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  • My definitive eating plan for weight loss and good health-- Eat to Live

    9/20/2016 6:11:29 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Before learning I needed to drastically lower my carb intake, I was following with great success a plan with proven success, Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, MD. I am now back to Eat to Live and will stay with it because I now understand that this plan not only has been dropping my weight so fast that ... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge Invitation

    9/7/2016 2:49:48 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Hi Fellow Sparkers, Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the Fall 5% Challenge! Team members will work towards losing 5% of their starting weight in 8 weeks by participating in team challenges that focus on exercise & healthy lifestyle habits.... Read more

  • Swimming like a maniac...

    9/7/2016 5:12:18 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Yes Joy, I wrote a "thank you!"- answer on the facebook page of my indoor arena, I am really really happy because the renewed challenge has brought me to the inddor pool three days in a row, without that challenge I would probably maybe had gone once... But it is of course a little obsessed. Tu... Read more

  • Thickening Agent Carrageenan Very Unhealthy To Eat

    9/6/2016 8:26:12 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Published: 9/5/2016 By Dr. Weil One more thing for which to check food labels. Carrageenan is extracted from Irish moss, a red-hued seaweed. It is used to thicken ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, soymilk and other foods. Joanne K. Tobacman, M.D., associate professor of clinical medicine... Read more

  • Tummie trouble

    9/6/2016, by MEDDYPEDDY

    I have had a bad stomach for a week, been able to work and study apart for one day when I stayed at home, otherwise I have "just" kept close to the toilet for safety. And no exercise at all. So I was cringing a bit how to get going again - but got help. I have written about the swimtag and tha... Read more