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  • 7am I got a TABLET 10.1" $79 online, saved $100 ************ yeh!!!!

    11/26/2015 1:04:19 PM, by SUNSHINE5268

    RCA Viking Pro 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Quad Core $79.00 (they have 7" tablet for $28 but ya know... I need to SEE what I am doing so 7-inches won't but it... so I ordered the 10-inch tablet that was originally $179 and I verified that price IN the store yesterday.... so I save $100.00 ... Read more

  • Beck beginnings and Life endings

    11/26/2015 11:45:16 AM, by ALICIA363

    At a glacial pace, I move forward. I’m up to page 34. I’m grateful I haven’t had to do any exercises yet. I remember the thought comes first, from page 26. Before you eat, you think something. What do you think that gives you permission to eat? I worked on that months ago, and need to ... Read more

  • If You're Trying To Achieve, There Will Be Roadblocks

    11/26/2015 11:16:25 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    "If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I've had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it." - Michael Jord... Read more

  • Happiness on Day 616 / 501 days of daily check-ins!

    11/26/2015 10:21:51 AM, by TIFFFIT

    465 465 426 429 430 429 426 465 465 So today is day 616 of my successful journey, and yesterday (I missed it!!) was my 500th day in a row of logging in to SparkPeople. See a pattern? :-) I love Spark and I credit the daily accountability with my successes to date. It's Thanksgiving here... Read more

  • Today is the day! Let us rejoice and be glad!

    11/26/2015 8:36:14 AM, by _RAMONA

    To all of my American SPARKling friends, and for all who carry a daily sense of gratitude in their hearts... LARGER IMAGE: http://unitingcaregivers.files
    s-of-life-happy-thanksgiving.jpg For the expanding gran... Read more


    11/25/2015 6:27:34 PM, by HILLRUNNER

    It's the eve of another birthday! WOW how did that happen? Where have all the years gone? I look in the mirror and the face I see doesn't seem to match the mind! Yes I see that 18 year old still behind those eyes, but she seems to have added a few wrinkles and smile lines to her face. I ... Read more

  • Progress pictures - 7 months and 5 years comparisons

    11/25/2015 10:59:55 AM, by WUMPASTAR

    So I finally took those progress pictures. I wanted to do it Friday night, but I got busy; then Saturday morning I forgot; I spent the weekend with a friend; and then forgot again, and got busy, and... whatever. Yesterday night I finally remembered while I was undressing after my (cold) walk, but th... Read more

  • I just kind of "know" what time it is...I don't need no stinkin' clock!

    11/25/2015 8:01:17 AM, by REDSHOEBLUE

    I do know the world runs on time...everything is done by what time it is. I work at 10:00 a.m. I get done at 6 p.m, these being the two most important times of my day! I may be the only person who doesn't wear a watch of some sort, or carry a cell phone, as to know what time it is always. I... Read more

  • Focus On What You're Gaining, Not Giving Up

    11/25/2015 7:30:40 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    We're gaining far more than we're losing. The hard work and dedication it takes to do this every single day means we're one day closer to becoming the healthiest we can be. P.S. I encourage you to consider focusing on become the "healthiest you can be" instead of a specific weight or c... Read more

  • Figgy Managing Stress at highest level - Level how many I don't know either...

    11/25/2015 3:18:34 AM, by MSFIGGY

    If life is a test; then I can tell I am definitely not free from this test... Just like everyone else have their own struggles I am struggling with difficulties and it seems like more you grow older more life gets crazier but it makes less sense... And I find less logic in it.... If I've learne... Read more

  • Dealing with Stress - BEFORE- AFTER

    11/24/2015 5:15:56 AM, by MSFIGGY

    I been thinking of writing this earlier but I chose to wait for sometime to pass to make sure the strength I felt is not a temporary moment feeling, neither just a hormonal change.... So in this almost 3 months of uncertainty and so many stress factors I had to experience, I wanted to write down t... Read more

