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  • Weight Watchers

    4/9/2017 10:23:44 PM, by 145BOUND

    I haven't been signed on to here since I decided to start again on March 19th -- was thinking of starting Weight Watchers but then though I just need to stick with Spark People and then I saw all the nice comments on my blog so I think this is a good place to stay. Thanks.... Read more

  • Spark People

    4/4/2017 10:56:54 AM, by WILBRAGURL

    First, please stop changing your format! Just as I get used to it, it changes! Second, why is it so difficult to access the main page? Very confusing and time-consuming. What the Powers That Be see as 'streamlining' merely causes Spark People to be less of a tool to those who need it!... Read more