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  • The SUGAR in milk and what Woubbie taught me about it ****

    5/27/2015 1:55:20 PM, by SUNSHINE5268

    The SUGAR in milk and what Woubbie taught me about it **** 8 oz of 2% milk = 130 calories, 5 fats, 12 carbs, 12 sugars and 08 Proteins. I was surprised at the 12 carbs aka: 12 sugars IN milk 198 that's a LOT to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 247 This is what I learned from ... Read more

  • My bikini body

    5/27/2015 11:00:43 AM, by IC0ME1ST

    I love the little diagram below. It speaks to how I feel about myself. It speaks to how I believe we should all feel about ourselves. Last night I was packing for my vacation. I plan to spend a lot of time in the pool. Like so many other people I want to look good at the pool? What does lookin... Read more

  • 5/27/15 Tues. Back to work ~ Thank God!

    5/27/2015 9:05:28 AM, by SUNSHINE5268

    It is time to go BACK to work, yeh!!! I love the work "environment" because it makes you FEEL like you are doing something and you ARE doing something... you are keeping BUSY and if you are like me... when you are BUSY = you spend LESS TIME thinking about food... seriously. 4 days OFF ... Read more

  • Nothing to complain about

    5/26/2015 10:15:56 PM, by ALICIA363

    246 Nothing to complain about, just way more going on than I care to have going on. Gotta keep a sense of humor, and do what I can to balance as best as possible. Continue the running program. Drink in the local community art project. Example: Driving to locate these lightbulb-in... Read more

  • It's Been Awhile...

    5/26/2015 12:15:52 PM, by ALP1976

    It's been awhile since I've blogged. Life has a way of getting crazy, especially lately. Sheesh. I've officially gone through one case of strep, one case of stomach flu and two colds among my kids. Now that I have them mostly better, guess who's turn it is? Yep! Mine. 39 Boo. Nasty crap. ... Read more

  • Yesterday...........

    5/26/2015 4:25:03 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    ........a simple *PICTURE* triggered me...........can't believe that happened - I've always figured myself to be stronger than that..........but, indeed, that was EXACTLY what happened........ I won't describe the picture, but trust me on this - it was NOT the kind of thing I needed to see (and... Read more

  • A week of patience left!

    5/25/2015 10:16:34 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    First of all I'd like to thank everybody who takes the time to comment on my blog posts. Be SURE that I read everything even though I never reply because I'm limiting my internet time since I'm using my boyfriend's cellphone wifi and I don't wanna kill his data. That's why I write my posts offline u... Read more

  • Bored and feeling hopeless.......

    5/25/2015 6:59:35 PM, by RASPBERRY56

    :(... Read more

  • Ch-ch-changes! A Year in Review

    5/25/2015 12:20:13 PM, by KATELJM

    I just joined the "Create Change Team"
    65211 For introductions, I summed up my last 12 months: I'm Kate from Maryland. Positive Change is the name of the game! If nothing changes... then nothing changes! About a year a... Read more

  • Studies Do Not Control Your Destiny (or Why it is Pointless to Flip a Coin)

    5/25/2015 11:29:03 AM, by CARBMONSTERII

    Some older articles (1999, 2007) that report most people will regain some , all or more than they lost weight after dieting is getting comments on various message boards and blog pages here on Spark People. I realized I needed to share what I thought about it in a blog when I kept filling up the com... Read more

  • Interesting article about keeping weight off

    5/25/2015 7:44:15 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT
    y-impossible.html... Read more


    5/24/2015 10:41:25 AM, by ICECUB

    ... Read more

  • Moving Backwards

    5/24/2015 9:40:22 AM, by LSIG14

    I just can't seem to make any forward progress and am getting really discouraged. Had another trip to the ER this week - Blood pressure is way too high and fluid in the chest is causing breathing problems again. I try to walk as much as I am able, but spend the rest of my time lying on my back wit... Read more

  • Bad, bad sugar! :-)

    5/24/2015 9:02:20 AM, by GRAYCATBIRD

    Well, I went back to waffling on the sugar issue, trying ONCE AGAIN to find some kind of moderation with it. One difference between now and past years, though, is that I can test my blood glucose after eating an enormous peanut butter cookie and see an immediate result that I really don't like. ... Read more

  • Thank you for your support, Sparkies! And now.........

