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  • Oct.20th week

    10/19/2014 9:25:58 PM, by HOUNDOGLOVER76

    Happy 41st Anniversary to my mom and dad! This weeks menu: Roasted whole chicken, bacon broccoli salad Salmon, green beans Stuffed bell peppers Steak and sautéed mushrooms, asparagus... Read more

  • This Is a Novel Approach...........

    10/19/2014 6:23:08 PM, by JOHNTJ1

    I am not sure where I heard or read the following story but I thought it was worth sharing. There is a community of people in the South Pacific who handle mistakes made by a member by placing them in the center of the circle. Community members then take turns citing all the good and positive ... Read more

  • Depression

    10/19/2014 6:19:25 PM, by SANDI92167

    Depression is kicking my butt today. The kids have started packing and moving their stuff. I know I should be happy, but the babies and my daughter are pretty much my only company as I don't have any friends other than the ones online. My daughter that will still be living with me has asperger s... Read more

  • others

    10/19/2014 2:24:14 PM, by MOODYKEYS

    right now I am concentrating on helping a spark friend though some ruff times. by helping her I can help myself. concentrating on my friend lets me not concentrate so much on foods, fitness or nutrition. meaning I don't think about eating all the time. here at spark people I have learned that ther... Read more

  • I'm Tired of Failure, Aren't You?

    10/17/2014 10:34:30 AM, by JOHNTJ1

    It's not what you think. Every time I open a social media platform any more I am bombarded with pictures, phrases and sayings about over coming my failures, moving on, fighting the good fight........... You get the picture. Failure, no matter how many ways you choose to slice the whole g... Read more

  • venturing on.

    10/13/2014 5:07:44 PM, by MOODYKEYS

    well i guess you could say I am giving it all my attention and doing the best I can. I have made two spark friends that email me. we help each other by letting the other know they are not alone in the ups and downs of trying to lose weight. its hard doing it the right way because we all want it to ... Read more

  • Life Is a Long Journey, Isn't It?: Where I've Been & Why I've Been There

    10/13/2014 1:45:12 PM, by JOHNTJ1

    Did you ever accomplish something you were so darned proud of that you just couldn't wait to share it with the world? The hard work, the effort you invested in yourself and your goal just about made you burst at the seams? Deep inside you heard this voice chirping "I knew I could do this, I kn... Read more

  • Oct.13th menu

    10/12/2014 8:11:15 PM, by HOUNDOGLOVER76

    Steak and artichokes Marinated roasted chicken thighs, zucchini and salad Marinated pork chops, broccoli and salad Turkey tacos Chicken wings I cut up and bagged my veggies for work and I have precooked chicken for salads. I plan on getting to the gym by 5:15am this week to run or... Read more

  • Life right now...

    10/9/2014 8:18:24 AM, by HOUNDOGLOVER76

    So those of you that have read my previous blogs know that my mom has autonomic nervous system disorder, a rare disorder that attacks your autonomic nervous system. Swallowing food is not possible anymore and she got a feeding tube almost three years ago. This past weekend she got a new feeding tube... Read more

  • added weight, LOL

    10/5/2014 11:29:00 AM, by MOODYKEYS

    Well I started the day off just great. standing in my kitchen, about 6 feet away from my back door when I spyed a wasp on my door window. I said oh theres that wasp. I had seen him the day before. a split second later he came at me full force. now I have added weight because under my eye has a big ... Read more

  • saturday

    10/4/2014 7:05:05 PM, by MOODYKEYS

    rainy day today. I woke up feeling sick at my stomach so I had toast with peanut butter and had eggs later when I felt it would stay with me. made homemade vegetable beef soup for dinner because it was so damp and cool with the rain. it was so good, I confess I ate a second bowl. luckily I did my ho... Read more

  • Positive Changes, Baby Steps

    10/3/2014 2:45:06 PM, by TRUEBLUEMOON

    I've re-committed to sparkpeople so many times now. Every time I've tracked my calories and added a fitness routine, I've always had great success. For a while. Then I find that if I'm not making progress in leaps and bounds I get frustrated with myself, go off track, and gain more weight than my... Read more

  • measurement results

    10/2/2014 9:51:33 AM, by MOODYKEYS

    decided to measure some areas today. since the beginning of jan, 2014 till now oct. 2 I have lost 22 inches around all areas of my mid section. chest, 1in., under chest 6 in., nat. waist 3 in. my waist line 6 inches, hips another 6 in.. woohoo. need to buy new pants for sure. size 22 to siz... Read more

  • Need Additional Prayers

    9/30/2014 7:38:16 AM, by JOHNTJ1

    Just about the time they got all settled at home and my grandson was happy to have both mom and dad home together on a Monday, my daughter-in-law received a phone call that her dad had been in an automobile accident in Indianapolis. He was driving from Louisville to Chicago to pick up his wife who w... Read more

  • Sad but happy

    9/30/2014 12:45:32 AM, by SANDI92167

    This weekend we cleaned out my closet to get to my "skinny" clothes. I had forgotten that there was a pair of brand new jeans hanging in there and decided that since i had lost weight maybe they would fit now. Well I did get them on only to have them fall down as I walked. That was a waste of $$,... Read more

  • Update on My Grandson

    9/29/2014 7:05:34 AM, by JOHNTJ1

    Son and daughter-in-law spent all of yesterday at the hospital. They decided around 10 AM to knock him out,do a control "pop" on his two blisters, medicate the wound sights really good and send him on his merry way. He had to wait until 4:30 pm to do so because of some emergency surgeries. The... Read more

  • Back to Low Carb Menu

    9/28/2014 12:26:41 PM, by HOUNDOGLOVER76

    Well my husband asked me yesterday if we could start low carb again because his pants are getting tight. I know we have been successful before when we eat low carb and I would like to stop buying bigger pants myself. It always helps when he is on board! The main thing I like about eating low carb is... Read more

  • Prayers For My Grandson

    9/27/2014 9:11:38 PM, by JOHNTJ1

    I'd like to ask this community for prayers, intentions, healing love -- what ever you feel compelled to give, for my grandson Reid. He sustained 2cd degree burns to both palms at daycare yesterday. They had the kids outside and allegedly Reid stood up and leaned against a metal door the sun wa... Read more

  • It's Not Just the NFL..........

    9/23/2014 4:33:15 PM, by JOHNTJ1

    Joan and I were watching the TV program, Hell's Kitchen the other night. If you are not familiar, Chef Gordon Ramsey picks about 20 chefs, verbally abuses them for 10 weeks or so and then who ever survives, gets to work for him. The definition of insanity? Ramsey throws food, pots, pans a... Read more

  • Depression is kicking me in the teeth

    9/22/2014 5:46:49 PM, by SANDI92167

    My birthday was yesterday and it was all but forgotten. At work they celebrate everyone's birthday and for some reason mine was overlooked. This is not really an easy thing to overlook since my license has to be renewed on my birthday, so they have EVERYONE'S birthdates to keep track of lice... Read more

  • reading

    9/22/2014 2:03:38 PM, by MOODYKEYS

    thought I would look up information on restarting my metabolism at age 60 and older. read quit a few pages on it. it seems I am doing the right things. oh well. then I read up on hormones . took a quiz and it says my results were 50 to 60 % chance I needed to take hormone replace. not sure about tha... Read more