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  • I am a Streaker!

    3/29/2015 10:42:12 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    There is a guy in my running club who is 73 and has run 101 marathons and has been on a running streak for over six years. In fact, since January 1st, 2003, he has only missed eighteen days of running. He has been telling me for awhile that I should commit to run every day and see how it improves ... Read more

  • Perseverence

    3/21/2015 5:15:22 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    In the beginning of an effort, rewards come quickly, frequently and are more easily earned. As you progress in anything you do, the rewards are harder to come by, fewer and further apart and take much more effort to earn. But that's when you dig in and do your best work because the payoff that's com... Read more

  • Making the Best of a Tough Situation

    3/21/2015 2:26:23 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Since I've been back on my night meds, the night time sleep-walk go-find-sugar-to-eat has been a challenge!! My husband keeps a lot of junk food in the house. It's stuff I wouldn't even look at during the day when I'm in my right mind, but when I get back up and wander looking for sugar, it is wha... Read more

  • Running with Resolve

    3/16/2015 8:30:58 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Yes, I'm pretty sick. But I also feel like I can keep going. Many of you said to rest yesterday but I felt like if I gave into it, that attitude would carry into the workweek. So I went to Houston Saturday night to my sister-in-laws and got to bed by 9pm. The race the next day was just a few blo... Read more

  • Running on Empty

    3/14/2015 10:19:53 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    So far my resolve to stay in my calories has been strong. I printed off my food journal and my trainer gave me some fresh ideas and substitutions to make. That was very helpful because part of my problem was that I was in a food rut. It also helps that I am so sore that it is a constant reminder ... Read more

  • Assessment Day

    3/10/2015 11:08:06 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I ate 2,800 calories today. It wasn't real to me until my personal trainer asked me to write down everything I eat during the next couple of days. Apparently this has become my new average. I weigh 190 again. So I decided I would be totally honest with my trainer and write it all down. It cause... Read more

  • Running with Turbocharge

    3/5/2015 8:23:44 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I signed up for a free race for next Sunday, which will basically be a long training run with support and aid stations--yay! My next marathon is on April 11th and it has a seven hour cut-off. The difference between this one and the last one that took 7 hrs 40 min, is that this is a road race versu... Read more

  • carbs

    3/4/2015 7:07:21 AM, by VIVIANKAY3

    My Love-hate relationship with Carbs!!!! I soooo hate it!!! Well hate is a strong word, is despise better. I know I feel so much better when I don't eat alot of carbs, and they make me bloated, and just craving more of them. I have mastered the fight with bread and butter with my evening meal. That ... Read more

  • it's a new month

    3/2/2015 8:11:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new month is now underway. i am looking forward to when spring starts and so is my daughter. she is soooooo excited about her birthday that is coming up near the end of this month. she enjoys being active and keeps me active as well. she also enjoys reading regularly,too. all of the birds are doin... Read more