8/12/2017 10:37:00 AM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    I have become an "old old," which is to say that my body is more decrepit than my age is. The years and decades can pile up on you and the idea that you could ever be 60, a once outrageous proposition, is a gentle admonishment when you wish you could be 60 again. I have gained about 27 pounds ... Read more

  • K3 - Saturday

    8/12/2017 9:42:27 AM, by JOCYMC1956

    Friday I decided to stay home and do meal prep for the week. While I was cooking I also entered the nutrition in my Nutrition Tracker which meant tweaking the weeks menu to get the macros in the correct range. First was Avocado Deviled Eggs for breakfast and snacks. Then Chicken Salad S... Read more

  • A hurry up and wait afternoon.....

    8/11/2017 7:56:19 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    Was for the good as it got me up and moving. I had to take a bus ride, which I thought would be a quick in and out in 2 places, which ended being in 4 as I was able to get a library card for a library that is in agreement with the county I live, went to a store hoping they had a headset I was looki... Read more

  • First five days......

    8/11/2017 5:00:19 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Today is day 5 of my journey to a healthier me. How's it going? The first two days were pretty good - healthy meals, a walk with the dog, all my water in, the next three were challenges! I had three road trips to Detroit back to back to back. Two were late afternoon trips to attend night out... Read more

  • K-2 Friday

    8/11/2017 10:35:04 AM, by JOCYMC1956

    Woohoo! Weight 177.1 Down more than 2 pounds this morning. I know it's water weight and bloat but it feels good to see the scale go down. I've been watching it go steadily up for the past month. Yesterday I did very well with my water, drinking more than 120 oz. I think I went to the bathr... Read more

  • Easy day but still able to get my milage in.

    8/10/2017 8:02:07 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I was able to relax today by folding laundry and doing some typing today. I was still able to get over 7 miles today. I did the miles inside as I didn't know if it would rain. The scenery would have nicer outside though. I will be walking outside tomorrow. I'll be able to see some views t... Read more

  • Slow.....

    8/10/2017 1:51:36 PM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    I am a very slow person. Some of it is linked to age: when I was 30 I could read about 400 pages a day; now I'm lucky to read 50. When I was 50 I could easily walk 4 miles an hour or even more and now I am lucky to break 3 mph. When I was 20 I could snap out the Jeopardy! answers in a nanosecond... Read more

  • Keto WOE

    8/10/2017 9:05:36 AM, by JOCYMC1956

    Today I'm starting the Keto way of eating. It's a switch from what I've been doing my whole life. That hasn't helped me to lose weight. Maybe Keto will. I had been doing gluten-free, mostly dairy free (couldn't give up all my cheese), low carb, high protein and was just maintaining my wei... Read more

  • Pensive.....

    8/9/2017 11:13:55 PM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    I cannot even remember when I last spent time on Spark. It's been a whirlwind of worry and in general, getting old is marked by loss. I'm trying to cope with my serious diabetes and heart failure but at the same time I must take good care of my husband who had a near fatal stroke a year ago. Also... Read more

  • PASTA NIGHT!!! (well kinda)

    8/9/2017 6:29:01 PM, by HMBROWN1

    Woo hoo!!! Hubby is gone to baseball and I just whipped up a big batch of zoodles! Hubby is not a fan so I don't make it as often as I would like to. This is a whole plate of veggies in extra virgin olive oil, with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. It is so good and so flavourful - I don't mi... Read more

  • I learned from my familial mistakes.

    8/9/2017 4:36:01 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    That when my mother didn't want me to be outside playing (my grandmother didn't want me to outside), that in all actuality she was wanting to be "just like her", which means 'ladylike'. In this case, not moving, sitting still, staying quiet, a city kid in the middle of farm country. She was afraid... Read more

  • Good thing I want to ramp up my exercise.

    8/8/2017 6:26:51 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I found out that my mother also had a stroke. The real cause? Obesity-lack of exercise, constantly eating not so good foods, especially after I was born, high blood pressure-to go along with the heart attack. I will try to get into the doctors before my 6 month appointment (to see if I could... Read more

  • Spitzbergen

    8/8/2017 5:53:51 PM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    Just three years ago we made an epic Norwegian tour. It helps me to remember that we were awed by the natural beauty of Norway and just how far North we got---way above the Arctic Circle. Typically I travel for culture, musuems, art, and theatre. But this trip persuaded me that scener... Read more

  • Adding steps

    8/7/2017 6:51:36 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I can walk inside where I don't have to worry about weather making me sick or getting rained out and I finally figured out after almost a year I can add steps to burn more calories so that way it doesn't stay on me. If your starting to plateau and use a fitbit or a pedometer and have time, ju... Read more

  • Start at the very beginning......

