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  • Special Blessings-March 30, 2015

    3/30/2015 12:19:42 AM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am especially blessed for the following: 1. Today was Palm Sunday. This is a very important day as we begin Holy Week. 2. We stopped in the coffee shop just long enough to grab a cup of coffee and to look at the paper. 3. We went to our nephew's home to have Easter and the... Read more

  • My Daily Bible Verse 03/29/2015

    3/29/2015 10:31:44 PM, by PRINCESS1959

    Job 22:21 New International Version Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you. King James Version Acquaint now thyself with God, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.... Read more

  • 3/29/15

    3/29/2015 10:05:45 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, I was so glad to get the day off today. I spent all day getting caught up on SP. I must be too involved. Went to church and took wife out to dinner. She has been sick all weekend. Caught whatever my son has had all week. I am starting with a croupy cough. So nice of them! Will be interes... Read more

  • A little about our heart for our new Sp Team Part 1

    3/29/2015 6:29:56 PM, by GLORYTOGLORY

    Hello fellow Spark friends, My husband and I wanted to start a Spark team to give back. We are in process of getting it all set up. In the meantime I wanted to share what is the vision for this team. This team is for everyone! Our heart is that we can all choose to be our best version o... Read more

  • It's time to start over. Again.

    3/29/2015 5:51:39 PM, by CLAIREMZM

    How many times have I told myself that it's time to start over? If I looked back on my blogs I would see that I have said it several times. And I've done it--started over and got back on track for a while, then something happens--a visit from a friend or relative that calls for a dinner out, a parti... Read more

  • Reaching out again.

    3/29/2015 5:23:22 PM, by MVKNET

    A little nibble of this or that. O it won't hurt I say but then I am into a full blown binge. Food addiction is not pretty. It is easy to say well I am being social when I go to the church dinner or the ladies tea. But being social is Not having to eat all those goodies in front of me. Some may... Read more

  • So thankful!

    3/29/2015 2:49:37 PM, by LIZSPRINGSTEEN

    Fitness is done! 5 15-minute miles today. I'm so thankful I got it all done before 3. It's easier to get supper made that way!!! Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get 45 minutes core ST done instead of 30. I may change that plan when I wake up, but for now, that's the plan!... Read more

  • Sunday

    3/29/2015 2:40:47 PM, by COOP9002

    We had a nice crowd in worship this morning. The children did their usually Palm Sunday parade and that got the phone cameras out and going. Getting ready for tonight's evening Bible study. Only one group of ladies doesn't seem to care much for it since I changed things up a couple of months ago. O... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    3/29/2015 8:16:46 AM, by JLAMING263

    "God and Christ are literally a Father and a Son—separate, distinct, individual beings who are wholly unified in Their purpose." —Robert D. Hales... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Sunday, March 29, 2015

    3/29/2015 7:19:05 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    March 29, 2015 WHY IS GOD SO PATIENT WITH US? We sometimes wonder why people get away with things. We see wrongdoing in the world every day and wonder why people seem to go unpunished. Everyone sins. Even believers do wrong at times. What we need to remember is God is watching and He knows all... Read more


    3/29/2015 6:19:41 AM, by RSSSLHB

    THE LORD {is} my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD {is} the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid. Psalm 27:1 {{KJB}} {{VERSES OF THE DAY}} ****************************
    *** Seek ye the LORD while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near. Isaiah 55:6 {... Read more

  • Easter week, Palm Sunday

    3/29/2015 5:37:24 AM, by N_SPECT_R

    We finished Exodus at a fortuitous time as today begins Easter week. The story of Palm Sunday is in all of the gospels, read any or all of them. Matt-21, Mark-11, Luke 19, John-12. There are a lot of different things taking place here, Jesus is fulfilling prophecy by riding into Jerusalem on a don... Read more

  • Hope & Joy...

