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  • I'm Hard Wired to Be INVINCIBLE!

    10/28/2016 11:42:58 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Yesterday I sorted through summer clothes to bring my winter clothes into my "active" closet. I decided that I was going to give away EVERYTHING that was over the size 20, because I KNOW that I will never be in this size again. Were there any reservations? Yes...that small voice that said, "But w... Read more

  • Odd Day Yesterday

    10/27/2016 9:17:21 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Was feeling my normal, motivated self all day - and then not so much. I was up late the night before with work, got up early to go back to the office to turn in the pager and some paper work. Then home and ate a healthy breakfast and we went to vote. We then did some errands and got a great, hea... Read more

  • We Voted Today!

    10/26/2016 7:10:09 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Nope - don't worry. You won't hear any commentary from me about candidates. But we did vote today. My dog Clancy believes in doing his civic duty, too! I GOT THIS.... Read more

  • UGH!!! Motivation Drop

    10/25/2016 1:43:40 PM, by COUNTRYFISHIN

    OMG!!! UGH!!! I am so upset with myself. I mean I was all ready to start a new home workout that I planned for myself (well actually I got it off of but I was seriously getting it in my head to start it right? And then guess what? The day came to start it and I felt no motivation. Ser... Read more

  • Physician Supervised Diet

    10/25/2016 9:48:16 AM, by ASHLEYYOUNG6416

    Well, I just saw my PCP and due to my insulin resistance being up I was placed on Metformin and 150 Gram carbohydrate diet. My physician is supervising this diet. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am trying to give up soda and sweetened drinks, and I am trying to find lower carb option... Read more

  • Fall - Yuck.

    10/25/2016 8:58:57 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    I'm just not into cold weather. I don't like being cold. I like my spring and summer weather and being on the beach. So - I need to take a minute to find the positive. These are the pluses of cooler weather: 1. It signals that the holidays are coming. You like the holidays because you... Read more

  • There's a Yeti in My Drain!

    10/24/2016 11:35:35 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    But it's OK - he's smaller! I noticed another NSV (non-scale victory) this morning. My hair is healthier! When I'm not eating right, my hair tends to fall out more and be thinner (even though the curls make it look thicker). But in just 65 days, my hair is already thicker and less is falling out... Read more


    10/23/2016 3:39:38 PM, by ERICALEAHA

    My children surprised me for my birthday. I thought my older son my granddaughters and my grandson were not coming for dinner yesterday. I was really sad and he had not even called me. We went to meet at my other sons house. I walked in and they all surprised me. I was so happy all my children,... Read more

  • Happy to be Home

    10/23/2016 3:20:50 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    It was fun to go off for the weekend, but it's so nice to come home and know that you LOVE where you live and who you live with. The only sad thing about our homecoming is that the vet isn't open today, so we can't pick up our furbabies until tomorrow. Have to work the next two days. Will d... Read more

  • Spark coach

    10/23/2016 4:52:47 AM, by MISSA526

    One thing I'm really good at is being a good listener. What about you?... Read more

  • Pictures

    10/23/2016 12:08:18 AM, by CH64412010

    In the past, I have only takin close up pics. This is the first pic I have felt confident in in YEARS! 68 lbs later, I feel I can finally take full pics! This is a big accomplishment to me... Read more

  • Sunny Day in the Middle Ages!

