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    2/17/2017 8:54:07 PM, by ERICALEAHA

    I find it so hard when eating out to not eat the bread, flour tortillas or tortilla chips and i don't just eat one. My husband is retired and home all day and I work full time. When i get home he wants to get out of the house we go walking at the mall but then he wants to eat something. I feel ba... Read more

  • New job

    2/17/2017 3:37:17 PM, by CH64412010

    So, I got a new job! I have loved my job for the past 3 years in the business department at the local newspaper, but I am excited to be growing. It is amazing looking back how far I have come in the past year. It's not only been a weight loss journey, but I am truly transforming. I am entering a log... Read more

  • Fitness Update for Feb to Date

    2/12/2017 9:50:43 PM, by HEALTHIER-TT

    This past week I got in two exercise sessions for a total of 30 mins that is in addition to reaching my step goal twice this week.the previous week I didn't log any workouts but made my step goal twice. I am hoping to get in 3 workouts this week as well as make my step goal. It's going to be a chal... Read more

  • Being Positive

    2/10/2017 6:30:00 AM, by PRITHY3

    I am feeling good about the decisions and choices I am making. I am taking active steps to improve my health by incorporating raw garlic, cinnamon, and super foods like bone marrow and bone broth into my diet. I am increasing my vegetable intake, and decreasing my junk intake. Still looking for mor... Read more

  • Wishing You A Great Day!

    2/9/2017 1:07:29 PM, by GARDENSFORLIFE

    Dear Spark Friends: I hope your day is great. Fill you mind with beautiful things. Worry needs to be limited. Stress needs to be managed. Let us smile and be happy today. I hope today is a great day for you. ... Read more

  • Binge

    2/9/2017 9:55:54 AM, by CH64412010

    I had a moment of weakness last night. I did good all day yesterday, but at dinner I ended up going like 1000 calories over 8*(. Before this would have devastated me. After a year of a healthier lifestyle and 90 lbs lost, I realize this is not the end of the world. Today is a new day, and I will pic... Read more

  • Better try something different

    2/8/2017 8:04:07 AM, by KNYAGENYA

    It has been almost 3 weeks since I started my attempt to get a Pandora bead when I lose 10 pounds. I haven't lost a pound, an ounce or anything. I have been gaining and losing the same 3 pounds!! I have been helping a friend write a grad paper and I have been so tired I have been missing my morning ... Read more

  • Beginning Week Two

    2/5/2017 7:15:54 PM, by MSECKLEY

    Well, I had an incredibly successful first week. 8lbs lost over the course of 7 days is significantly more than I expected and is a great motivator to continue meal prepping. The changes I made this week don't feel that significant and I went over my calorie goals on four of the seven days- if this ... Read more

  • February Move Challenge

    2/3/2017 11:03:36 AM, by HEALTHIER-TT

    I'm a little late in posting but better late than never. My goal to focus on this month is to keep moving. It is my goal to get in a minimum of 10 mins of exercise a day. That is in addition to my daily step goal. My daily step goal is 4000 steps. Some days I make it and some days I don't. However I... Read more

  • No Topic

    2/2/2017 10:07:09 AM, by CH64412010

    Typically when writing a blog in the past, I try to have a theme. No theme is coming to mind today. So, I'm just checking in. I am now down to 187 (88 lbs lost)! Seems so unreal sometimes. I am going to hit the gym 2-3 times this week. That's been the first for a while. Since my treadmill broke, I h... Read more

  • 30 Day Self-Challenge: Day Twenty-One

    2/1/2017 9:39:37 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Worked late. Crazy case. Even after 25 years, it's amazing what people come up with in the name of parenting. *Sigh* Anywho - today is going to be sunny and warm and I'm off! Will be some kind of outdoor fitness, some shopping and spending time with my hubby whom I adore. Yay! I GOT... Read more

  • January Water Challenge

    1/31/2017 9:12:36 PM, by HEALTHIER-TT

    For January I focused on getting my 8 glasses of water daily. I did really well. There are 31 days in the month and I only fell short 10 days. Those were my long driving days with no sure access to clean bathrooms. Other than that, I'm happy with how I did. I even opted for water a few times when I ... Read more