    5/24/2015 6:07:28 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......a bit of clarity, soul-searching, and admission of guilt is in order........ Yeah, I'm painfully aware that my blogs have been rough these days - and the hope is that Ms. Raspberry Torte (and the razzie background) will return to my SparkPage at some point........ but all of that hinges ... Read more

  • I made it through the ballgame!

    5/24/2015 1:07:59 AM, by TIFFFIT

    Tonight my husband was given free tiks to a Diamondbacks baseball game. You might remember that a month ago, almost exactly, I went to another game in the same stadium and just completely fell apart. It was the first time I'd felt regret during the one-year-plus journey I've been on so far. Tonig... Read more

  • Recap of Weekly Goals

    5/23/2015 11:06:38 PM, by DALID414

    Here's how the week went: Sunday, I warmed up on the Spin Bike before the Body Pump class. Monday, I got to the gym for Body Pump. Tuesday, I moved boxes at work. Wednesday, I made it to the Body Pump class. Thursday, I finally got to see what the GRIT Plyo class was... Read more

  • Happy memorial day

    5/23/2015 9:18:51 PM, by ICECUB

    ... Read more

  • My Kind of Run

    5/23/2015 11:20:15 AM, by ALICIA363

    I wish I could capture experiences in words better, because this morning’s walk-run was perfect for me. First, I am at my physical best in the morning (except for the apparent need to process a lot of liquid 24 ). I have my greatest energy and strength then. I also seem to have better e... Read more

  • Still, as always........

    5/23/2015 10:44:10 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    ..... *NOTHING* to look forward to......... "Holidays" (or should they be called "hellidays" ) TRULY S**K! 28... Read more

  • One Year Daily Spark

    5/23/2015 9:34:49 AM, by REDDOTFLYER

    I've just signed on Spark with a daily streak of 370 days. Looking back, I can tell that Spark had an impact on journey. I've lost 45 lbs. Learned to eat low carb...I actually really enjoy the low carb lifestyle. I think that is the big answer - Lifestyle -. I have embraced the low carb lifestyle. I... Read more

  • Still - #!@#!

    5/22/2015 9:24:42 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    * NO plans through Tuesday - this s**ks! Just makes each day interminable looooooong, drawn out and boooooooring - at least if I had WORK I'd have SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO - as of now, NOOOOOOOOTHING! 28 * Was "out for the count" yesterday due to sinus issues (that and suspected caf... Read more

  • Summer Vacation

    5/21/2015 8:28:34 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    Today was the last day of school for the summer vacation! Will most likely stay home this year, although some friends want to go camping. Not exactly my favorite thing to do, but I will do whatever to get a break from taking care of my mom for a couple of days. My boyfriend's girls are suppo... Read more

  • 30 Day Plank challenge

    5/21/2015 12:17:20 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    Thanks to NDKARIKARI's featured blog from 5/16, I started a 30 day plank challenge today - I'm going to do the one on my fitness pal:
    ay-plank-challenge/ Thanks FIGHTINGFORWEEZ for putting it into your response to NDKARIKARI! Just started after w... Read more

  • My Spark Plan For Today: Be An Animal

    5/21/2015 7:50:13 AM, by BADGER-GAL

    As I've been working in my garden, I've had lots of minutes to think - or maybe because I've been working in my garden my mind has been freed up to let my thoughts wander and wonder. 376 378 I began thinking about the cats and dogs I' ve observed in my home. 200 239 1. They stre... Read more

  • :( - $#!#@#

    5/21/2015 6:11:37 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Am officially a "worthless loser" - filed my first "dole" claim - nothing sucks out a spirit (or what's left of such) more than having to resort to that......... 28 Suddenly, search momentum is halted............ 28 Have NO plans other than to hang loose AT HOME ($#!#@#) and monito... Read more

  • Getting 'er done

    5/20/2015 9:54:25 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    Hello friends! I find myself in a very good mood this morning. I still have no internet but I'm writing this with the intention of posting it tonight. I don't know why but I really wanted to write this morning so I figured I'd do anyway. Hahaha I won't say life's been tough because that'd ... Read more

  • Something to think about...

