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  • Dining Room Demolition and Irises!

    10/1/2015 1:44:17 PM, by BLCKKTTY

    Where to start? I have been nonstop working on two houses, the fixer upper we recently bought and live in and the one we are still trying to fix to put up for sale. We have done so much since I wrote last. We have been busy painting and cleaning the other house. I dug up all the Irises, weeded, ... Read more

  • How To Weigh Yourself

    9/28/2015 1:12:33 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    Here is an article I found on weighing yourself:
    t/weighing-on-a-scale.htm When you are on a mechanical scale, I believe you are supposed to put your toes right on the line near the edge. If you stand before that, you will not have an accurate reading. I... Read more

  • Back Online!

    9/25/2015 12:45:44 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    Yay! I am here at home and online once again. My health is not so good, I guess, though. I overexerted myself, and my period came back. I had it again for about five days, and it seemed to be really going away. But then I lifted the bag that holds my laptop, and put it up in my room. And the bleedin... Read more

  • At The Library

    9/18/2015 1:44:44 PM, by AUNA_CALM

    Hello, everyone! I am at the library again, using my laptop. We should have internet again at home sometime next Thursday. My last period was fourteen days, which is pretty good, considering the one before was two months. So it's getting better. I take iron four times a day now. Hopefully, my n... Read more

  • Overwhelmed and more!

    9/10/2015 9:32:12 PM, by BLCKKTTY

    Well we managed to move in 3 days before school started. The laminate flooring in the living room and dining room was postponed because we couldn't finish cleaning and painting the ceiling and walls 24 So, we have raw floors, just put down a large area throw rug for now. The fixer upper we moved... Read more

  • Two Days Without Caffeine Behind Me!!

    9/6/2015 6:13:15 AM, by ANNEMARGAR

    Today starts day three without caffeine and I am starting to feel better. I went to bed at 9:30pm last night as I had to get up at 5:30am this morning to get my daughter to her soccer tournament. My sleep app gave me a 92% sleep rating which is out of this world for me!! Usually my ratings are in... Read more

  • Giving up Caffeine

    9/5/2015 7:47:01 AM, by ANNEMARGAR

    Here I go again, trying to give-up my caffeine habit. Several people ask me why I am giving up my caffeine habit. Well, for some time now I have been having trouble sleeping. I am also experiencing foggy head feeling, trouble concentrating, and light anxiety. When I took a step back and really th... Read more