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  • Would you look at that?

    7/1/2015 1:10:49 PM, by BETHLS79

    I saw it coming, but it's still hard to believe I clocked 1,000 fitness minutes in a month. I'm pretty proud of that. I got awake at 4 o'clock this morning when DH got out of bed and I wasn't able to get back to sleep for some reason. So instead of laying in bed, I got up and went to the gy... Read more

  • Thursday can suck it...

    6/25/2015 3:26:30 PM, by BETHLS79

    It's Thursday again. And again, I won't be able to make it to the gym. I'm not too upset about it because I'm actually going to the Pirates game tonight with some coworkers for a birthday. If it ever stops raining, I mean. Plus, I've been to PF everyday since LAST Thursday. Six days a week is ... Read more

  • To Weigh or Not to Weigh...

    6/22/2015 10:20:38 AM, by BETHLS79

    When I joined Planet Fitness, I made a promise to myself that I would go everyday for 30 days and then weigh-in. Life got in the way of that, so I decided that I would only weigh-in after 30 trips to the gym. Tonight will be trip #27, which means I'll be able to weigh in Thursday or Friday. ... Read more

  • New Things

    6/20/2015 8:33:14 AM, by BETHLS79

    I challenged myself last week to try the circuit workout at the gym. I haven't gotten to that yet, but last night I finally got over my fear of trying the machines. And I am feeling it today, boy! First I tried some ab machines. I think I can up either the weight or the reps on those because I'm not... Read more

  • I have to put this here...

    6/19/2015 9:13:11 AM, by BETHLS79

    In four weeks, I've been to the gym 23 times. Three of the five days I missed were because I was on vacation and working on house projects or just out having fun. This is absolutely unheard of for me. Usually by this point, I'm completely over it and starting to slack. Not so. I wasn't able to ... Read more

  • The Dreaded Thursdays

    6/12/2015 2:32:18 PM, by BETHLS79

    Thursdays seem to be my off days. Partially it's because one of the weekdays DH and I can squeeze in some, uh, "quality time." And partially just because after hitting the gym Friday through Wednesday, I need a break. Yesterday I didn't go because PF was allowing anyone to work out for free to ce... Read more

  • This gym thing...

    6/8/2015 1:28:41 PM, by BETHLS79

    I don't know how it happened that I'm learning to love going to the gym, but it seems like it has happened. I never would have thought that was possible. I didn't go on Thursday because I was too lazy to get up and go in the morning and then I had obligations in the evening. Need to work on that.... Read more

  • Day 473 - Improptu Exercise? Okay!

    6/4/2015 11:33:56 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Food streak: Day 4 Exercise streak: Day 4 **Bear with me for this post. My roommate's cat chewed through my laptop charger and my laptop is dead. I'm attempting to type this from my iPad. Please excuse the errors.** Apparently impromptu exercise is becoming my thing. I set a goal for mys... Read more

  • Back to Routine

    6/3/2015 2:55:11 PM, by BETHLS79

    I wasn't able to make it to the gym on Friday or Saturday. Friday, I got my workout in by painting my kitchen. Saturday, I went to a flea market with a friend, and while we did some walking, I probably still should've gone to PF. But my period was just ruining my attitude and my energy, plus I wa... Read more

  • Day 472 - Starting A New Streak

    6/3/2015 12:46:40 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I feel fantastic today! I honestly can't say why. I don't know if it's because I started exercising again, feeding my body good whole foods, that I'm finally drinking enough water again, or a combination of all three but I feel great! I'm just happy. Last weekend I bought some new clothes for w... Read more

  • Day 471 - 12 Hours

    6/2/2015 4:46:29 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Hey all! Oh, goodness. I have no idea where to start. So much has happened lately. It's been a crazy couple of months and I wish I could say I stayed on track through everything. Unfortunately, I did not. I gained back everything I lost and am starting again at square one. Despite all of that, I'm a... Read more