  • FREE Thanksgiving Feast Cookbook

    11/22/2015 11:01:23 PM, by _RAMONA
    sgiving_Feast_optimized.pdf ...I've downloaded it myself and have been drooling over the recipes so I decided to share!ENJOY! (even if you don't ascribe to 'paleo' these r... Read more

  • Health is a mind-body quantum prenominal

    11/22/2015 9:52:47 PM, by OLDEROWL

    In my work on my Spark Team "You Can Heal Your Life", I found Deepak Chopra's new book "Quantum Healing", revised and expanded November 2015, very enlightening. The book speaks of many cases of medically unexplained cases of cancer reversal including a case where the cancer metastasized to a man's... Read more

  • Recap of Weekly Goals

    11/22/2015 6:19:13 PM, by DALID414

    Here's how the week went: Sunday, I got to the beach for a run at the butt crack of dawn. It was WAY too cold for me, but I got it done. I got to my swim lesson in the afternoon. Monday, I got to the TRX class; taught by an uncertified 'trainer'. I've officially decided to drop the ... Read more

  • To Beck with it!

    11/22/2015 11:28:27 AM, by ALICIA363

    I gotta do Beck. There are voices in my head from blogs I’ve read. “You’re standing and eating!” And I fight them. “So what?” Or I'll tell myself, “I’ll just have one. I’ll stop at one.” And the voices talk back, “So, how’s that working for you? Have you ever stopped at o... Read more

  • I have a confession... (Reprise)

    11/22/2015 9:49:07 AM, by _RAMONA

    This blog is from 2009... 18 months into my journey here at SaprkPeople. (Some of you are familiar with my 'BEFORE Pictures & Continuing PROGRESS' pictures blog... if you aren't you might want to take a peek before you read further...)
    ublic_jour... Read more

  • Goofed Up Week

    11/22/2015 9:43:29 AM, by LSIG14

    This has been another of these weeks of grabbing food on the run in the hospital cafeteria and on the road - and then yesterday I grabbed a quick snack on the road, missed lunch and then went to a Pizza Party for supper (Pizza and Soda and Cake and Cookies was all that was offered) So I am bloated ... Read more

  • Reframe Your Goals To Be As Positive As Possible!

    11/22/2015 9:23:16 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    I am always looking for ways to make a goal as positive as possible. Why? Because it makes it something I "get" to do instead of "having" to do. This is the reason why my goal is to become the healthiest I can be, and not simply losing weight or losing x-number of pounds. The most interest... Read more

  • It's the little things...

    11/21/2015 1:47:01 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    Hubs has been planning a late buck hunting trip to Washington and my youngest wanted to go with her. They had been changing dates and times and back and forth. Nicole says "well, boyfriend and I have a one year anniversary that week so I can't go" and so hubs says "good, I'll leave a day early" ... Read more

  • Sometimes Stepping Back is the Right Answer

    11/21/2015 8:41:19 AM, by ALP1976

    Sometimes it is easy for me to want to take so much on. I think that anyone who has rooted themselves in the "diet" industry has been privy to this at least once. I think that we're conditioned to believe that in order for things to *work* we have to do x, y and z plus 1-10 in order to accomplish ... Read more

  • Each Of Us Is More Alike Than We Are Unalike

    11/21/2015 8:34:55 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    "Each one of us has lived through some devastation, some loneliness, some weather superstorm or spiritual superstorm, when we look at each other we must say, I understand. I understand how you feel because I have been there myself. We must support each other and empathize with each other becau... Read more

  • I am not who I was. I am who I am now, headed into who I want to be tomorrow

    11/21/2015 7:48:10 AM, by CARBMONSTERII

    I am going to try REALLY hard to focus on how much I am doing "right" as opposed to how much I am doing "wrong". I am going to work on not being afraid some terrible, unnamed, huge, looming, disastrous "thing" is going to happen to me if I am not “perfect” and exactly, completely “right” all t... Read more

  • In the Eye of the Beholder

    11/21/2015 1:49:15 AM, by _RAMONA

    Fat-shaming. I must admit, I have never experienced fat-shaming from a stranger. (though it could be argued that my mother remains a stranger). I've ever been present when any incident of fat-shaming has occurred... and I am appalled that it occurs at all. I look at th... Read more

  • Motivate Yourself...

