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  • Seeds

    2/21/2018 3:39:09 AM, by PRAIRIEOMA

    Today was a good day! I started some bell pepper plants from the peppers that grew last year! We'll see!?! Its icy outside, I was scared to go anywhere. Cleaned the bathroom. DH was tired of all my healthy stuff, so I surrendered to pizza. But I made him put spinach on it! Ha! Tomorrow will be... Read more

  • Blogging about Sugar Day 2

    2/20/2018 4:56:12 PM, by DUCKTURNIP

    So I had a little creamer in my coffee this morning. I also made slow cooker apple pecan blondie oatmeal last night. It's a SP recipe. The recipe calls for no sweetener, and uses maple extract and vanilla extract for flavoring. I decided to put 1 tbsp. of maple syrup on my oatmeal this morning, but ... Read more

  • My great American dream

    2/19/2018 8:43:04 PM, by PRAIRIEOMA

    Many years ago now, I fell for this GI in the army. He gave me high hopes and two beautiful daughters. We came here in the eighties. We were poor, I remember looking at a pie in the frozen food case, wishing we could afford it. But we had to buy milk for the baby instead. Bonus: I was skinnier th... Read more

  • Journaling about Sugar

    2/19/2018 2:28:31 PM, by DUCKTURNIP

    I realize that I haven't blogged in about a year, so I think I should do that a little bit more. I'm also doing the 21 day Tame Your Sweet Tooth SP Challenge, and I need to journal daily about my sweet tooth and sugar intake. I find that my sugar cravings are highest in the evenings. Since I al... Read more

  • In case you didn't know

    2/12/2018 11:52:38 AM, by PRAIRIEOMA

    Roses are red, Catholics are blue, because this year Valentine's day is Ash Wednesday, too. Celebrate on Tuesday! No waiting for a table😊... Read more

  • Truth, guts and glory?

    2/8/2018 9:43:31 AM, by PRAIRIEOMA

    I read someone else's blog several days ago, where this person spilled her guts, and I admired it! Guts! Yes indeed! Personally I am a little short in that department. So, starting today, I will begin with that, to get to the bottom of me. I was raised on a farm overseas in a rather large family.... Read more

  • All or nothing attitude

    2/7/2018 9:02:32 AM, by SANDYCLAUSE1

    Just yesterday I fell into this. I was feeling trapped in my room and lonely so ended up eating half a bag of cookies and half a bag of chips. This was exactly what I did not want to do. I not only sabotaged the efforts of the past weeks but I ate unhealthfully in this flu season. This is a seas... Read more

  • Think before you act

    2/6/2018 9:31:11 AM, by PRAIRIEOMA

    I have a lot to learn. First of all I want to clear up the post from Sunday about a horrific accident. My intent was to warn people east of us about the snowstorm that was coming. We were supposed to get ~1 inch of snow. Since we were out everything, we decided to go ahead and go the store. It j... Read more

  • Bye Bye January

    2/1/2018 12:16:48 PM, by YPSARF_ABROAD

    So the first month of 2018 is gone... wow! I am proud to say that this month - even with some slips and dinners out, I was able to lose 6.6lbs (aka 3kg). - I am progressing in my reading of The Beck Diet Solution and I like it (and I'm trying to incorporate her suggestions to my daily li... Read more

  • Why I am grateful for Sparkpeople

    1/31/2018 10:21:00 PM, by PRAIRIEOMA

    Before you know it's gone! What happened to my 30s, my 40s, now I am over 50! I should be embarrassed that I only wanted to lose 25 pounds and I have been here over three months. But the truth is I like it here! And I do need it! I am cooking more and using veggies I never ate before. Exerc... Read more

  • Staying in touch is hard!

    1/27/2018 8:50:52 PM, by MICHELLE_391

    "Bless me SparkPeople, for I have sinned. It has been 3 weeks since my last blog." I wish I could say that it's been smooth sailing, but it has not. I went through another week of ... I'll call it... inappropriate eating. Not wanting to cook, eating lots of sugar... and then, just like that, I'... Read more

  • Flat on my nose

    1/27/2018 1:42:35 AM, by PRAIRIEOMA

    I am not a good blog writer, not like some folks here, that really knock your socks of! So I am kinda glad not many people actually read mine. My arm wants meds, time, ice and out its prison, aka cast. 3 days now. Out of possibly 3 months. Oh boy! Got a long road ahead of me. Strange, for me. I... Read more