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  • from 10K to Half Marathon!

    7/30/2016 2:54:57 PM, by MAGNOLIA416

    In exactly 77 days I'm going to run a half marathon for the first time! I'm excited and terrified. I've had a cold for a couple weeks so that has compromised my training but I still have time to even out my training I think. My goal is to finish in less than 3 hours, I have a heart problem and I sta... Read more

  • New 21-Day Meditation begins 7-11-16

    7/10/2016 4:14:41 AM, by JAZZEJR

    I find these meditations to be so stress-relieving, and so empowering -- I try not to miss any. Each session can be streamed for 5 days, then it disappears. Try it, I'll bet you'll like it. It's free. This is the next series: Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Experience, Getting Unstuck: Cre... Read more

  • Depression

    7/7/2016 8:14:51 PM, by DAWNEESKITTLE

    Ah, life with depression is so challenging. I take my meds, practice positive thinking, do meditation and yoga and still it slinks into my life like an unwanted beast with no warning. It takes over and I fight and fight until I beat it back down. It's exhausting but I will not give up on myself. ... Read more

  • 8 pounds down last week

    7/4/2016 7:29:22 PM, by DAWNEESKITTLE

    It is amazing how tracking your calories helps you lose weight! I am so very thankful for this app and for all of the people who add in the calorie information. This week I am going to continue tracking calories and exercising. Let's see if I can drop another couple of pounds!... Read more