    8/7/2017 12:32:26 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Well, I went to the informative meeting/class regarding the medically supervised weight loss program. Most of the people there are completing the program as a requirement of their insurance company before bariatric surgery. I was surprised to see over 50 people in the room. I was also surprised t... Read more

  • And so it goes.....

    8/7/2017 10:42:41 AM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    this life of mine. Emotionally I still feel about 30 or maybe 3 but in reality I am coming up to the age of 70. I've relapsed. I've gained about 30 pounds since some family difficulties of the past couple of years. I gave up my exercise program because my husband had a huge stroke and I am his... Read more

  • "The Wall" by William Logan

    8/6/2017 11:37:50 PM, by TOI-TOI-TOI

    They built the wall because they feared a war. The soldiers served the whim of psychopaths and soon abandoned dreams of steaming baths, civilized orchards, and barbarian whores. They wrote their wives at first, promising that, the danger past, in triumph they’d march home with gold en... Read more

  • 15 month member

    8/6/2017 7:54:46 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    While I haven't lost weight, I haven't gotten back up to my heaviest. I'm happy for that. I am learning even more about what is my triggers so that helps. I am working more towards my goal and working towards it. I hope to be at least 10% of my current weight by my birthday next year. That is e... Read more

  • Time to face the scale - vacation is officially over!

    8/6/2017 10:34:31 AM, by HMBROWN1

    So after planning for ONE beer last night, of course I drank THREE. Tallboys too. NOT GOOD. I finally decided that all this vacation gluttony has got to stop. Time to shock myself good. So I pulled out the scale. This is the scary, nasty effect of all you can eat ribs and perch. And ice c... Read more

  • Mileage.

    8/5/2017 9:04:23 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I was able to get over 7 miles yesterday and almost 6 today. I wasn't sure if I would be able to since the weather is sketchy. Raining now, and it looked like rain all day. Hoped to walk 5 miles when I went to exercise and was close. was able to get another mile afterwards. Was able to see diff... Read more

  • Reboot after vacation - one step forward & two steps back

    8/5/2017 6:55:50 PM, by HMBROWN1

    Yesterday was supposed to be Day One - vacation recovery! It was a trainwreck. Started out bad. Didn't have breakfast. Didn't have lunch. Went and got a nice pedicure then headed to the pool for a 90 minute swim. It was my son-in-laws birthday so we went to Mom & Dad's house for dinner and ... Read more

  • Amazing vacation - now to undo all that eating & drinking!

    8/3/2017 11:37:12 PM, by HMBROWN1

    Nearing the end of a fantastic vacation week! What an awesome week we had. The weather was perfect! The beach was perfect! We went with my sister and brother in law and we love spending time with them. Now, the not so great part of the perfect vacation - the lingering effects of bad eatin... Read more

  • Moved alot today

    8/3/2017 8:53:00 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    Was outside for 3 hours moving. Not to worry, I kept hydrated, made sure I cooled down when I needed to, and took breaks hourly. Over 7 miles today. Thats a lot of walking. Didn't expect that much. i hope to get that much tomorrow or at least close.... Read more

  • Always have a plan B, C, D.......

    8/3/2017 3:32:32 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Well, I just got off the phone with my health insurance provider. I found out that there is no provision in our plan for bariatric surgery (which I really don't care) or weight loss programs of any type. I have the feeling this is going to make the weight loss program I was going to start financia... Read more

  • Ummm.... it's August?

    8/2/2017 2:43:06 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Yep, I read some of those blogs! Yippee! August! New month! Fresh start! New goals! I'm struggling to regain those feelings. Instead, I'm scratching my head, shaking it back and forth saying "Really August?" The 8th month of the year? We are over halfway done with this year and I really ... Read more

  • The reason for my mothers heart attack.....

    8/2/2017 12:59:23 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    What she told me, there is no reason. I don't know if she told me the truth or not. She is good at not telling the truth if she isn't face to face with you. So I don't know if she's telling me the truth. If I had called my aunt, I would have gotten more truth. I hope are staying safe in the... Read more

  • Awareness

    7/31/2017 9:41:44 PM, by IAMJOYFUL2

    I have been working on being aware of how I feel throughout the day - allergies, negativity, tired, emotional hunger, etc. I am getting good at being aware of how I feel but I would still make immediate gratification choices. Today, I made several healthy choices and boy does it feel good.... Read more

  • Sliding down the mountain......a shining star.... a decision....and more stars

    7/28/2017 4:03:44 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I have not been here for a bit. I'd like to say I was here in spirit - but I wasn't. My healthy eating and physical activity ceased. Excuses - I had many. My daughter's house fire, her recent surgeries, stress at work, a two week vacation, it was too hot, it was raining, I didn't wanna. D... Read more

  • Sore, tired but still going & it's Shark Week!

