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  • We needed this then & we need this even more now

    7/4/2015 8:32:51 AM, by GEMINICHIK

    George Washington's prayer for our country: "Almighty God; We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection, that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; and entertain a brotherly affect... Read more

  • Today was a Good Day!

    7/3/2015 9:56:07 PM, by PACEKA1

    30 One week ago we were sitting in the dining room of our hostess, Beverly Wunder at the Wunder Ranch and Outlaw B&B in Lander, Wyoming. We had a wonderful week visiting Wyoming and made some forever friends in Beverly and her daughter Janice. Even our dog Daisy made a friend with CD (short ... Read more

  • Home Again and it feels so good!

    6/28/2015 1:26:08 PM, by PACEKA1

    30 We arrived home just minutes before midnight last night after driving (well, for me it was riding) 17 hours. We had good driving weather, a little hot but my husband finally broke down and turned on the air conditioner. We just missed a hail storm in South Dakota but did run into some hea... Read more

  • Foot Love and Staying Off My Balls

    6/25/2015 2:24:08 PM, by REDHEARTGIRL

    As I have mentioned, I developed plantar fasciitis a while back. Unfortunately, I did not know that that was a thing and every night at work I would think "MAN, my feet sure are swelling a lot. Am I eating too much salt?" Things like that. It was a year before I realized I was in some mysterious foo... Read more

  • The Shape I'm In

    6/24/2015 2:42:37 PM, by REDHEARTGIRL

    I was getting ready for work and decided to snap a "before" picture. This doesn't actually do my out-of-shape-ness justice but I wasn't about to post a half naked mush shot on the webs. Not my style. I have about 25 pounds to lose but WEIGHT isn't what I come here to focus on. It's my los... Read more

  • Wyoming Retreat

    6/24/2015 2:15:33 PM, by PACEKA1

    67 We are on our 5th day in the countryside of Lander, Wyoming. The little cabin we rented is cozy and cute and when we sit out on the porch we are looking at a huge hillside with red rock lined all the way across. It's amazing to see the sun come up over the rocks. It's also fun to watch t... Read more

  • I wore a size 10 and still thought I was fat

    6/24/2015 7:43:28 AM, by HAWKTHREE

    For about 7 years, I lived in an area where women did not wear jeans. I know. Hard to believe that an article of clothing was scorned. I adapted and packed away my favorite pair and gave the others away. Didn't think about them for a long time until recently. I've moved and now I need jean... Read more

  • One week done

    6/21/2015 1:57:40 PM, by SHAKER_MAKER

    So at this stage I'm a Sparkpeople veteran, and yet I've never reached my goal. However, in the past year I've reached a level of body acceptance and appreciation, and even love, for myself that I never thought I would. I want to lose ten pounds still, and weigh 130. That is my goal. But it's ... Read more

  • 29 Father's Days

    6/21/2015 1:56:58 PM, by GEMINICHIK

    Daddy, You've been gone 29 years but your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. I miss you every day and I love you with all my heat....until we are together in Paradise w/ our Lord, Jesus Christ.... Read more

  • I Miss You, Pop!

    6/21/2015 11:44:17 AM, by TEXASLYNN

    It's been nearly 16 years and very few days have passed that I didn't miss you, want to discuss something with you, or share my hysterically funny little dogs with you. You would have loved them, especially butterball Bitsee. I wish I had been a better daughter and I'm sure you wished you could be a... Read more

  • Almost to Level 16!

    6/20/2015 6:21:54 PM, by TEXASLYNN

    Close enough to taste it but not quite there yet. Gaining this level means more than some of the others have because I had almost given up. These long "plateaus" I have really distress me and take it out of me but this time I am still in the battle.... Read more

  • Balance!

    6/19/2015 9:46:41 AM, by TEXASLYNN

    This week I had so much on my plate that I decided not to track but to use the time for R & R so I would not be absolutely dead by the time my three-day weekend started. It worked and I actually have the energy to enjoy myself. It is really helping just to do something as simple as line up my work w... Read more

  • Oh, those little moments when you recognize yourself.

    6/17/2015 9:18:04 PM, by REDHEARTGIRL

    I have spent so long in my current shell, I truly forgot what my old one looked like. I came across photos of myself from many years ago today and it both inspired and saddened me. I looked at that sweet girl longingly. Was I even aware at the time of what I possessed? I don't think so. I am so than... Read more

  • It's been awhile.....

    6/16/2015 7:46:42 PM, by PACEKA1

    I look back on my entries - and I see that I've stalled out several times. I'm disappointed in myself for that but although I haven't lost as much weight as I would have like by this time, I HAVE lost about 12 real pounds and am down one size pants. I've also lost several inches from when I starte... Read more

  • The Strategy Worked

    6/13/2015 4:13:31 PM, by TEXASLYNN

    Just getting a week's worth of clothes ready saved me enough time in the morning I could get an extra half hour's sleep. I also decided I would not get to work one minute before I actually needed to because first, it isn't appreciated anyway and second, I need more time for me. So I didn't get to wo... Read more

  • I feel great

    6/11/2015 7:29:59 PM, by REDHEARTGIRL

    I am in the springtime of my life... in my head. :) I certainly had some grand plans for my year. Everything was beautiful! Everything was on the horizon. Everything! My feet didn't get the memo. Understandable. They are so far from my dreaming head. Really. I'm nearly 5'11". Once upon a time I n... Read more

  • Much Better This Way!

    6/8/2015 7:17:59 PM, by TEXASLYNN

    Yesterday, I laid out my work clothes for the entire week, grouping all the hangars together so I could grab the whole outfit with one trip to the closet. That bought me enough time I could do some biceps work with 2# weights. I have my lunch salad and protein ready for tomorrow, and after I track I... Read more

  • This Week I Resolve to ...

    6/7/2015 10:56:40 AM, by TEXASLYNN

    use all the skills I have to break my weight loss plateau. Today, I need to organize myself to better cope with the work world next week. Part of my plateau was the stress-eating I did last week, which came as the result of not getting enough sleep, being totally disorganized about meals, and m... Read more

  • What's a good hair gel & spray?

    6/6/2015 2:54:37 PM, by -COURT-

    I'm not hairdo savvy, but I want to try to get a little oomph to the top, crown, of my hair. I used some gels in the past (still not good at styling) but it was on the sticky side. One I saw at the store today, Garnier, was only good for 24 hrs. I want to get a good gel and hairspray, but ... Read more

  • Thanks for your support!

    6/6/2015 12:33:45 PM, by TEXASLYNN

    To those of you who responded to my Hellish Week blog, thank you so much. You are saying things my coworkers and I are telling each other. It is just really hard while we are in it. We got a small break yesterday when she left at noon. Some people are just so poisonous and don't know how to leave th... Read more

  • Hellish Week

    6/4/2015 7:56:34 PM, by TEXASLYNN

    The job has me stressed this week. Actually the job has been pretty good but the principal is an ass. She has all the people skills of a gnat and has never taught a single day in a prison. Shall we say she is the Peter Principle in action? Anyway, the experience has me short on sleep and patience. I... Read more