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  • trying to keep busy!

    7/3/2015 12:25:55 AM, by GOLDIEFOXX

    Deer and her two fawns in my backyard. I took this earlier today! I have been off of work since June 24th. Summer school starts up Monday! I have been taking TONS of photos while I've been off. I have been PLASTERING my facebook with super cool shots of all of the deer in my yard.. I think ... Read more


    6/22/2015 11:31:16 PM, by DOTSLADY

    Where has time gone? I was hoping to be at goal by now (again). LOL. I'm stuck on 105 lbs lost (not a horrible thing, mind you! *pats on back*). Trying to shake it up again, so I started to weight train...yesterday (so that'd be once now). Today is rest day (yay). I'm SORE (what did ya expec... Read more

  • Summer Meltdown Biggest Loser Sparkpage Contest Winners

    6/15/2015 11:30:34 PM, by KPACE7

    To kick off the Summer Meltdown Biggest Loser Challenge, members decorated their Sparkpages to reflect their challenge team. There are so many GREAT Sparkpages, it is hard to award only one first place. Please stop by member's pages and congratulate the following winners. Black Pan... Read more

  • Detoxing: Not For the Faint of Heart

    6/15/2015 10:50:43 AM, by DOTSLADY

    I know my liver's whacked, but do I really understand HOW whacked? No. Because if I did, I wouldn't have succumbed to wanting flavor on my dry Greek salad (sans feta, the best part/flavor: the more aged, the more bacteria, the more flavor) at Panera last night. It has crappity crap in it like MSG l... Read more

  • 21 Things I Did to Lose 50 Lbs In A Little Over 6 Months

    6/14/2015 10:44:42 PM, by CARROT143

    If you asked me on the street, "how did you manage to lose 50 lbs in such a short time?" (short time for me considering how many times I've lost and gained in the past), I'd tell you "oh I'm doing the low carb, high fat thing". That is the simplified version because most people simply don't ha... Read more

  • The Color Run 6-13-15

    6/13/2015 7:58:37 PM, by LALALOVELY76

    We had a ball! ... Read more

  • The Color Run 6-13-15

    6/13/2015 7:57:39 PM, by LALALOVELY76

    We had a ball! ... Read more

  • Was I Complaining About My Dogs? & SIBO Conference & New SIBO Test

    6/11/2015 2:31:13 PM, by DOTSLADY

    Now I can't stop huggin' on them (even if Coco puked and I had to unstuff her bed manually so I could wash it; and really I have to thank her for doing it on the tile, not rug), ran into the forest after a stray dog, pulled out pillow stuffing from another pillow all over the room, clawed my face tr... Read more

  • Take Time Off!

    6/10/2015 2:18:52 PM, by CINDILP

    When I was a teenager, I loved to sew. I made my own clothes. I loved one particular dress I made. I loved how I looked in it. I loved the fabric, the color. Everything about that dress. I only wore the dress on select occasions. It would hang in my closet and I would admire it there. I remember my ... Read more

  • Mike Mutzel Podcasts Are My Fave

    6/10/2015 12:33:22 PM, by DOTSLADY

    I'm on FB more than here, ya'all (yeah, I'm Southern today). But I don't blog my life like I do here. I'm always sharing Mike Mutzel podcasts over there (if you're also on FB, let me know so we can wave). I encourage you to check him out as he's so en pointe about relevant health topics (least in ... Read more

  • I ate how many calories???

    6/9/2015 6:35:13 PM, by KAYE_K

    Tracking my food the last couple of days and it's just amazing how fast those calories add up, even when your food choices are healthier. I'm amazed. Well, maybe that's a bit hyperbolic, but it's definitely an aye opener. I need to maintain laser focus in this area if I want to make real progress. I... Read more

  • Hormone Update and May Cholesterol Results

    6/9/2015 2:01:59 PM, by DOTSLADY

    Paleo doc didn't really say much. He raised my estriol balance in my progesterone cream is all. He again grabbed my fatty parts and told me the hormones responsible: knees: thyroid lower belly: cortisol upper belly: can't remember (I'll edit when I do) back fat: can't remember arm fat... Read more

  • Getting off This Crazy Roller Coaster Ride!

    6/8/2015 7:53:44 PM, by KAYE_K

    The cycle: lose 2lbs. Gain 5lbs. Lose3 lbs. Gain 2lbs. Lose no pounds for a while. Gain 5lbs during "that time of the month". Lose 5lbs. Just in time to gain it all back again. Stop the madness! No more, I tell you! If you told me I'd be186lbs (and that I've been much closer to 190lbs than the Lord ... Read more