    3/29/2015 3:30:13 AM, by JUDITH316

    Sunday Morning 524 God has given us Hope & His Joy in our lives, the Joy of the Lord is our Strength... Let's entrust our lives in God's Hand's today... We have the Hope within our hearts and we have God's Joy to carry us on.. Let this Sunday be filled with the Joy of the... Read more

  • Quote for Today

    3/29/2015 3:16:58 AM, by JUDITH316

    Instead of concentrating on your problems and getting discouraged, focus on God and meditate on His promises for you. You may have fallen down, but you don't have to stay down. God is ready, willing and able to pick you up. Joyce Meyer... Read more

  • Bible Verse for Today..

    3/29/2015 3:14:10 AM, by JUDITH316

    For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. 2 Corinthians 5:21 NKJV... Read more

  • Special Blessings-March 29, 2015

    3/29/2015 12:07:52 AM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am especially blessed for the following: 1. We made it to the coffee shop first thing this morning. 2. We went grocery shopping and was hoping to get enough for two weeks, but as I usually do, I forgot several things that I need to go back and buy in another day or two. 3. ... Read more

  • I have one!!

    3/28/2015 11:32:38 PM, by DJ4HEALTH

    Saw this on one of the pineapple tops that I had planted some time ago. I know that they take 3 years to produce and did not realize that it has been three years since I have been collecting pineapple tops and planting them. Too bad that once they product it that is all that they produce. One ... Read more

  • 3/28/15

    3/28/2015 10:22:09 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well there is a chance that I might be off tomorrow, But we can't confirm it yet at this point. I guess I am going to have to pray real hard tonight. I might mix Him up as for months I was asking for work, and not I got too much. I like this job, the things are starting to come together, but days... Read more

  • I really need to work on this....

    3/28/2015 6:34:01 PM, by LIZSPRINGSTEEN

    I really need to learn to say no. Or cut back. I still have problems with that. There are some things I've gotten down pat. There are some I've made progress on. Then there are some I still can't turn down. Hubby brought home some Little Caesar's today. I should have had one piece and put the... Read more


    3/28/2015 3:47:17 PM, by MISSM66

    Good afternoon everyone,not sure I will get the time to do this blog tomorrow morning so I am doing it now,my vacation start tomorrow and I am going to Jamaica for one month possible two because DH said if he is up to it he may stay for two months,if not when we get back he is going to Greece,my Fa... Read more

  • Saturday

    3/28/2015 2:35:50 PM, by COOP9002

    Olivia is feeling much better today. She and her mom headed to Jeff City to do some shopping and have a Mother/Daughter day. Of course, I get to stay behind and hang out with our dogs. Oh well. At least it's a nice relaxing Saturday. Enjoy your day.... Read more

  • Forgiving myself, releasing the past and moving on

    3/28/2015 12:27:16 PM, by BLONDEE53

    I am 62 and have a lot of years accumulation of stuff to let go of. Like many, I've kept the same worn out, reckless and damaging habits that have kept me overweight, sick and bound. As a Christian, I know full well the benefits of forgiveness and have applied it countless times throughout m... Read more

  • Husband and I are starting a new spark team

    3/28/2015 12:17:08 PM, by GLORYTOGLORY

    I was thinking when I post my fitness you guys do not know where I came from. This is right after my third pregnancy the baby was out and I still looked pregnant. Then there is the in progress pic I am no skinny momma doing all this circuit training. But, I am having fun along the journey and fighti... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    3/28/2015 10:41:46 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Rich or poor, we are to “do what we can” when others are in need." —Jeffrey R. Holland... Read more

  • I love My daughter !

    3/28/2015 9:44:05 AM, by KALLIE1958AR

    ‎Friday, ‎March ‎28th‎2015 God is so good yesterday my daughter came home with a picture for me with the verse ISAIAH CHAPTER 12 2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. I... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Saturday, March 28, 2015

    3/28/2015 7:19:11 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    March 28, 2015 PATIENTLY WAIT When we are hurting we sometimes want a quick fix. However, God may have a different plan. We can cry out to Him. We can be still. We can wait patiently for Him to act. And He will. But we have to be patient and put our focus on Him even when we are hurting. Then ... Read more


    3/28/2015 6:11:32 AM, by RSSSLHB

    judge me, O LORD; for I have walked in mine integrity: I have trusted also in the LORD; {therefore} I shall not slide. Psalm 26:1 {{KJB}} {{VERSES OF THE DAY}} ****************************
    *** Behold, Thou shalt call a nation {that} Thou knowest not, and nations {that} knew not Thee shal... Read more

