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  • TACKLE A TURKEY Entry Card- 09/01 THRU 11/30 ~*~

    9/2/2015 1:39:55 AM, by TAYGRL

    249 244 During this challenge, I have a general goal of CONSISTENCY. My biggest challenge will of course be CONSISTENCY. DUHHH... My nutrition goals for the next 14 weeks will be focused on STAYING WITHIN MY ESTABLISHED CALORIE RANGE. My cardio goals for the... Read more

  • September Goals by Week

    9/1/2015 6:10:21 PM, by MISSROCKABILLY

    My Sunny Gals challenge for the day was to choose one goal per week for the month of September and share it with the team. I decided to post them here as well for extra motivation and accountability. 8/30-9/5: This week is back to school, so my goal is to get back into a school routine and bri... Read more

  • Tackle A Turkey Challenge - Official Entry Card

    8/28/2015 1:51:19 PM, by MISSROCKABILLY

    Laura's OFFICAL START CARD! WOO HOO!**** TACKLE A TURKEY Entry Card- Template for 08/30 THRU 11/26 ~*~ ENTRY CARD -- I am tackling a 16 lb turkey! Starting Weight: 181 Goal Weight: 165 Starting Measurements: (choose any 4 or more- or use the same ones as me- whichever) Measur... Read more

  • I haven't even wanted to write this.....

    8/26/2015 9:56:16 PM, by MAMADWARF

    Hi guys, It's been a few since I wrote a blog. I've been doing well and have lost 13 pounds of the 20 goal I've set for myself by September 28. As you know I've had knee replacement in October, back discectomy in March and each time, it's been followed by physical therapy and a renewed f... Read more

  • Speaking into being...

    8/10/2015 1:04:39 PM, by TAYGRL

    I am challenging myself to lose 4 additional pounds this month. Make no mistake--what that means is regardless of the results reflected on the scale, whatever effort I put into reaching that goal--I accept that my results may look like something else. And I will embrace them whether it be in... Read more