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  • 100 days of weight loss - days 16, 17,

    12/27/2014 5:37:44 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I am on day 19 of the 100 days of weight loss, following the book by Linda Spangle. Day 100 will be 19 March 2015, my youngest daughter's second birthday. Day 16 - 12/24/14 Day 16 focused again on the first 2 bites. The task if the day was to intentionally get a food we go to for comf... Read more

  • Prag

    12/26/2014 6:01:10 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, my husband and I redeemed our best Christmas gift yet: 2 night stay in Prag and babysitting of all 4 kids to have some alone time! We hopped on the train and have been enjoying sight seeing. It is nice to take a break, and to walk a bit. We have been eating way too much for the holidays... Read more

  • thought

    12/24/2014 6:24:37 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I read this on SP and thought I would share it. At some point you realize that life is just that: life. Ups, downs, good, bad, it's all just life. It all balances out, and letting every little bump in the road sideline you is no way to live. Merry Christmas everyone!... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss- days 13,14 and 15

    12/23/2014 5:36:42 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I am on day 15 of the 100 days of weight loss, following the book by Linda Spangle. Day 100 will be 19 March 2015, my youngest daughter's second birthday. Day 13- 12/21/14 Today was all about eating meals at a regular time, and not skipping meals. I usually eat pretty regularly, since... Read more

  • Be Nice People

    12/23/2014 9:27:18 AM, by JULABELLE

    Merry Christmas, Nice Spark People!... Read more

  • Tips to stay healthy during the holidays?

    12/22/2014 2:16:53 AM, by HAKAPES

    Hi All, Christmas is just a few days away. What I notice this year that now I approach to the holidays with much less stress about eating and exercise. I used to think about as a big challenge to overcome, but I developed so many good habits in the past years that I'm much more prepared. ... Read more

  • very sobering

    12/21/2014 4:25:57 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I am not posting about my 100 days. I did complete it, however, I need to write about my day. We are heading out in family vacation, so today was our traditional let's pack and do laundry and clean the house all together marathon. As a break, I went on Facebook, and saw tgat a friend of ... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss- day 12

    12/20/2014 4:27:24 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I am on day 12 of the 100 days of weight loss, following the book by Linda Spangle. Day 100 will be 19 March 2015, my youngest daughter's second birthday. Day 12- 12/20/14 I am still in the foods section of the boom. Today, the emphasis is on two kinds of food: fuel or fillers. A fuel... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss- days 10 and 11

    12/19/2014 5:08:16 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I am on day 11 of the 100 days of weight loss, following the book by Linda Spangle. Day 100 will be 19 March 2015, my youngest daughter's second birthday. Yesterday, I was sick, so I did not post about my day. Therefore, I am posting 2 days today. Day 10- 12/18/14 Today was all a... Read more

  • My abs hurt, ugh

    12/19/2014 9:46:15 AM, by STEN2791

    Returning to the gym has begun! Kyle had a basketball game on Tuesday night, so while he played with his buddies, I went for a nice run on the indoor track. It felt great to run again. I even timed my laps! My goal is to pass the women's under 30 PT test. The minimum requirement says you n... Read more

  • double christmas!

    12/18/2014 8:48:40 AM, by SPARKCHANTAL

    i live in two worlds. this means not only do i get to celebrate christmas on the 25th, with santa and all that, the american way, but also here in typical german traditions. a spark friend asked me about this, said i should share it with others, so i'm dedicating this blog to her. of cours... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss- day 9

    12/17/2014 3:31:33 PM, by OPHELIE

    Well, after my "struggle" with the task yesterday, today comes in perfectly. The task is to complete a quiz with the goal to figure our what it is that I really want! Perfect!!!! Here are my results: -If you see me eating something that is not on my diet plan, ignire it completely (I am not 1... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss- days 7 and 8

    12/16/2014 4:49:17 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I am on day 8 of the 100 days of weight loss, following the book by Linda Spangle. Day 100 will be 19 March 2015, my youngest daughter's second birthday. Today is also the day where I am finally catching up blogging about my days. From now on, only one chapter to write about every day! ... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss- Days 4,5,6

    12/15/2014 4:27:06 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I am on day 7 of the 100 days of weight loss, following the book by Linda Spangle. Day 100 will be 19 March 2015, my youngest daughter's second birthday. I am still playing "catch up", should be all caught up by tomorrow! Day 4- 12/12/14 Don' t diet, set boundaries. On day 4, the me... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss- Days 1,2,3

    12/14/2014 9:30:44 AM, by OPHELIE

    On December 9, I officially started the 100 days of weight loss from Linda Spangle. I had read a few posts from SP members mentioning it, it got me curious, so I got the Kindle version of the book. My favorite quote from Day 1 is “Your past does not determine your future. In fact your previous... Read more

  • Positive things to think about....

    12/13/2014 12:24:09 PM, by REDVELVET21

    #1. The journey of losing weight is sometimes a merry go round, the best thing we can do is to keep trying until we get it right to get off and keep our journey for weight loss to reach our goals. #2. The journey is more than seeing the numbers going down weight loss but also about seeing progr... Read more

  • Fitbit power.....