  • 30-Day Self Challenge: Day Twenty

    1/31/2017 8:58:23 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Whew! Whatever dark cloud of a mood has been weighing me down seems to be gone today! I actually feel "normal" again. I wish I could explain it, but I can't. Nonetheless, I kept checking in on SP, kept to my eating plan and managed to do some exercise if not all that I usually do. I call that a... Read more

  • 30 Day Self-Challenge: Day Nineteen

    1/30/2017 11:14:36 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Still struggling with moodiness. Yesterday was pretty good in that I followed my plan to spend the day cooking some new recipes since I've been getting bored with what I am eating. I've somewhat enjoyed learning about the Paleo food plan, because it's different, but I'm slowly becoming convinced t... Read more

  • 30-Day Self Challenge: Day Seventeen

    1/28/2017 3:17:51 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Hey guys. Been struggling this whole week and, of course, beating myself up about it. I took a step back today to try to see what's going on. The whole thing started when I had a let down at the beginning of the week regarding a music opportunity. Then the stuff with my stepfather. He's still n... Read more

  • 30-Day Challenge: Not a Good Day

    1/27/2017 1:53:49 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Definitely not the worst mood I've ever been in, but not the best either. I have totally determined that being tired is my worst enemy. I am in the bed watching TV with my pets. Having coffee and being quiet. My husband and I had already committed to going out tonight to see a friend play. I think t... Read more

  • 30-Day Challenge: Day Sixteen

    1/26/2017 8:40:57 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    I think the universe is doing its best to test my stress levels. I worked till about 11 o'clock last night. Then I couldn't sleep well for thinking about all the things I need to do today. I am planning to help a friend with a catering event and still pick up a client by 2 p.m. to take him to an app... Read more

  • 30 Day Self-Challenge: Day Fifteen

    1/25/2017 2:02:34 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Best cure for depression I know.... I GOT THIS. ... Read more

  • Gym

    1/25/2017 1:32:59 PM, by CH64412010

    I made it to the gym for a quick workout yesterday! Like I said before, these are getting few and far between when school is in session because of my crazy schedule. I do workout at home though A LOT. Anyway when I first started this journey 11 months ago, a friend had to almost force me to go to th... Read more

  • 30 Day Self-Challenge: Day Fourteen

    1/24/2017 3:57:27 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Really struggling with depression for some reason. Just out of the blue. Fortunately my husband is a great resource for helping me stay on track. But it pisses me off that I even feel this way. I know IT WILL PASS though. I am just going to stay the course. Eating on plan and did water aerobic... Read more

  • Ugh I hate being sick

    1/24/2017 1:27:48 PM, by MISSA526

    I have a horrible sorethroat and I still don't have a doctor. I'm going to the walk in clinic tomorrow and hopefully get some relief. I can't have anything warm or hot. Or cool or cold or else it really kills. My ears hurt and I can barely swallow. Sorry to complain so much but I'm taking care of my... Read more

  • 30 Day Self-Challenge: Day Thirteen

    1/23/2017 3:54:02 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    I am still doing a great job working my challenge. When I'm on call it's tough. I did get a great workout in 2 of the 3 weekend days, so I'm pleased with that. Today I did Zumba. Feeling a little moody today. I think it's the weather. It was beautiful earlier, but the clouds are coming in and i... Read more


    1/22/2017 8:17:10 PM, by ERICALEAHA

    Stayed home today raining cats & dogs 246 I have been doing my workouts trying to meet my goals for today. Need to do 120 minutes of exercise and trying to reach 12,000 steps on my fitbit. 319 315 I made a beautiful salad for lunch I also made this Spark Recipe for the week. It taste ... Read more

  • Overcoming perfectionism

    1/22/2017 9:57:57 AM, by JUNGLEGIRL8

    I was born a healthy 8+ pounds & have struggled with weight issues for most of my life. With a lot of effort & greatly restricted diets at times, I have had intermittent periods of near normal BMI and longer periods of obesity. I know the basics of healthy nutrition & exercise. Usually, I start ... Read more

  • Tired!

    1/22/2017 9:08:48 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Emotional weekend - one drug baby, one broken baby, one dead baby and one overdose. Tired. I GOT THIS.... Read more