    11/20/2015 9:40:48 PM, by _RAMONA

    ...with 15 Ways That Actually Work!
    mpaign=feed_http--greatistcom- I LOVED this article! It comes at motivation from a slightly different angle... an angle that has kept me motivated for th... Read more

  • Lean Habits and the Art of Patience

    11/20/2015 4:48:54 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    So yesterday I talked a bit about the Habit #4 of Lean Habits and how I was struggling with it. I got advice from ALP976 and then asked her if maybe I should reset my tracking to start anew at 0%, because right now I feel like my 60 something % is just dragging me and feels like a mountain. She su... Read more

  • 2 pounds away from a 50 pounds loss

    11/19/2015 1:23:01 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    I hadn't been on the scale since my last blog post (9 days ago) and this morning I weighed in. I was down to 156.6 pounds. I started this whole thing back in 2010, in June. It's been over five years already. I clocked in at 205 pounds back then. I don't know if it was my highest weight ever, si... Read more

  • Bad News for Cardio Junkies

    11/18/2015 3:31:29 PM, by _RAMONA

    525 A Case Against Cardio, Part 27
    #axzz3rQaIKrdR "What's better for altering body composition - resistance training alone, endurance training alone, or endurance training with resistance training? ...... Read more

  • My Potluck Luncheon Survival Story

    11/18/2015 8:26:20 AM, by MSFIGGY

    I'd like to share what kind of method I worked on today to see if I will survive today at this Thanksgiving lunch at work... And as of now it seems worked! 1 - Check: There was a list that people write down what dish they will bring. If you don't have a chance to check a list, you can at leas... Read more

  • About choice ...

    11/16/2015 8:42:05 PM, by ALICIA363

    ... Read more

  • Starting Over Again

    11/16/2015 7:51:46 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    I have tried to change my eating and exercise (or lack of) habits, with not much luck. But that is my own fault. Although, I have managed to stay on track of limiting myself to 2 Pepsis per week, which is an accomplishment for me, since I used to drink 2 a day. I need to get better at drink... Read more

  • Your Mind Is Your Own Worst Enemy

    11/16/2015 8:02:02 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    I've been asked more than once how I continue to have success despite depression? Because I do what it is I need to do even when I don't feel like it; especially when I don't feel like it. How do you continue your success when you don't feel like it? 67 ... Read more

  • Recap of Weekly Goals

    11/15/2015 5:55:58 PM, by DALID414

    Here's how the week went: Sunday, I got to my swim lesson. Not to toot my own horn, but I did REALLY well! Monday, I moved boxes upstairs at work. In the evening, I got to the TRX class. Tuesday, I moved boxes upstairs at work. Wednesday, I got to the TRX class, where... Read more

  • !00 Days of Weight Loss - Finished Week 2: Days 8-14

    11/15/2015 2:19:08 PM, by AMYBELLES

    This second week of the 100 Days of Weight loss program, I struggled a bit to do the exercises each day, due to either being too busy to fully concentrate on them, or not being "in the mood." I am determined to stay committed and follow through though, even if I have to catch up with a day that ... Read more

  • Baby Steps & Blessings

    11/15/2015 10:05:35 AM, by LSIG14

    All my Christmas Cacti are in full bloom in my sunroom. What a glorious reminder of all I have to be thankful for. I have a fuchsia one, a white, a pink, and a yellow - and several new starts that are budded and will open in a couple of weeks! I am so blessed with a wonderful family, good neighb... Read more

