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  • Progress

    5/28/2015 2:12:48 PM, by OBOYLEK

    i'm seeing a little bit of progress- a bit of muscle in my legs that I've been noticing lately. :) Thought I'd share... Read more

  • Vacation and Afterwards

    5/22/2015 3:02:23 PM, by KATRICK528

    Last thursday I got on a plane and went to Cancun Mexico. I got back on Monday. It was a lot of fun. Thursday night, we had a meet and greet since it was a company trip. During the meet and greet, is was practically mandatory to be drinking. After the meet and greet, I went swimming with a f... Read more

  • New Workout Plan

    5/19/2015 6:27:57 PM, by KATRICK528

    My work vacation has come and gone. The workout plan I put together was for me to gradually get used to working out before the vacation (I used it like a mile marker). Now that I am past it, it was time to analyze my progress and put together a new plan. I did not manage to increase my hol... Read more

  • Good day

    5/17/2015 11:33:02 AM, by OBOYLEK

    The other day, I went to the softball game of a buch of good friends. Afterwards, we got wings and some beer (I only had 1 coors light then stuck to water and kept it to 10 lightly seasoned wings). Mid-conversation, while someone else was telling a story, my friend turns to me and asks surprised, "... Read more

  • Company Trip

    5/13/2015 9:41:13 PM, by KATRICK528

    For the company I work for, after you have been working there for a year you get to go on vacation. The company takes everyone who works for them and goes to a tropical resort. This year is the first year that I get to know. YAY!!! I leave tomorrow! I will have a fitness room to use, as we... Read more

  • Learning the Ropes

    5/12/2015 5:23:13 PM, by GOODMEISTER

    I have been using SparkPeople since 2013, but I am just now exploring the "community". This is definitely a learning experience for me!... Read more

  • Advice?

    5/8/2015 11:36:39 AM, by OBOYLEK

    It's a coworkers birthday and people are bringing in cheesecake, chips and soda. This particular group of coworkers often *encourage* me to make poor nutrition choices... Is it rude to bring in cheesecake to celebrate and not eat any? It's not that they're encouraging anyone to be fat or anything m... Read more

  • Anxiety: Moods are just moods

    5/6/2015 11:28:59 AM, by OBOYLEK

    Feeling overwhelmed by everything. Probation is done in less than a week. My fiancé transferred to my institution and is not having the best day. There's so much clutter in the apartment, in the car, trash needs to be taken out, the dog needs to be taken on a long walk... So what do I do? Go for a... Read more

  • Disappointment

    5/4/2015 10:56:05 AM, by OBOYLEK

    Well... I had my personal training appointment. Alex, my trainer, told me she's proud of me sticking to going to the gym. I've been there 5 out of the last 7 days. Been eating right and drinking lots of water....... Switched off days for cardio and strength training so I wouldn't overdo it and cause... Read more