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  • BLC Round28 Has Begun

    5/21/2015 3:00:27 AM, by EMSSBEARS

    Day 1 May 20 Weigh-in was not as great as I had hoped for but it is a starting point and gives me something to start chopping away at. I am a member of the Azure Destination Team and it is made up of 24 of the most awesome women and then me. We will be together for the next 12 weeks on a dai... Read more

  • coffee......

    5/11/2015 12:28:43 PM, by STRENGTH2BEATMS

    It's Monday. I can say I had a great weekend and was happy visiting my two adorable nephews...and did not really get off track from my goals and journey. I have a research paper to complete and staying up late to find the correct research has wheeled in the coffee. I was diagnosed with Mult... Read more

  • Happy Mother's Day

    5/10/2015 2:46:26 PM, by FISHGUT3

    Had a great lunch with mom. At 91, not doing too bad!... Read more

  • My quote for the day

    5/9/2015 12:57:51 PM, by STRENGTH2BEATMS

    "Live life to the fullest and try to eliminate stress" Have a great weekend, and keep fighting!! ... Read more

  • I will NOT vent today

    5/8/2015 12:15:40 PM, by STRENGTH2BEATMS

    i vented my worries about MS and schoolwork yesterday, and today, I want to tell myself to stop being "lazy" and read these boring chapters. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 and I stable, but the fatigue is new...and it reminds me that something is "wrong with me." I am enroll... Read more

  • Can I vent for a few seconds?

    5/7/2015 6:42:45 PM, by STRENGTH2BEATMS

    Today has been a hard day for me...maybe tiring is the word I want to use. I have been diagnosed with MS since 2006 and fatigue just hit me hard today. I feel like I want to finish everything at once but do not have enough energy. Let me explain....I am getting my Master's degree right now ... Read more

  • Neurologist Visit

    4/28/2015 1:22:08 PM, by FISHGUT3

    Good for another 6 mos.... Good news with a dark future.... Read more