  • Took a Firm Stand With the Dental Specialist

    11/15/2015 8:59:57 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT

    WARNING: Purpose of this blog is to vent and record my feelings. So....apparently my mouth is a potential train wreck. My gums and roots are very healthy due to good hygiene and all the chewing activity. But because my teeth fit together so well and I have a slight overbite, they are ju... Read more

  • (RECIPE) Best Homemade Paleo Mayo

    11/15/2015 2:31:29 AM, by _RAMONA

    BEST Paleo Mayonnaise There are lots of different versions, but many just don't work out that well... I am super picky about mayonnaise. This version of mine is just creamy and thick enough, and it has a smokey tang that works well with everything... and it has a light neutral taste o... Read more

  • I feel really GOOD right now.

    11/14/2015 5:44:22 PM, by LORIVIOLA

    Things have been difficult as of late. Medical tests/worry. Stress. Depression. Food. Not exercising enough. Getting Mired. Feeling somewhat aimless, disconnected, isolated. Well, I feel really Good - Right Now. I'll hold on to that and try to perpetuate it. Do I have the answe... Read more

  • Whatever It Took

    11/14/2015 8:49:05 AM, by ALICIA363

    ONEKIDSMOM was right: I am mentally tough. I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get what I want. I wanted to run a half marathon with my siblings. And I did whatever it took. Whatever it took included a physical. I haven’t had one of those since I can remember. Whatever it took included... Read more

  • Age: senses and perspectives

    11/14/2015 7:58:56 AM, by CARBMONSTERII

    A friend of mine, about my age, passed away. As I get older, I discover I think more about age, how short life feels, and wonder how long "I" will continue on this earth. It is very disconcerting to see the names of people who've passed, now numbering more younger than older than me, in the obit... Read more

  • You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth

    11/13/2015 10:42:10 AM, by THESCARLETWITCH

    I have no idea why I am writing, but I am! It's weird.
    -that-mouth/... Read more

  • When Things Feel HARD...

    11/13/2015 7:12:31 AM, by ALP1976

    There are times that things just feel HARD for me. It seems like nothing seamlessly clicks into place. There are days that it is hard to sometimes muster up the courage to simply get out of bed to do it all over again. Those days suck. There are times that it just feels hard. It is h... Read more

  • November

    11/11/2015 6:55:15 PM, by ALICIA363

    It's a cold, gray, rainy day here. Perfect for watching movies and eating popcorn and snuggling under cozy blankets with your loved ones. But alas, I must work for a living, attempt to walk the dog, and make decisions about what to do next. I was supposed to get in one last weeknight run....B... Read more

  • (RECIPE) Since Canadian Thanksgiving has long since passed...

    11/11/2015 5:50:11 PM, by _RAMONA

    ...I'm making THIS for Christmas (to go ALONG-SIDE the turducken*, LOL)! Meet the Vegducken, the Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dish That Rivals Turducken
    tarian-thanksgiving-dish-article RECIPE: Read more

  • Where's Barb?

    11/11/2015 11:46:24 AM, by ONTHEPATH2

    This week of hiking included Seiad Valley back on day 243. The Seiad Café has a pancake eating challenge..... 5 pancakes...... however each one weighs one pound! I passed on that one. I eat a lot some days, but even I couldn't do that! So on we hiked, leaving the valley behind us. ... Read more

  • See the Forest Not Just the Trees

    11/11/2015 8:46:34 AM, by ALP1976

    Learning to trust the process is a HARD endeavor. It is so easy to lose sight of the big picture when there seems to be constant bombardment of things. Learning to trust the process, like anything, takes work and a lot of it. It is so easy to get hung up in the minutia of everything. ... Read more

  • Four pounds from my 'goal weight' and I don't care anymore.

    11/10/2015 11:12:34 AM, by WUMPASTAR

    My so-called "goal weight" has changed a lot in the last years. Sometimes I wouldn't have one, or I think I didn't have one, but there was always a magical number in the back of my mind. I remember the first time I joined a gym in January of 2012, I also got a personal trainer to help me and on ou... Read more

  • Nasty white stuff, I am done with thee!

