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  • Don't know how to respond to a message that both me and the sender are in the wrong.

    6/30/2016 6:51:20 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    And I don't know how to answer it as both me and the person is at fault. That in itself is hard for me to admit since I was always wrong when I was younger, even I was right. She found me on FB and messaged me, and how do I tell my her that she is part of the reason I quit? That I'm also part of ... Read more

  • This weeks concert was Country

    6/29/2016 8:48:34 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    GC wanted to and of course wanted to sneak in movement for him, I said yes. I love country how could I say no. Since the barometric pressure is changing, its affecting his knee more than mine, and I need to get up at 7 am to be some where by 8:30 am, we had to leave early (forgetting there was a c... Read more

  • Beautiful day lured me out, how could I say no?

    6/29/2016 10:33:06 AM, by MISTYULLEN13

    Since it is beautiful day, I went for a walk. I couldn't let the beautiful morning go to waste spending it inside. Seeing the blue sky, green leaves, groundhogs, geese, waves on the river and creek, the smell of fresh cut grass (I miss cutting grass), hearing the breeze in the leaves, I'm glad I l... Read more

  • Today is close to yesterday time wise.

    6/28/2016 6:28:29 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I am still walking faster. Times are going down. I'm walking the same distance, times are going down and I'm not going to make the 2500 minutes I wanted for the month. Which is fine for me. There is always another month. I guess wanting to get schooling and knowing its within reach is what is h... Read more

  • Walk went faster than expected today

    6/27/2016 5:49:17 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    The rain and the cooler air helped with that, also with the peacefulness of the quiet made it fun and faster. I ended speeding up. What normally would have been 45-46 min walking was just over 43 min with climbing over a guard rail due to pooling water. I was the only walker, but I didn't mind, ... Read more

  • Hot hot hot!

    6/27/2016 12:26:25 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    No, I don't like it hot, hot, hot!!! The heat and humidity is contributing to my feeling like a wet rag! Saturday I took refuge at the beach for a few hours. Yesterday it rained and only added to the humidity. It is pretty miserable out. I took Mr Dog for a walk - but after about half a m... Read more

  • Eggplant - I used to avoid it like the plague, but I was misguided!

    6/26/2016 6:38:04 PM, by HMBROWN1

    Okay, I do not like eggplant. My Mom used to bread it and fry it and drown it in tomato sauce. She didn't know to salt and drain it to take the bitterness out. It was terrible! Then I had a relative that made some eggplant casserole - also yucky. Finally, I had a friend who loved Baba Ganoush... Read more

  • These last 7 days went by fast

    6/26/2016 1:11:29 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I was able to rack up 4 hours of walking for the week. I am walking faster for it. I don't know where this past week went. I guess exercising and training, cleaning fill out paperwork, looking for work, having a temp assignment for a day and having fun is what helped.... Read more

  • The sneak in things today.

    6/25/2016 8:16:29 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    My sneak in things today was clean on my apartment so its not as cluttered and table tops covered, dishes done, floors mopped. When I went for my walk earlier, I intentionally looked at the hills since I rarely do taking in the green. The color will be changing real soon. Fall will be here before... Read more

  • Awesome weekend!

    6/25/2016 5:06:33 PM, by HMBROWN1

    So, I got up and went to WW for the weekly weigh in. I was not excited to go. Although I thought I was eating fairly well and getting lots of swimming and weights, I had gained almost 1.5 pounds when I weighed in on Wed for my team challenge. That was depressing, so I was not happy about going to... Read more

  • College here I come!

    6/25/2016 9:26:47 AM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I learned last night, that with working a place that is coveted (a place I love to work in as a matter of fact) my body can't handle anymore. I will be going down to the local college to look into what kind of grants I can get and what kind of classes I can sign up for. I will also be going to my ... Read more

  • Almost got in late thanks to a temp job

    6/24/2016 11:48:26 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I love this temp job, just wish I could handle standing for long periods of time or have a chair or stool (which isn't feasible there). I did get over 11 miles. I didn't expect to get that but happy I did.... Read more

  • Day 3 and Feeling Great

    6/24/2016 7:15:02 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Walking is still a little slow but once my foot gets warmed up I am a walking maniac! Today I did 2 large laps with DH since he had the day off. It was a bit warmer than it has been. After our walk he headed over to older DD's house to install a new screen door for her. She has had it for 3 year... Read more

  • Bolivar Rocks

    6/24/2016 11:50:13 AM, by ASOBFALLS

    We are having such fun this summer in Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri. Population 10,111 The local 'art group' decided to encourage "Art in Public Places" by painting rocks and hiding them around town to be found by others. When you find a painted rock you can 1) take a picture and post to ... Read more

  • Day 2

    6/23/2016 2:22:15 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Walked again today. 3 full laps. It is cooler today, slightly overcast. Made walking much more comfortable. I'm still going pretty slowly. Takes at least a full lap for my foot to relax, still have pain but I march on. Usually by the time I have finished two laps it feels pretty good. No leg ... Read more

  • Concert last night and weather today

    6/23/2016 8:39:54 AM, by MISTYULLEN13

    Rode my bike down to the water front (Heritage Port) saw a concert, enjoyed it a lot. Love country. Ended up meeting with some friends and met their dogs, wanted to meet said big babies anyways since (pit-bulls) so they knew me and got head bonked because one liked me so much. Always loved pits. ... Read more

  • Today was an awesome day.

