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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/26/2015 7:06:21 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Around 10:30 this morning I threw in the towel and decided to give in and go to the ER for this migraine. Usually they can give me something for the pain that will work at least for a day or two. Today... nothing worked. Not dilaudid, or IV tylenol or any of the other things they tried. The migr... Read more

  • a mild day

    11/26/2015 8:32:30 AM, by MOMMY445

    i feel like the interview went well. i will know next week whether or not i got this job. i am still looking for other work in the meantime. my daughter says hi. all the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • MRI is done

    11/25/2015 8:46:11 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Sort of took a rest and recovery day today, as I had my MRI this afternoon, and I had to run errands this morning. I still started the day with a 4 mile walk with Cooper, followed by coffee with mom. The coffee seems to help my migraines a little, but the effect wears off over the course of the d... Read more

  • Thanksgiving Quiz

    11/25/2015 8:26:31 PM, by IMAVISION

    465 426 427 429 428 430 465 426 427 429 Wishing each of you a most blessed Thanksgiving Day - filled with warm & toasty memories that will last throughout the coming years. God bless! 465 426 427 429 428 430 465 426 427 429 1. In what year did th... Read more

  • Quick update

    11/24/2015 7:37:27 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Nothing really fascinating happening here. The migraine is back. But the dog still has to be walked. My gratitude list for today... 1. Passionate emotion 2. Serene moments 3. Happy dog 4. Good books... especially the ones I want to reread 5. Good food that fits my nutrition plan... Read more

  • it snowed

    11/24/2015 9:20:52 AM, by MOMMY445

    last night, and a bit this morning, it snowed here, my daughter is bouncing up and down with joy. she enjoys playing and being in the snow. i have a job interview tomorrow morning and i may have another one later on this week. that one is still to be confirmed. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have... Read more

  • it's monday

    11/23/2015 7:52:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    i just found out that i have a job interview this coming wednesday morning. i may have two others this week as well. one may be done over the phone. my daughter says hi. all the birds say cheep,cheep. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Gratitude list

    11/23/2015 7:13:50 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    1. Cool, clear days 2. A good friend 3. A new book that makes me laugh 4. A clean kitchen 5. Getting back on track right away 6. Mobility 7. Heat and light... electric power is wonderful 8. Technology... even when it does strange things and makes me puzzled. 9. Happy dog, s... Read more

  • Still stuck

    11/23/2015 2:47:58 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I'm still at the shelter, still looking for a home. Saturday morning we were hauled out of bed literally at dawn and told that we all had 24 hours to drug test and that if we didn't, we'd be marked as a failed test and suspended (read: sleep in the street for a few days). Boy, nothing I love more t... Read more

  • What is acceptable...

    11/22/2015 5:47:17 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I still have a migraine, but it isn't as intense, so I will accept it as liveable for now. It is a matter of perspective and what I am willing to resign myself to for now. After the intense agony of the past couple of weeks this is very doable. Not comfortable, but acceptable nonetheless. Now if... Read more

  • Exercise

    11/22/2015 11:27:43 AM, by PRAYINGHANDS35

    What would picking up pecans count as for exercise. ... Read more

  • Alternate way to access: The Truth About Calories ~ New Documentary 2015

    11/21/2015 9:27:23 PM, by IMAVISION

    252 58 252 58 252 58 252 58 252 58 It NEVER ceases to amaze me how wonderful the working of the Creator God in all His creation - the human body in particular. Oh, but how we so often abuse it. 46 Much to our shame! 24 252 58 252 58 252 58 252 58 252 58 I found the fol... Read more

  • Temporary relief

    11/21/2015 3:21:48 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    So yesterday's infusion was thorazine and benadryl. Both of which are supposed to make you drowsy. In fact the thorazine is supposed to knock you out, so your body can reset without the pain. I have the opposite reaction to benadryl though... it gets me wired. I did have some kind of allergic re... Read more

  • I tried the Kon Mari clothes cleanout

    11/21/2015 10:30:38 AM, by EJRANVILLE

    I had been wanting to read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying up,
    48118625&sr=8-1&keywords=marie+kondo but it seemed odd to buy a book about getting rid of thing. Then... Read more

  • Way to long not being here.