    11/10/2015 7:28:52 AM, by CARBMONSTERII

    OK. So I have always loved sugar, but not what it does to me. It makes my joints hurt. It makes my body puffy in the morning. It makes me feel sluggish and tired. It makes me mad when I've eaten it and I gain weight. Sugar consoled me when I was a little kid and felt lonely, or bored, or unloved. It... Read more

  • Got a FitBit? Join the FitForGood Charity Campaign!

    11/10/2015 6:39:18 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    #FitForGood is officially on! Convert your Fitbit steps into a charitable donation with FitForGood. Sign up to help your charity win part of the $1MIL donation @ From November 9 to November 20 US FitBit users can connect their Fitbit account to the campaign and choose one of t... Read more

  • Recap of Weekly Goals

    11/10/2015 12:07:33 AM, by DALID414

    Here's how the week went: Sunday, I got up for a beach walk/ jog and got to my swim lesson in the afternoon. Monday, I moved boxes at work. In the evening (which felt like midnight) I got to the TRX class and it was a disaster. (Without getting into too much detail I will say, Marques ... Read more

  • Life is Life - Filled with ??????????

    11/9/2015 4:16:05 PM, by DEADCENTER

    Does that sum it up? Lately for me it does!... Read more

  • The Time When I Was Insane.

    11/9/2015 12:57:10 PM, by THESCARLETWITCH

    I have a blog already. Sometimes what I write here I write there. Makes no sense. So I wrote it there: Check it out it you wish!
    /the-time-when-i-was-insane/... Read more

  • Lean Habits are called habits for a reason

    11/9/2015 11:29:44 AM, by WUMPASTAR

    So I've been talking about Lean Habits for a while now and I realized this morning that I started them 4 months ago (on July 6th to be exact). Four months already! I'm still on the first four core habits and haven't moved to the fifth one yet, but that's an average of one month per habit, which I th... Read more

  • The Dream Is Free. The Hustle Is Sold Separately.

    11/9/2015 8:01:36 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    Or in the the words of the inimitable Dr. Frank-N-Furter: 26 ... Read more

  • Comfortably Uncomfortable

    11/9/2015 8:01:29 AM, by ALP1976

    Setting my intention for the day: I love staring at the blank pages of my Fitbook because it gives me a sense of clarity. Each day is a blank slate. Each meal is. Each moment is. I have spent so much of my time on and off the "wagon" it really has taken me a long time to realize... Read more


    11/8/2015 9:57:57 PM, by ICECUB


  • Staying the Course!

    11/8/2015 10:45:45 AM, by LSIG14

    Didn't lose any this week but still feel like I made progress! Had a wonderful 2 days visiting Woodstock with my cousin and both of our hubbies. Went to the Flea Market on Saturday morning for several hours of wandering and talking (and I bought a few souvenirs and a couple of new varieties of veg... Read more

  • Stop the World, I want to get off

    11/8/2015 9:46:27 AM, by ALICIA363

    Breathe. A week has passed, and I don't feel I've thoroughly processed yet. Life keeps rushing in, and I can't stay still. I crave stillness. I'm getting some now, as I blog. Although I have to live in today, I want to record a few more memories of race day before they fade ... I f... Read more

  • BLACK FRIDAY........ STOP!!!

    11/8/2015 3:54:26 AM, by SUNSHINE5268

    Black Friday..... I made a decision for this year.... 227 . I am NOT doing it for the first time in yearsssssssssssssssssssss Why? I am TIRED of being OUT of control with my finances.... Always behind... paying in the same month it is due usua... Read more

  • 100 Days of Weight Loss - finished Week 1!