  • Exodus 40 The tabernacle complete

    3/28/2015 5:34:53 AM, by N_SPECT_R

    Read Exodus 40 We finish the book of Exodus with the completion of the tabernacle. They've been two years wandering since leaving Egypt. It doesn't say how long they worked on the tabernacle but it's interesting how they finished and set it up on the anniversary. The tabernacle is a great pictu... Read more

  • A Special Lenten Service

    3/28/2015 3:51:52 AM, by GRANJERRY1

    I am slowly trying to get back to active Sparking with all the love and encouragement of my Spark Friends and family. This is my 2nd blog since I started Sparking. I did try to go over to the various team chats, but at the end of the day I realised my wrists were swollen and I was in a lot of ... Read more

  • New Page/New Chapter

    3/28/2015 3:13:38 AM, by JUDITH316

    Good Morning All, Today is a brand new day for great possibilities to happen. Let’s push ahead and have a productive and fabulous Weekend ahead. We can as we keep taking those “baby steps” and strive to reach those goals we have set before us... Remember; baby steps, tracking and ta... Read more

  • Bible Verse for Today..

    3/28/2015 3:08:14 AM, by JUDITH316

    The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save , he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing. Zephaniah 3:17 ... Read more

  • Quote for Today

    3/28/2015 3:07:38 AM, by JUDITH316

    Love is commitment; love is a relationship that never gives up. Jerry Falwell ... Read more

  • Special Blessings-March 28, 2015

    3/28/2015 12:05:18 AM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am especially blessed for the following; 1. We drove to a town about an hour away and met a Spark Friend and her husband who was traveling through, for lunch. We have met them before and they are very nice. We will definitely do this again. 2. We came home and relaxed for the r... Read more

  • I'll be feeling this tomorrow!!

    3/27/2015 6:18:25 PM, by LIZSPRINGSTEEN

    I spiced up my workout today by going back to dumbbell shoveling and hot potato squats for today's workout. I did 30 total minutes lower body ST, 75 minutes walking (5 15-minute miles (the first mile was with a 10-lb dumbbell held in front of my chest for added resistance)), and 15 minutes on my re... Read more

  • Friday

    3/27/2015 12:26:12 PM, by COOP9002

    thanks for your prayers for our daughter. she went back to school today and finally got a good night's sleep last night. i was able to get a nice run in this morning. Heading to Senior adult luncheon before picking up Olivia and a friend from school. Enjoy your Friday.... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    3/27/2015 11:56:24 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Absolute truth exists in a world that increasingly disdains and dismisses absolutes." —David A. Bednar... Read more


    3/27/2015 10:59:22 AM, by CIERAPOET

    Hello Blessed Ones! 213 334 220 What another great day we have been blessed to see! The last Friday in March is here! Our heart's should be bursting with CHEER! Our God is FULL of grace and mercy over our lives and whatever He promises HE will do! He will NOT lie and CAN'T! Prais... Read more

  • Verse of the Day

    3/27/2015 10:39:54 AM, by JESS0107

    In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God. Psalm 62:7 KJV... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Friday, March 27, 2015

    3/27/2015 9:19:46 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    March 27, 2015 BETTER THAN PRIDE There are times in life when we are selfish. We all are. We may want to be the first to talk. We may want to have things our way. We may want to be recognized more than someone else for a good job. Pride and selfishness hinder us from being patient. When we are... Read more

  • Day 86

    3/27/2015 7:09:56 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    527 Still feeling rather stuffy and sick. Had to really push to not fall asleep during the day, so of course when it was finally night and I could sleep... I couldn't sleep! If I had a fever, I sweated it out last night. Now i want more than anything to go back to sleep! 150 Must go to CC toda... Read more


    3/27/2015 6:03:46 AM, by RSSSLHB

    Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his troubles. Psalm 25:22 {{KJB}} {{VERSES OF THE DAY}} ****************************
    *** And thou shalt come up against My people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days and I will bring thee against My land, that the heath... Read more

  • Strength for Today...