    7/27/2017 8:48:28 PM, by HMBROWN1

    Another long day at work. Only one more to go until vacation!!! Holy cow! Sore legs today! I walked 19,000 steps yesterday. Usually I just scratch the 10,000 - sometimes I don't even get that far. Yesterday I was in Toronto for sales calls. Instead of fighting the traffic (think 2... Read more

  • Impending vacation, arm still sore, working out and watching trashy, reality TV!

    7/25/2017 9:33:59 PM, by HMBROWN1

    It's only Tuesday? This week is DRAGGING on already!!! This always seems to happen to me the week before vacation. Now next week - on vacation - the days will just FLY by! I am very fortunate that my challenge group is ending the current challenge tomorrow morning. As I will be on vacation ... Read more

  • Eating everything not nailed down - yikes!

    7/24/2017 9:28:10 PM, by HMBROWN1

    Well, the good news is that I went swimming and went to aquafit after. The bad news is that I ate bad food and everything in sight. It is all tracked and it is not pretty. I don't know what happened today to set me off like that. I only worked in the morning. I had a doctor's appointment th... Read more

  • The BIG cardio weekend!

    7/23/2017 9:30:22 PM, by HMBROWN1

    What a weekend! Weather turned so hot and humid. Storms were forecast but we certainly didn't see any. Not a drop of rain. It started out overcast and sure looked like rain. We decided to walk the dogs. Turned into a 4 km trek to get fresh veggies at the farm stand. It got so humid. My hair and m... Read more

  • Still no info on my mother.

    7/21/2017 7:11:56 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I have to utilize my doctor to get information on my mother so it can go into my file. She has them brainwashed into thinking that I'm the bad one. Because I refuse to do what she wants. All I know is that she "may go home today". But that doesn't mean anything. When I say she brainwashed... Read more

  • Oh no! Ice cream cake for dinner!

    7/21/2017 11:30:50 AM, by HMBROWN1

    What a busy day yesterday. Work all day. Straight to dance studio for Zumba class, followed by Drum Fit class. What a workout! Then it was my hubby's grandson's birthday so I went straight there for ice cream cake (what turned out to be dinner). The original plan was to go out for supper afterward... Read more

  • 47

    7/21/2017 1:54:31 AM, by _XIALA_

    Today was a mostly rest day. I was supposed to do strength training and just never managed it. I did about 30 minutes of aerobic stuff cleaning, so that's a plus. ... Read more

  • Found out my mother had a heart attack.

    7/20/2017 9:15:18 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    It could be heat related.......But still. This is why I say be careful in the heat. I won't know until I get more news. There is a history of it in my family, all the way back to my great grandparents on my mother's side of my family (that I know of, my dad's side I don't know). One thing I know... Read more

  • 46 (late)

    7/20/2017 4:17:19 PM, by _XIALA_

    My Wednesday wander turned into being held prisoner to my partner's (literally) crappy diet. We couldn't leave in the early part of the day because she couldn't find anything to eat in a house full of healthy food, including hard-boiled eggs and freezer food that she picked for herself. So she went ... Read more

  • Heat health.

    7/19/2017 5:14:10 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    Please be careful with working out in the heat. It can really put you down. Yesterday at the local hospital, there was 25 cases of heat stroke. 25. I was a case on Monday. It felt like I was shot in the head from it Monday. That is the hospital just up the block from me. This heat is ki... Read more

  • Is it really worth it to walk for just a bit?

    7/18/2017 10:03:51 PM, by HMBROWN1

    I had a long day at work. I did walk 30 minutes at lunch. Then after work, I rushed straight to a hair appt. Then after that, it was home for supper at 7:30. Just rush, rush, rush. I was so glad to get out of my office clothes and into my jammies! Hubby & I had planned to go out at dusk an... Read more

  • Walking on the trail and saw this.

    7/18/2017 2:51:06 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I saw this majestic boat this past Sunday. The Queen of the Mississippi is quite big and awesome on the outside and I couldn't get to see any of the rooms or see it go through any of the locks and dams, but just seeing it is grand enough. I hope all have a safe and productive day and e... Read more