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  • Confessions

    6/21/2017 7:33:57 PM, by MLKDUD

    Well I was feeling great and doing great, then of course fell right back off the wagon. Gained 20 pounds. Lot of body aches and pains. No clue what my diabetes is doing since I have quit checking my sugars. In December my A1C was 5.8! Had to have an endometrial biopsy for heavy/irregular periods... Read more

  • Bad weekend

    6/19/2017 11:29:43 AM, by CH64412010

    Well with father's day being this past weekend, I was on the go a lot. It was also my grandma's bday and step dads. We did a lot of eating out and all the running here and there did not allow a lot of time for getting my steps in. However, today is a new day. I'm not going to try and beat myself up ... Read more

  • Sparkcoach

    6/19/2017 10:46:30 AM, by MISSA526

    I recently passed on French fries. What temptation have you passed on recently?... Read more

  • A day at the lake

    6/12/2017 10:47:54 AM, by CH64412010

    We spent over 7 hrs at the lake yesterday. We were active: swimming, playing frisbee, walking around, and playing at the park. Also, I grilled but we did corn on the cob and chicken legs. It was so peaceful and we enjoyed it. I think we will try camping next weekend.... Read more

  • Sparkcoach

    6/11/2017 8:13:44 AM, by MISSA526

    When it comes to exercise I am good at sticking to plans I make with others to exercise but not so good at self motivation. Does anyone one else have this problem?... Read more

  • Spark coach

    6/9/2017 11:20:27 AM, by MISSA526

    My favorite motivational quote is "Be yourself, An original is worth more than a copy!"... Read more

  • Job drama

    6/7/2017 8:07:35 AM, by KNYAGENYA

    As some of you know I work at the local mental health center. A big portion of our funding comes from billing Medicaid. 528 Medicaid is unveiling a huge redesign for behavioral health in July. I will have to deal with some of the changes, mainly I have to give up my job and be reassigned. 46 I wil... Read more


    6/6/2017 4:22:25 PM, by ERICALEAHA

    503 Last June I was sick and tired of how I looked, felt and was getting really scared. Had High Blood Pressure and my Diabetics was going up and the weight also. My knees would kill me to walk. All these conditions run in my family. I completed the classes to have Gastric "sleeve" Surgery, but ... Read more

  • Haircut

    6/3/2017 1:30:54 PM, by CH64412010

    Well after 100 lb loss, I cut my hair. New life and a new me in my next 30 years. I wanna lose 25 more lbs and I'm done with my weight loss journey... Read more

  • NSV!!

    6/1/2017 3:54:07 PM, by MISSA526

    None of my shorts fits they keep falling down!! Plus I went on a 1 miles with a steep hill and I kept up for the most part I wasn't even winded or having a coughing fit!!... Read more

  • Summer Challenge

    5/31/2017 6:46:17 PM, by CHERSUZ

    I'm really looking forward to the summer challenge with our Emerald Gems Mission: Slim-Possible!! That is the attitude that we need to adopt....anything is possible -- it just takes dedication and hard work. With all the support that is received from the team members we know that WE CAN DO IT!!!! ... Read more

  • Spark coach

    5/30/2017 3:33:20 PM, by MISSA526

    I passed up extra ribs. They were delish and I only had 2. Also I went for a mile walk with hills. Great day!!!... Read more

  • Day 2

    5/29/2017 8:07:07 PM, by CSMAIL1971

    Not the best day but not the worst. 67 calories under. Every little bit counts. Now that things are settling down a little I can't wait to get back on track.... Read more

  • 175!!!

    5/28/2017 11:42:21 PM, by CH64412010

    I did it. I hit my goal of losing 100 lbs! I have made a new goal of 150. I'm gonna give myself 9 months to lose the other 25 lbs so just gonna be adjusting to a new life style not focused on losing all the time. I'm ready for the new challenge. Also I have plans to cut my hair next week. I said whe... Read more

  • Day One: my journey starts today (again)

    5/28/2017 7:52:54 AM, by CSMAIL1971

    After a very stressful few months ending in the loss of my mother in law I have realized I need to be more serious about taking care of myself. Not only my physical health but my mental health as well. I put everyone first, hold things in and deal on my own. I have gained and lost the same tw... Read more