    10/22/2016 5:38:13 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Had a lovely time with the love of my life at the Carolina Rennaisance Festival today! The weather was perfect (60's and sunny) and lots of walking. I have really tried to find more stuff to do that involves being active. And yes, you can even find healthy stuff to eat at a Renn Faire. Happy week... Read more

  • Thank God For Another Birthday

    10/22/2016 11:39:06 AM, by ERICALEAHA

    I am now 53 yrs old I can't believe it. I am working on improving my health and looks. I feel really good with the changes in my eating habits. It is not easy but i take one day at a time and keeping track of what i eat and how much i exercise helps me know what i need to cut back on or what i ha... Read more

  • Getting over the flu

    10/22/2016 3:32:50 AM, by MISSA526

    Ugh... Was so sick this weekend. I managed to get so light exercise in. But then I started throwing up water. I think I'm finally over it. I've been eating only oatmeal and scrambled eggs (1egg 2 egg whites), and so saltines. If I had to look on the bright side I've lost a little over 4 pounds. Sti... Read more

  • Hiking

    10/21/2016 11:58:51 AM, by CH64412010

    We went hiking last weekend 4 miles down and back up the mountain. My kids are 4 and 6 and they made it! I was so nervous about taking them for the first time. I think we are going to start making this a thing now that the weather is cooler. Going to find a different place this weekend and maybe go ... Read more

  • Weekend!

    10/21/2016 7:31:41 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Worked until 2 a.m. Up and on the way to the office to turn in my pager. Then going to the pool for water aerobics. Then Gary and I are going away for the weekend to the Carolina Renaissance Festival. We're going to forget about all our troubles and just have a good time. I can't wait. It will be a ... Read more

  • Excercise

    10/20/2016 11:03:28 AM, by ASHLEYYOUNG6416

    306 So, I have struggled with exercise. I never wanted to do it. It was like the world was coming to an end everytime I had to force myself to do it....but then I discovered The Biggest Loser for the Wii. It was life changing for me. It was fun. My husband and I would compete against each other... Read more

  • Tired and Angry

    10/20/2016 9:28:31 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    I had to work late last night (not unusual) and I'm more tire than usual. I'm also a little sore, and I'm sure it's because I really push when doing laps and water aerobics. On top of that, my husband got an unsettling phone call this morning. A little background - when I met my husband, he was a... Read more

  • Don't Work to Lose Weight, Work to Be Healthy!

    10/19/2016 8:42:37 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    I was reading a blog about a guy who lost hundreds of pounds. One of the things he said was "I was focused only on losing weight, not becoming healthy..." That really resonated with me, because any time we talk about "health" it always seems to equate with our weight. There is SO MUCH more to bei... Read more

  • Yay for Chobani!

    10/18/2016 2:23:14 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    We pause now for a commercial break: I love Chobani flips! - AND they now have the "Simply 100" that only have 100 calories. Good way to stave off hunger and they're delicious! We now return to your regularly scheduled Spark day. I GOT THIS.... Read more

  • all or nothing

    10/18/2016 8:27:55 AM, by MARPARMC46

    this is something my years of dieting instilled in my brain. you are either on a diet or off one. any little slip made me feel I was a failure and so gave me full permission to go on a bender eating all the wonderful things I had not been able to have on my diet. I would even plan this. spark ... Read more

  • I Survived the Weekend....

    10/17/2016 5:09:42 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    ...wish I could say the same for everyone I encountered, but that's part of social work. The good part is that the stress did not sway me from my goals. The compulsions are still under control. I have been binge-free for 58 days. I have lots of NSVs and yes, I've also lost 22 pounds. The ... Read more

  • Spark coach

    10/17/2016 3:54:12 PM, by MISSA526

    My major fitness goal right now is healing my shoulder and exercising regularly. What's yours? :)... Read more

  • Hike day two!

    10/17/2016 1:31:31 PM, by ROGUEKAT

    That storm tho!!! My friend, my daughter and I decided to do a six mile hike on Grizzly Peak. The storm was much wilder than the previous day! The initial climb to summit is about a mile but mostly sheltered by the trees and forest. Eventually you get on the back side of a mountain that is ... Read more

  • Walk To Stop Diabetes

    10/15/2016 7:41:43 PM, by ERICALEAHA

    I am on my 4th month straight with SP. I have started exercising a lot more and my eating habits have completely changed. I am feeling better more energized less knee pain my diabetes & blood pressure numbers are improving. Last week i felt maybe i could do a charity walk. I asked one of my co-w... Read more

  • Hikin the storm!