    3/27/2015 4:56:19 AM, by JUDITH316

    Good Morning All, Wishing you a great Friday and weekend ahead, a day filled with many blessings... Cheering you on your journey, keep pushing ahead and keep your eyes on the finishing line...Remember: I "CAN" with God's Strength and Help... I encourage you to meditate on Philip... Read more

  • Quote for the Day...

    3/27/2015 4:33:44 AM, by JUDITH316

    Jesus gives us hope because He keeps us company, has a vision and knows the way we should go. Max Lucado... Read more

  • Bible Verse for the Day

    3/27/2015 4:29:30 AM, by JUDITH316

    In God is my salvation and my glory; The rock of my strength, And my refuge, is in God. Psalm 62:7 NKJV... Read more

  • Luke 15 Recovering lost things

    3/27/2015 3:59:47 AM, by N_SPECT_R

    Read Luke 15 There are three stories but they can be applied in so many ways. The lost sheep, lost coin and the prodigal. Of course there is also the son who never leaves. I think all of us can fall into each category at times. A lost sheep doesn't know it's lost, we can get distracted and off ... Read more

  • Special Blessings-March 27, 2015

    3/27/2015 12:04:39 AM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am especially blessed for the following: 1. Jim and I got up early and cleaned house this morning. 2. After cleaning, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to the coffee shop. 3. We had planned on shopping, but a cold rain started and I wasn't dressed for it. We came home and ... Read more

  • Day 2 of the 24-day Fruits and Vegetables Challenge

    3/26/2015 11:45:08 PM, by DEWILL2

    Its day 2 and its been a great day. I am so enjoying the food and I can feel the wonderful changes in my body. However, I believe just eating and drinking fruits, vegetables, and water, I am feeling like I am detoxing. Just what my body needs after my month hiatus. Today I had two types of j... Read more


    3/26/2015 10:18:21 PM, by GEMINICHIK

    Success is not a race, be patient. Success leads to success. Success is always a work in progress. Success doesn't come to you--you go to it Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the process. Some people dream about success... while others wake up and work hard at it. Success... Read more

  • Where to go

    3/26/2015 9:05:53 PM, by BUBBLEGUM_FAIRY

    Somehow I have gotten very off track, and it has been many months since I have logged into spark. I got a laptop for my birthday this year that I am now typing on, and am happy that I can start doing spark exercise videos in my exercise room. My desktop computer was hooked up in a really small... Read more

  • Awesome Day of Fitness!

    3/26/2015 6:44:48 PM, by LIZSPRINGSTEEN

    I did 30 minutes core ST this morning before Emilie started her school work. Aidan had a half day today because of parent-teacher conferences, so hubby picked him up early since I had an appointment out of town. While at the eye doctor's, Aidan and I got our glasses that we got in the mail from ze... Read more

  • Another trip to the Asian market!

    3/26/2015 5:07:53 PM, by REALTYLADYLISA

    Well, I indulged my nephew (who recently returned from Japan) to another trip to the Asian market two days ago so he could stock up on some of his favorites from across the ocean. Each time we go I try to find one or two new veggies or fruits that I haven't tried to add to my meal plans. This ... Read more

  • Being an inspiration

    3/26/2015 3:15:59 PM, by JENNBECK831

    I'm within a few pounds of my goal weight and at a very healthy weight for the first time in years. With the beginning of spring, which unveils a more form-fitting wardrobe, people are really starting to notice how much weight I've lost. 9 I'm humbled, really. Looking back on it, I don... Read more

  • Wishing vs. Doing

    3/26/2015 2:12:40 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    I've spent years and years wishing I was a healthy weight, but it wasn't until last year that I really began working at it. I look back at all the time I spent wishing and can see that if I'd been doing instead of wishing, I'd have been at my goal a long time ago. Lately I've found mysel... Read more

  • 3/26/15

    3/26/2015 1:45:29 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well alas, the sun is out, the roads are dry, and I got some sleep last night! 7 hours! Whoohoo! I feel good, almost wish I wasn't going to work, but had the leisure to just go out and play. I have had a hankering to play some tennis, and I don't know why. I haven't played in over 20 years, but... Read more

