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  • FINDING MY WAY BACK...I've lost my Spark

    8/23/2017 9:31:39 AM, by NEPT45

    I think this will be my theme for awhile. I have seriously lost my spark, so to speak for being active and motivated. My grief is literally blocking the sun right now. Day 1 begins with coffee, oatmeal and determination.... Read more


    8/20/2017 10:49:39 AM, by NEPT45

    Hooray! I am back to my pre-summer weight of 182. Now I can tweak my nutrition and keep going! My key changes this week were 1. drink tons of water, 2.) have a salad everyday and 3.) oatmeal for breakfast. I also made sure I took my Omega 3 and Turmeric every day. Now for the bad part. I have ... Read more

  • In it for the long haul

    8/16/2017 9:30:29 AM, by NEPT45

    Sometimes life is so difficult and our minds are just spinning. We have so many things to deal with that we don't feel like counting points or tracking our food, and there seems to be little or no time left in the day to be active. I am learning that it is on those days that our bodies and minds m... Read more

  • 1 Year COLD FREE streak has ended!

    8/15/2017 9:13:23 AM, by NEPT45

    Yes, I have a sore throat, running nose and am running hot and cold. No, I am not going to give in to this cold! Ya gotta think positive to feel positive! Today I am going to hydrate and when I get home from work I am going in to my sauna of a garage(where my treadmill lives) and I am going to sw... Read more


    8/14/2017 9:28:08 AM, by NEPT45

    I had eaten the same breakfast for too long so now I am trying something new: oatmeal. It is filling and provides me with fiber. I am trying to get past the texture and memories of childhood lumpy Maypo.... Read more


    8/10/2017 9:08:14 AM, by NEPT45

    Sometimes you just have to put your head down and do the work! And believe the results will come. That's where I am today.... Read more

  • Grief and exercise

    8/8/2017 9:16:39 AM, by NEPT45

    Haven't blogged in awhile because the big thing in my life right now is dealing with the loss of my best friend. But I am frustrated because I am still working out but the good feeling workouts always gave me in the past is wearing off about halfway through the day! The sadness breaks through. I ... Read more

  • Back at it

    8/7/2017 9:55:58 PM, by JENNFIVE

    I joined friends in a weight loss challenge, and with the added chatting, I lost time to focus on the areas that were leading me to success (logging food, documenting goals, SPARK points). Couple with some summer travel (and poor eating), things have stalled out. I'm getting back to the basics. On... Read more

  • down just a smidge but I'll take it

    8/3/2017 9:46:38 PM, by NEPT45

    What? Could it be? Am I actually down .5 after 2 weeks? WOO-HOO!!!! It's a process, a slow process...can't be rushed...but progress is progress and I am feeling proud of myself today.... Read more

  • When all else fails...keep going.

    8/2/2017 11:36:48 AM, by NEPT45

    I'm tracking what I eat. I'm exercising. I'm looking at the scale. No change. Those few pounds I gained last month are just sitting there smiling at me in defiance. My size 12 pants are too tight and I go back to work Friday. I guess I have to buy a bigger size because I need something to wear... Read more

  • Hiking shoes; yes or no?

    7/31/2017 12:28:46 PM, by NEPT45

    Last weekend I fell while hiking and I have the most annoying giant scab thingy on my right knee. I've pretty much worn the treads off my workout sneakers which I wear hiking too. Is it really necessary to wear hiking shoes if the trails are not that extreme? Or can I just get new sneakers and co... Read more

  • Rainbow Connections

    7/29/2017 6:38:55 PM, by NEPT45

    Bonus of getting up early to work out; beautiful morning sky. Thank you nature!... Read more