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  • Success Requires Internal Discipline

    9/1/2015 6:53:54 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Success Requires Internal Discipline by Mary "Motivator" Rau-Foster When men and women join the military, they must go through an intensive training process known as boot camp. The purpose of boot camp is to transform an individual in a physical, emotional, and mental way. This transforma... Read more

  • May we all be like the COFFEE

    8/27/2015 6:46:06 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Ran across this. I do not know the author but a very wise story. She Tells Her Grandma That She’s Just Been Cheated On So Grandma Tells Her To Do This This is a good lesson for all of us, no matter what stage of life you’re in. You’ll see what I mean. A young woman went t... Read more

  • Drink your water!

    8/26/2015 1:52:15 PM, by A_BIT_AT_A_TIME

    Just wanted to share this article - drinking water promotes weight loss (We all knew that already but it's a good reminder!) 274 194 192 43 192 194 274
    2015/08/150826101645.htm... Read more

  • Learn From the Thorns in Your Life

    8/25/2015 6:08:11 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Learn From the Thorns in Your Life by Mary "Motivator" Rau-Foster (full link at the bottom of the article) We have a wonderful climbing rose near our front door that produces some really beautiful apricot colored roses. As I cut and prepared the roses for display as an arrangement th... Read more

  • Doing absolutely nothing

    8/22/2015 11:14:44 AM, by DGFOWLER

    That's what I feel I have done on my staycation. I've stayed at home. I've not exercised much at all although I have watched my eating. I was having a great time kicking back and letting lose until yesterday. I thought my work schedule had been fixed. But alas, it has not. I am back ... Read more

  • Bite Size Pieces

    8/17/2015 11:36:35 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Bite Size Pieces ~ Article by Mary "Motivator" Rau-Foster "So much to do, so little time." My husband and I often think that way. In fact, we find ourselves either doing, or thinking about doing, some task or goal most of our waking hours. We have chosen a lifestyle that demands muc... Read more

  • You're going to get tired

    8/16/2015 11:56:14 PM, by A_BIT_AT_A_TIME

    of me blabbing on and on 334 I know I do better when I blog, so I'll be filling your feed with posts, lol Weighed in today -- was up more than I expected -- 258.2 -- could just be water retention from eating bacon for breakfast yesterday...hope so, anyway. 487 Regardless - 40 poun... Read more

  • 40 pounds in 20 weeks

    8/15/2015 12:49:58 PM, by A_BIT_AT_A_TIME

    "40 pounds in 20 weeks" That is the challenge on a fitness email list that I belong to. I wasn't sure where they got the 20 weeks from until I checked the dates - 20 weeks from today gets us to Jan. 2. 2 pounds a week gets us to 40 pounds. Take a moment and think about that. Ge... Read more

  • Henry County Ohio Fair

    8/15/2015 12:34:25 PM, by DGFOWLER

    I live directly across from the Henry County Fairgrounds. And it started yesterday. Many of you may remember I always take this week off because of barely being able to get in / out of my driveway. I don't go. Cost too much and my leg can't take all of that walking. Last night back-to-back... Read more

  • Do Not Quit, No Matter What

    8/12/2015 6:22:05 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Are you having a hard time and struggling with some decisions you are trying to decide upon? Whether it is personal, business or other all our our decisions are based upon emotion. Sometimes emotions overcome us and we give in because we feel the struggles are too hard to handle. I'm here t... Read more

  • Do You Have Intentions or Wishes?

    8/11/2015 7:02:02 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Have you ever wished for something that didn’t happen, even if it felt like the right thing to wish for? For example, losing weight overnight? Why doesn't this wish come true? Is it because it's not realistic? We cannot get from A to B without a plan. Even the best of intentions may ... Read more

  • I have fleas

    8/8/2015 10:10:43 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Do any of you know any home remedies to get rid of fleas? I have two cats that have always been inside and all of the sudden I have them. They get front line on them starting usually in May and through the summer into fall. I just can't believe I have them. I'm being eating alive and dang ... Read more

  • Free Activity Burn Tool

    8/6/2015 6:55:53 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Here's a great activity burning tool to help judge calories burned vs weight and minutes. Remember none of the tools out there are 100% correct but this is the closest I've been able to find. It even has things like mowing grass (including rider) and snow blowing..Who'd have thunk? ... Read more

  • Motivational Transitional Wednesday

    8/5/2015 7:02:39 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Happy Wednesday! How do you feel about transitions? There are so many different types that we go through in our lifetime. Graduating school, marriage, having children, setting goals etc. The list can go on and on and every persons transitional experience will be different. Whate... Read more

  • Warning Signs in Your Life

    8/4/2015 6:52:12 AM, by DGFOWLER

    An elderly woman made a phone call to the local police station requesting a police officer come to her house to remove a sign that had recently been placed in her front yard. When asked the nature of the problem, she complained about the traffic sign, which warned, "Caution: Deer Crossing." ... Read more