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  • Getting started...sort of

    11/30/2015 12:33:39 PM, by JENNFIVE

    im back to try Spatk People. I had success the first time around, but I fell of the wagon. Time to get back at it...sort of. I'm recovering from a nerve impingement, so I'm on pretty lured fitness duty per my physical therapist. At this point my tracking is with the goal of not gaining any more weig... Read more

  • Evaluation of Progress. Re-evaluation of Small Steps

    11/19/2015 12:36:34 PM, by KATRICK528

    I was doing good for a few weeks. I went over for 2 weeks, and started to slow down to not burn out. Then last week I got sick. On thursday, I stopped walking, I stopped tracking food and water, I stopped stretching in the morning. I did not start to feel better until Sunday. Monday, I did 1 wa... Read more

  • Not Feeling Well (possible tmi)

    11/16/2015 9:36:43 AM, by KATRICK528

    Last Thursday, I woke up with pain coming and going in my abdomen. My first thought was "great, changing birth control brought back visits from mother nature"... except there was no blood. It was so intense, I could not get out of bed and I stayed home. Friday, I went in to work because I had a... Read more

  • Date and Theater food venting

    11/11/2015 12:10:21 PM, by KATRICK528

    I have been talking with this guy I met on a dating site for about a week now. We decided to meet up and go to a movie last night. We have almost texted daily. We met up around 5:15pm, and movie was set to start at 6:30pm. We sat around and talked until we were able to go into the theater. ... Read more

  • Patio and Apartment Work

    11/9/2015 11:08:41 AM, by KATRICK528

    With my new apartment, I have a fairly large patio. A lot larger than I am used to with apartments. I decided to try to do something with my patio. I started with screening in my patio, and not because of bugs. It is screened in for my animals. I want them to be able to go onto the patio wi... Read more

  • Last Night Dinner

    11/5/2015 11:26:23 AM, by KATRICK528

    Yesterday was just full of little things that went wrong. First lunch was messed with (see other blog) but then I made a mistake when cooking dinner. I wanted some 3 cheese tortellini, so I paired it with chicken and broccoli. I always do sauce with almost everything I cook. I decided I want... Read more

  • Lunch Time Last Minute Change

    11/4/2015 5:37:57 PM, by KATRICK528

    I have been going home most days (not yesterday) for lunch, walking dog and then eating. Today was a lovely lunch period... I drove home. Started preparing to walk the dog and out went my lights and everything turned off. Awesome! I went into the hallway between apartments, and there were 2 o... Read more

  • Week 5

    11/3/2015 12:07:23 PM, by KATRICK528

    During most of week 5, I was exhausted. Monday: 15min stretching, 15min abs workout, 3 walks, and a Gold's Gym Cardio Workout for the Wii. Tuesday: 15min stretching, 3 walks, and babysitting niece. Wednesday, and Thursday: 15min stretching and 3 walks per day. Friday: 15min stretching, 2 ... Read more