    5/20/2015 5:50:50 PM, by TIFFFIT

    So as I struggle through this stall/plateau (no real weight loss in a month...A MONTH! Despite doing almost everything right!) I found this interesting article about the set point theory. Now, I'm not saying it's correct, or whether I believe in the "set point" at all (I don't, for the record, beli... Read more

  • June Year Resolutions

    5/20/2015 11:17:36 AM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    Okay, so It's NOT New Year's Eve, persay, but as of June 1st we will be at the half way point folks. Half way. I've accomplished nothing. and I do mean nothing. and truth be told it's just pure, simple, shame on me excuses. Meanwhile I'm watching my friend kick A$$ and I don't... Read more

  • Nature Restores..........

    5/20/2015 11:06:34 AM, by WILLOWB4

    Nature is my medicine. ~Sara Moss-Wolfe~ Good morning SP....Hope this finds you all well, getting outside and enjoying the amazing, beautiful weather we've been having......I've been spending more time outside...taking and getting my walking exercise at the beach.....truly a blessing for ... Read more

  • Stop At Nothing

    5/20/2015 10:08:17 AM, by TIFFFIT

    I saw a girl at the gym wearing a t-shirt that said "Stop at Nothing". I thought to myself, "Great! I've already done nothing...time to stop!" 334... Read more

  • NOW what?

    5/20/2015 8:59:27 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    ANOTHER health issue in family - When the $#!@# will this c**p STOP being shoveled @ me? 28... Read more

  • Dishing Dirt

    5/19/2015 8:44:05 PM, by BADGER-GAL

    I spent the last 3 days in my yard; transplanting, planting new perennials, sprinkling fox urine around all the new plantings. We have a plethora of rabbits and chipmunks who have in the last 2 winters nibbled on branches and roots of newly planted shrubs. They've gorged themselves to the extent ... Read more

  • My "new hobby"

    5/19/2015 5:05:39 PM, by GRAYCATBIRD

    This is the fourth day of my streak of writing blog entries. I start out not knowing what I'm going to say, but pretty soon, it seems, something I needed to say just comes out. So I'm glad I'm doing this. I've been thinking about something I read on another member's blog earlier today. It was o... Read more

  • You score 100K points, and whaddya get?

    5/19/2015 8:42:11 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......not a h***uva lot, from what I see.........$#!@# miserable LIFE..... 198... Read more

  • unwind from stress in a healthy way

    5/18/2015 9:45:36 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Don't stress yourself out by trying to change others. Learn that two people seldom respond to the same situation in the same manner, and the right approach is never confined to your own way. Don't fret over things that you can't change, learn to live with them. Life always includes some things th... Read more

  • A Monday morning walk before it gets too hot

    5/18/2015 12:20:19 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    The weather today and tomorrow is supposed to be hot and humid - in the 80's but going to feel like high 90's. Part of me really didn't want to go out to exercise this morning but I made myself do it and as usual, I was happy I did. Why can't I ever remember how glad I am that I exercised afterwa... Read more

  • Maybe some clarity

    5/18/2015 11:01:21 AM, by GRAYCATBIRD

    I wrote this once and then somehow lost it. Ugh! I think I may be gaining some clarity in the eternal back-and-forth inside me about food, diet, and my health. I seem to worry so much of the time about all the things I think I should do: East less or no meat, give up dairy (so many conflicting ... Read more

  • Learning to love my body

    5/18/2015 9:48:52 AM, by REDSHOEBLUE

    Between nature, science, and humans, I was gifted the body that I it is time to learn to love it...some things are not going to change....This is my body, now love it! So, I am learning to accept body! Those lines around my eyes, they aren't going anywhere. No matte... Read more

  • MAJOR setback in self-improvement.......