    11/20/2015 7:28:50 PM, by JUMPINJULIE

    Well nothing has really changed in the weight dept. I put everything back on and some. Oh well i'm not a quitter so I'm ready to do what I got to do to get in shape. My biggest issues are that I give up on myself so easily. I'm my biggest critic and I have to find a way to stop my inner cr... Read more

  • Grasping at straws

    11/20/2015 1:05:41 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    The doctor has ordered another infusion. This one may make me sleep anywhere from 12-24 hours, so if you don't hear from me that is why. The SPG block treatments only minimally helped the migraine, so they are busting out the big guns. My BFF, Jen, is riding to my rescue as a last minute driver, ... Read more

  • ? 4 U

    11/20/2015 12:03:37 PM, by IMAVISION

    232 38 232 38 232 38 232 38 232 38 Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us? ~ William O. Douglas 232 38 232 38 232 38 232 38 232 38 William Orville Douglas (October 16, 1... Read more

  • it's friday

    11/20/2015 9:17:05 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful,cool sunny day here today! woo hoo! my daughter has a day off school today. in a while, we are off to visit a few relatives. then we will just take it easy. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone and a great weekend!... Read more

  • Third treatment

    11/19/2015 7:50:10 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Third and final SPG block treatment this evening. I have only seen a minimal improvement. But I have seen SOME improvement. Now I just hope I don't get a rebound headache. And yes I cried again. There is just something about it that brings tears to my eyes. The PA said not to worry about it. ... Read more

  • it's thursday

    11/19/2015 8:21:37 AM, by MOMMY445

    a mild start to the day. then the temperature is going to drop throughout the day. by the time the day is done, it will be really cold outside. that is okay. by then, my daughter and i will be in for the night. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i will be heading outside later to enjoy some fresh air... Read more

  • Second treatment

    11/18/2015 7:19:52 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I drove myself to my appointment for my second SPG block treatment. The PA was running behind so I waited quite a while. I cried again, and the taste didn't get any better. Still haven't noticed a difference. The drive didn't help. It was definitely a two hands on the wheel kind of day. Boy wa... Read more

  • woo hoo!

    11/18/2015 3:46:05 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter made the volleyball team and they do indeed get to travel to other schools. she had volleyball practice yesterday and she is headed to another school with the team now. she will be there for a while. i am already on the lookout for presents for her for christmas. all the birds say cheep,... Read more

  • First treatment

    11/17/2015 10:11:58 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Had my first SPG block treatment this evening. No noticeable effect yet, but I am hopeful that the cumulative effect will ease the grip of the migraine. It made me cry a little, and the lidocaine running down the back of my throat tastes nasty, but it wasn't too awful. My gratitude list for t... Read more

  • a beautiful,cool fall day

    11/17/2015 10:42:10 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am enjoying a lovely day here today. my daughter sends hugs and says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i am still actively looking for steady work. i will not give up until i get something, no matter how long it takes me to do so. i am so thankful for all of the support i have from my family,f... Read more

  • Eaten by a LION!

    11/16/2015 5:44:43 PM, by RYDERB

    Tiger, bear, or in the interest of complete discloser, even a really slow zombie! November Accountability Update: My husband and I have started sprint training together. The secret to sprint training is, you're supposed to give each sprint 100% of YOUR effort, as if you're really runn... Read more

  • Keeping going

    11/16/2015 3:35:54 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Having a bad day with this migraine, but I am trying not to let it influence my attitude too much. It is hard, when all I want to do is curl up in a dark place and cry. But the dog has to walk, so I have to get out and interact with the world. I try and make a point of smiling and nodding at the ... Read more