    11/8/2015 12:51:55 AM, by AMYBELLES

    Early last week I decided it was time to participate with another one of my SparkTeams, since I was just regularly posting with one. I found the perfect opportunity with a 100 Days of Weight Loss group that started with Day 1 on November 1st. I have started and worked on Linda Spangler's great ... Read more

  • Fat Loss Summit: FREE Online Event From November 15-29, 2015

    11/7/2015 8:48:22 PM, by _RAMONA

    QUOTE: "The Fat Loss Summit is an ONLINE event beginning November 15 and ending November 30. It features over 24 fat loss experts who will show you their best tips, techniques, and strategies that you can easily implement to lose weight, while helping you get to the root of what's ... Read more

  • I Just Don't Want It Enough!

    11/7/2015 11:01:56 AM, by TIFFFIT

    I realized as I weighed in this morning that I'm going on three months at the same weight. I hit the -100 mark in late August, and am right there again this morning. I think there are a number of factors (all in my head) contributing to that plateau/maintenance. First, I had a goal to lose 100 p... Read more

  • It *is* Okay to Suck

    11/7/2015 7:48:34 AM, by ALP1976

    What if I told you I gave myself permission to suck? Be mediocre at things? Not have to always strive to be the best? Seems kind of weird, I know. But I have. I have granted myself permission to suck at things and it has been the best thing that I could have done, like ever. I put a lo... Read more

  • what Gossip REALLY is................ in the work place I learned

    11/7/2015 7:26:39 AM, by SUNSHINE5268

    what Gossip REALLY is................ in the work place I learned ** = 227 do NOT respond to gossip. 227 I learned this the HARD way a couple of days ago.... that participating in gossip EVEN when YOUR response to gossip to the other person is well-intended and positive... Read more

  • My doctor took one look...

    11/6/2015 11:43:44 PM, by _RAMONA my gut and refused to believe I work out. So, I listed the exercises I do every day: jump to conclusions, climb the walls, drag my heels, push my luck, make mountains out of molehills, bend over backward, runaround in circles, put my foot in my mouth, go over the edge, and beat around the bush... Read more

  • October Review and November Goals

    11/5/2015 9:34:36 PM, by AMYBELLES

    Looking back to October and the goals I set for myself, I am happy to report that I was successful on the exercise side of things. I only set three goals for myself since I was just getting back to sparking after 5 months away. They were: 1. Walk at least 5 days a week 248 I walked 21 o... Read more

  • The conspiring universe...

    11/5/2015 11:38:41 AM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    Now in hindsight I'm thinking of all the things I SHOULD have done. I didn't go running because I put on my shoes and my ankle kept popping out. I checked the bottoms of my shoes and they are very very worn. Momma needs new shoes!! Now, I should;ve done my DVDs barefoot. but,... Read more

  • OH, Darn!

    11/4/2015 4:13:29 PM, by LSIG14

    Found this on Facebook this morning and it tells it like it is in a humorous way - an ongoing process! ... Read more

  • Goals for November

    11/4/2015 4:05:55 PM, by ALP1976

    So, I guess it is that time once again -- goals! November huh? I am kind of scratching my head wondering what in the heck happened to 2015. November. Then December. Then 2016... wow... My goals are pretty simplistic really. I am rolling with the first 4 habits of the Lean Habi... Read more

  • What Are You Holding On To?

    11/4/2015 8:05:15 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    Sharing an article on Emotional Roadblocks with my fellow Sparkers... @
    1969 67 I'm an Emotional Eater. I realize this - and work hard every day to not let my emotions get the best of me. Emotional overeating is something ... Read more

  • Day 4 of lecture series on tapping

    11/4/2015 6:16:07 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT
    22da336db913882381f3908d9227fd1d... Read more

  • Steady as she goes ...

    11/4/2015 6:12:14 AM, by ALICIA363

    Spark People had a survey on my start page yesterday. I tried to take it, really I did. But when it asked what my main challenge was in living a healthy life, I got stuck and frustrated and bailed. "Main challenge"? None of them stand out as being primary. Finding time for exercise (I h... Read more

  • No Excuses November - Share Your Goal!