    12/13/2014 12:17:15 PM, by REDVELVET21

    Working on increasing my steps in order to lose weight and reach my goals!!!... Read more

  • Winter Challenge

    12/13/2014 11:24:34 AM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I signed up for the Winter Challenge. I completed the 5% Fall Challenge and it helped a lot for accountability and support. Thinking of all the Sparkers out there who are looking for a buddy or for some support, it is a great place to be. The challenge is pretty active, and well worth i... Read more

  • The day that went off plan

    12/12/2014 2:31:41 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, I was supposed to drop off my youngest at daycare, then go to the dentist to prep for a crown. However, our night was cut short at 1 am when one by one kids woke up coughing, wheezing and feeling bad. The baby coughed so much she threw up several times, and finally fell asleep around 7 am... Read more

  • one more day until the weekend

    12/11/2014 4:30:02 PM, by OPHELIE

    So glad today is over. We had the fundraiser Christmas Market at school, and I was in charge of my son's classroom booth. The Market was a success, kids had a great time, and we sold lots of pretty homemade items to raise money for the school. Then, there is tomorrow, and the weekend is here. Ki... Read more

  • Flurries

    12/10/2014 2:25:11 PM, by OPHELIE

    Today, we had a few flurries. Finally!!! They unfortunately did not stick, and the wind has been pretty strong, so much that our daily bike ride with my youngest daughter was a bit of a challenge. It felt like an effort to just go forward and not be blown backwards (it was not that bad). Trying... Read more

  • Wheee! Visible changes! (How did this happen?)

    12/9/2014 1:51:29 PM, by JULIA75

    ... lots of them, really. Inches down. Clothes closing (the jackets which I bought following a "looks good worn open, too" philosophy). Shopping's shocking. (Honestly, something like one or two weeks ago I was packing up my groceries and realized that apart from lacking that shi... Read more

  • Plateau

    12/9/2014 7:22:49 AM, by OPHELIE

    So, I guess, this is this time again, where I feel like I keep on trucking along, but the scale does not want to play fair. Self doubt is settling in. Am I tracking things wrong? What can I do to boost my progress, and stop going back up after going down....? I really wanted to get a "head s... Read more

  • Angels deliveries

    12/8/2014 4:12:18 AM, by OPHELIE

    This morning, my daughter started her new school. I took her there by bike, and then, the baby and I kept biking around the valley, delivering Angels for little Claire who is battling leukemia. (my neighbor and I started a charity to help the family out by selling paper angels) I had looked eve... Read more

  • Thankolaus a success

    12/7/2014 11:23:14 AM, by OPHELIE

    Our first Thankolaus ( Thanksgiving/Nikolaus) dinner was very nice. We had friends and neighbors over, and were treated to this home made cake by my dear friend/neighbor. I was good, did indulge a bit, but did not overdo it :) Tod... Read more

  • Trying to move on and make sense of it all

    12/6/2014 12:47:16 PM, by REDVELVET21

    The last three years have been a blur, however I know that the only person who is holding me back is myself!!! Having the courage!!!... Read more

  • Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving

    12/6/2014 4:04:04 AM, by OPHELIE

    Since Thanksgiving was just another Thursday here in Germany, we are celebrating it today, with friends and neighbors. Kitchen is in full swing, and the kids are excited about the turkey. Nikolaus came last night, so today feels a bit last Christmas before Christmas. Today, I am thankful for ... Read more

  • Running around Nikolaus

    12/5/2014 4:52:58 PM, by OPHELIE

    Finally, the week is over! I was able to get all my Nikolauses done. Packed and delivered surprise bags for my son's class, brought some of the cookies i made to my daughter preschool team (less cookies in the house!), got my ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, got my other daughter's thin... Read more

  • SHRED diet is having interesting effects

    12/5/2014 12:03:02 PM, by JULIA75

    ... like for example weight loss. "Duh" I hear you say? Well, it's about 10 pounds down in three weeks, and I must admit I've been cutting corners. The normal pattern is: a few pounds down in the first day as a result of changed eating patterns, and then a plateau. Week three came a something o... Read more

  • How long do you meditate per day?

    12/4/2014 4:58:40 PM, by HAKAPES

    Recently I started my meditation habit really consistently. I do it both in the morning and in the evening, about 20 minutes each. When it is a rush, I only do 10 minutes, and when I have a lot of time and motivation for it, I do 2 x 25 minutes in the morning, and another 2 x 25 min in the even... Read more

  • Adventscalendar

    12/4/2014 4:48:29 PM, by OPHELIE

    This year, as every year, the kids got an adventscalendar. I use one that I can refill every year. Usually, loaded with chocolate and other candy. This year though, I created a system of bons. Each kid gets a bon a day. They can have anything from 30 minutes extra video gaming time, to a candle li... Read more

  • Snow!

    12/3/2014 12:48:28 AM, by OPHELIE

    Finally, the first flurries fell last night. The kids went to bed all excited to wake up to a white blanket of snow on the ground. Unfortunately, the ground is wet but not white. Which is OK, because it will be easier for everyone to ride their bikes to work and school today (car still in the garage... Read more

  • Plätzchen

    12/2/2014 2:29:51 PM, by OPHELIE

    On Sunday, I spent all day baking German Christmas Cookies with the kids, as it was the first advent. Since then, I literally have hundreds of homemade butter cookies and other almond and hazelnut goodness. So far, I have been able to limit myself to 5 bite size cookies a day. I am on day 3. Tha... Read more

  • New month, last month

    12/1/2014 3:51:08 PM, by OPHELIE

    I love the first of the month. New beginning, scores set back to zero. New goals, steps, excitement. This month, I want to be under 79 kilos by the 22nd, so I can relax a bit for the holidays and not be too stressed about food. I am inching around the 80 kilos right now, made it to 79,9kg yester... Read more