  • it's monday

    11/16/2015 8:10:55 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week is now underway. my daughter and i watched the santa claus parade on tv yesterday. it would have been way too hectic and crowded to go and see it in person. she says hi to everyone! all the birds say hi! have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • Gratitude list

    11/15/2015 12:48:42 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    1. The opportunity to watch the sunrise while walking with my dad in the morning. 2. Pups playing. 3. Helping hands (at least when I am not being stubborn). 4. Abundant sunshine (and I remembered my sunglasses!) 5. Unseasonably warm weather 6. The crinkle of the colorful leaves under... Read more

  • it's sunday

    11/15/2015 9:44:24 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day without much planned. have not yet decided on what i want to do today. i am taking it easy and so is my is a sunny day here today. later on, my daughter and i will go to the local park and have fun. all the birds say hi. have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • To sleep

    11/14/2015 9:12:45 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    The infusion yesterday provided enough relief from the pain that I was able to sleep last night. Nine hours straight through! Felt good. Today I did my usual Saturday thing, with a few early morning errands added on. I stopped and got a Christmas present. I am not feeling the Christmas spirit y... Read more

  • Where I am at...

    11/13/2015 7:23:00 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I am on day 6 of my second killer migraine this month. I have tried steroids, infusions, sumatriptan, naratriptan, and have started taking daily topamax. The only thing that really seems to work so far is dilaudid, but they frown on giving that to you very often. They start to question if it is d... Read more

  • it's friday

    11/13/2015 2:18:11 PM, by MOMMY445

    a very cool and windy day here today. i made sure that my daughter was dressed warmly enough for school. the assembly at her school was short and sweet. now another week is coming to a close. i got to see an advance screening of the movie meet the coopers and i really enjoyed it. i enter draws to wi... Read more

  • Gratitude list

    11/12/2015 5:35:46 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    1. Fall weather 2. My dad is willing to drive me to the neuro doc 3. Good books! 4. Seeing good all around me... even when I don't feel well 5. A gentle chiropractor 6. Yummy food 7. Long time friends who listen to me vent and then make me laugh... at myself!... Read more

  • it's thursday

    11/12/2015 10:23:43 AM, by MOMMY445

    a cool and rainy day here today. that is alright with me and my daughter. she already has a list written up for what she would like to have for christmas this year. as for me, i am still job searching actively and working on my courses. i take it day to day and try to not let any non replies back fo... Read more

  • Took a ride

    11/11/2015 11:04:42 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    ... In an ambulance. Boy howdy sparkaroonies... the migraine was wicked today. I called the neurologist while my neighbor was here, and tried talking to the nurse and couldn't follow the conversation... it was bad enough the nurse made me give the phone to my neighbor and they told her to hang up ... Read more

  • Feeling pathetic

    11/10/2015 3:27:31 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    This migraine just won't quit. I had three days headache free at the end of last week, before it kicked back in again. It makes me nauseous and weepy, and generally pathetic. I am sick of my own company that is for certain! And today is a rainy day, so Cooper does not want to go out. Despite th... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    11/10/2015 11:35:04 AM, by MOMMY445

    a mostly cloudy day here today. my daughter tried out for and got on her school's volleyball team. for now, the school is just playing with different grades. then they will eventually go on to play other schools. she is also in the choir and has been rehearsing at school for the assemble tomorrow. i... Read more

  • Requested prayer for ten-year-old Kyler!

    11/10/2015 1:21:58 AM, by IMAVISION

    458 458 458 458 458 458 458 458 458 458 Please pray for 10-year-old Kyler Bradley, who is fighting pediatric brain cancer. He believes that, if we will pray, God will hear & heal him. He does not want to die. Please share this as Holy Spirit leads. Meet Kyler here... Read more

  • Gratitude list

    11/9/2015 3:53:11 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Again with the not very good day. I am trying a new medication... hopefully starting tonight. If not, then it is probably back to the ER for me. I do have things to be grateful for though 1. Clean, safe drinking water 2. Healthy, tasty food 3. Loving family 4. I won something cool! 5... Read more

  • Gratitude list

    11/8/2015 4:18:12 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Not having a very good day. So I am going to focus on my gratitude list, and not bore you with my woes. 1. A happy dog 2. The scale moving the right way again 3. The lack of snow so far 4. Access to a car 5. Limitless possibilities when I get out of my own way.... Read more

  • Fuss - not a cute thing to do anyway, so why did I?