    11/3/2015 9:28:30 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    My status the other day was "buffing up the self-discipline for No Excuses November!" 465 For November my Goal / Plan is: - - - Continue moving my body the way I did during October - 30-45 minutes of walking at 123-127 bpm every single day. - - - Not stress the small stuff (and ... Read more

  • Day 3 of lecture series on tapping

    11/3/2015 6:03:53 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT
    fd68ee57ab2d08c7b28b683ffff023ac727... Read more

  • Before and After, still processing the experience

    11/3/2015 5:57:08 AM, by ALICIA363

    Before and After Courtesy of my niece, who chronicled many of this weekend’s events in pictures. How self-unaware am I? DH had to tell me, “This was big for you.” Huh? To explain, he said, “What part of this involved sitting quietly with your hands in your lap?” We joke that one of... Read more

  • Will it or won't it?

    11/2/2015 7:13:24 PM, by ALICIA363

    “ . . . if you catch yourself questioning whether or not something is going to happen for you, you can know for sure that you have fallen away from your commitment.” Jean Adrienne (Thank you 1CRAZYDOG!)... Read more

  • Will it or won't it?

    11/2/2015 7:13:23 PM, by ALICIA363

    “ . . . if you catch yourself questioning whether or not something is going to happen for you, you can know for sure that you have fallen away from your commitment.” Jean Adrienne (Thank you 1CRAZYDOG!)... Read more

  • Shelter

    11/2/2015 7:12:43 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    I am grateful that for right now, I have a roof above my head even if I don't know how long that will be and my husband spent the last hour under that roof packing for his move even though I requested nicely that he not do that while we were here and do it over the weekend he comes back from the wed... Read more

  • Stress eating... big time

    11/2/2015 12:27:22 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    The last two weeks have been somewhat stressful for me but I only realized just how much stressed I was, in the end of last week. Not only was I FIVE DAYS late on my period (with a lot of panic ensuing that tardiness), but also, getting my period for me always means more cravings and less energy i... Read more

  • Success Defined

    11/2/2015 7:38:20 AM, by ALP1976

    Wow -- I woke up this morning and was completely humbled to see that I won a popular blog post. Thank you, everyone! Sincerely -- thank you! I try to push a message of balance and moderation primarily because it has been my own mission (hence, the team that I run...). Balance isn't an easy... Read more

  • Stronger Than Your Excuses

    11/2/2015 6:40:35 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    You are STRONGER THAN your excuses. Choose to lose them and you FIND your results!... Read more

  • Day 2 of lecture series on tapping

    11/2/2015 6:23:31 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT

    I think these videos are only up for 48 hours.
    f19360ebba9926da228dd2ed5e104304bb6... Read more

  • Recap of Weekly Goals

    11/1/2015 6:58:32 PM, by DALID414

    Here's how the week went: Sunday, I did my swim lesson with Instructor Daniella, Instructor Steven was out. Monday, I got to the TRX class in the evening. Tuesday, I took a rest day. Wednesday, I got to the TRX class. Thursday, I moved boxes at work first thing ... Read more

  • Race Report

    11/1/2015 4:36:32 PM, by ALICIA363

    That was fun. And that's why I did it. It sounded fun to be in the same event, so I did it. My favorite training run? The "stay loose" two miles ... in my work clothes, over the bridge, no clutter. Like I started running. In the clothes I had, because I didn't know if it would grow int... Read more

  • The Difference is in the Details

    11/1/2015 4:03:37 PM, by ALP1976

    Wanna see something crazy?! 7 gallon bags full of candy. Trick or treating candy from 3 boys last night. I weighed it -- 14 pounds of candy. I never thought such a thing was possible! Serious. Okay here's the deal -- I am not going to get rid of it. I'm not. I portion... Read more


    11/1/2015 3:45:19 PM, by ICECUB

    ... Read more


    11/1/2015 3:37:15 PM, by ICECUB


  • Well THAT's disconcerting!