    5/18/2015 6:27:38 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    I've never experienced panic or anxiety attacks, but I gotta wonder if I did just that yesterday......... Dragged myself to a social event as I didn't feel like doing the usual for a change.......BIG $#!@# MISTAKE! Within 5 minutes of arriving I heard some talk about an acquaintance's JOB ... Read more

  • Sweets

    5/17/2015 10:19:41 PM, by GRAYCATBIRD

    Looks like I may have to give up sweets again. I stopped eating them when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, but recently tried to start eating them "occasionally." That didn't work very well! As much as I'd love to be moderate with them, I don't think I can. I'm not saying I'll never eat a desse... Read more

  • Swim Report: Day 6

    5/17/2015 8:10:11 PM, by DALID414

    I got to the pool early. My stomach was in knots. I changed into my swimsuit and watched a couple of the students. When it was my turn, I walked into the pool and confessed to Instructor Steven, I left the pool last week feeling defeated because I swallowed so much water. He assured m... Read more

  • Rx from "Dr." Alicia363: 10 minutes

    5/17/2015 7:49:09 PM, by ALICIA363

    ONEKIDSMOM calls them "piles of unmade decisions" in her blog today:
    sp?blog_id=5929570 I have made much less progress on our house than I had hoped. The tummy bug that wiped me out on Thursday-Friday gave me enough time to create a... Read more

  • Whoa, nelly! What a weekend!

    5/17/2015 9:18:57 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Phone call after phone call after $#!@# PHONE CALL! On a SATURDAY, no less! I tend to shy away from using the phone - I'm more efficient with email and the *occasional* text - SPEAKING INTO A PHONE - NOT so much......... 198 But - get this - one of the contacts was a *recruiter* on a potenti... Read more

  • Sabotaging Myself??

    5/17/2015 8:53:23 AM, by LSIG14

    I know my heart is not working the way it should, but I think my emotions are taking a bigger chunk out of my well-being than my heart! When I walk (slowly) for nearly an hour and my Tracker refuses to see it as walking (General exercise workout, minimal calories expended) I just feel like giving u... Read more

  • Recap of Weekly Goals

    5/16/2015 10:43:13 PM, by DALID414

    Here's how the week went: Sunday, I got to the gym for the Body Pump class. (Even though I had a bad case of the I-don't-wanna's.) Monday, instead of letting myself nap after running around all day, I went to the gym and hopped on the Spin Bike. Tuesday, I took a rest day. W... Read more


    5/16/2015 9:36:31 PM, by ICECUB

    ... Read more

  • Starting a streak

    5/16/2015 9:07:25 PM, by GRAYCATBIRD

    I'm going to try to get a streak of writing blog entries going. I think it would help me to write about my efforts to get my blood glucose down and reach a healthy weight. Only right now I'm not sure what to say! I've lost 44 pounds in the past year and a half, but I worry that my weight l... Read more

  • Watching the Big Picture

    5/16/2015 10:10:08 AM, by TIFFFIT

    I've been sitting kind of at the same place (or so it feels) for the past few weeks. I'll have a down day, then bounce back up, and then repeat as necessary. I credit BobcatGirl with helping me see long slow trends, even when the daily trend is so erratic. Now I try to look back over the last 6-8... Read more

  • A Week at TDEE

    5/16/2015 9:51:10 AM, by ALP1976

    So my week at eating at TDEE has been, interesting. I actually find it hard to eat at TDEE. My TDEE is high because of all of the NEAT activity I have (NEAT = Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis for anyone interested -- it is basically all the random busy stuff done during the day ranging from wal... Read more

  • Weekend begins........

