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  • Friday Weigh-In

    5/28/2016 12:30:57 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    That's not a scale! I know, I thought it would be fun instead. It sort of is about dieting... The finger is getting bitten. I don't know how many calories that is, but you should probably watch out for paper clips getting their nutrition from you! Well, my weigh-in this week was nice. I d... Read more

  • The Book of Love

    5/27/2016 12:52:57 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    The book of love is long and boring No one can lift the damn thing It's full of charts and facts and figures And instructions for dancing But I I love it when you read to me And you You can read me anything The book of love has music in it In fact that's where music com... Read more

  • Exercise is fine but...

    5/25/2016 2:14:27 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Biking has been really good, very much due to that "classic"-challenge. I have biked at least five kilometers all days but two since the 11th of april, and I will reach the 300 km goal this weekend if nothing happens (I get sick or the bike collapse...) I am also happy about my juggling progre... Read more

  • Relapse and resisting

    5/24/2016 12:52:55 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    A friend called and wante my company to a "summer opening night" at a restaurant in the harbour, she had gotten VIP-tickets and since I have not spoken to her for a while I accepted. Especially as she said that one of the reasons to ask me was that she was in deadline and had to work later in the ev... Read more

  • Back on track :)

    5/21/2016 7:46:25 AM, by FAB40CCP

    Life went off the rails awhile back. Experiencing some major life changes. The most heart wrenching being the loss of our last remaining pet: our dog Buddy. I am dog-less for the first time. ... Read more

  • Friday Weigh-In

    5/21/2016 2:17:13 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    I am now at 175 lbs, 1 lb down since last week. I have to lose 16 lbs to be out of the overweight zone. If you are unhappy about the new page design layout to our SparkPages, please leave a message at this link:
    &imparent=... Read more

  • So easy side-tracked...

    5/20/2016 4:04:12 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Reading Spark Friends blogs and immedeately start questioning my plan. Part of my disease is not trusting my own judgement which means that I am too easily sidetracked by oher ideas... I see myself as a failure - and itīs like showing my foot to somebody and saying "this is me"... failure is pa... Read more

  • Stay In The Game!

    5/20/2016 12:08:08 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    God may not have created your problems, but He will help you with them. He cares! If you are unhappy with the new layout for our SparkPages, please let the administrators know. There's a thread set up for this in the forums, in the technical section. Here is the link: www.sparkpeople... Read more

  • Even On A Gloomy Day

    5/19/2016 1:51:20 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    To complain about the new layout to our SparkPages, please go to this link, and tell them what you think. The sooner the better!
    &imparent=39048014... Read more

  • ICA-classics...

    5/19/2016 1:00:46 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Once again I will try to get more active on Spark, this because I am planning to be more passive on the swedish site that has been taking the energy I former used on Spark People. We will see, it is not until now I notice that they have change the looks on the personal page and the pssiblilty to edi... Read more

  • Trust

    5/17/2016 11:11:43 PM, by AUNA_CALM

    I found this new place with great faith photo/quotes. They call them 'memes.' Just keep scrolling down the page, until you see them. They're in more than one section.
    /archives.html... Read more

  • Life And Death Matters In Eden

    5/16/2016 4:03:11 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    The Mystery of Eden The story of the Garden of Eden has some of the elements of a mystery. And even though the violence is subtle, death has been ushered in, making the serpent a serial murderer! Not only were Adam and Eve killed, but all their future descendants and every other creature. ... Read more

  • Friday Weigh-In

    5/13/2016 9:41:24 PM, by AUNA_CALM

    Today was a pleasant surprise when I stepped on the scale! It said I was 176 lbs. That's down one pound! I didn't expect this, because I actually started eating more this week, in response to a problem that I had. My leg started bleeding in this one spot, and I hadn't done anything to have tha... Read more

  • Original Of The Species

    5/13/2016 1:59:51 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    Baby, slow down The end is not as fun as the start Please stay a child somewhere in your heart I'll give you everything you want Except the thing that you want You are the first one of your kind And you feel like no-one before You steal right under my door I kneel 'cause I w... Read more

  • An Accomplishment

    5/7/2016 1:50:35 PM, by AUNA_CALM

    I finished reading the New Testament! Now I'm just reading through the glossary I found in the back of the book. I also found a map, which I can make use of the next time I read the book. The next book I am going to read is Resurrection Hope, the book my aunt wrote about heaven. I ... Read more

  • Friday Weigh-In

    5/6/2016 10:49:25 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    This Friday I weigh the same as last Friday, which is 177 pounds. Not bad! 216 I was afraid that I had gained a little, but I didn't! 224 My mom and I are going to Goodwill later, when she goes to pay her taxes on the house, which is right by there. I'm going to try and find a pai... Read more

  • Thankful Thursday

    5/6/2016 12:06:59 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    I'm thankful for: -being able to read -getting to Revelations in the New Testament -my cat, Milton -that Milton ate his dinner -that my family had dinner out -that I have some enchiladas I'm going to microwave -that I am able to exercise every day for 30 minutes -that I can ... Read more

  • A Wednesday In Spring

    5/5/2016 2:13:23 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    Milton can hear a little better now! He hears it when someone opens the inside door, and he will look at it. This is good progress! I am really enthused. The literature says that you just have to be patient and most cats will recover completely after getting sick like he was. Today we had rain... Read more

  • Intensity!

    5/4/2016 2:58:41 AM, by AUNA_CALM

    According to the Calorie Needs Calculator at the Mayo Clinic website, I need about 2050 calories a day. I am eating about 1580 calories a day, so it will take me about 8 days to lose a pound, which is approximately 3500 calories. That is a little while to wait, but it is good to know about it. I ... Read more

  • ~May goals~

    5/3/2016 8:21:40 PM, by -SUGARKISSES-

    Ten health goals to accomplish this month: 1. Go to the YMCA for swimming at least 3 times a week 2. Track my Food and exercise 3. Log into spark everyday and keep in contact with friends! 4. Read and Journal 5. Stay off the scale!!!!!!!!!!! (once a week only) 6. Use my... Read more

  • Milton's Dental Visit

    5/2/2016 11:16:39 PM, by AUNA_CALM

    Today Milton had his comprehensive exam and a dental cleaning. His blood work was very good. And this time the new vet decided that it might not be good to clean his ears while he's sedated, or had been recently, so she held off on that for another day. She thought perhaps the other vet had accident... Read more