    11/8/2015 11:45:22 AM, by JITZUROE

    I want to send a Godzilla-sized thank you to the wonderful Sparkers who took the time to read my Conundrum blog, and for offering me some suggestions of what direction to take [whether to meet that fellow EM gal or not?]. I wanted to share what happened, or, what didn't. I thought about our S... Read more

  • A decent day

    11/7/2015 6:34:11 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Spent a good chunk of the day with mom. Started the day with a walk with dad and Cooper, then coffee while Cooper played with the neighbor's puppy. They play hard! Mom and I left around 9am to go to a Scandinavian cooking class. They were demonstrating how to make cinnamon buns. I had a teeny, ... Read more

  • MRI results... and a good samaritan

    11/6/2015 6:24:10 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It rained most of the morning, so Cooper was uninterested in walking, but it looked on the weather radar like the rain was over around 11am, so I took him out for a walk. The radar lied. We were about a mile from home and it started pouring. Poor Cooper was miserable and we were both soaked, when... Read more

  • HUGE dilemma

    11/6/2015 2:29:59 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Affordable housing here in Sonoma County practically doesn't exist. The cheapest I've been able to find is a $1,100 one-bedroom in a questionable neighborhood in Santa Rosa. However, I've lived in this county for 17 years and know it well. If I'm willing to move about an hour away to Sacramento... Read more

  • Busy

    11/5/2015 8:15:03 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I got quite a bit accomplished today. Started the day early walking in the early dawn light with dad and Cooper. Then had coffee with the family out on their deck, as the weather stayed pretty. Was home by 9am and took Cooper for another short walk. Cleaned my whole apartment, including all my l... Read more

  • it's thursday

    11/5/2015 2:10:34 PM, by MOMMY445

    i had an interview for a contract position coming up with an employment agency, this morning. so i am taking it easy this afternoon. my daughter is feeling much better today. all the birds say hi! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Finally... relief!

    11/4/2015 10:31:52 AM, by LESLIELENORE

    I did end up going back to the ER last night, as the pain had me in tears. It was the same ER doc as last week, and he remembered me. We tried the same cocktail of meds as last time, and it wasn't working, so they finally broke out the Dilaudid. Relief! Within about 5 minutes I was feeling much ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    11/4/2015 10:02:46 AM, by MOMMY445

    another beautiful sunny day here daughter says hi! all the birds say cheep,cheep! i'm off to enjoy the day. then i will work on my online courses and continue my job search. i will not give up until i get something steady.have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • The good, and the not so good

    11/3/2015 6:43:04 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I slept last night! After not sleeping at all Sunday night, then getting the infusion yesterday afternoon, I crashed early last night (before 9) and slept for 10 hours. Which meant I was still up early enough to grab coffee and visit with mom and dad before loading up gear and boats to go kayaking... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    11/3/2015 10:27:10 AM, by MOMMY445

    A beautiful sunny mild day here today! the job search continues for me and that is okay with me. my daughter says hi to all of mommy's friends. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i'm off shortly to enjoy the day! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Kayaking

    11/2/2015 8:05:26 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I have plans to go kayaking tomorrow morning with my brother. It is supposed to be close to 70F and sunny... probably one of the last few nice days before the long slog of Winter. That is assuming my head does not explode or my brains leak out of my ears overnight. It could happen. I am of two m... Read more

  • it's monday

    11/2/2015 1:53:42 PM, by MOMMY445

    a new month is now well underway. new changes and challenges will be happening. my daughter says hi and so do all of the birds. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Slow learner

    11/1/2015 4:08:04 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I've learned that I have to limit my ex to just one call per week. He was hospitalized for a leg injury earlier this week (he's home now). Well, when I call to check on him, he tells me how he's relaxing in his recliner, watching TV and enjoying a meal he cooked for himself (he hates to cook). He kn... Read more

  • Boy! Did this ever touch my heart!