    5/16/2015 6:35:48 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Had a sudden appointment yesterday afternoon - went well, but I'm not gonna dwell on it - will keep plugging away until something good happens (I have other "irons in the fire" next week)....... Had to stop an interview process mid-call - couldn't accept the unstable nature of the assignment (I... Read more

  • Craft Projects

    5/16/2015 12:08:53 AM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    For some reason I like to work on 2-3 craft projects at at time. I guess that way I don't get bored with one, and put it away and not work on it (or anything) for a long time. I finally finished the stockings for the girls. It took me about 11 months to get them finished. I showed them to t... Read more

  • Rural life

    5/15/2015 10:53:00 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    When I was four years old, in 1994, we got our first PC at home. It was an old machine working with DOS where we could play some games. I even remember a few of them. Then we got a new machine and got games on floppy disks. Then internet arrived pretty quickly. By age eight I was able to browse it a... Read more

  • Updates.....

    5/15/2015 4:35:37 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Oh boy - so at the docs Wednesday she told me she didn't want to order any testing at this point - that there are numerous reasons for these types of symptoms. We are starting with a BRAT diet (banana's, rice, applesauce and toast) with water. I can add bland, chicken breast to that - but no heavy... Read more

  • A miracle happened!

    5/15/2015 7:26:17 AM, by CARBMONSTERII

    OK, this might not be a big deal to anybody else, but it was a huge deal to me. Hubby & I went out to eat after I picked him up at the car shop, where he dropped off his vehicle so they can determine if it is smarter to fix it or bite the bullet and buy a newer truck. Anyway, three miracles happened... Read more

  • Glass half-______?

    5/15/2015 4:29:04 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Not sure whether to say *empty* or *full*..........have been getting a few contacts, but the frustrating health issue with a family member (along with an extended family issue) is driving me up the wall! Yep - thanks to family, I guess I'll have to say 3/4-EMPTY at this point.......THANKS, FAMI... Read more

  • Numbers, life and love

    5/14/2015 8:24:01 PM, by CARBMONSTERII

    Don't dread a birthday. It doesn't define you. It won't change who you are. Your age is just a number. Whatever the scale shows if & when you step on it is just a number. Whatever size clothes you wear is just a number. But your self, your soul, oh my, that is so much deeper, richer, satisfying, war... Read more

  • SICK and TIRED......

    5/14/2015 1:02:55 PM, by RASPBERRY56

    of BEING HOME DURING THE DAY! 'NUFF SAID! 234... Read more

  • summer's coming

    5/13/2015 10:54:37 PM, by ICECUB

    ... Read more

  • Still without internet...

    5/13/2015 3:09:05 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    I'm writing this on May 12th as it's been a while, but I still don't have internet access. The guy was supposed to come last Wednesday, but he never showed up – which resulted in me losing a day having to stay home waiting for him. Then he was supposed to come this afternoon, but he, again, never ... Read more

  • Long enough

    5/13/2015 2:03:51 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Last night after work, I got home, ate a quick supper, walked 15 minutes on the treadmill, did a little strength training and feel onto the couch absolutely exhausted. While on the couch I started checking my facebook feed and saw where a dear friend from high school posted about having some se... Read more

  • 1 year SPARK and 15th year WEDDING anniversary - PAPER and CRYSTAL

    5/13/2015 1:48:14 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    When I checked my email this morning - I saw it was the anniversary of my joining SP which I hadn't even realized. I have to say, sometimes it feels like the year went REALLY fast and sometimes it seems like it lasted forever. I feel happy in general about my first year here because I think it ha... Read more

  • Today's challenge.....

    5/12/2015 12:01:45 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I feel yucky. I have been feeling yucky for a few days now. My intestines and I are not working together! Without getting into the gross details but to help you know what I am dealing with - I feel pretty good for a while, then I eat something (anything) and about an hour later I am running to th... Read more


    5/12/2015 11:37:50 AM, by ICECUB


  • Self-Love...Acceptance

    5/12/2015 11:16:01 AM, by WILLOWB4

    "Self-acceptance is the beginning of true Love. Close your eyes and feel the sensation in your hands, in your feet. Allow yourself to laugh as the loose hairs framing your face tickle your cheeks and get caught in your eyelashes. Sit with this beautiful mess and know that who you are right n... Read more

  • $#!# - KNEW this wouldn't last!

