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  • A Post While i'm in The Vortex? What?!?

    4/25/2017 8:38:58 PM, by BANANA356

    Hello, Community! I call the period between Monday morning and Thursday evening The Vortex. It seems that with all good intention every week, the minute I step into my work day Monday morning, I get sucked into the Where-did-the-day-go-and-what-
    was-I-thinking-Sunday-evening Vortex. I... Read more

  • Nothing like a sunny spring morning to bring perspective

    4/23/2017 9:02:08 AM, by BANANA356

    Good morning! Had a good eating and exercise day yesterday. No sweets. Healthy foods. Well, except maybe for the rice noodles in the pho I had. Couldn't get myself going this morning. Sat next to the TV in the hotel lobby while I was eating my breakfast and heard the daily news. Raised my a... Read more

  • Spinning this morning - and not the cardio type

    4/22/2017 9:52:34 AM, by BANANA356

    Good morning, everyone! Hard week this week. Got back my MRI results on my neck. 3 bulging disks. Need to change my workout plans to accommodate. Physical therapy will have to wait until I get back home for longer periods of time in August. Right now, I'm traveling most of the time. I also f... Read more

  • Actually Blog No 2

    4/19/2017 4:47:14 PM, by RADOOGA

    Wrote a 'starting again blog', lost it in the ether. Ah well! Today wasn't great, all the motivation of starting again vamooshed after some upsetting domestic things (nothing serious, promise), just a teenage boy being a teenager, but it is hard letting them go, I didn't know how much it would... Read more

  • Screwed up - record it anyhow and move on

    4/17/2017 8:40:30 AM, by BANANA356

    I'm working through the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge. I cheated a little in that I didn't journal throughout the day when I had a craving for sweets. See my post yesterday for my not-gonna-track-stuff-througho
    ut-the-day thought:
    ublic_journal_individual.... Read more

  • The Dangers of My "I Should" Thinking

    4/16/2017 7:38:26 AM, by BANANA356

    There are two "I shoulds" I tend to sabotage myself with during the day - I should be able to eat this and I should be able to do some impossible or unrealistic task. Or whatever I should statement comes to me. I'll run into this today. I should be able to get the 14 [too many] things on my to... Read more

  • The Imperfect Recovery of the Flying Ostrich

    4/15/2017 9:43:28 AM, by BANANA356

    2003 was a pretty hard year. Next month it'll be 14 years since I did a flying ostrich over my handlebars down the camelback. Why not a flying swan? I'll let you decide. I was on my Yamaha YZ250 approaching what we used to call the camelback at the local motocross track. Jumped from the first ... Read more