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  • Mid-Month Check-In

    10/16/2014 5:16:02 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    1) You vs. You Challenge at the gym (4 classes a week including one ST) I am making all my classes, having fun and feeling good! 2) Continue with Dr. Beck. I've actually taken a few days off from this but today is my first day back doing the exercises and writing in m... Read more

  • Tapping into my pride

    10/14/2014 12:46:42 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    I really, really have to send a huge thanks to 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI. I want her to know how much she's helped me modify my thinking in the past few days. I saw a comment she wrote on someone else's blog that some consider keeping even 10% of your original weight loss off for over a year to be succe... Read more


    10/13/2014 4:33:32 PM, by READYRUBBIES

    Today was a better day for me.Sometimes i feel discouraged.So i try to avoid the mirror. I know i am making a huge strides in my health and fitness. It use to be a time when i would sit in front of the tv and binge eat with little to no physical activity. Now i am feeling the desire and motivation t... Read more

  • Sneak Peak

    10/11/2014 9:19:22 PM, by NATURALROCKS

    So I broke the promise I made when I restarted this journey on 9/30. I promised to stay off the scale until 10/30 but I snuck on the scale this morning I am glad that I did because I have that what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks is working. My goal was to lose 5 pounds this... Read more

  • First meeting with new health coach!!

    10/11/2014 8:07:09 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    You guys, I'm so serious about reaching my goal weight and maintaining for LIFE that I have taken a new step -- something I've never done before in my numerous attempts to lose weight. I've enlisted a health coach. I've actually known Heather as my dance instructor for over two years. She's a... Read more

  • Thanks to my aching foot and knee

    10/11/2014 3:51:45 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    In July of 2013, I weighed 172, down from a high of 245, just three pounds from exiting the "obese" column. Over the next year, I steadily inched my way back to 200, crossing that dreaded line in August. I was mired in self-loathing, weighing every day and then nastily berating myself for hours af... Read more

  • Day 1 (and discovering the grill!)

    10/8/2014 1:39:23 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    The Beck Diet Solution urges you to spend two weeks working their program before starting your diet in earnest. Though today is Day 15 of my work with the Beck Diet Solution -- and I've been monitoring what I eat for that whole time -- today is the first day of my diet. Yay! I'm actually excited!... Read more

  • Web site complaint- Opinions wanted

    10/8/2014 7:06:30 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    A big change for me in using SP was getting a smartphone. I now can use it to access the site anywhere and any time and photos upload directly from my phone camera which is my main source of pics. I also have an iPad. A few days ago when I went to access my page I got some weird abbreviated form. ... Read more

  • Celebrating two weekends on track

    10/7/2014 8:47:25 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    This weekend was by no means perfect, but I tracked it all and kept my eye on the prize. Two weekends in a row where I tracked and did not go hog wild. This is the hardest part for me as I often do well during the week and then go crazy on the weekend. If I can keep stringing together good days, ... Read more

  • Thank you SP Family

    10/5/2014 5:23:16 PM, by NATURALROCKS

    Everybody! My last blog was voted "Most Popular Blog"of the day I want to thank all 70+ people who gave me support and encouragement on my restart on this journey. Thank you for your compliments to my baby boy as well. It really motivated me this week to ... Read more

  • Month In Review/October Goals

    10/1/2014 2:33:19 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    Here were my goals for September: 1) Track nutrition every day. ACTUAL: 22/30. 2) Walk outside every day. ACTUAL: 20/30. 3) Attend five dance classes per week. ACTUAL: 5, 5, 1, 4. 4) Lose 7 pounds. ACTUAL: 2 pounds. I'LL TAKE IT. 5) Eliminate alcohol to help jump start meta... Read more

  • 93 to no resolution

    9/30/2014 12:04:13 PM, by TIFFA409

    Including today, I have 93 days left in this year. 93 days to get an exercise routine in place and healthy eating habits re-established in my life so when New Year's comes around, I won't need a resolution. I will already be living the new life I want. For the next 31days, I will: Have at ... Read more

  • I forgive me- my plan to get back

    9/30/2014 7:51:26 AM, by NATURALROCKS

    Time to get honest and stop making excuses! I am ready to restart my journey to a healthier me. So let's make it happen. My current weight is between 220-215. My son will be 1 in January and this weight will no longer be "baby weight" but just plain old weight. So here are some things I have done ... Read more

  • I Got To Meet A Spark Friend!!! Woo Hoo

    9/28/2014 7:17:19 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    Yesterday I, my daughter (runnergirlkim), and her friend (2scrambledlegs) were running in the Virginia 10 miler.(I ran the 4 miler). I had made plans to meet up with Brooklyn_Born who has been my Spark Friend for most of the year. ... Read more


    9/26/2014 5:34:20 PM, by READYRUBBIES

    Today was a very good day for me. I was very active. I felt like a machine. If i keep this momentum going i will begin dropping these pounds. Which i am so ready to do. I do know it is a process. Slow and steady wins the race. I have learned not to over do it and to listen to my body. I am very plea... Read more

  • I got batteries... for my scale

    9/26/2014 1:24:02 PM, by DIETROCKSTAR

    Now I need to put them in. I was on my treadmill last night watching a true crime show when they were interviewing a victim's family member. She was a bit overweight. Probably like I was when I started out. I was thinking how she must just have whatever she wants to eat and drink, like I did ba... Read more

  • How a bra changed everything: a look back at the journey thus far

    9/22/2014 11:31:23 AM, by SPARKEDPERSON

    Size 8. How long it has been since I have seen you.... A journey up the scale, and one turned back down the scale with what seems like the most basic of purchases. 13 years ago I was young, fit and just barely pregnant. At 145 lbs, I fit comfortably into a size 6/7. I was very, very active, ate... Read more

  • Fall Fitness Frenzy Biggest Loser Sparkpage Contest Winners

    9/20/2014 8:02:50 PM, by KPACE7

    To kick off the Fall Fitness Frenzy Biggest Loser Challenge, members decorated their sparkpages to reflect their challenge team. There are so many GREAT sparkpages, it was hard to award only one first place. Pages were scored on showing their team colo... Read more