    5/12/2015 6:14:49 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Had to deal with a DISTURBING PHONE CALL yesterday - hopefully I was able to smoothing things over and continue with my "moving on"..........I do NOT need complications right now while trying to get back on my $#!@# FEET! 234 On top of that, FAMILY MEMBER disturbed sleep due to $#!@@ COU... Read more

  • Maybe It's a Monday Thing

    5/11/2015 8:26:16 PM, by ALICIA363

    Win some, lose some. So, last week I was able to find alternatives to diving into candy. This week, not so much. But every time I didn't ... I gave myself credit. And I brought home fewer things from the store than I could have ... and I gave myself credit for that, too. I didn't do my f... Read more

  • Recovery.

    5/11/2015 7:44:06 PM, by NAOMI_ACOSTA

    Wow, been a tough few days. Recovery from this last IBS attack is slow, but the scale moved down this morning, so that's something positive! Sleep last night was practically none existent, at least for more than 45 mins at a time. Energy levels are at a nadir, and I want to go back to bed and hav... Read more

  • Rainy Days, Mondays and Challenges

    5/11/2015 11:09:52 AM, by WILLOWB4

    "Along the most difficult trails you’ll find the most spectacularly beautiful scenery. See the richness that’s hiding in the challenges, and bring that richness to life." ~rm~ Good Morning SP!!! Rainy days and Mondays are always good for reflecting, contemplating and regroupi... Read more

  • Mother's Day and eyelid surgery for my dad?

    5/11/2015 11:02:17 AM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day, even those of us who have lost moms or children. It was a tough day, but my Dad has been staying with us (which has been an adjustment :) and I'm glad we were together because he broke down a couple of times yesterday - it was a tough day for all of us, me an... Read more

  • Post-Mother's Day musing.......

    5/11/2015 5:46:03 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Nice weather, nice meal, event (local ballgame - met the former manager and their mascots)..........home team pulled out the win last-minute.........had phone issues so I couldn't save anything for posterity, but that's OK..........I'm more concerned about getting back to WORK..........yep - back to... Read more

  • I hate my guts!

    5/10/2015 7:43:56 PM, by NAOMI_ACOSTA

    I mean that quite literally! I do love myself, I am proud of all my accomplishments, but I hate my digestive system. I hate having simultaneous constipation and diarrhea. I hate feeling sluggish when nothing is moving for days on end, and I hate not being able to sleep deeply when things start bac... Read more

  • Swim Report: Day 5

    5/10/2015 6:38:46 PM, by DALID414

    Sorry, no pictures. The boyfriend wasn't up to it. I had Instructor Steven to myself today, which was exciting at first, then a bit nerve wrecking. I'll start by confessing: I drank a lot of water today. It seems when I'm in panic mode I have the natural reaction of gasping. Yes, even w... Read more

  • Happy Mother's Day!

    5/10/2015 11:17:24 AM, by CARBMONSTERII

    I lost my mother when I was 12 and she was 40. I loved her, but didn't have a chance to discover who she was as a person, outside of being Momma. I have had to learn more about her from others. Maybe I did know some things about her, but because I have blocked off the painful last 3 years of her... Read more

  • Another 5K! Ran ALMOST all of it!

    5/10/2015 10:44:38 AM, by TIFFFIT

    Last night I ran another 5K (this is #2). The first time I came in at just over 45 minutes, with LOTS of walking so this time I made it my goal to finish under 45. Well, I can't begin to tell you how I did it but I "ran" almost the ENTIRE way! I didn't walk until mile 1.5, and then only for 0.15 ... Read more

  • Heart Disease and Weight Gain

    5/10/2015 10:26:54 AM, by LSIG14

    So discouraged by the scales this weight has been jumping up and down by 5-8 lbs a week depending on what time I've taken my water pills! I know it's mostly fluid retention but I lose energy when the heart slows down so I lean toward chocolate to make me feel better, and then that makes... Read more

