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  • Focus

    5/26/2015 8:29:34 PM, by -SUGARKISSES-

    When I was in highschool, I ended up going to an online home schooling program that was advertised. I found out too late that it was not even a legit company. It was very unfortunate, but for a long time I didn't have a diploma or a GED. But now that has changed! Here in Iowa the program now is... Read more

  • Tribulations

    5/26/2015 12:50:36 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Nothing calms me as much as tribulations ... it does not spur me, i do not put up a fight, at firs I despair and the inevitabl suicidal thoughts appear but then, when the situation sinks in, my constant worry-mumble that goes on inside suddenly gets quiet and I feel sort of relieved. It is like" loo... Read more

  • Ugh, Metaformin, Evil!

    5/25/2015 11:11:13 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    Well I messed up royally yesterday 24 I took the 850 mg Metaformin (regular not the extended release) with breakfast as directed by my primary physician. She wants me to take it twice a day, breakfast and dinner and after a week to increase the dosage to 1000mg twice a day. Not soon after tak... Read more

  • How Am I losing all this weight? Tips for you!~

    5/24/2015 9:30:58 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    Once I found out I had Diabetes I had no choice but to overhaul my entire diet. I went from 2% milk to unsweetened almond milk, from regular bread to Pepperidge Farm Carb style bread (that is the only grain I eat which has 5 net carbs) and then only 1 slice, only nuts (1 ounce measured out in an el... Read more

  • Major Milestone!

    5/22/2015 8:03:03 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    As of today I have lost 25 pounds since December 28, 2014! I'm so proud of myself. I have come a long way! I can't believe the difference in the pictures as I see myself below. All I know is that I'm going to keep on going on this journey all way to the end 43 ... Read more

  • It's just a prick!

    5/15/2015 10:45:36 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    It was Mother's Day and we were celebrating. I was sitting at the Golden Corral Buffet with my plate of food and I pulled out my meter to check my blood sugar. That is when I noticed that the family that had just sat down at the tables to the right of me completely got up and moved straight to the... Read more

  • And the fun continues!

    5/14/2015 12:32:36 PM, by BLCKKTTY

    And yet another appointment for me today 30 Today it was drum roll......the foot doctor! Yep, thanks to Diabetes I now have to have my feet checked twice a year, geez! I told him about my "pins and needles" pain in my toes and if he could please prescribe something for it and he said no! That... Read more

  • I need a new project!

    5/13/2015 4:53:57 PM, by QUEEN-EYDIE

    Today I've been thinking about how much I enjoyed my pizza project from a couple of years ago---that was when I created 54 original vegan pizzas in a year's time. That was so much fun! Now I'm "hungry" for a new creative cooking project like that. ["Hungry", see what I did there? heehee!] ... Read more

  • Iris Garden

    5/13/2015 11:52:38 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    This is an album of my Iris Garden. It is in full bloom right now. These are not all of the Irises blooms it had, since I cut quite a few of them earlier in the week and gave them away as gifts to friends. All of my Irises are light purple except for one which is dark purple and it some how managed ... Read more

  • My poor son

    5/13/2015 10:06:23 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    For two days now my youngest has dealt with diahrea 24 so, he's been unable to go to school and cranky to boot because he is sick! This morning my second oldest finally was over his diahrea but had a follow up appointment with the Dermatologist for two warts on his left foot, one on his middle toe... Read more

  • Bye Bye Little Buddy

    5/12/2015 9:47:15 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    Well I said bye bye to my little Medtronic continuous glucose meter this morning. I pulled it off like a band aid just like the doctor told me too and it came right off! Painless! No gushing blood, no drama, no nothing! Wow. What a relief it was to have it off. It was starting to itch bad. An... Read more

  • New Milestone!

    5/10/2015 10:57:15 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    I have lost 20 pounds since December! And I still can't believe it! All my hard work and dedication has paid off. I have been checking my blood sugar before and after each meal, continuing my physical therapy, taking my medications, and most importantly sticking to my new eating plan of 30 carbs ... Read more

  • I got my CGM!

    5/8/2015 11:52:40 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    I went to Dr. Brower's office this morning and got fitted with the Medtronic Continuous Glucose Meter. It will be my buddy for the next five days 41 Recording what is happening behind the scenes day and night so we can then set up a good Diabetes plan for me 41 It is on my left side of m... Read more

  • New Doctor!

    5/7/2015 9:59:46 PM, by BLCKKTTY

    I saw my new primary care doctor today at Bayside Primary Care. I like her a lot, she is proactive vs reactive. She believes in preventive care. I showed her my food diary, glucose chart and meters (I have two one for home and one for my purse). I also told her I was on Metaformin 500 mg at dinner t... Read more

  • Double Trouble

    5/5/2015 4:55:17 PM, by BLCKKTTY

    Came across an unexpected problem today. I have two glucose meters, a red one I keep at home and a blue one I keep in my purse. Today, I checked my fasting blood sugar with my red meter and it said 144, no surprise because that is the one I use every morning and figure it is the Dawn Phenomena I rea... Read more

  • Diary Day 20 with Diabetes

    5/4/2015 8:59:27 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    Acceptance is the word for today. I finally feel like I have accepted my fate. After days of crying and some days screaming when no one was around I'm finally in a place of peace. My therapist said Thursday she was impressed at how I embraced my disease. I told her I went cold turkey with the c... Read more

  • Diary Day 16 with Diabetes

    5/1/2015 10:29:01 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    I just got back from my doctor's office. I looked over the chart with the nurse and no A1C was ever done on me except for when I asked why it wasn't done in January 2015 24 When he realized I wanted it done and he hadn't ordered it then he made me come into his office to get the blood work done ... Read more

  • Diary Day 15 with Diabetes

    5/1/2015 10:20:46 AM, by BLCKKTTY

    Living with Diabetes is not easy. It has been 15 days now and I have lost 9 pounds and continue to lose weight. I completely overhauled my diet and even so I find that carbs are everywhere. I have gone through two containers of 50 test strips so far, I'm on my 3rd. My fingers are sore so have st... Read more