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  • Understanding Myself

    10/13/2017 9:55:20 AM, by JAYCEE1969

    I often envy people I see, running 5k's and 10k's, young and old. I few years back I was walking up to 2 miles, very focused and although I physically couldn't run, I was determined to at least walk a 5k. Fastfoward, to 2016) I went into a deep depression ( a life long battle), because I was diagnos... Read more

  • Getting started

    10/11/2017 3:24:26 PM, by JAYCEE1969

    I'm stuck! I know in my mind what to do. And on occasion I do it. But I'm stuck in this relentless conversation I have with myself! And I know it's difficult but, I have to get some help. Life has just been really kicking my butt, and I don't know how to fix it. Every time I think we are on the rig... Read more

  • Grieving and Bargaining

    10/2/2017 2:21:00 PM, by JAYCEE1969

    I think I have moved out of denial and I weeble wobbling between Acceptance and Bargaining! I have been declining for the last year and half with chronic pain, my weight depression and now trying to finally turn some of it around! I have been working on new doctor appointments, to find the best pos... Read more

  • Beginning Again

    10/2/2017 1:28:40 PM, by JAYCEE1969

    I don't know how many times, I start and let life dictate what I am going to do. I get really focused and wham bam I get discouraged. I suppose that is an issue that will and should be addressed! And so here I am, I am at the heaviest I believe I ever been in my life (I won't count my pregnancy 26... Read more