  • Thursday

    3/26/2015 11:38:52 AM, by COOP9002

    our youngest daughter is home today with sinus junk. hoping that she can get to feeling better today and head to school tomorrow. Enjoy your Thursday.... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    3/26/2015 10:41:09 AM, by JLAMING263

    General Conference Watch the inspiring messages of general conference.
    conference?lang=eng... Read more


    3/26/2015 10:13:02 AM, by KALLIE1958AR

    ‎Thursday, ‎March ‎26, ‎2015 Good Morning all , wow what a night we did tons of praying here .. at one point it got real black and still we started commanding the weather ,My sister was at the door watching and she saw three tornados trying to form we commanded them to cease in Jesus nam... Read more

  • Verse of the Day

    3/26/2015 9:35:03 AM, by JESS0107

    For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake; Philippians 1:29 KJV... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Thursday, March 26, 2015

    3/26/2015 6:43:41 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    March 26, 2015 BETTER THAN POWER Many believe all who are famous are successful and wise. However, that is not always the case. Not by God’s standards anyway. God says it is better to be patient than powerful. If we aren’t patient and get what we want through force or anger, we aren’t su... Read more


    3/26/2015 6:39:33 AM, by RSSSLHB

    The secret of the LORD {is} with them that fear Him; and He will shew them His covenant. Psalm 25:14 {{KJB}} {{VERSES OF THE DAY}} ****************************
    *** He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the... Read more

  • Luke 14 To follow Jesus we have to hate everyone else

    3/26/2015 4:00:10 AM, by N_SPECT_R

    Read Luke 14 Hate is a pretty extreme word, it may be a poor translation here. Better to say we must put God before everyone else, to love Him more. We're still supposed to love our enemies and pray for those who we think are twits. That's a pretty hard thing to put God before family. T... Read more

  • Creating A "New Me"

    3/26/2015 3:29:53 AM, by JUDITH316

    Good Morning 524 Let's have a fantastic Thursday ahead striving to Create a "New Me" ... We Can Do This By: 1. Eating Healthy. 2. Staying Well Hydrated. 3. Moving our Beautiful Bodies. 4. Getting enough Sleep. 5. Keep a Healthy Weight. 6. Stay within your Calorie Range... Let... Read more

  • Quote for Today

    3/26/2015 3:14:08 AM, by JUDITH316

    People are born to be free; it's a gift from God. We're not to be free from responsibility, but free to be led by the Holy Spirit. Joyce Meyer... Read more

  • Bible Verse for Today..

    3/26/2015 3:12:03 AM, by JUDITH316

    Philippians 2:9-11 (NKJV) 9 Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should conf... Read more

  • 3/25/15

    3/26/2015 12:56:55 AM, by RHOOK20047

    Well this was a great day for ducks! I only got soaked about 5 times today, and drove in rain all day long. But I had my Christian music to give me my Sonshine! Despite the fact that I had 3 hours sleep, and ran from 9 this morning until I left for work, I feel pretty good. I am trying to set a ... Read more

  • Special Blessings-March 26, 2015

    3/26/2015 12:17:41 AM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am especially blessed for the following; 1. Jim took off from the auction early to take me out for a special lunch. w. I had many phone calls today from friends and family. They were all wonderful calls and each one left me smiling. 3. I was on the phone when my Dad called... Read more

  • Day 84/ vertigo

    3/25/2015 9:16:02 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    527 So I went to the doctor's today after my therapy appointment. I had that thing where my head felt weird and my eyes went all blurry, but I also now have a sinus infection that is getting worse. Doc doesn't seem too concerned about the head thing, says it could have been the beginning of a migrai... Read more

  • Glad Today is Done

    3/25/2015 9:06:49 PM, by LIZSPRINGSTEEN

    Today was rest day. Like I said yesterday, my rest days consist of non-strenuous cardio. I did 10 15-minute miles today (see, I walked slower!! usually it's 14 minute miles). Ate well and drank 21 cups of water again. Have to stay hydrated! Weigh-in went well. I'm the same as I've been for th... Read more


