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  • Ready to live

    4/20/2017 8:47:25 AM, by ANGIEEVERETTE

    I have spent a great deal of my time waiting. Waiting for the work day to be over, for my kids to grow up, to be thin...the list goes on and on. Now I choose to live. I will enjoy my work day and have decided to surround myself with things in my office that I bring me happiness. I will enjoy my chi... Read more

  • Branson

    4/18/2017 11:03:30 AM, by CH64412010

    We are taking the kids to Branson July 4th for a few days. This is a little in advance but I'm wondering if there is any good places for nature trails or hikes? It's a semi vacation but would like to stay active while enjoying ourselves.... Read more

  • Goodbye Jawbone UP Hello Fitbit Flex

    4/14/2017 9:34:37 PM, by HEALTHIER-TT

    I love my UP but it was time to let it go. It still works for the most part. I just got tired of it constantly disconnecting from my phone. It doesn't help that it is no longer supported. So last week I ordered the Fitbit Flex. So far I really love it. I had to get used to wearing it on my wrist. My... Read more

  • Discouraged that nothing I accomplish makes a difference.

    4/11/2017 11:49:25 PM, by LESOVME

    I promised I would be transparent and open. I have worked hard to be positive. I have worked hard to follow my goals every day. I have followed goals for 51 days to exercise, drink water, stay within my calories, track my intake, and follow my challenges. In spite of all of that, I have not lost any... Read more

  • Most steps so far

    4/9/2017 7:45:29 PM, by CH64412010

    I've had an extremely active weekend with my family. My sister is going through a divorce so yesterday her and her daughter met us at a trail about an hr away. We walked and explored for about 3 hrs. It was beautiful scenery and I got almost 20,00 steps yesterday. I do not even get that when I mo... Read more


    4/9/2017 12:39:14 AM, by ERICALEAHA

    I added more minutes to my jogging intervals today. I had been having knee pain for about 5 yrs. Since losing weight my knee pain has decreased. I can't believe I am able to run now with no knee pain. It still hurts to go up and down stairs but that is even getting better to do. 590 244 36... Read more

  • Where's my latte?!

    4/7/2017 9:55:04 PM, by LESOVME

    I used to enjoy a cup of black coffee every morning. Then I started lattes. Oh, my. That creamy taste, with not too much sweet. But, still, too much sugar. So, I started sugar free chai tea lattes. Yum. Really not too sweet, creamy, and spicy. But, do you know how many calories are in a chai tea lat... Read more

  • Routines

    4/3/2017 10:05:37 AM, by TIARUG

    Getting in to a routine for working out has been difficult. My husband and I had planned on going to the gym three days a week, with specific days and times, and every week since we have started we have missed 1 or 2 days. Now- it would be great if we could lose weight and get healthy in 1 60 minute... Read more

  • 5k

    4/1/2017 8:35:38 PM, by CH64412010

    I've got a 5k (my first) coming up on the 22nd. What does everyone to do to prep. I usually get 10,000 steps a day. Is it OK to do this up to race day or should I take a rest day in advance or a rest week... what should I eat the night before? Any advise would be appreciated. I'm totally excited bec... Read more

  • Venturing into strength training

    3/28/2017 9:57:46 AM, by TIARUG

    Last night I did half my usual cardio workout and ventured into some strength training. I was apprehensive! The world of weights and machines and balls and bars seems so foreign to me. What do you do with them? How much weight is enough to make a difference? Will I make some type of weight room faux... Read more

  • Adding it in where I can

    3/27/2017 1:26:24 PM, by TIARUG

    Last week was somewhat of a bust, with only one of my planned workouts completed. I did start to add little bursts in my day- squats in between patients, desk pushups while on a conference call, stretching with some of my patients who require physical activity to get through a session. It's not much... Read more

  • Grateful

    3/27/2017 8:43:10 AM, by CH64412010

    I'm having a hard time this morning with the new job. I hated it at first but I'm slowly coming around. I'm having a hard time with it today. I'm obviously grateful for my family and God. Three things that are not so obvious is: I'm thankful for a job period when so many are struggling. Especially o... Read more