    10/15/2016 5:33:23 PM, by ROGUEKAT

    Sunrise! Here in Southern Oregon we have a huge storm front moving in… After this week at work I knew that I had to get some forest mtime if I was going to be much good for my family. Early this morning I got up around 6 AM and my 15-year-old daughter joined me. We went for a short 6... Read more

  • Eating Out Does NOT Mean Eating Poorly

    10/15/2016 1:02:19 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Not much time today as I'm on call and eating a quick lunch between cases. I have found that it's best to pack my lunch/snacks when I'm newly back in control. It keeps me from acting on those compulsions to binge when I have something close at hand and I remind myself, "Eat this. It's good for yo... Read more

  • Happy Friday! What Are Your Healthy Plans for the Weekend?

    10/14/2016 11:53:49 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    I often hear people talk about the weekend as being "my chance to take a break from my diet and exercise." I used to think about "cheat days" and "rest days" and just LONG for them. Oh, how messed up is that kind of thinking (and I speak these words for me - you have the right to your own opinion)... Read more

  • 65 lbs gone!

    10/14/2016 9:55:43 AM, by CH64412010

    I love looking over my blogs and seeing where I started and where I am now. Hopefully I will look back at this in a couple of months the same way! I started at 275. I really thought this was just another crazy attempt and its never gonna happen, but here I am 65 lbs gone and at 210! I have not been ... Read more

  • I Ate A Jelly Donut - and That's Such A Win!

    10/13/2016 12:59:37 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Yep. Yesterday I ate a jelly donut. My husband had said something about donuts a few days ago. I have been wanting one. I'm not really a "sweets" binger, but I really wanted one. I was on the road all day yesterday flying to Tennessee and then driving our new Jeep back across Tennessee, Virginia... Read more

  • I Am a Super Hero!

    10/12/2016 7:51:18 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Going to the airport used to sound more like this: "OMG, I will probably have to walk forever because there is no close parking. That means I will sweat like a pig. Better just put your hair up, even though it's so much prettier down. And for God's sake, don't wear that new pretty dress. Too hot. Ju... Read more

  • Busy, Busy, Busy....and Still Time For Healthy Choices!

    10/11/2016 6:38:14 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Had training today so didn't get to exercise in the morning. But that didn't stop me! Came home and rode 8.25 miles on my bike in 55 minutes. Tomorrow I have to fly to Tennessee and drive my son's Jeep back that we bought from them (couldn't take it to Germany). But that won't stop me! I ha... Read more

  • Love is....... Cooking Together

    10/9/2016 10:05:32 PM, by ERICALEAHA

    Hubby and I made a delicious dinner Roast and Banana Chocolate chip Muffins Spark recipe. He loved the muffins first time making them. It is fun looking up healthy recipes and they all taste good. ... Read more

  • Grateful

    10/9/2016 3:36:34 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Hurricane Matthew came and we have a little bit of lingering wind gusts, but no flooding, no injuries, and no property damage. I am pleased. Walked and biked several miles today to check on neighbors. Thank the gods. I GOT THIS.... Read more


    10/8/2016 9:00:27 PM, by ERICALEAHA

    I have really never been a good cook did not know how to season and what a lot of them were for. I really didn't like to cook either. My husband is a great cook. Now that i am on this journey to healthy eating i have been looking up different ways to make low calorie meals like chicken, fish, etc... Read more

  • Hurricane Matthew is On His Way

    10/8/2016 11:30:12 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Looks like we're supposed to get at the least Tropical Storm force winds and a high probability of Hurricane winds up to 75 mph. The biggest worry is that we're slated to get up to 15" of rain. So hoping for the best. Hope all my SP friends stay safe in the storm. This morning I still did y... Read more


    10/7/2016 7:23:18 PM, by ERICALEAHA

    I will be 53 yrs old this month Married have 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren 10,9.7 32 yrs at my job. In February 2016 i was at my highest weight 240. I was getting scared i already had started taking medication for diabetes and blood pressure. I just think of my grandchildren and i want t... Read more

  • Once You Go Big!