    3/25/2015 5:54:13 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    FREEDOM ISN'T FREE: My abuser/husband kicked/locked me out while i was in the hospital. I have envisioned this day, listened to the audio I have of him threatening me and wondered what life could be like. Now that he's gone out of my life I find myself frightened of being alone and wonder what's to ... Read more

  • Spring in Aurora, CO

    3/25/2015 1:46:32 PM, by LADYGSC

    ... Read more

  • Time To Get Back On Track

    3/25/2015 1:44:05 PM, by DEWILL2

    Wow, its been awhile since I have done a blog post. So much has been going on. I have had family/guests staying with me, my knee has taken a turn for the worst and I am now scheduled for another knee replacement revision surgery, and my daughter has moved in with me so my eating has been crazy. ... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    3/25/2015 11:58:08 AM, by JLAMING263

    "The gospel of Jesus Christ opens the path to what we may become." —D. Todd Christofferson... Read more

  • Wednesday

    3/25/2015 11:47:37 AM, by COOP9002

    Trying to get ahead today. Blessings.... Read more

  • Surgery pending!

    3/25/2015 11:16:39 AM, by BENE38464

    I haven't been around a lot lately and some of my friends have left messages about it on my Spark page. I wanted everyone to know that I have been keeping the faith. But a number of things have been going on with me.Tthe first one is that I have been taking a seminar from Notre Dame University on Li... Read more

  • Verse of the Day

    3/25/2015 11:07:57 AM, by JESS0107

    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 KJV... Read more

  • Do you know Him !

    3/25/2015 10:23:33 AM, by KALLIE1958AR

    THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME ! JOHN CHAPTER 14: 1 ¶ Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you,... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    3/25/2015 7:07:58 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    March 25, 2015 WAIT EAGERLY We can have a different attitude about life when we anticipate good things to happen. Some don’t like positive thinking. They think it’s a bunch of fluff. Some don’t like followers of Christ. They believe we are people who just trying to cope with a make believ... Read more


    3/25/2015 6:29:45 AM, by RSSSLHB

    His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth. Psalm 25:13 {{KJB}} {{VERSES OF THE DAY}} ****************************
    *** JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. Matthew 7:1 {{KJB}}... Read more

  • Luke 13 Jesus laments for Jerusalem

    3/25/2015 4:00:35 AM, by N_SPECT_R

    Read Luke 13 There is a principle that capitol cities will attract some of the most base people to exist. Something about living close to the perceived seat of power. It is so obvious today in our country, the nation's capitol is filled with ungodly corruption. Jesus felt compassion for them ... Read more

  • Change 4 Life...

    3/25/2015 3:10:18 AM, by JUDITH316

    Good Morning All Let this be the best day of a new journey in your life! It can be a Journey that will “Change your Life” With making the decision to step out and eat healthy, move more with the proper amount of exercise so you can live a long and healthy life! Let’... Read more

  • Bible Verse for Today..

    3/25/2015 3:06:54 AM, by JUDITH316

    I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. Psalm 139:14... Read more

  • Quote for Today

    3/25/2015 3:04:52 AM, by JUDITH316

    Gather the riches of God's promises. Nobody can take away from you those texts from the Bible which you have learned by heart. Corrie Ten Boom ... Read more

  • 3/24/15

    3/25/2015 12:58:01 AM, by RHOOK20047

    Well busy day at work, rained driving to and from work, made Bob a not so happy person. But listening to the Christian rock station keeps me from getting ignorant when drivers cut me off or do dumb things. Didn't sleep well last night, and I have to get up early next two days for dr. appointments,... Read more

  • Special Blessings-March 25, 2015

    3/25/2015 12:08:56 AM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am especially blessed for the following: 1. I spent the morning finishing a book that I have been reading this week. 2. I did laundry this afternoon and it is caught up once again. 3. Jim was home from the auction earlier than normal tonight. 4. As I write this, I am ... Read more

  • SPOILER...Agency

    3/24/2015 8:06:03 PM, by JLAMING263

    "We cannot force God’s children to choose the way to happiness. God cannot do that because of the agency He has given us." —Henry B. Eyring... Read more

  • Last day of week 2 for biggest!

