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  • push the THAT WAS EASY button

    3/16/2017 9:23:28 AM, by NEPT45

    When you do the right things the right things start to happen. Three days after removing sugar from my diet (white sugar) I am not craving it. I had a headache the first day but that was it. My arthritis hurts but I worked out anyway and I feel better. My fingers still hurt but I care less. It'... Read more


    3/10/2017 9:36:21 AM, by NEPT45

    Sometimes I forget to be a smart person. I know the right choices to make in order to be healthy and I know that I can make them. I don't need to be confused if I am not losing because I know exactly what I am not doing right. I know that if I allow myself to "go there" mentally I won't succeed. ... Read more

  • arthritis or carpal tunnel

    3/7/2017 9:14:18 AM, by NEPT45

    The ring finger on my right hand has been out of sorts for a couple weeks. It hurts when I'm sleeping, is stiff in the morning and the place where it connects in my hand aches pretty much all day. Is it from doing bench presses with my weights or just from aging? Not sure what to do about it. I ... Read more


    3/2/2017 8:07:01 AM, by NEPT45

    It started the day after Valentine's Day. The trigger was twofold; not hearing back from a job I applied for & clearance Valentine chocolate at Target. I didn't start the poor eating habits that day, just the bad mental mojo. Things went through my mind like eating comfort food is comforting, or ... Read more

  • The high price of EZEKIAL bread

    2/23/2017 8:20:24 AM, by NEPT45

    .A loaf of cinnamon raisin Ezekial bread at Whole foods was about $6-$7! I like this bread. I know it is healthy. But isn't that a bit expensive? My question is this, are the healthier foods worth it?... Read more