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  • # day 96 of 350

    4/20/2016 1:57:38 PM, by OZMAN80

    Its been a while since I blogged and will the journey continues, with some set backs. Its those little tumbles and being able to get back up,that lets me know I'm on the right path. Before I would have given up, but not this time. I'm feeling healthier and my attitude has differently changed. 254 da... Read more

  • # day 79 of 350

    4/3/2016 2:05:18 PM, by OZMAN80

    Just got to level 13. I was amazed have fast I got here. I never thought I would see this,it seemed so from away. When I see that someone has over 100,000 points, I'm like that is impossible. Now I believe I can reach it too. Just need to stay committed to logging in daily and focused on why I'm doi... Read more

  • Retraining my thinking ....

    4/3/2016 8:42:18 AM, by DELITFRN

    I have asked myself for quite a while "why can't I control my eating?" The answer is .... I can ! I have done his before and will do it again and this time I will incorporate a corrective thinking pattern and look to avoid my triggers ! When I am down look up and look to my support ! This I will... Read more

  • # day 78 of 350

    4/2/2016 8:54:29 AM, by OZMAN80

    I have made it to the end of week 14. I've had my slip ups, but I'm still focused on the goal. Before I would have just given up after I had give in to a temptation. But now I hold myself accountable and I don't beat myself up over it. Just remember how far I have come and that little set back, is n... Read more