    3/24/2015 6:06:43 PM, by LIZSPRINGSTEEN

    Weigh-in tomorrow! I can't believe it's already the last day of week 2 for the Biggest Loser Spring Into Shape Challenge!!! It seems like we just started the challenge! I don't care what the number on the scale says because I know I'm losing inches! I have to fix my unmentionables a zillion time... Read more

  • depression

    3/24/2015 4:46:36 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    What I hate most about anxiety is waking up with it. It’s like an emotional hangover – the first thing you feel before you open your eyes. I want to be able to tie my anxiety to an event or person or thing. Maybe then I could make sense of it. But I can’t. It is just there, tight and nauseous ... Read more

  • A Fun Day

    3/24/2015 4:37:06 PM, by SAINTBERNARD6

    After taking a long nap I am ready to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening with my oldest daughter. Had a very nice experience today. I live in a mobile home that had plastic bathtubs in it. One of the tubs got 2 large cracks in it so leaked and rotted the floor. My son in law... Read more


    3/24/2015 2:24:53 PM, by KALLIE1958AR

    AND HE ROSE OUT OF THE GRAVE Mark 16: 14 ¶ Afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen him after he was risen. 15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach... Read more

  • Tuesday Morning

    3/24/2015 1:08:49 PM, by COOP9002

    the rain forced me to run inside this morning, but i am thankful to have a place where i can get that accomplished. went to the dentist this morning for my semi-annual cleaning. trying to get some things ready for this week. Hope your Tuesday is going well. Blessings.... Read more

  • Verse of the Day

    3/24/2015 10:25:01 AM, by JESS0107

    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23 KJV... Read more

  • this to shall pass when?

    3/24/2015 7:24:34 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I feel like I have have spent the majority of my life either alone and neglected or under the thumb of the abuser at the time. There have been fleeting moments in which I had a functional relationship. When is it supposed to get better? When am I meant to stop feeling damaged, alone and unwanted. I'... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    3/24/2015 6:54:26 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    March 24, 2015 MISSED BLESSINGS When we go ahead and do things on our own without asking God or waiting on Him, we are missing a blessing. God has reasons for us to do things at certain times and to wait at other times. When we wait and obey God, we will receive blessings to use and share with... Read more


    3/24/2015 6:35:46 AM, by RSSSLHB

    What man {is} he that feareth the LORD? him shall He teach in the way {that} he shall choose. Psalm 25:12 {{KJB}} {{VERSES OF THE DAY}} ****************************
    *** If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in He... Read more

  • Day 83

    3/24/2015 4:23:07 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    527 So very congested. It's 0400 and I can't sleep because I'm so clogged up! Have to sit up for a while to let everything drain. Ugh. So I'm drinking a nice cup of coffee an hoping that clears me up enough to sleep for at least another hour or so. 319 Though there really is no reason for me t... Read more

  • Luke 12 Acknowledge Christ before men.

    3/24/2015 4:07:36 AM, by N_SPECT_R

    Read Luke 12 So what exactly does that mean to acknowledge Christ? Does it mean to proclaim Him as savior? To run around trying to tell everyone about Him? A little bit of both maybe. It should be an open acknowledgement that He is sovereign. That He controls everything. Paul tells us to ... Read more

  • Will You?

    3/24/2015 4:00:31 AM, by JUDITH316

    Good Morning All Today I will purpose in my heart and mind that I will press on and be the very best I can be; reminding myself that it is never a question of "can you" but it is a statement that "I Can" and "Will You" ? Will I follow my heart and reach for the goal that awaits for ... Read more

  • Quote for the Day...

    3/24/2015 3:47:39 AM, by JUDITH316

    ... Read more

  • Bible Verse for the Day...

    3/24/2015 3:45:00 AM, by JUDITH316

    Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. ... Read more

  • 3/23/15

    3/24/2015 12:47:02 AM, by RHOOK20047

    This is gonna be short, as it is late, and I am beat. I started the 2nd shift and I am convinced I don't like it as it tears your day up. I am trying different start times to see what is easiest for parking. I went in at 2 today, will try 3 tomorrow, but I fear I won't like it as I will get off l... Read more