  • Taking a "Diet Break"

    5/10/2015 9:11:20 AM, by ALP1976

    I feel like I have taken giant leaps of faith one right after another since I started really following the Eat More 2 Weigh Less group. Bumping my calories up to 2300 seemed scary. The numbers seemed so high, but I took a leap of faith and trusted it and as I sit here now, I am down 5 pounds... Read more

  • Mother's Day

    5/10/2015 5:28:14 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    I wish all moms a wonderful day, and for those who have lost theirs (as I have), may you find peace, comfort, and loving memories to guide you through this day....... Have a nice day planned - and the weather should be fair, though warm (and there may be some slight chance of rain - which is a... Read more

  • Recap of Weekly Goals

    5/9/2015 11:37:57 PM, by DALID414

    Here's how the week went: Sunday, I got to the gym for the Body Pump class. Monday, I got to the gym at a random time, because I didn't go to work, and hopped on the Spin Bike. Tuesday, I took a rest day. Wednesday, I took a rest day. Thursday, I moved boxes at work. ... Read more

  • 300-day streak finds me wavering a LITTLE, but still determined...

    5/9/2015 11:05:33 AM, by TIFFFIT

    I feel like I'm wavering a bit, but I've been with this long enough to see what I'm doing wrong. I'm not as diligent about planning my meals, and so I'm snacking more and allowing myself a few extra calories here and there without tracking. Those probably aren't hurting me in and of themselves, but... Read more

  • My What To Do Guide For When A Bad Week Happens

    5/9/2015 9:48:23 AM, by ALP1976

    This is me after the week I have had -- waving my white flag of surrender and begging for it to stop! This week, simply put, has sucked. I have been in a bit of an emotional funk. I am having a few sad issues in my life (trust me, not even worth the mention), leaving the gym has kind of mad... Read more

  • Crash, burn, recover, repeat......

    5/9/2015 3:55:27 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Looks like there's a definite pattern here........ 101 Once again I could NOT deal with an evening meal - took to bed early and just did NOT care.........woke up fine - no hunger or discomfort...........starting anew as if nothing happened.........I guess if I lose a few pounds I won't really ... Read more

  • Quick update

    5/8/2015 1:22:16 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    I'm still internet-less at home because the internet guy never showed up Wednesday (yay small town). I'm at a client's place right now and I figured I'd give you guys a quick update before I had to go. I have no idea when I'm going to have internet access at home, my boyfriend is supposed to call to... Read more

  • Believe........

    5/8/2015 9:05:37 AM, by WILLOWB4

    "Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create your own life and then go out and live it." Good Morning Beautiful SparklersBelieve.... Read more

  • Continuing to push hard.....

    5/8/2015 8:56:07 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Am still getting contacts/calls, but nothing is going any further, and that's starting to anger me........ 234 Pushed hard on the workouts this week (what else am I doing beside the search grind, anyhow?)............. ALL. I. WANT. IS. AN. END. TO. THIS! ON. MY. TER... Read more

  • $#!@# computer!

    5/7/2015 2:18:22 PM, by RASPBERRY56

    This slow computer is messing with whatever kind of routine I'm trying to establish while I'm in h**l (home)............I swear I'm thiiiiiiiiiis close to throwing it out the window (I'm now on the second floor so it'll be funny to watch - not so funny for me, but you get the point)! 198... Read more

  • Ugh, I am ...... enough AND able...really, I AM!!!

    5/7/2015 1:43:52 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Did I ever say I am obsessed about numbers? Seems natural that I would be drawn to a career that involved numbers. And then, there are those personal numbers.... weight, size clothing, calories, time it takes to walk a mile, how many miles walked at one time, number of steps on the fitbit.... you ... Read more

  • Reflections...