    11/1/2015 12:41:07 PM, by CARBMONSTERII

    I have made some very surprising and hard to accept observations. The new thoughts, feelings and activities that I have been engaged in are SO not like me. (OK, I will correct that statement to "SO not how I think of myself". It must be 'like me', as I am the one who has been doing these remarkable ... Read more

  • November Gratitude

    11/1/2015 11:40:35 AM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    I'm going to make November a month of gratitude to help me get through this difficult time and to help me continue down a healthy path. Today I am grateful for my 2 beautiful sons.... Read more

  • November rambles.

    11/1/2015 11:29:57 AM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    Although I haven't been posting much (and that needs to change for my own accountability) I have been constantly obsessing over what I need to do. I think it was Sparkguy or someone in Spark who tweeted the question of what was harder: food or exercise. and I answered "both" It's true. I thi... Read more

  • "Lifestyle Changes"

    11/1/2015 11:11:34 AM, by WONDAWOMAN2

    We hear this phrase a lot. I am ruminating about this phrase at the moment. Last month, I had wine about one-third of the days of the month. This is a huge change for me, as I have had 2 glasses of wine every night for a looooong time. I will be very mindful next month and tracking every d... Read more

  • Feeling Good!

    11/1/2015 9:23:55 AM, by LSIG14

    Exercise this week has been fantastic. The weather has been beautiful - lots of frost in the mornings but warms up enough for me to be out later in the day. DH and I raked leaves one morning and went for a walk in the woods two different days. It feels so good for me to be outside in the fresh ai... Read more

  • Pre-race

    11/1/2015 8:35:40 AM, by ALICIA363

    We're leaving the house in eleven minutes. If I had more hours in the day, I'd blog about Halloween. Yep, my life is pretty darn busy! See you after my long run 211... Read more

  • Weight Check... If U want to change your life, change something U do daily

    11/1/2015 7:27:15 AM, by SUNSHINE5268

    My weight Check 26 I love my body right now and by counting points doing weight watchers... I can STILL eat any food or beverages that I want to.... I just have to count points and by counting points = I practice PORTION CONTROL daily. 26 I decided to do weight watchers on my ow... Read more

  • Great video on Tapping

    11/1/2015 7:20:33 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT
    70f04920c961b4ebabef49d8dc9d7c59e0b8... Read more

  • One day to go!

    10/31/2015 12:49:18 PM, by ALICIA363

    Twenty-four hours from now, I will be walking and running my way through 13.1 miles. Today I'll enjoy today, even if all I get done is packet pick up and walking the dog. I slept well last night, and plan to do the same tonight. More news later, as activities allow. 247... Read more

  • Balance

    10/31/2015 9:19:59 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    ... Read more

  • 2 Days: Surreal

    10/30/2015 7:20:28 PM, by ALICIA363

    Today feels like Friday. Like a regular day, which it pretty much was. It's hard to believe I'll go 13.1 miles with 5,999 other people (or after them) in about a day and a half. I am in desperate need of sleep. TTYL!... Read more

  • Pecan pies, sadness, loss and feeling lost

    10/30/2015 2:33:52 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    My dear friend's son committed suicide a few years ago. She called her best friend in Detroit to break the news to her. Her friend dropped everything got in her car and made the 3 hour trip to Grand Rapids. My friend immediately went to a bakery and purchased a pecan pie (her friend's favorite). ... Read more

  • Finding my Footing

    10/30/2015 9:03:27 AM, by ALP1976

    I love the feeling when things settle down. Things have felt so crazy for me over the last few months that having that feeling that they're settling down is very nice. It is good to be able to take a deep breath and close my eyes and think that *it's all good* Wait. No, things are not any sl... Read more

  • Halloween Memories-Fun blog

    10/29/2015 10:03:39 PM, by AMYBELLES

    The BSG challenge for my Aspire and Inspire Scary Scarecrow team has a bonus blog assignment for this week. Write about anything that is fun to you! Well, with Halloween rapidly approaching, I thought I would have some fun looking back at some of my Halloween memories. Hope you enjoy them! 431 ... Read more