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  • Restart MPC2017

    3/20/2017 8:07:14 AM, by PEABODY04

    I have fallen off program way too many times so far this year, but I am not giving up. The goal of My Peak Challenge is to better ourselves and I am making headway in some areas. Now to get back to my eating and fitness goals!!!... Read more

  • Much improved lab work I think.

    3/18/2017 6:40:52 PM, by MAZACK

    Had lab work done yesterday. My creatine level has gone down for first time in a year, it had been gradually go up. that means my kidney function iss better. Not normal yet but better. Also the blood test One test that measures my congestive heart failure was in a normal range. I have lost some wei... Read more

  • A great day

    3/11/2017 1:27:57 PM, by MAZACK

    Today I declare a good day to get stuff done. I actually cannot go by scales completely in my weight loss. Last year between my 3 months check-up I had gained 10 pounds. I had been doing good. I had a preop check-up for shoulder surgery and everything was Looking good . We were out of town when sudd... Read more

  • March 9, 2017

    3/9/2017 11:46:47 AM, by STARRYK15

    Some days I get so frustrated. I have been paying attention to everything I eat; I have been getting more exercise in - up 4 mornings a week to work out with Coach Nicole and Jessica Smith (thank you!!!). I have been trying to get my steps in 6 days a week. I feel much better getting .. but th... Read more

  • I went a whole day without soda!

    3/2/2017 1:57:28 PM, by STORMYLI

    One thing that my husband simply "has" to have is soda. I love it too. We were running low on it, so I told the kids not to drink any of dad's pop yesterday so that it would be there for him when he got home from work. I didn't even realize until today that I also didn't drink any soda yesterday.... Read more

  • One thing at a time, I suppose

    3/1/2017 3:43:31 PM, by PEABODY04

    Beginning of the year I had 3 things: 1) Track my food daily 2) Take all medicines on time 3) Less than 200 mg caffeine daily So far, those are going pretty well. This week I added one more: 4) No more than 1 carbonated drink per day This last one is very difficult for me, but nee... Read more

  • Sheesh, ANOTHER restart!!!

    2/27/2017 8:20:08 AM, by PEABODY04

    I suppose as long as I keep restarting and trying, I will at least not get worse. Unfortunately, I have been gaining! I have gained this last two months, instead of losing as I had planned. I lost about 25 pounds the beginning of last year and was thrilled with the progress, but this year I have ... Read more