    10/7/2016 11:52:43 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Just for fun, I wrote a song about my experiences back in my "serial dating days" about guys who would basically write off the big girls, just because we're big. Now, I'm not one of those "Fat Acceptance" people who think that if people want to be fat, that's perfectly OK and we should "accept" it. ... Read more

  • Stress

    10/7/2016 10:34:53 AM, by CH64412010

    Since losing 64 lbs, I have also decided to get healthier in another way! I have decided to quit smoking. I have only had 1 pack in the past week... I need to find a healthier way of dealing with stress, but it seems here lately the stress has been piling on.... Read more

  • All day migraine

    10/5/2016 3:43:06 PM, by MISSA526

    I woke up with it and it will not go away. I've been in my room in the dark and quiet all day long. It totally ruined my day. I can barely eat a I'm so nausous. My mantra today is tomorrow will be better. Sorry for the pity party but I had to let it out.... Read more

  • Back From Tennessee

    10/5/2016 12:13:12 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    The weekend was really busy. I played Saturday night. Got home and in bed about 11:30 pm. Got up at 2:30 am and drove 4 hours to Lexington, NC to pick up my younger son Joshua. Then we drove almost 4 more hours to Tennessee to spend time with my older son Jared and his wife Cierra and my 9 month... Read more

  • Another realization

    10/3/2016 2:09:15 PM, by COUNTRYFISHIN

    You know what I have come to realize. We all put too much expectations on ourselves. I mean take weight loss for one. We put ourselves through so much to loose weight and one slip up we fall apart. I know I have done it many times and restarted saying "Yeah I can do it! I got this!" The first few da... Read more

  • Spark coach

    10/2/2016 2:18:51 PM, by MISSA526

    The healthy habit I have the most trouble with is exercising. What's yours?... Read more

  • Late Night and Still Treating Myself Right!

    10/1/2016 11:01:30 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    I ended up out in the field until almost 10:00 pm last night, then back at the agency until almost 1:00 am this morning on the phone and doing documentation. Here are the good choices I made: Choice #1: Dinner - there's a Wendy's nearby. I like their small chili and a side salad, but I hadn'... Read more

  • Weekend Whirlwind Starts in 1, 2, 3....

    9/30/2016 11:23:47 AM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    Been on call all week and still managed to keep up all my healthy habits!  Started today with an hour of water aerobics and a brisk walk/jog with Clancy for about 22 minutes.  On call again tonight, but giving up the pager in the morning to my awesome co-worker Teresa who is covering the rest of the... Read more

  • 10 minute mile!

    9/30/2016 10:06:50 AM, by CH64412010

    When I started this journey in February. It took me 24 minutes to do a mile... I keep saying 62 lbs later (i think 62 lbs is a big deal and it sounds good to say haha), but 62 lbs later I did it in 10 minutes last night! That was my mile goal and I have accomplished it! Its kind of like now what?! h... Read more

  • Rough Morning - But New Habits Win!

    9/29/2016 2:32:54 PM, by NARNIAROSE2003

    My husband and I had to go to the DMV this morning to get a tag for our new Jeep. My husband is pretty much perfect, but he doesn't have a lot of patience. So I was already on high alert.....wait....what? Why would I be on "high alert"? Well, I think I figured it out. When I was married to ... Read more

  • I'm back

    9/29/2016 12:33:24 PM, by MARCYLA

    Hello everyone! After going through some personal hell since the last time I was here... I am happy to report that I am starting over. Things have finally settled down in my personal life for the most part and I am feeling comfortable with starting over. I have pretty much gained all my weight back... Read more