    6/22/2016 5:48:02 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I was able to get more exercise today since I had to go to the local island to pick an item I had left on the bus yesterday. So I was able to get 40 minutes of bike riding in today and still was able to see a friend today which is a plus. And that is on top of the walking I got in today. I am ble... Read more

  • Foot Pain and the Road to Recovery

    6/22/2016 4:05:38 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Injured my right foot about a week before school let out. Thought I over-stretched it after a workout. But the pain remained for a long while. Especially painful when I wore my newest pair of walking shoes (same brand as always - Brooks). Then last Monday while I was walking, and over a mile fro... Read more

  • Erghhh I hate Plateauxs

    6/22/2016 6:52:56 AM, by KIBBLE55

    ERGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Have a great day everyone... Read more

  • Quit my job today, but for a very good reason.

    6/21/2016 4:36:54 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    While me and GC will be struggling until I get another job (I will be signing up with a temp agency that has transportation service since I do not have a transportation other my bike and the city bus myself and neither does GC) it is better for the both of us. The job was wearing me out mentally, e... Read more

  • Day 9 and counting

    6/21/2016 8:47:45 AM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I am going out to do my training walk. It is my shortest of the week walk but worth it since I do like walking, I will still be adding time to my walk. In a few weeks time I will be walking at least an hour at a time. I hope anyways. If all goes well. of course there will be hills in my walk so ... Read more

  • Since this is day 21 day of review.

    6/20/2016 9:55:17 AM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I am still training for the walking for the walking half marathon, I am also using that time to for exercise. Which means I don't just keep walking the same amount every day (body gets used it and will plateau), keep adding time (will get to the point all I do is walk, walk walk, no work, no play, ... Read more

  • Finish the Walk

    6/19/2016 8:58:24 PM, by FINFIN2

    Whew! Just finished walking around the office for a little over a mile. I am a night dispatcher for a power company, so I get to do things like that. I have decided to complete the "walk around the world" that I started with some friends. We made it to (almost through) China. We started a Quantic... Read more

  • Yay for me!!!!!! I made it through the first week!!!!!!

    6/19/2016 7:39:05 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I made it through the first week of training!!!!!!!! I normally back out due to pain, not this time. I'm not letting work, home or anything else get in my way of training and exercise. If I can make it to the 3 week and 3 month marks (with the pain and with the memory problems), I know I can do t... Read more

  • Please read me.

    6/18/2016 6:56:42 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    Since it is getting hot (and humid as all get out in most places) please keep yourself hydrated. Most people are very heat sensitive. Believe it or not, diarrhea is sign of an allergy and you can be allergic to being hot or even exercise. Found that out from a booklet from my doctors office.... Read more

  • I almost didn't get my walk in today

    6/18/2016 9:49:07 AM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I almost didn't get my walk in today. If I didn't have guilt about not doing it, I wouldn't have done it. I know I put myself up to a challenge and I'm not going to let anything (including work) get in my way. If I have to walk while its dark out, I will do it. I was going to do it tomorrow, but... Read more

  • Day 1....I Can Be ME!!

    6/17/2016 10:32:12 PM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Started my new job today! I am a very outgoing person but I wanted to hold back today because I didn't want my work group to wonder just what they'd gotten into when the decision was made to hire me! I spent very little time with my work group other than first thing this morning for our daily hudd... Read more

  • 6.96 miles in 126 minutes.

    6/17/2016 3:33:47 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I didn't expect that today. I did a lot more walking than I really expected today. I had to do some errands and trying to catch a bus back to town really got me to walking fast. Did I think I could do it? No. Am I happy I did it. Oh yeah.... Read more

  • a quarter of me gone

    6/17/2016 8:39:34 AM, by KIBBLE55

    Some one said to me your half the man you used to be - I assumed and hoped that I meant size not personality - I laughed and said not yet! - But actually I am officially 3/4 of the weight than when I started - that is frightening - I have lost a 1/4 of my size - staggering. I get many complimen... Read more

  • Over 2.5 miles in under 50 minutes.

    6/17/2016 7:49:49 AM, by MISTYULLEN13

    Since I am training for a walking Half marathon, that is awesome. I was going to do it in 2019, I pushed back to 2020 so I could have 3 full years of training. I didn't want to push myself to hard especially since I am on the down hill slide of my 30's. If I was in my teens/early 20's it would be... Read more

  • hhhhmmmm streaks are coming up wrong

    6/16/2016 5:48:24 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I know i'm logging in every day and its only showing I've logged in for 13 days. That's not good. Something is up on that. I haven't reset it so I wonder is going on, I'm going to contact spark people on that. On another note, I was able to get in my walk and get some much needed items before th... Read more

  • Glad I went to see a friend

    6/15/2016 3:40:54 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I needed to get out as I started feeling like I was to just stay home work on my apartment and keep it clean. Its clean but of now its not "up to standards". Well sometimes, my health needs to be brought up to standards and that is being around other people. I want to be able to have interactions... Read more

  • First blog of the day.