    11/1/2015 3:37:47 PM, by IMAVISION

    46 246 46 246 46 246 46 246 46 246 Viewing this had me laughing at times & crying at others. I was tempted to save it to share closer to the CHRISTmas holiday season; however, I let go of that fleeting thought. I hope you enjoy viewing it. God bless! 46 246 46 246 46 246 46 24... Read more

  • Hope and gratitude

    11/1/2015 1:29:17 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I am trying to be both hopeful and grateful today. Doing okay with it so far. The migraine still hasn't broken, despite the new medication. If it still is no better tomorrow I guess I will call the doctor again. At least I HAVE a doctor to call, and my insurance covers my care. Those are big th... Read more

  • Happy Halloween

    10/31/2015 5:14:14 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I keep my dog indoors for the most part on Halloween. I timed his afternoon walk for after the parade, but before trick or treating. The costumes freak him out. Poor puppy! Still no relief from the migraine from h@ll. It is only the second day of the steroid dose. I need to give it time to... Read more

  • Why not the library?

    10/31/2015 2:04:44 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Well, I can't use my own computer because right now it's packed away with my furniture. I have no place to put it in the shelter. And at least here in Sonoma County, the computers at the library are EXTREMELY limited in what you can and can't do on them. I can't get to most housing sites from them, ... Read more

  • Tired and befuddled.

    10/31/2015 1:41:05 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I can't even compose a coherent blog post right now. Besides, I'm on a computer that charges $20 per hour to use, so I can't stay on much longer.... Read more

  • Gratitude list

    10/30/2015 7:20:12 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Nothing new or interesting happening here. So today's blog will just be my gratitude list... 1. I have plenty of healthy food to eat 2. There is water enough to drink 3. My heart is open enough for hope to bloom... Read more

  • it's friday

    10/30/2015 11:01:52 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! another month is coming to a close. a new month starts on sunday. a new month will bring even more positive changes in my life. today at school my daughter has a halloween party. she is soo ready for halloween this year. i got the other part of my costume yesterday. all ... Read more

  • NSV #'s 363, 364 and 365

    10/30/2015 1:15:20 AM, by TAYGRL

    363: Being able to see muscles where I couldn't before, like my inner thighs. WHOO-HOO!! 364: Being able to reach those "hard to reach places". (Screw you hard to reach places!) 365: Being able to tie my shoes without exerting myself and feeling like I'm going to pass out. LOL! ... Read more

  • Still here

    10/29/2015 5:58:01 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I did not have to go back to the neurologist. He called in a prescription for a steroid, that I will start taking tomorrow before breakfast. It is supposed to break the cycle of pain. I only take it for 6 days, but it might affect my warfarin, so I have to go get more blood work done on Monday. ... Read more

  • it's thursday

    10/29/2015 1:47:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    i feel that the job interview went well. if i get through to the next round, where i will get to meet the managers i would be working for, then i know i will get the job. this one is a two step interview process. i made it through the first step. my daughter is really looking forward to halloween th... Read more

  • Quick update...

    10/28/2015 7:25:25 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I went for an infusion at the neurologist's office today, in an attempt to break the grip of this migraine. It failed. Might have to go again tomorrow. Sigh. It was a very windy day here today, lots of trees down and spotty power outages. And it rained, much to Cooper's disgust.... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    10/28/2015 2:46:05 PM, by MOMMY445

    a rainy and windy day here today. that is okay with me and with my daughter. i heard from a different company i applied for a job at and i have an interview with them tomorrow morning. all the birds say hi. have a great day,everyone!... Read more