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  • Too Much Tailgating

    9/20/2014 10:02:21 PM, by RONGUILLORY

    I can handle being around a lot of delicious food and control my urges except when I consume alcohol. I gonna have to spend an extra hours in the gym next week to break even!... Read more

  • 5K

    9/13/2014 4:51:11 PM, by RONGUILLORY

    Good morning for a run. it was cool and misty rain from start to finish... Read more

  • new season.... new challenge. .. maybe just maybe a new sunny gal ;)

    9/13/2014 3:56:34 PM, by JESSALOU

    So, in general I'm abou a week behind. When the new challenge started we had horrid stuff happening. Things going wrong in every direction. Praying for a way, a plan in moving. My eldest twin slipping and falling though the living room window, leading to er visit and mt losing my mind. Two days figh... Read more

  • 5k in the morning

    9/12/2014 9:10:46 PM, by RONGUILLORY

    The running season is starting down south. I run and walk my first 5k tomorrow morning at the Be a Match fundraiser!... Read more