    6/15/2016 8:41:08 AM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I walked 2.21 miles in under 42 minutes which is very good for me with getting back into walking. Of course before moving to another part of the Ohio valley I could walk 2.25 miles in 40 minutes or less. I was more active then and I didn't use every excuse in the book to not exercise. It is more ... Read more

  • Walked almost 2 hours today, and who has heard of Presidents Challenge?

    6/14/2016 5:24:47 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I walked to and from work today and did my exercise walk. I only had a few fries today, which meant I really kept myself in check today. I wish I could have kept myself in check but there is always another day at work and another day to really score on that. I did have a cheeseburger at work and ... Read more

  • Life's (Continued) Changes...

    6/12/2016 8:02:50 PM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    This week I will work my last 2 1/2 days at my current job. Due to having so much vacation time left, I had to take quite a few days off. I was able to get my 68 vacation hours down to 40, so they are going to pay out the last 40. Whew!! I was afraid I was going to lose those! Friday, I star... Read more

  • South Coast Path - Dartmouth and a famous crime writer

    6/11/2016 3:58:28 PM, by SPARKSUE198

    We are now at Dartmouth in Devon. This is a place I've been in reality too. It's one of my favourite places. Why? Well, because Agatha Christies's house is there of course! Note to anyone asking who Agatha Christie is. Well firstly... excuse me???? But secondly, how lucky are you to find out ab... Read more

  • Just Thinking

    6/11/2016 2:40:29 AM, by FINFIN2

    I was walking around the office today during TV commercials, and it it sort of hit me that I'm not happy. I'm not even sure what makes me happy. I guess you shouldn't scrutinize happiness too closely. It takes all the "fun" out of it. I'm not dissatisfied or sad... I guess I should just be happ... Read more

  • Captain's Log: Day 9

    6/10/2016 4:27:10 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Spark Date: June 10, 2016. Unfamiliar territory. The fireworks and drama at work have run their course and a less stressful, peaceful environment is being restored. The dog's digestive system has returned to normal and there have been no more surprises to greet me when I get home from my wor... Read more

  • Mental Health Awareness

    6/9/2016 11:53:43 PM, by MISSSCHRADES

    My really good friend has ADHD and I found out the other night she hasn't been able to get her prescription filled for her medicines so she is kind of off her rocker right now. I ended up having to call her doctor for her so that she could get her meds filled. The hard part is watching her spiral. I... Read more

  • Day 7 the path challenges

    6/8/2016 12:14:29 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    So yesterday (Day 6) was a totally challenging day for me. I overslept. I got to work later than normal. I arrived to some furniture installers who were here to install furniture in an office. The scheduling department called the day before to set up a time. I returned the call and left a messa... Read more

  • Day 5... I feel good!

    6/6/2016 3:43:50 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Day 3 - I cleaned out the refrigerator. I haven't tackled the freezer - but everything came out of the refrigerator, I washed it down. The things that went back in? The farm fresh eggs from my daughter's chickens, the butter and spreadable butter with olive oil, the baby spinach, asparagus, pinea... Read more

  • Tracking and not tracking

    6/5/2016 7:54:34 AM, by HMBROWN1

    I have been active on SP for a couple of years. I LOVED tracking everything on SP. I have tracked it all - the good, the bad, the ugly, the even more ugly! However it all changed when I got a 6 month subscription to WW. They have their own site and apps and software and, you guessed it - TRACKIN... Read more

  • Happy with the weigh in!

    6/4/2016 11:49:15 AM, by HMBROWN1

    Last Saturday I was at a 5 km run and it was out of town. I could not get to WW to weigh in. I had to use my hinky scale (that I don't trust). It showed 2 pound loss then 1 pound gain - it was all over the place! I was glad to get to WW this morning. I had a loss of (drum roll please!!!) 3.... Read more

  • Day 2.......

    6/3/2016 1:52:13 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Yesterday I decided it was time to step up my game here. Midway through the day. Not tomorrow, not later - but right then. I had my granddaughter's 8th grade graduation ceremony at her school. I had just enough time to get home, let the dog out, change clothes and head to the school. No time fo... Read more

  • Somebody push me off the ledge....please?

    6/2/2016 2:43:37 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    About 15 years ago a group of us decided to get our adrenaline rush and jump out of an airplane. It was a static line jump. It sounded like no big deal. It sounded pretty fool proof. Step out of the plane, the chute opens, you land on the ground. Number of people who have died doing a static li... Read more

  • Life's (Big!) Surprises...

    6/2/2016 1:10:21 AM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    My life just got rather interesting! I had a job interview last Friday for an Accounting position with a large company. My current boss was aware that I was wanting to get back into accounting so she wasn't surprised I was looking. I thought I did a horrible job on the interview and had decid... Read more