    5/7/2015 9:34:08 AM, by WILLOWB4

    I learned that extraordinary is great, but when asked to picture my happiest, purest, most successful self, I wasn’t crossing a finish line or seeing my name in flashing lights, I was standing in a kitchen, cup of coffee in hand, staring out the window. Some might think this is boring ... Read more

  • Just random stuff... :)

    5/6/2015 9:05:11 PM, by ALP1976

    Well today I did it. I went into the gym and suspended my membership. I actually was going to cancel it, however, they gave me the choice to either full out cancel it or just suspend it. The way cool thing about suspending it is I have the option to pick it back up anytime I want with no re-join ... Read more

  • Pick A Title

    5/6/2015 8:13:42 PM, by ALICIA363

    I couldn’t decide what to call this. Lies I Tell Myself, or Not Worth My Calories I want to take a moment to thank BESSHAILE, for shedding light on one possible reason why I haven’t progressed past page 28 in pink Beck. I don’t like to be told what to do, either. If I eat standing ... Read more

  • Can Do

    5/5/2015 10:00:15 PM, by ALICIA363

    ... Read more

  • Short term, Medium Term and Longer Term Goals

    5/5/2015 9:23:42 PM, by ALP1976

    Today I spent a bit of time working out some of the logistics with regards to my goals. I have come up with what I have set for some of my short term, medium term and longer term goals. Short Term Goals: Well, today was my weigh in and I am officially down 5 pounds. 5 pounds is a H... Read more

  • This is when it could unravel.......

    5/5/2015 4:23:42 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I got back from vacation Friday night. A week in Florida on Marco Island behind me. I was a bit worried about the week, however, I did AWESOME! My friend I went with wanted a place with a workout room when we booked this trip - so we are somewhat on the same page. I must admit, I only visite... Read more

  • Mellow Positive Mood

    5/5/2015 3:01:34 PM, by BADGER-GAL

    I'm in a spell right now of mellowness - groovy, man - and it is great. I'm doing fine with food, moving forward with moving! But not very moved to be in touch with teammates. I want to be sure I don't convey a case of the blahs. All is much better than that. I'm letting it be for... Read more

  • Would rather be somewhere else, but......

    5/5/2015 2:45:23 PM, by RASPBERRY56

    ........a few things have been accomplished, work search-wise..........extended my workout, but I'm not sure I'll get outside for a walk as I fear my usual seasonal allergies are about to kick in again (I did stock up on OTC meds, though, for the "long haul")....... 101... Read more

  • 5/5- It's finally spring!

    5/5/2015 10:53:31 AM, by JES_IN_ME

    This past weekend I was actually able to keep all the windows open during the day and enjoy spending some time outside. After a winter that started in November, it was definitely a good feeling! Leaves are finally starting to show up on the trees and the grass is turning green. My mood and energy le... Read more

  • Is this what a plateau feels like???

    5/5/2015 8:51:29 AM, by TIFFFIT

    Ugh, what a frustrating few days. Although I've been at or very close to my calorie target, my weight has gone up, up, up over the last few days. I know I'm not actually gaining weight, but aside from a couple of saltier-than-usual meals I'm not really sure why the scale is climbing. Of course, ... Read more

  • Talking to myself

    5/4/2015 9:02:30 PM, by ALICIA363

    MRSFANCYLADY had a featured blog post the other day, and I found this in her photos. 304 Today, when I wanted to give up and dive headfirst into the candy basket, being my own friend helped. In fact, when I treated myself that way, I was touched in such a way that it told me, I'm usually m... Read more

  • Yard Work

    5/4/2015 6:06:57 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    Spent most of the day mowing my front and back yards. 379 Tomorrow I need to trim some tree branches, that make mowing difficult. They hang down and I have to bend down as low as I can so my hair and/or hat don't get caught. One of the trees is in my neighbor's yard, but the branches hang in... Read more

  • Walking Meditation...In Beauty May I Walk........

    5/4/2015 12:24:17 PM, by WILLOWB4

    In beauty may I walk… In beauty may I walk. All day long may I walk. Through the returning seasons may I walk. Beautifully will I possess again. Beautifully birds . . . Beautifully joyful birds On the trail marked with pollen may I walk. With grasshoppers about my... Read more